Chapter 31: Song Hui's Test

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After some casual conversation, the business day of Starlight Restaurant began.

In the back kitchen, Qin Lang started to get busy. Outside the restaurant door, Du Weiwei, Qi Xiaoyu, and Zhao Chen entered the restaurant together.

The two women had already booked their Steamed Bass for the day before and their intention was to learn from Qin Lang's cooking skills.

As for Zhao Chen, he couldn't resist ordering the bass after he saw the two ladies' reservation.

The three people who had gotten to know each other sat together at the same table.

Waiting for the Steamed Bass to come up, Qi Xiaoyu teased with a giggle, "I'm guessing he didn't agree to fight with you, did he?"

"No, he agreed!" Zhao Chen smirked, with a "you guessed wrong" expression.

"What?" Qi Xiaoyu blinked, looking somewhat surprised, "When did you wrestle with him? Surely it wasn't last night!"

"Indeed." Zhao Chen nodded with pride.

Looking at his expression, Qi Xiaoyu couldn't help but ask, "Did you win?"