Gourmet of Another World

In a fantasy world where martial artists can split mountains and creeks with a wave of their hand and break rivers with a kick, there exists a little restaurant like this. The restaurant isn't large, but it is a place where countless apex existences will rush into. There, you can taste egg-fried rice made from phoenix eggs and dragon blood rice. There, you can drink strong wine brewed from vermillion fruit and water from the fountain of life. There, you can taste the barbecued meat of a ninth grade supreme beast sprinkled with black pepper. What? You want to abduct the chef? That's not going to happen, because there's a tenth grade divine beast, the Hellhound, lying at the entrance. Oh, that chef also has a robotic assistant that killed a ninth grade supreme being with a single hand and a group of crazy women whose stomachs were conquered. --------- Releasing: Mon, Thu, Fri, and Weekends

Li Hongtian · Eastern
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1851 Chs

I Heard That Dry-Mixed Noodles Is More Compatible with a Sissy

Translator: OnGoingWhy Editor: Vermillion

The incident with Zhao Ruge did not negatively influence Bu Fang's life and did not give him any uneasiness either.

The restaurant was opened for business the next day as usual. After feeding Egg-Fried Rice to the big black dog that was living a pig's life, Bu Fang was curled up on a chair as usual and his life carried on as always.

Fatty Jin and his buddies were completely taken captive after eating Bu Fang's Egg-Fried Rice the previous day and their minds were completely filled with the delicious food in Fang Fang's Little Store. For someone like Fatty Jin, the amount of a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice was far too little and was completely unable to satisfy his appetite.

After he arrived home, he ordered his chef to cook a basin's worth of Egg-Fried Rice. However, compared to Bu Fang's Egg-Fried Rice, the taste of the Egg-Fried Rice cooked by his chef, that he especially hired from Jiangnan, was simply too terrible. After taking a bite, he found it difficult to continue eating.

The color, smell, and taste were on a completely different level than the Egg-Fried Rice of Fang Fang's Little Store.

After enduring an entire night of hunger, Fatty Jin and his buddies ferociously headed toward Fang Fang's Little Store the next day. People not in the know might even think that they were going there to look for a fight.

"Owner Bu, good morning!" When Fatty Jin arrived at the alleyway, he was delighted to find that Fang Fang's Little Store had already opened for business.

Bu Fang recognized the obese man. There was no one else with that body size and belly in the entire imperial city.

Bu Fang expressionlessly nodded at them and said, "Are you here to eat? What are you ordering?"

"Owner Bu, you have very little dishes here, but the taste of your food is wonderful. I was so hungry last night that I couldn't sleep at all. I simply could not wait to eat your Egg-Fried Rice, that's why I brought my buddies here to eat this early." Fatty Jin was grinning as he naturally walked into the store.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth widened to reveal an awkward smile. He was obviously happy when someone praised his food.

"However, Owner Bu, I have an advice for you. You could try making a breakfast menu. See, you're open so early and yet, you're only selling oily food. It's a waste of the morning period. Of course, your Egg-Fried Rice is not oily at all!"

Bu Fang thought for a while, then nodded his head and simply said, "There will be in the future, wait for it."

Fatty Jin smile as he sat down on a chair and said, "Owner, I want a serving of every dish. I am so hungry that I can't stand it."

Bu Fang gently answered with a "hmm" then turned to the rest of the obese men. They naturally ordered all of the dishes like Fatty Jin.

When it came to these obese men, Bu Fang was not worried at all that they would waste any food. The only possible worry would be there was not enough for them to eat.

"Alright, please wait," After noting their orders, Bu Fang entered the kitchen.

Be it starting the fire or turning on the stove, everything was done quickly and proficiently.

With a burst of fire and a tilt of the frying pan, a spatula was used to scoop out the Egg-Fried Rice. The egg fluid, which was eighty percent cooked, enveloped every single plump rice grain. As it was carried out of the kitchen, the rich fragrance triggered a barrage of rumbling within the stomachs of the obese men.

When Bu Fang brought out the second serving of Egg-Fried Rice, Fatty Jin was already licking the bowl. When he saw Bu Fang, he quickly put down the bowl, gave a thumbs up and said, "Owner Bu, this taste is the best! It is the most delicious Egg-Fried Rice that I've ever eaten in my entire life! And I can't believe that this Egg-Fried Rice actually stimulates the true energy within my body. No wonder it costs ten crystals! I'll have another serving!"

"I am sorry, every customer can only order each dish once per day," Bu Fang expressionlessly replied.

"Owner Bu, money isn't an issue, I don't mind paying more! Give me another serving, this little amount is completely unable to fill my stomach," Fatty Jin shly said. He really did not care about money at all.

Compared to delicious food, money did not matter!

"No, these are the rules," Bu Fang coldly said. Then he turned around and entered the kitchen, ignoring the depressed Fatty Jin.

When all the orders were completed, Bu Fang was massaging his slightly aching shoulders as he walked out of the kitchen.

Fatty Jin and his buddies had already contentedly finished their food. They greeted Bu Fang one after another and he expressionlessly nodded back at them.

"The total is fifty five crystals and a thousand gold coins."


Even though these obese men did not lack money, they still sucked in a breath of cold air when they heard the price. Only this group of nouveau riche could spend so much money in a single meal.

"I will treat you guys today. Let's patronize Owner Bu's business more often in the future. We can't let this delicious dishes be neglected!" Fatty Jin was extremely generous as he waved his arm and footed the bill.

"Please come again next time." Bu Fang watched as the group of satiated obese men left with an awkward smile appeared on his face.

"My host, congratulations for completing the mission: a profit of a hundred crystals and a thousand gold coins within a week," the system's solemn voice sounded out in Bu Fang's mind, causing his calm heart to become slightly happy. He thought, "I finally completed the mission."

However, there was very little change in his expression. Even though the system had already distributed the reward, he did not check them as it was still within opening hours.

Outside the store, a tall and slim figure slowly approached.

"Owner Bu, good afternoon. Give me a serving of improved Egg-Fried Rice." the third prince, Ji Chengxue, said with a smile, then found a seat and sat down.

Bu Fang nodded and said, "Please wait a moment."

The group of obese men had eaten all the way from morning until the afternoon.

Just when Bu Fang was cooking the Egg-Fried Rice in the kitchen, another two figures appeared outside the entrance.

"Your Highness is here as well?" Xiao Xiaolong was pleasantly surprised by Ji Chengxue, who was already inside Fang Fang's Little Store. Beside Xiao Xiaolong was the slim Xiao Yanyu, who was wearing a veil.

The energy that Xiao Yanyu emitted was even more powerful than before and bright lights were periodically flashing on her jade-like skin.

"Yanyu's cultivation level has once again improved, as expected of the monstrous genius that could compete with the son of the 'Marquis that Protects the Country'." Ji Chengxue gently smiled.

Xiao Yanyu faced Ji Chengxue and slightly curtsied, "The young 'Marquis that Protects the Country' is amazingly talented and had reached the peak of fourth grade Battle-Spirit at the age of fifteen. How could I compete with him? Your Highness is far too kind."

"Haha, are you here to eat? Owner Bu's culinary skills is truly unparalleled, I feel that he's far better than the imperial chef," Ji Chengxue said with a laugh.

Bu Fang walked out of the kitchen, in his hands was a blue and white porcelain bowl with the glowing Egg-Fried Rice. The rich aroma spread across the room, causing Ji Chengxue and the rest to be intoxicated.

"Here's your improved version of Egg-Fried Rice, please enjoy your meal," Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

"Owner Bu, do you have alcohol here? If this delicious Egg-Fried Rice is matched with good wine, then it would be perfect!" Ji Chengxue earnestly looked at Bu Fang and suggested.

"Wine?" Bu Fang paused for a moment, then he nodded.

"There will be in the future, wait for it."

"Owner Bu, give me two servings of improved Egg-Fried Rice and two servings of Stir-Fried Vegetables," Xiao Xiaolong excitedly said.

"Please wait a moment," Bu Fang turned around to return to the kitchen. When he reached the entrance, he suddenly turned around and said, "Sissy, don't you want Dry-Mixed Noodles as well? I heard that Dry-Mixed Noodles is more compatible with a sissy."

Xiao Xiaolong expressionlessly looked at Bu Fang. If he had a knife on him, he would have unhesitatingly slashed at Bu Fang.

Xiao Yanyu and Ji Chengxue immediately laughed and was grinning from ear to ear. They did not realize that the cold and strict Owner Bu was so humorous.

Bu Fang was slightly confused. He was just talking about a fact. Xiao Xiaolong came a few times and only ordered a bowl of Dry-Mixed Noodles, but every time he would cheerfully finish it. The two were definitely compatible. Ignoring them, Bu Fang entered the kitchen.

After the three of them finished their meals, they paid their bills and parted ways with Bu Fang. They left Fang Fang's Little Store with satisfied smiles on their faces.

It was the favorite scene of every chef to see their customers leave with a satisfied smile on their faces. Even someone as cold as Bu Fang was not an exception.

After cleaning up the tableware, there was only half an hour left before Fang Fang Little Store's opening hours was over.

Bu Fang stretched his body and yawned, then curled up on the chair and leaned against the doorway. He planned to spend the last half an hour in relaxation.

The scorching sun was gradually moving and its rays were turning gentler. The shadows of buildings in the alleyway started to lengthen like a classical oil painting.

Bu Fang was starting to fall asleep.

"Da da da!"

Just then, a series of footsteps sobered him up.

A petite figure wearing a floral dress swiftly rushed into the store. She was leaning against the wall as she breathed heavily while bending over.

Bu Fang expressionlessly looked at the person in front of him.