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Hey, there. I'm the guy who's translating the work with the help of the editor. First, thank you for all readers' support. Will humbly accept all the criticisms or suggestions. I will be more careful with the translation quality and try my best to make it easily understandable to most readers. Hope you can enjoy the travel of cuisines.

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Sometimes I feel physically tired of the translation work and sometimes I'm encouraged by the passionate readers like you guys. But all in all, I feel good to be with you, my readers.


Hey, what's up guys! I'm the editor for this delicious, scrumptious,mouth-watering novel! With my partner-in-crime, Guoqi, we only have one goal. To make you all drool while reading Gourmet Food Supplier. I'm trying my best as an editor but sometimes I do make mistakes. So if any of you find some, do point them out in the comments. Guoqi or I will attempt to correct them. Anyways, thank you for supporting us and let's have a feast!


Thank you, guys, for your company and support. You really give me strengths to go on translating this CUISINE novel.Just like you, I'm often tempted to salivate when I'm translating the description of the tasty dishes. I'm also a foodie. : )


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All I can say is: Chapter 358; If you can stomach the MC’s attitude then by all means keep reading. I had such high hopes for this novel too but I dropped it like it was an ugly baby and the mother was Chinese xenophobic discrimination and propaganda.


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Gourmet Food Supplier is good, but honestly, I find it tedious how most things always repeat, (but of course the food descriptions are the best). I like idea that this story is getting, but descriptions of people eating every chapter and getting shocked with surprise, is getting boring. Though it's mostly good and it looks like it's starting to develop more adventure and action as of now. I liked it so far excluding the repetition and here's why: Translation Quality: Like always, Qidian and their translators plus editors make some of the best translations out there (as expected). I have found barely any errors at all in grammar and punctuation, and even if I did, they are minor (good job editors!). Updating Stability: I can't say anything about Translation Quality and Updating Stability since it's expected of Qidian to do their thing and somehow manage to update and translate with good quality and decent speed. They have decent translation speed that keeps up with the release schedule of the author, and they constantly keep their word on how much chapters they will post every week. Story Development: The story's plot so far is eating and rising in ranks and having food better than everyone else, while constantly being praised. Though it seems there are hints that something bigger might happen in the future and you might notice these. Thought that's it so far into 100 chapters and I think the plot has been mostly great. Character Design: I feel like the only character is the main character, you might think that everyone else just eats his food and becomes shocked, like a side character, but they also play important roles in the development in the story, and the main character. Without the others pestering the main character, their would be no goal, they have personality. Which is why I still love it anyways. World Background: The world doesn't really need that much explanation since the main character pretty much only makes food and doesn't venture outside a lot. There is some but you should also know that it goes into lots of explaining characters and back stories. Which is enough for me. Taking into account all of this, I liked this, and you should read it. I would recommend Gourmet Food Supplier at 4.4 stars! (Try not to get hungry while reading this!)


if you are Chinese and you hate every other country then your own then you will probably keep liking this novel past chapter 358 but if you are not then don't bother reading it because you will just waist your time. Went from being a great read to the Chinese being racist again.


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Okay I'll be honest. I skipped over this story multiple times because I read the synopsis and didn't think it would be interesting. But alas I ran out of reading material so I came back to this and starters reading. I am glad I did because 3 chapters in I have already become interested. It's a unique-ish Idea and I real freaking like it.


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Great novel. MC isn't too OP, no annoying poorly-written love interest harem. Set in the modern world, mouthwatering food descriptions, actually genuinely interesting to follow. Thank god for this novel. Good growth of character. If you are sick of reading the same old cliched transmigration/video game/time travel/reincarnation OP MC harem romance stories, I invite you to try reading something different for once. I can't be the only one sick of harem, poorly written love interests, and ****ty plot development. Deserves having set the trend of similar novels, as annoying as Gourmet of Another World is. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Also, translation quality and update stability wise, so far I've been really impressed with Qidian International's quality across the board of several different novels. A+ always.


It was enjoyable and a good read until nationalism rears its ugly head. How come most modern novels from Qidian contains xenophobia and nationalism? And, the thing which boggles the mind is how unapologetic they are for being hard core china-numbah-wan-bully. Great translation and update stability. Very poor character design and world background. Shame with the xenophobia and nationalism. Dear COOK COMPASS, you can cook in my DROPPED section.


It's a pretty average story. Too much info dumps. Stupid system. One-dimensional characters you really wouldn't care about (except for Man Man, who's a pretty annoying nationalistic pretty girl who REALLY doesnt know what she's saying. I want to punch her) And Yes Man Man, it is discrimination when you overcharge the foreigner. Overall Score: 2/5 minus 1 because CHINA


This story has really started to grow on me, although I do admit to struggling with it quite a bit. I think it was the pacing at first, as the story seemed to promise a slow upward trend instead of something fast and exciting. In any case the story is about a guy in his 20's throwing himself into the deep end alongside a mysterious system that has dedicated itself to improving his cooking to the peak. I tend to judge a story based on its faults rather than its pro's, so that's what I've decided to focus on for this review. However, I hope readers realize that this is without context and however damning it might seem, my issues might not necessarily be issues for you. 1. The story can get very repetitive. After you've read 50 chapters or so you'll start to notice the same thing happening over and over again. Cooking for his customers, getting a mission, getting the reward and introducing it to the customers, then rinse and repeat a few dozen times. The food he cooks does change with time as well as the faces visiting his shop. It keeps things a little fresher, but I really don't suggest reading the story in large chunks like I did because the repetition becomes very apparent. More missions would likely have helped with this I think. 2. The author likes to surround his MC with the aura of a mysterious and elevated figure. That's usually something that's fun to read, but in this story that's the role the MC plays when in the company of other characters(Which is almost literally every chapter so far). What ended up happening is the MC stopped being a person in my mind and became someone else's... Wish fulfillment? Their Gary Stu? I've read 129 chapters but have yet to see the MC experience a single loss worth mentioning :/ 3. The freaken aliens man... I was promised aliens... That's what really got me to this point, the promise that eventually this story is supposed to reach towards the stars and go galactic. My curiosity keeps demanding I read on, but the logic portion of my mind is telling me it could take a year before the translation reaches that point. Well, the logic portion is also suggesting I've been lied too because I haven't seen anyone else talking about it, but that could just be because it's all written in another language right? Help please? :( Regardless of whether or not you're interested in the premise or just want to kill some time, this story is a decent read despite its flaws. So give it a shot and maybe you'll like it.


Interesting at first but after the novelty wears off its bland. This story depends too much on the "system". It provides almost everything, I do not even think the chef even cooks properly, it might also autocorrect mistakes... maybe. The main character is uninteresting, lazy, and should never have been the main character in the first place. His struggles are first world problems, he doesn't care, he is only a tool to "cook". Everything was spoon fed to him. The main enjoyment you will have here are the reactions and face slapping, but after that, you will start to see the problems. A junk food story, there is little development, background, or design to speak of but it scratches the itch. There is also a similar, basically in a different setting, story here albeit there are hundreds more yet to be translated.


GFS threw away the MC's personality as fast as possible. making GFS about the food only. this made GFS boring to read since the food isn't even real or possible to recreate unlike Shokugeki no Soma. if u want to read about a person who is reduced to nothing more than a cooking robot, customers who can be called A, B or C, dishes that are real but impossible to recreate and is essentially fictitious besides the name of the dish... read this! An example of the dishes in GFS. Hamburger but the ingredients are pulled from a pig that was frozen in an ice block on the planet pluto and it's super fresh and has no pollutants. it also ate nothing but krytonite so it is super strong and has no fat! The bread is made out of flour that is crushed meteorite, combined with water from the ice blocks floating around in the galaxy X01-99.


An okay story. Irks me that all the chapters that I've read before are suddenly locked and I have to use my points up just to re-read whatever I can't remember. Absolute pain in the arse.