Chapter 20: Caramel Pudding and Flavor Value

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With a light blow from Dan Bao, a flame as thin as a finger spurts out accurately under its control. The converged flame splashes around after colliding with a stone, rapidly blackening the stone's surface.

It's like the flame from a blowtorch.

This is the result of its two-hour training.

"Special training complete!"

Qin Lang looked at the blackened stone and nodded satisfactorily.

The fire control trained to this extent can already assist in making caramel pudding.

More importantly, Dan Bao has learned to better control its combat skills during this process.

Slowly standing up, Qin Lang shook his somewhat numb legs and embraced Dan Bao that flew towards him.

Not only Dan Bao worked hard in special training, but also he, the Spirit Chef.

After all, the power for Dan Bao's use of any skill comes from the spiritual power in the Tian Shu Star Vein.

In order for Dan Bao to maintain continuous training, Qin Lang also had to meditate and recover throughout the process.