Gotham's Dead End Bar

Step 1: Be a serial reincarnator. Step 2: End up in Gotham with Death of the Endless. Step 3: Open a neutral-ground bar for heroes and villains. Step 4: ??? Step 5: Profit. Don't go into this story expecting something serious or (grim)dark. This isn't that kind of story and that's not what I'm trying to do here. This is a story about a bartender telling crazy stories about his time in the multiverse to the villains and heroes of DC. It's practically crack, about two steps removed from a fix-it fic. There is a plot (eventually, the beginning chapters are pretty slice-of-life heavy) but it's never going to be some grand tale of tragedy. In the same lane, don't expect the same Batman/Bat Family that you might be used to. No paranoiax10, dark, and gritty 'Batman can't be/have fun!' Batman. My Batman is more in line with the 'Batdad' concept or the animated series Batman. Also, this is kind of an AU. Not in any major way but some of the story might not match up perfectly with the DC canon continuity. I'm going for a static DC universe. So characters and their backstories are set but I'll be avoiding the major plot points of the comics (Dark Multiverse, Infinite Frontier, etc.) Pat reon.com/dryskies_btb for early chapters. 370k words are already available there.

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56: Olympus Fell

[AN: Hello, everyone. Quick announcement before this chapter, please bear with me.

I suppose I should just get this out of the way. The next chapter after this one is going to be the last Dead End chapter for a while. The story ran much, much longer than I thought it would (it'll likely be almost 420k words after this next chapter). While I still enjoy the story and characters very much, I've just about burned myself out on them for the time being.

Like 'The Grind', I'll almost certainly be returning to the Dead End in the future. The way I see it, the Dead End's potential is good for, like, double its current length. There are still stories to tell and more importantly, Didi and Sean going on adventures in his past worlds. That's kind of what I see as the end-game/next grand arc of the story. When I return to it, Sean and Didi will be going on 'dates' to his past lives, more stories will be told, and the Guardians of the Universe will get what's coming to them.

But again, that's not going to be happening immediately. I hesitate to use the word 'hiatus' because I feel like it's a death sentence for fics. Still, it's basically accurate. The Dead End will be going on break for a while as I recharge my motivation to write it.

In the meantime, I already have several projects in the works. For one, I'm going to be returning to my 'Goth Girls Galore' story. I feel it didn't get a fair shake of things so I'm going to be devoting a portion of my time to that. From that story, expect shorter chapters, a Reversed Sexual Morality world, and of course, goth girls.

Secondly, I actually have two Worm (Wildbow) stories that I'm developing. For the unfamiliar, Worm is a superhero deconstruction setting and serial web novel written by Wildbow. It's kind of infamous for its grimdarkness to the point of stupidity and ever-increasing, shit-piling escalation. Neither of my stories are going to be nearly as grimdark as the Worm canon is. In a way, I'm planning on turning the setting on its head (as so many fanfiction authors do).

The first Worm fic is something of a combination of standard Gacha system power and the Celestial Grimoire. My working title so far is: 'A Fae Gamble' (or) 'Fae Luck'. Expect parody of the grimdark/grimderp stuff, plenty of rolls/RNGjesus, and of course, goth girls (practically a given, knowing my work lol). Goth Panpan, anyone?

The second Worm fic is more of an OC thing than a SI. Working title: Wyrm... Which might give you some hint as to what it's about. If you don't follow, it's going to be a Shadowrun Greater Dragon OC/insert into Worm with the goal of building a conspiracy to rival Cauldron. That one promises to be... fun. Hell, both of the new stories do. This second one will probably be kept in my back pocket for a little while though as I focus my attention on 'Goth Girls Galore' and 'A Fae Gamble'.

Anyway, I felt I oughta give everyone a fair warning. There's still one chapter left of the Dead End to come. Then I'm moving on to new things for a while. As always, thank you all for your support. I couldn't do what I do without you all :]


It took quite a bit to calm Didi down from her completely justified rage. Rizevim Lucifer had crossed a line for her, impressively managing to piss off the usually placid Death. Not only had he been responsible for Sean's demise in that world, but he'd also spat in the face of family. That… was unforgivable in Didi's eyes.

He was quickly written out of the family. Didi took pleasure in striking his name across all dimensions. If-… No, when she and Sean visited that world, she would make her displeasure fully known. And since it would be a different reality, she wouldn't be bound by her usual rules. Such a thought boded very poorly for Rizevim. He didn't even know the damnation that was now coming his way. Family was VERY important to Didi…

Their visitation to that world was only a matter of time, in Didi's mind. As much as she enjoyed Sean's laidback retirement, she also wanted to see the things he had. To experience the past that made him the man she loved so much.

Fortunately, Sean had promised her dates. Promised to take her beyond what she knew and show her the greater omniverse he had traveled. They were just waiting for things to settle down a touch more. Then… Didi would have him all to herself. Not only that, she would be introducing new things to her Endless existence. New realms of Death to preside over, new 'old friends' to be made, and new family to be welcomed via Sean.

Despite her anger at the disgraceful little mongrel descended from an alternative Cousin Luci's loins, Didi couldn't help but smile at the prospect of the novelty to be had. The other girls would likely enjoy some of Sean's previous worlds as well but Didi intended to keep it just her and Sean to start with. As much as she enjoyed their company, there was something to be said for just Death and the Prince Consort she loved.

The night at the Dead End continued after Sean's 'Cain story'. The mortals adapted. They did that well, in Didi's experience. Cousin Luci was as incorrigible as ever, reveling in the amusement Sean had brought into all of their lives. The visiting divines were friendly if bemused by everything the Dead End had to offer.

Didi herself simply took a step back and observed her beloved Prince Consort in action. The way everything in his domain swirled centered around him. A small smile constantly played upon her face. It was all simply adorable, warming Didi's Endless Deathly heart. From little Cass' usual chaotic and horny antics to how Hades complained about the workload that came with Deathly association as Didi nodded along and resisted the urge to pat him on the head like he was a particularly dutiful child.

Hades, Persephone, and Hestia were such good guests that Didi almost had hope that the rest of their family would be the same. Almost. She knew better than to truly expect such. Especially after the ignoble Zeus had already reacted so poorly, trying to strike Sean and the Dead End down. It was always going to be the way with the Olympians, Didi knew, sighing to herself. As a pantheon, they were far from the most harmonious divines. Conflict was in their nature. She just hoped they'd temper their self-destructive tendencies. Otherwise, Sean would very well teach them to…

Events looked to be trending that way. Outside the Dead End, the rest of the Olympian Gods were out for revenge. For their 'stolen' goddess, though only two focused on that specifically. The rest bristled from the disrespect they were shown and the (justified) retaliation their king had seen for his dishonorable attack. They were out for blood, of body or ego. In the Sphere of Gods, eight divines plotted and schemed to kill and conquer outright or humiliate to an equally extreme extent.

Such extremes were completely justified — necessary, even — in their eyes. Their King of Gods still lay comatose on his throne. Zeus wouldn't be acting on his own behalf anytime soon. Struck by his own greatest weapon, he was practically deceased in mind and spirit, if not body just yet. He would recover… Maybe… If Sean was feeling particularly generous, which honestly wasn't looking likely.

In a way, he was lucky. His being indisposed meant he escaped from further retaliation. Other than him, only a fraction of the Olympians were in a similar place to avoid the consequences of their actions. Aphrodite and Hephaestus shared their own counsel, ignoring the stirred-up, running-high emotions of their kin and colleagues.

"I imagine we'll be dragged into this no matter what we do," Hephaestus said.

Aphrodite sighed, "It's looking likely. I'd still rather we avoid the frenzy if we can help it."

"We could do as Hades and Persephone did," Hephaestus suggested.

"Indeed we could, dearest," Aphrodite agreed. "They would likely vouch for us as well."

"If they didn't, Auntie Hestia would," Hephaestus grunted.

"Still, it will be quite difficult to excuse our family's actions," Aphrodite considered. "They stretch the limits of even my Love at times."

"I'd say the best course of action would be to come with a gift," Hephaestus reasoned. "And I believe I have just the gift in mind."

"Oh, dear," Aphrodite giggled. "I know that tone~. What are you planning, my love~?"

Hephaestus grinned a wicked grin. Uncultured plebians would have called the expression ugly. Aphrodite thought it was beautiful in its own unique way, perfectly fitting for her mold-breaking beloved. She sighed besottedly. Then blinked as his words caught up to her mind.

"Why, my utter bitch of a mother, of course~."

In comparison to the unorthodox lovers, Dionysus simply couldn't bring himself to care. No, that wasn't true. He subtly slipped his way down to the mortal realm with a single purpose in mind: he was going to have a damn good drink at this Dead End.

He drew no attention to himself as he entered the Dead End. Dionysus was in no mood to party or revel or frolic. Some would have thought such a mood to be unthinkable for the God of Wine and Madness. But Dionysus was more than cultured enough to enjoy a classy, quiet drink by himself. He had more important, Mad things to think about than the simple excessive revelry of his youth. Like 'watching your weight' and 'waiting for your watch' and the sheer, uncomprehending Madness of CHEESE (!) that old loony Sheogorath was always on about.

Despite purposefully concealing his presence, the bartender — who Dionysus knew of from Hercules XII's memory — noticed him. He was suitably discreet about it though, not even pausing the story he was telling. With a twist of space and causality and Good Service, the bartender simultaneously continued telling his story and appeared in front of Dionysus to give the youngest Olympian his full attention.

"Hello, Dionysus," Sean greeted.

Dionysus greeted him back simply, "Hello."

"What'll you be having?" Sean asked.

There was no need for pomp, circumstance, or introductions. Just the implicit understanding between the bartender and a customer who wished to be left alone to his thoughts. There were times for extended conversation and interaction and times for leaving a man to his drink. The bartender understood that. Dionysus nodded his approval.

"Something new," He replied. "Surprise-…"

A drink was placed on the bar in front of him before he could finish his sentence. Once again, Dionysus was impressed. And not just by the speedy, almost precognitive service. The drink put in front of him was unfamiliar. Fresh. New.

"Curious…" Dionysus considered. "What is it?"

"Scumble. Made from apples, mostly," Sean shrugged and didn't say anything more.

As it should be, Dionysus nodded. Revealing the secrets of a good drink took half the fun out of it. This 'Scumble' would give him something to ponder over in between his bouts of quiet Madness. 'Apples, mostly', what a wonderful introduction to this… 'Scumble'.

The God of Wine and Madness drank and Madly pondered, quite content to be left to himself. Elsewhere, the unorthodox, loving couple went about kidnapping the Queen of the Gods to present as an apologetic gift. And the rest of the Olympians plotted and schemed, unheeding of the downfall they were bringing upon themselves.

Of course, they wouldn't do something as productive as 'work together' in their schemes. Each Olympian was much too proud to do that, independently coming up with creative and worrying methods of ensuring their punishments to come. Artemis, for example, decided the best course of action was for her to do what she did 'best', exercising her divine domain to hunt Olympus' offender and bring him to justice.

She stalked the mortal realm, her bow in hand and patience in her heart. The moon hung overhead, guiding her steps. A trail led her straight to the Dead End. Sean didn't bother trying to hide. He never had in this reality. Artemis was just about invited into the Dead End, partially removed from the physical world as she gazed in through a suspiciously open threshold.

What she saw within the Dead End set her fury alight in an instant. That grandstanding bastard! Truly, the mysterious owner of the Dead End seemed dead set upon making an enemy of Olympus. Not only had he stolen the minor goddess Hecate away from them, but now he held Hades, Persephone, and Hestia hostage!

Artemis did not much care for her uncle. She was somewhat indifferent to the God of the Dead, other than his infamous abduction of Persephone. That, of course, set Artemis' divine blood on edge. Oh, sure, Persephone herself insisted that she was wonderfully happy with Hades and that there was more to the story than Demeter claimed but Artemis was confident she knew a woman's bondage when she saw it!

While Hades was family, he wasn't even technically an Olympian! But Artemis would be even more remiss if she let his wife — a woman — wallow and be held against her will by an outsider. And even worse than Persephone's situation was Hestia's! Hestia was the single member of her kin that Artemis liked the most. Many a long hunt in the wilderness of the Sphere of Gods was spent in her company when Artemis lit a temporary fire and Hestia graced her with Home and Hearth.

As it tended to with the Olympians, arrogance ruled Artemis' mind. A single-minded focus set in. Her preconceived biases and prejudices flared drastically in her heart. Hypocrisy fueled her onward, careless of how the gods within the Dead End were very clearly enjoying themselves. In Artemis' mind, the man was at fault, holding her divine cousin and aunt against their will. Considering her history with the male gender, they always were…

Bias and hypocrisy drove rage in Artemis' heart. A silent arrow of pure moonlight was nocked in her bow. A breath was held in her chest and she loosed the bolt of moonlight, knowing her aim to be true. A firm look set in her eyes as she already knew how things would play out from there. The wicked man would fall. Her sisters in divine blood would be freed. Another scourge would be scoured from the face of the Earth.

Of course… that was not how things played out. In her arrogance and single-minded focus, Artemis had already forgotten what the Olympians had been shown in Hercules XII's memory. She'd willfully blocked Sean's power from her mind. And so, when Sean simply caught the moonlit arrow in mid-flight without even looking up from the drink he was mixing, Artemis was startled enough to fall from her perch in the skylight that appeared in the Dead End solely for her use.

She landed with a shocked squeak in the bar's midst. Instantly, she was casually — almost contemptuously — bound in chains of Magic. For reasons Artemis couldn't hope to comprehend, Hecate grinned at her with a vicious promise of vengeance in her eyes. Why…? How…? Artemis' mind spun at the sudden and complete change of her situation.

"One down," Hecate chuckled darkly.

"That was rather stupid, Arti," Persephone deadpanned.

Hestia shook her head in disappointment, which hurt Artemis more than any magical chain or humiliation ever could, "Oh, Artemis… You leaped to conclusions, didn't you? What have I told you of acting before you think?"

Artemis whined and struggled desperately. Futilely… "I wished to save you! This isn't how things were supposed to go!"

"Tough," Sean simply said. "Now, sit there and shut up. Your family will join you shortly."

A familiar and infuriatingly arrogant chortle filled the bar. Artemis scowled. Of course, her twin wouldn't be far behind her. And of course, the bastard would laugh at her embarrassing predicament instead of helping!

"Ohohohoh~! Will we~?" Apollo asked rhetorically, a constant smirk at home on his handsome face. "Even if we must, I have to say that was very entertaining~. Congratulations, bartender~! You've earned a modicum of praise from the God of All Things Fun~!"

"No bias there, of course," Hades grumbled broodily.

"Of course not, uncle~! I am undeniably the most fun Olympian~! I challenge you to name another of our kin as joyful and gay of spirit as I~!" Apollo reclined on a sunbeam created by his whim, cocky and 'good-natured' as can be. Anybody who knew the God of the Sun knew that even its warmth could turn…

"Gay as Hell is definitely one way to put it~!" Harley giggled in the background.

Apollo grinned and laughed, unbothered, "Ah, a simple pun and play on words yet I walked right into it~! 'Tis always splendid to see Comedy flourish in the modern age~!"

"You're being remarkably agreeable about this. Did you not come to join your sister against me?" Sean asked with a single raised eyebrow.

"At first, yes~!" Apollo claimed his hostile intentions without a hint of shame. "I originally came to challenge, decimate, and utterly humiliate you with my most divine words~! But watching you handle my dear twin so handily was much more entertaining than a mere spar of words, haha~! Rejoice, bartender~! Your ego shall live for another day~!"

"One of these days, I shall surely kill you, brother," Artemis growled, straining against the chains that held her.

Apollo simply smirked back at her, "So you always say, dear twin~."

"Wait, so you're just going to surrender yourself to Dad?" Alice asked, confused.

"Perhaps~…" Apollo singsonged playfully.

"I would recommend it, Lord Apollo," Diana quickly counseled. "Even if it might bruise your divine pride."

"Haha~!" Apollo laughed carefreely. "What is there to bruise~? The Sun cannot truly be contained~. Even if he 'binds' me, it is of my own permission~. I am merely allowing myself to be entertained~."

"Are you sure about that?" Sean asked, his voice deceptively calm and unassuming.

"Of course~! I simply need to do-…" Apollo flexed his divine power as an example. Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. Shock etched itself onto his face. "W-Wha-…?"

"Performance issues, little Sun God~?" Lucifer teased.

For the first time, Apollo and Artemis alike noticed the Morningstar sitting at the bar as casually as if he belonged there. They both paled dramatically, their current situation redefining itself in their minds. Perhaps… they'd both been a bit hasty. But it was too late to change anything now. In a flash of light, Apollo found himself speechless and bound on his knees next to his twin.

Hecate singsonged over him, "And that's two~…"

"Haaaah…" Barbara sighed. "They're just going to keep walking right into this, aren't they?"

Sean nodded, "It's likely. I'd give it-… hold on. 3, 2, 1…"

Right on cue, the door to the Dead End burst open like a gunshot. The God of War descended upon them with a roar. Ares, in all his glory, towered over the pitiful mortals, his trusty spear in hand and a helm on his head! War flowed through his veins! Battle pounded with his blood! The flames of combat burned in his eyes like raging infernos!

"Olympus shall pay back your impudence two-fold, Thief!" Ares roared.

His battlecry given, Ares charged. Blood would be spilled! The pride of Olympus demanded it! His father's pain would be answered with slaughter! Bathed in the guts of countless men and gods alike, Ares' spear was leveled at his foe. The damned fool just stood there! As if the God of War was no threat to him! Bah! Ares would show him!

From there, things happened too quickly for even Ares' reflexes to keep up with. The tip of his spear, sharp as any razor, was batted aside. The divine artifact of pure slaughter was gripped upon the haft and snapped in half without any pomp or circumstance. Ares' charge continued without pause or consideration for the development. Before he could draw his sword, he was upon the bartender. Fine by him. His fists would be more than enough for the bastard!

Except… they weren't. Ares wasn't even granted the chance for a single strike. He was brought up short by a flash of sheer killing intent that left the God of War quailing and quivering in his divine boots. His mind stuttered and failed him. For the first time in his godly life, bloodlust was turned back upon him. Slaughter found him wanting. Impossibly, Ares was given absolutely no chance to fight back.

He was seized by something greater than himself. Greater than his lust for battle and blood. Something that made all of his combat experience look like a drop in the ocean. His domain of war was run roughshod over as if it never existed, never mattered at all. And as he struggled for his life, for his divinity itself… the God of War was stopped by a simple slap to the face.

A solid and meaty *THWACK* echoed through the bar. The other Olympians watched with sheer, uncomprehending shock. Ares' head was physically turned by the slap. His face and ego were utterly destroyed by the simple disrespect. He began to turn back forward, disbelief written across his expression…

He was slapped again. And then again after that. Each slap destroyed the God of War. There was simply no way to recover against such clear disrespect and disregard. No way for Ares to cope. He'd been stabbed. He'd been burned. He'd bled his divine ichor. But never before had he been slapped as if he didn't even deserve a closed fist.

It broke something within Ares' mind and left him positively babbling, "H-H-How-! H-How can he slap?!"

He was answered with another blow, open-handed, that left his will to fight and live crumbling. The bartender stared at him, his eyes utterly unflinching and impassive. Ares wasn't even a bug in Sean's mind. You would at least squash a bug. Not slap and utterly dismantle everything it was.

Despite himself — all of his pride and vaunted ability — Ares' felt his lip start to quiver like a tearful child, "I-It's not f-fair! S-Stop that! S-Stooooppppp!"

With hardly any acknowledgment of Ares' temper tantrum, Sean simply threw the God of War to Hecate, allowing her to deal with him. Her grin would have been visible from space. The way Apollo and Artemis were dealt with was good enough for her. But seeing Ares reduced to nothing more than a kicking, screaming child was so, so much better~! She bound him in chains of magic like his divine siblings, cackling with wicked glee.

"That's three~!"

Apollo and Artemis looked at the bawling God of War as if they didn't even know him, "River Styx, get ahold of yourself, man!"

"You disgust me."

His siblings' disdain hit even harder than the pain in his face. Ares was rendered inconsolable, practically sobbing as everything he thought he knew about himself was dismantled. His ego died, not the death of a warrior, but the death of a bitch. Taken out back and shot by slap upon slap to his face.

"Jesus, man, you killed him," Jason said, disbelief clear on his face.

"That's certainly one way to deal with the God of War," Klarion barked an incredulous laugh.

Harley devolved into a fit of giggles, "Ehehehehehehehe~! 'How can he slap?!'~!"

"(● ⋏ ●)" Cass simply stared at Sean. 'Holy shit… Have my freakin' babies~!'

"I concur," Diana nodded in agreement, to general shock. "What? Lord Ares has never been my favorite divine."

"I did not know how much I needed that until it happened," Persephone smirked.

Hades sighed, "We should at least pretend to be upset, dear…"

Hestia shook her head, "To be completely honest, I do not believe we should. That encounter could not have gone any other way."

Didi scowled lightly, "Utterly deserved, in my opinion. He came in determined to attack. Didn't even look around at the situation inside. I don't look too kindly on those who treat my Sean so… stubbornly."

"Stubborn. Yes, that's about right," Hades sighed again.

"My apologies, Didi," Hestia said earnestly. "To think that one of my kin would not even pay the simplest regard to Hospitality is disgraceful. I'm ashamed to call Ares family at the moment."

Didi's glare softened as she turned her gaze onto the kind goddess, "Apology accepted, Hestia. I wouldn't hold you responsible for your family's actions anyway."

"It's just the way they are," Sean nodded in agreement. "I count it as lucky that I enjoy any of the Olympians' company. Overall, you aren't the worst version of your pantheon I've run into."

"Y-You can't just ignore me!" Ares shouted — his red-hot, painful frustration boiling over.

Ophis opened her eyes to give him a single glare, "Silence."

Ares' mouth snapped shut. No matter how he struggled, no sound would be made. Even more, disrespect crushed the shattered remains of his ego into dust. He was relegated to Infinity-enforced Silence. The one responsible simply turned her head up to look at Sean for praise.

"Good Ophy," Sean cooed, patting her on the head.

"Mm~," Ophis' eyes fluttered closed again and she settled back into her nap.

"Gaia's Tits," Apollo muttered, horror in his voice. "What have we gotten ourselves into~…?"

For once, Artemis agreed with her twin, "I fear I do not know, brother. I fear…"

"You should," Hecate interrupted her, a wild, manic gleam in her eyes. "You should fear. Vengeance is righteous and inevitable, even if hardly any of you are self-aware enough to realize your crimes!"

"C-Crimes~? H-Haha~!" Apollo tried for a laugh. It came out strained. "Surely, you exaggerate, little Hecate~."

Hecate's voice boomed with Might and Magic, "I AM OLDER AND GREATER THAN YOU COULD EVER DREAM, BOY! Your damned pantheon has smothered my legacy and legend! Worst of all, you have all forgotten my TRUTH! My origin! I guided your pantheon and every other when they were still young! I shall have my due!"

The bar shook with her righteous fury. Apollo and Artemis both paled as they felt their very divinities stutter at the roiling magic within Hecate. For a moment, they felt as if they were holding on by the thinnest of threads. Even when their godhoods settled again, it was an uneasy peace. The First Avatar of Magic was pissed. And though they didn't remember the true breadth of Hecate's being, the chained Greek Gods knew the fear of Change, so volatile to their established legends and existence.

"Now is not the time for your irreverence, Apollo," Hestia frowned with fierce disappointment.

Apollo quailed immediately, "… Yes, Auntie Hestia. My apologies."

"Blasted fool boy," Hades grumbled under his breath.

"Oh, don't be too mean, Hades~," Didi chuckled, her lips twitching with amusement. "They don't even know what they don't know. Not that it excuses their disrespect, of course~. But I believe they are coming to understand the gravity of their mistakes."

"Too little, too late," Sean shrugged, largely unfazed. "They need to learn that they're still subject to Change."

"What are you planning on doing with my gods, Sean?" Diana asked, her tone cautious but curious.

"(രᴗര)" Cass grinned, the expression all too innocent for the vicious glee it contained. 'Yeah, tell us, tell us~! Are you gonna kill 'em ~? Strike them down for crossing you~? Leave 'em broken and begging for mercy~?'

"Not as such. I've been there and done that before," Sean said, not quite answering outright. "These Olympians will at least live to regret their crimes. Potentially even redeem themselves. Of course, I don't mean to maintain the status quo at all. Zeus should already be one foot in the grave. No matter what, he won't be 'King of the Gods' after tonight."

"W-What gives you the right?!" Artemis asked, her voice quivering against her will.

Sean stared at her, stared into her very divine soul, "Magic and Death. The Olympus you know Dies tonight. But don't worry, Magic shall ensure you survive to Change…"

Ivy shuddered with awe and no small amount of arousal, "O-Ohh~… Chills. Literal chills, Sean."

"Oh, fuck yeah, Gothboy~!" Harley added eagerly. "You're based as fuck right now~!"

"Fuckin' terrifying too," Jason muttered.

"(⇀‸⇀‶)" Cass pouted out of the side of her eye, 'I still think you should at least kill one or two of them…'

"Please don't," Hestia requested. "They are still family."

"Not to mention the fact that Persephone and I would be the ones stuck dealing with their souls afterward. I'd quite like the 'relative' peace and quiet of my home realm to stay as it is, without my relatives…" Hades grumbled.

"Since it's you and you asked so nicely, Hestia," Sean nodded. "I won't kill them. Not even Zeus. Not to say I couldn't. I simply won't."

Didi giggled, "I don't think they were questioning your ability, darling."

Before entering the Dead End, if someone told Apollo or Artemis that they'd kill Zeus or any of the other Olympians, they would have laughed and taken offense respectively. Now, however… it didn't seem so farfetched. Almost reasonable, in fact. Especially considering the bartender had slapped Ares into petulant submission, or that Lucifer Morningstar seemed to be a regular customer and friend of his, or that they were finally coming to recognize the END OF ALL THINGS now that she — Didi — was in front of them…

Ever-eloquent Apollo, always with his way with words, put it best, "… Fuck."

Of course, Artemis, Apollo, and Ares were merely the first three Olympians to run afoul of the Dead End that night. The rest of the offended Olympians didn't get the chance to realize how utterly futile and foolish their schemes would be, planned independently as they were. Those who remained still sought the revenge they thought was justified. And while the first three aimed to maim, humiliate, and slay respectively, the next had a different aim in mind.

Hermes, the Divine Messenger, was admittedly a tad more clever than his sibling gods. But he had his flaws just as they did. Artemis' prejudice, Apollo's arrogance, Ares' bloodlust… and Hermes' thieving greed. He was the God of Thieves, after all. And in his quest to pay back his father's humiliation, an unrivaled prize presented itself to him.

He ghosted his way into the Dead End, completely confident that he'd gone unnoticed. He observed the scene within for a moment. Three Olympians already knelt in chains before Hecate. Hermes dismissed the warning they might have borne. Clearly, they were too hasty and were caught off-guard. Hermes, thankfully, was much more subtle.

Clever and subtle as he was, he was not self-aware enough to notice his own clouded judgment. The trophies behind the bar called out to him. They set off his sense of value like nothing else he'd ever encountered. Even the God of Thieves was left drooling at the potential score to be had. Yet as he crept forward — all sneaky, sneaky-like~ — he was suddenly cut off by a few unimpressed words from the bartender.

"Simmy? Fetch."

All Hermes saw a flash of white feathers and a flat silver gaze. He physically recoiled, startled out of his 'stealth'. S-So quick! Even the fastest of the Greek Gods couldn't keep up as Simmy practically teleported in front of him. The tiny wings on his divine boots flapped frantically, futilely… What?! Something had him caught!

Alien logic stared at him from behind those silver eyes. New [Data] was compensated for in real time as Simmy kept a telekinetic stranglehold on the [Thief] who dared to steal from her [Daddy]. Simmy's new [Models] — the novel [Data: Magical] she'd gathered so far — were put to good use holding a god. It was a sufficient first showcase of the newfound working theories that enabled Simmy's power. In a way, she was a god in her own right. Simply one of Understanding instead of Faith.

Simmy brought the held god before her [Daddy] with another flickering burst of speed. Hermes didn't even feel them move. His mind could barely process that fact. How she did it was a Simmy secret and if she had her way, it would stay one.

"Ehe… Hi…?" Hermes tried for a good-natured laugh as he was confronted with the man he tried to steal from.

This whole thing wasn't an entirely new experience for the God of Thieves but something about this time made it different. Perhaps it was the cold, flat, and utterly unimpressed look Sean gave him. Hermes could have sworn he saw his death in those eyes. It terrified him. Yet no matter how much he struggled, Simmy held him fast.

"Stealing from me is a terribly stupid idea," Sean said, his voice as if he was just stating a fact of common sense.

"Whhaaaaaaattt~?" Hermes grinned 'innocently'. "I don't know what you're talking about, man. C'mon, dude, I wouldn't steal from a fellow bro, would I?"

Hades snorted, "Pull the other one. It's got bells."

"C'mon, now, Uncle Hades," Hermes groaned. "Don't do me like that! Okay, maybe I did try to steal from you. But I can't help it! It's in my nature!"

Sean was visibly unamused, "Then maybe I should help fix that. A little something like… Yoink."

With that 'Yoink!', Hermes felt a core portion of his being stolen away from him. He gasped as if his heart was suddenly ripped from his chest. His divinity frayed around the edges of a mantle that was no longer there. The Messenger God became a bit less in the blink of an eye.

Hermes gasped. He could barely breathe, "W-What did you do…?!"

Sean simply shrugged, "You steal from me, I steal from you. Not like you were putting that 'God of Thieves' mantle to good use anyway."

Hermes wasn't given a chance to protest, beg, or plead for what was rightfully his. Even as he gasped for breath around his suddenly missing mantle, he was bound by chains of magic and taken to kneel next to his divine siblings. They looked between him and the terrifying bartender in sheer, all-consuming horror. Sean had stolen divinity from a divine, and worse, he'd made it look so easy. At his mercy, as they were, they couldn't hope to complain.

"Sean~, dear~?" Selina singsonged, her voice almost painfully sweet. "Have I ever told you how generous you are~?"

"Subtle," Sean smirked. "But I suppose I don't mind. Here, have fun as Goddess of Thieves, Selina."

With a casual flick of his hand, the stolen mantle of Thieves settled into Selina's breast. She gasped as she was very abruptly elevated beyond the mortal ken she'd known all her life. Pickpocketing became a snap. Sleight of hand became as easy as 1, 2, 3. The Gothamite cat burglar's already legendary skills transcended mortal limits. And with the mantle came Hermes' divine right to thieves everywhere. A fraction of his being, adapted to a new owner. A new legend began to take shape, already with a healthy headstart thanks to Selina's prior activities as a thief.

"Didi-dammit, Sean…" Barbara groaned.

"T-That's hardly fair!" Hermes whined despite himself.

"Oh, get over yourself!" Hecate snapped. "It's merely a single mantle! You and your damnable pantheon have stolen far worse from me!"

Lucifer barked a dismissive laugh, "You brought it on yourself, boy~."

"So, Selina?" Penguin asked, amused. "Feel any different?"

"My Goddess, do I!" Selina exclaimed, her grin positively gleaming with catlike mischief.

"Literally~!" Harley giggled. "Looks like Gotham's got a goddess to call its own now~!"

Two-Face snorted, "She'll get plenty of work as 'Goddess of Thieves' in this damn city."

"B's gonna flip," Jason commented flatly. "Just absolutely flip."

"Everything feels so 'RIGHT' now!" Selina gushed with excitement. "As if it was always meant to be!"

"I'd imagine," Didi tittered in amusement. "You don't become as prolific as yourself without some connection with the Domain of Thievery."

"I'm honestly more surprised Lord Hermes hasn't sponsored you in the past, Selina," Diana said, ever-respectful of her gods even though she felt they deserved everything coming to them.

Hades sighed, "You do realize you just demonstrated the most terrifying act a god could comprehend, don't you, Sean?"

"Of course," Sean nodded. "Divines hate nothing more than threats to their divinity. Think of it as a warning. I'm still going rather lightly on your pantheon."

"Hell of a fucking warning…" Apollo muttered to himself, dread erasing any good nature in his voice.

"Be silent, brother!" Artemis hissed. "I shall never forgive you if you give the demon reason to do the same to us!"

"I-I feel so empty…! S-So cold…!" Hermes sounded as if he was wasting away with every passing second.

It made even Hestia roll her eyes, "You are perfectly fine, Hermes. How many domains do you still claim?"

"Boundaries, Roads, Travelers, Merchants, Athletes, Shepards, Commerce, Speed, Cunning, Language, Oratory Skill, Wit, Messages…" At Hestia's reminder, Hermes couldn't help but list off his domains as if nothing was wrong. He paused and blinked, "… Huh."

Persephone smirked smugly, "More than the three of us put together."

"Don't mind him," Sean waved. "He's just not used to anyone being able to take him over their knee like that."

"Spoiled brat," Hades rumbled.

"H-Hey! Apollo's worse!" Hermes whined petulantly.

Apollo glared at him, "If I could, I would kick you very, very hard, brother."

"I'm still not happy about losing one of my domains…" Hermes pouted.

"I do believe that is very much the point, nephew," Hestia pointed out. "Count yourself fortunate that Hades, Persephone, and I are here to plead for leniency."

She paused and frowned, "Honestly, this is almost a boon. Your Thievery has gotten you into more trouble than it's worth. Why, it nearly violated the Hospitality Sean has offered me and your uncle by mere association. If you had succeeded, I would have been very… cross with you."

Hermes paled dramatically on the spot, "Y-Yes, Auntie Hestia! Sorry, Auntie Hestia! I shall strive to think through my schemes more thoroughly in the future!"

"Because asking you to not scheme at all would be too much, of course," Hestia sighed.

Lucifer chuckled, "My condolences, Hestia."

She pouted at him slightly, "You're enjoying all of this, aren't you?"

Lucifer grinned without shame, "Enormously~."

The Dead End was soon treated to another rude intrusion and interruption of its regular proceedings. Two more Olympians forced their way inside. One came with a crashing, intangible wave. The other, with the silent flap of an owl's wings. Athena and Poseidon didn't even get the chance to announce themselves before they were locked in a glaring match at each other with enough force to scour steel.

"Temperamental fool," Athena looked down her nose at her uncle.

"Conceited bitch," Poseidon returned the favor just as fiercely.

Athena sniffed, "This is all your fault, somehow."

Poseidon laughed, "You mean you don't know 'HOW'?! Some wisdom you have, niece!"

"It was your legendary mood swings that made the Amazons of Themyscira refuse my request," Athena snapped.

"Nuh-uh!" Poseidon petulantly denied her assertion. "It was all that undue hostility you still hold toward me!"

In the background, Diana sighed a sigh of relief that her mother and sisters were able to avoid tonight's fallout. She paled to think what would have happened if some of her more zealous sisters encountered Sean and the Dead End. Thankfully, it seemed they were wise enough to see the writing on the wall. Or more likely, they simply didn't want to get in between the legendary bickering of Athena and Poseidon…

"Undue?! My hatred is perfectly reasonable!"

"Yeah, maybe three thousand years ago…"

"Don't you start again, uncle!"

"I will! And I won't stop until you accept that you drove both of our plans into the muck!"

"I did no such thing! The Amazons were more than happy to assist in my quest to steal back-… ahem, rescue Hecate. At least, they were until you showed up!"

"You have it backward, you stuck-up virgin! They were honored when I came to them with the issue of Hecate! It was only after you showed up that they started to show hesitation!"

"How would that make sense, you old dolphin-fucking buffoon?! I am the Goddess of Wisdom! Obviously, the faithful Amazons would leap on any plan of mine!"

"Maybe they didn't want to have to deal with you micromanaging every little damn detail! You're a terrible pain to work with, you know?!"

"And you're worse! Your mood shifts at the drop of a hat! They wouldn't even know themselves safe under your command!"

It was at about this point that Sean and Hecate just about reached the limit of their patience. They glanced at each other, sharing exasperation. Hecate rolled her eyes. Sean chuckled. Without much fanfare, Sean waved his hand and Hecate waved hers.

The two bickering Greek Gods were trussed up in chains of magic like their fellow Olympians and deposited on their knees next to them. Almost impressively, they didn't even notice or stop their bickering for one moment. Poseidon had succeeded in dragging Athena down into an entirely childish contest of 'Nuh-uh!'s and 'Yes too!'s.

Just when it seemed they'd never be able to notice, Athena blinked and her scowl at Poseidon somehow managed to redouble, "Bastard! This is your fault!"

"Now, you're just blaming me for nothing!"

"Argh! Look around, surf-for-brains!"

"Why I outta-… Ah… Huh, when did this happen?"

Apollo and Artemis were too ashamed to even look at the two previously bickering divines, knowing they could easily have been in the same situation with each other.

Hermes was able to laugh about it though, "About a minute and a half ago, Unc. Welcome to the party. We've got Death. We've got the Devil. And we've got a whole lotta people angry at us."

Lucifer smirked at Hestia, "Yes, I'm very much enjoying the fact that your family's drama is better than any television~."

As the personable goddess pouted at the Devil, there was a polite knock at the door of the Dead End. It was mostly for show but the fact that the ones on the other side had knocked at all showed their good intentions. Hestia let out a sigh of relief that at least some of her kin still respected Hospitality. Honestly, how had her family gotten so bad about paying due homage to her domain?

Shortly after the polite knock, the door opened and three figures entered. A visibly disfigured man who carried his disabilities well. Handsomely, even, as he limped into the bar with dignity, paying no mind to the eyes upon him. Hephaestus, God of the Forge, bore much worse attention from his family on a daily basis.

He led his mother — Hera, Queen of the Gods — behind him. She wasn't being cooperative in the slightest. Hephaestus had kidnapped the bitch for her own good (and his) but she didn't — couldn't — see it that way. He'd even had to physically gag her. Almost immediately, in fact, as her infamously caustic tongue quickly became more than he could be bothered to listen to.

The most beautiful woman in the world followed Hephaestus and Hera. The scent of Love filled the bar for a brief moment upon her entrance. Youthful summer affairs danced through the air. A Mother's Love sighed fondly and indulgently into everyone's ears. A bittersweet lover's touch ghosted across everyone's skin. Nothing more than pure HEART flooded the bar, accompanying Aphrodite's every footstep.

Aphrodite and Hephaestus paused to take in the scene within the Dead End. Hephaestus simply blinked, seeing his siblings bound in chains of magic. Ares was even Silent. Practically impossible. The bastard never shut up.

Aphrodite quickly dismissed her fellow Olympians, the ones bound at Hecate's mercy. She smiled fondly upon seeing Hestia, Hades, and Persephone. Then her eyes landed on Sean and Didi and they widened minutely. So many strings of HEART… A web of bonds and connections centered around Sean. But more than that, the link between Sean and Didi took the Goddess of Love's breath away. It was truly beautiful in her eyes. Like nothing Aphrodite had ever seen. An ecstatic smile took over her face, stunning everyone who saw it into momentary silence.

"… Hello," Hephaestus eventually broke the silence that followed their polite entrance. He was a man of few words. Aphrodite usually did the talking for him.

"Welcome," Didi called out, a gentle smile on her face.

"… We brought a gift," Hephaestus said.

Hecate skipped over to Hera, unlike anything the Olympians had ever seen from 'their' magic goddess, "The Queen Bitch~? Oh, this is the best gift any of your pantheon has ever gotten me~!"

Hera struggled and struggled and finally spit out her gag, "You wretched little whore-thing! I dare you to call me that when I'm free to respond in kind!"

"Untie her," Hecate ordered, her sadistic glee darkening to a thunderous scowl.

Hephaestus knew better than to argue. Something in Hecate's voice as it was, charged with Change and Magic. He could see his mother was digging herself into a hole she wouldn't be able to step out of easily. And in his mind, the best thing he could do was get out of the way.

Hera held herself proudly — more proudly than she deserved — as the forged chains binding her dropped from her shoulders, "Good. At least you aren't completely without sense, my… son."

Hephaestus was well used to Hera's 'dismissive' attitude toward himself. As was Aphrodite. And while he didn't think much of it anymore, his wife bristled on his behalf. If Hecate didn't deal with the Queen of the Gods, Aphrodite WOULD.

"Well?" Hera turned back to Hecate, glaring. "Say that preposterous title again."

"Queen. Bitch," Hecate growled, her voice two-toned with divine magic that shook reality.

Hera, of course, didn't notice the danger, squawking in outrage, "Disrespectful reprobate! Arrogant harridan! Impudent witch! Undisciplined, ungrateful child! Why, you little bit-!"


An earth-shaking slap sent Hera, Queen of the Gods, sprawling to the floor. A visible handprint instantly took over her cheek. She held the disrespectful mark with her mouth gaping open in utter shock. Hecate stood over Hera, her hand still paused in the follow-through of her slap.

When Hecate spoke, her voice was quiet and full of menace, "I've wanted to do that for a very, very long time… YOU… You don't get to speak to me that way. Not after the role you've played in my situation. Do you think I've forgotten how you pushed me into a minor role? You and your kin may have… But I remember. Can't have another — an outsider, at that — challenging you for the Queendom, can we, HERA…?"

"W-What are you talking about?" Hera asked, her mind reeling and her voice shaking. "Y-You've always been a minor goddess! H-How dare you strike your queen?!"

"Have I?" Hecate 'asked', her soft voice carrying shivers like a chilling wind. "Have I, truly? Or have you and your kin forgotten your origins? OUR ARRANGEMENT…?"

The hushed tension in the bar was deafening. The bound Olympians watched on in dread as Hecate — a minor goddess in their eyes — loomed over their Queen. Hera didn't have any words to answer Hecate. She was too busy struggling to breathe steadily as the slap treated her to pain for the first time in centuries.

"Don't worry, I shall remind you," Hecate said, her voice barely a whisper yet completely clear as well as it resounded through the Sphere of Gods. The Olympians weren't the only divines paying attention at the moment.

"I am Hecate — Avatar and Firstborn of Magic. I was old when your kind were nothing more than glimmers of Faith in Man's eyes. I am HECATE! AND SO I DECLARE, OLYMPUS HAS WRONGED ME! You have forgotten our agreement, forgotten the respect I am due!" Her voice rose as she spoke, coming to thunder with more power than Zeus could ever dream of throwing around.

Then… it fell to a tense whisper once again, "Only two Olympians bear more responsibility than you, Hera… One of them has apologized. The other shall never again call himself King of Gods. But you remain. And I am far from happy with you…

"I curse you, Hera. You fashion yourself as a Queen, as a mother. My curse shall take that away from you. Your loins will never again know the fruit of offspring. Anything you rule will be just as barren. Any child you claim will come to disown you. You will never have another chance to discard or abuse your own blood and kin. Forevermore, your mantle of motherhood shall be stripped from you. So had Magic spoken, so shall it be."

Fat, ugly tears collected in the corners of Hera's eyes, "Y-You can't do this! You can't! I am the Queen of the Gods!"

"Not anymore," Sean intoned, stepping into the scene.

Hecate's shoulders sagged at what she'd been forced to do. Her vengeance — as righteous and deserved as it was — had taken its toll on her. She leaned on Sean's offered support, removing the so-called 'Queen Bitch' from her sight. As far as she was concerned, it was over. It was done. She was free to look toward the future.

"The Olympus you know — you all know — dies tonight," Sean continued in a grave, serious voice.

"Ahah…" Apollo tried to laugh off the gravity of Sean's tone and words. "I thought you said you weren't going to kill any of us…?"

"I'm not," Sean confirmed. "You'll live to repent for your crimes and arrogance. Perhaps even redeem yourselves by some stroke of miracle. But nothing you know will be the same. The majority of your leading pantheon has shown itself to be… flawed. Unworthy of the power you wield."

"Bitches and dickheads," Hecate added, grumbling.

"Quite so," Sean nodded. "Normally, I wouldn't bother to interfere. But the actions you've taken against Magic itself cannot go unanswered. Things for Olympus have to… Change…"

"W-Who are you?!" Hera snapped in harsh, whispered horror. "Who are you to interfere?! To censure and chastise us?!"

Sean grinned and all of the Olympians' worlds seemed to darken irrevocably, "Me~? My name is Sean Caine. Owner of the Dead End that your king tried to smite. Magic's strongest soldier. And Prince Consort of my beloved Didi, Death of the Endless."

The bound Olympians flinched almost as one. Ares weeped Silent tears. Apollo and Artemis both looked away, unable to bring themselves to meet Sean's eyes. Athena, Hera, and Poseidon leaned away in no small amount of shock and dread, their eyes widening as the gravity of their situation was laid out before them.

Hermes couldn't help but chuckle to himself, "Oh, we are sooooooo fuuuuuuccckkkkeeedd…"

"C-Can this not be left to us now?" Athena pleaded. "We've been made aware of our crimes! Surely from here, the punishment can be a purely internal matter!"

"Olympus is flawed to its core — corrupted to its roots," Sean said, shaking his head. "I've seen it before. I've DEALT with it before. Just consider yourselves lucky that I actually like Hestia, Hades, Persephone, and Dionysus. Potentially Aphrodite and Hephaestus too, since they brought Hecate such a thoughtful gift."

"D-Dionysus…? T-That drunk?!" Artemis spat, her stutter cutting harshly into her attempted insult.

A wave of subtle Madness washed out from a certain spot at the bar. Dionysus seemingly just appeared there, raising his glass to the Moon Goddess. He'd been content to be left out of the amusing troubles of his family. The drink Sean had served him was quite good and a show to go along with his silent contemplation was always welcome. Of course, Artemis had to go and ruin that…

"Tell me how you really feel," Dionysus drawled lazily.

Artemis tried to sputter to save face. Sean talked right over her, "Yes, consider yourselves quite lucky indeed. This Olympus is bad but I've seen worse… I've slain worse… Your lot won't suffer my true rage tonight. But someone will…"

Sean stood over the bound and kneeling Olympians. They couldn't do anything but stare up at him, horror in their eyes and their divine minds running dreadfully wild. A pair of vicious, curved blades flickered in Sean's hands for the briefest of moments, coming to solidify as he reminisced.

The mirage of blades dripped ghostly blood onto the floor of the Dead End. The blood of Olympus, of alternate Olympians long since slain. Chains dangled freely from their hilts, notably not wrapped around Sean's arms. Though their appearance was not-quite there, they burned with power. Divine and god-slaying power, the bound Olympians couldn't help but notice… The aura of Olympus Razed filled the air, a mere ghost of past Truth. Yet that ghost was potent and clear enough for the Olympians to see their death at Sean's hands in a past life.

"Didi?" Sean asked, his voice kind, casual, and practically unrecognizable to the Olympians who knelt before him. "Could you ask your brother for jurisdiction over a specific three-in-one subject of his?"

"Of course, Sean," Didi nodded. "He owes me a few million favors or so. Especially with how many of his little pet projects attempt to Cheat me… Think nothing of it."

"And maybe ask him and the rest of your siblings to come around for dinner tomorrow night?" Sean suggested, smirking slightly. "It's about time I meet the rest of your family. The surprise is nearly here, after all~."

"Surprise?" Didi perked up at that, smiling brilliantly at her beloved's initiative. "Oh, don't tell me, don't tell me! I'm happy enough with you just taking an interest in my siblings~!"

"I think you'll like it," Sean hinted, giving nothing more away.

The Olympians gaped at the two of them having a casual conversation during such a heavy moment. Their godhoods were on the line here! The disregard! The sheer disrespect! But… absolutely none of them were willing to speak up against Lady Death herself. Or the absolutely terrifying man she called her Prince Consort.

With Didi getting Destiny's permission, Sean twisted reality, reaching into the Sphere of Gods. From the ascended plane, he pulled three meddling old bitches. The Crones of Greek Fate forcefully appeared in the Dead End in mid-air. They barely had time to react and certainly, no time to try and weave their way out of what came next.

Gravity took effect on their materialized beings. They fell… On a direct path into Sean's ghostly blades. Sean simply held his arms out as the three old crones decapitated themselves upon the reforged Blades of Chaos. As they'd done to so many before them, their thread was cut and abruptly, the Greek Fates — who held themselves above even the gods — were no more.

Poseidon — powerful God of the Sea — whimpered at the sight, "Oh, Styx on a stick…"

The other Olympians gaped at Sean, almost unable to process what had happened. He'd… killed the Fates. That… None of them thought that was even remotely possible! Much less so easily done! They'd known dread before but now, the Olympians knew nothing but the waking nightmare they were stuck within.

Sean shook his head and the ghostly blades disappeared as a mirage in the wind, "Your punishment will be more merciful, in a way… And more grievous in another… Your king won't wake up. He sleeps the Death of a King now. Zeus' reign over Olympus shall never rise again."

"Hardly a punishment," Hades snorted in the background.

The bound Olympians glanced at him in disbelief. In one way or another, they all knew it was true. But you couldn't just come out and say it! They stared back at Sean, sheer terror setting into their divine bones as he smirked an amused smirk at Hades' interruption.

He continued, "The rest of you… Well, you won't be able to call yourselves Olympians any longer. Those mantles are being put to Death. In the past, you all saw fit to make an Avatar into a minor goddess. In turn, you shall be made even less. Never more than demigods. And you will LIKE IT. AM. I. CLEAR?"

Already, Sean's words were being spoken into reality. Their titles as Olympians died quick, uneventful deaths. Yet even as their divinities were diminished second by second, the (now-former) Olympians nodded their understanding with horrified haste. The chains of magic were no longer needed to restrain them. Yet still, they did nothing. What could they do against the man-… No, the demon in human's skin who slaughtered their Fates? Who fucking lightning-parried their king into a coma? Who casually talked with Death about dinner with the rest of the Endless?!

"We'll see if a little humility will help you redeem yourselves," Sean scoffed. "I have my doubts. Of course, I won't leave your subjects without any head at all. Persephone has volunteered to take over Olympus but honestly, I can't think of anyone more fit for the job than Hestia."

"Oh, Sean," Hestia sadly shook her head. "I never wanted such power."

"That's exactly why you're perfect for it," Sean argued. "If anyone can turn Olympus from its past, it's you."

"I'll help," Persephone reassured as Hestia worried at her lip in consideration.

"As will I," Aphrodite put forth. "Olympus will need Love in these trying times and I know that you will respect my contribution unlike Zeus and the others. It would be my honor to assist you, Hestia."

Hestia sighed in defeat, "Very well. I suppose you've convinced me."

"Good. I have faith that you'll make Olympus into an actual family, Hestia," Sean nodded before turning back to the bound, former Olympians. "As for the rest of you… I don't particularly care what happens to you."

"If I may, Sean?" Diana interjected. "Perhaps you can relinquish them to my supervision. They have erred but they are still my gods. I feel a certain responsibility to them."

Sean raised a questioning eyebrow, "Even Ares?"

Diana's eyes dimmed but she pressed forward regardless, "… Unfortunately, yes. Even Lord Ares."

"If you insist on torturing yourself," Sean shrugged. "Don't let them boss you around though. They're essentially mortal now and the whole point of their current situation is punishment."

"Do not worry, Sean," Diana's eyes took on a certain hard light. "I am not very happy with my gods either at the moment. I have a few… ideas… in mind to teach them the error of their ways."

"That doesn't fill me with confidence," Apollo muttered.

Artemis scoffed harshly, "What part of this situation does, brother?"

"Diana shall at least be a fair and just warden," Athena offered weakly.

"I feel so… weak…" Poseidon murmured to himself as if stuck in shock.

"That is entirely the point, brother," Hades deadpanned. "Now, suck it up and come drown your sorrows. I believe it's a rite of passage for mortals."

Hera's voice wavered as she put on a strong front, "E-Easy for you to say. You escaped practically u-untouched!"

"That's because I was self-aware enough to apologize and let the past lie in the past," Hades shot right back. "Hera, dear sister, Olympus has brought this upon themselves. The best thing you can do now is shut up and drink."

Trying desperately to hide her sniffles, Hera delicately sat herself at the bar. The rest of the Olympians followed her robotically, poorly adjusting to their new realities. Only Ares stayed on the floor, having fallen on his face with his dwindling divinity and now lying in a literal puddle of his Silent tears. The hotheaded former god wasn't just adjusting poorly, he wasn't adjusting at all.

"Hey, look on the bright side~!" Harley chimed. "You've never gotta deal with Zeus and his affairs anymore, Hera Beara~!"

Shockingly, Harley's quip actually managed to get a burst of incredulous laughter out of Hera, "Haha! Yes… I suppose there is a silver lining to all of this..."

Hecate came up behind Sean and levitated herself slightly to rest her chin on his shoulder with her eyes closed, "Hmm~… Remind me to never piss you off, Sean."

Sean watched the former Olympians shakily settle in with his regulars, humming an entirely too nonchalant reply to Hecate, "Oh, I wasn't pissed off. Olympus was never going to be an issue. If anything, you could call this rather 'lenient' for me."

Hecate opened a single eye to look up at him, "You do realize how that's worse, don't you?"

Sean just chuckled. Hecate sighed with fond exasperation, closing her eyes again to simply lean against him. Her past was dealt with. The Olympians were unlikely or unable to bother her again. For the first time in millennia, Hecate's future was looking bright. All thanks to an old friend of Magic itself…

At the bar, Persephone watched as her husband egged on his siblings now that they could get drunk from mortal alcohol. Hermes, of course, aided him. Poseidon eagerly rose to the challenge, dragging Athena along with him in an attempt to forget the Sean-inspired terror that had settled into all of the former Olympians' souls. Apollo had somehow found or summoned a lute, his not-divine domains allowing him that much. Artemis sniped and snapped at her twin as usual. All in all, it was remarkably standard for an Olympian gathering if one ignored everything that had happened before this point. Only now, there was already a noticeable lack of arrogance, grand-standing, and bystander casualties…

Persephone sighed, "At least Mother was wise enough to avoid getting tied up in this-…"

Just as she said that, Demeter burst into the Dead End, laughing 'maniacally', "Aha! I have reverted all of your drinks to yeast and grain! 'Dead End'?! More like 'Dumb End'! Take that! Revenge is sweet-!"

Demeter paused as she saw all of her siblings and extended family staring at her, "Err… Did I miss something important…?"