Chapter 23: Squirrel Mandarin Fish

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Speaking of dishes made from Mandarin Fish, there's one dish that has to be mentioned.

It's a classic dish of Suzhou Cuisine, the Squirrel Mandarin Fish.

The moment Qin Lang got his hands on this Mandarin fish, it was the first dish he thought of.

The moment Qin Lang picked up his kitchen knife, Dan Bao moved closer, his face filled with curiosity.

The ingredient Qin Lang had obtained was something Dan Bao had never seen before.

This means that the dish Qin Lang is about to prepare is a new one!


"This dish is called Squirrel Mandarin Fish." Qin Lang smiled, and skillfully began to descale and gut the fish, "When it's done, it looks like a squirrel."

The Squirrel Mandarin Fish is divided into two types, one is Yuanbao-shaped, and the other is shaped like an actual squirrel.