14 14: Mirror Image

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Also, credit to Roy Marax on my Patreon for the mirror idea. I really like how it turned out.]


"Oh, no you don't. You aren't going anywhere, clown," Sean said, grabbing a firm hold of Joker's soul as it tried to leave his body. "Didi! You wanna come take a look at this?"

Didi joined him at his side, standing over the Joker's body. She looked closely at the space where Sean seemed to be holding onto nothing.

She hummed, "Hmm… Now, isn't this a sight for sore eyes…"

Together, the pair focused on whatever it was they were doing, ignoring the rest of the bar. The villains and crime lords (and Batman) were left to watch and react accordingly to everything in the scene, both what had already happened and what was still playing out.

Most of them were stunned silent by how anticlimactic the Joker's death was. They didn't know how to feel. This was THE JOKER. They… expected more. More damage. More power. Some grand confrontation between him and Mr. Barkeep. Something.

Yet, somehow, this ending seemed to fit better than any final confrontation would have. The Joker had gone out on a gag. His own gag, at that. That was all the consideration a monster like the Joker should have been given. And just like that, alongside his body, a portion of his legend… DIED.

"After talkin' all that shit… He really went out like a bitch," Two-Face muttered crassly in the silence that followed the Joker's final death.

"About time, if you ask me," Penguin said, lighting up a celebratory smoke. If there was one thing worth smoking for, it was the death of the Joker.

"Is that… really it…?" Riddler asked in hesitant disbelief.

"He's come back before," Batman stated plainly. "With the Joker, it's never over."

Before all of their eyes — as if to prove Batman wrong —, the Joker's body completely dissolved. Nothing remained. And then something that could only be considered his soul appeared in Sean's grasp. The ghostly Joker tapped his foot impatiently, looking utterly pissed and knowing there was nothing he could do about what was happening to him.

"Uh… You sure about that one, Bats~?" Harley asked. Her grin could have been seen from space.

After whacking the Joker like she did and watching him off himself, Harley was sure she'd never feel this sort of rush again. Pure, simple, cathartic glee filled a hole in her soul. And it seemed that Gothboy wasn't done with Joker's punishment just yet. Seeing him with a stranglehold on the Joker's literal heart certainly filled Harley with all sorts of warm fuzzies.

Sean's hand was buried in the Joker's ghostly chest, clutching the very core of his soul. Normally, after death, Didi would come and escort the souls to whatever afterlife awaited them. From the most benevolent souls to the most evil, it made no difference to Didi. Everyone deserves someone to be there for them at the End of it all.

Unless… Unless they tried to cheat Death. Even if that was the case, Didi would still show up. The cheaters simply wouldn't enjoy her presence like everyone else did. Didi could be surprisingly petty. Vindictive, even.

If there was one thing she hated in all of existence, it was those who cheated her concept personally. Not the souls who were merely resuscitated after a near-death experience. There had to be intent, premeditation, or a desire to go against her natural order behind the action of cheating her.

The Joker had all of those qualities in spades. He thought himself above Death. Time and time again, his legend stole him from Didi's clutches. Everything from preparing a way to avoid his final demise to simply being 'lucky'. But one thing never changed throughout all of his deaths. The Joker didn't respect Death. Not a single bit.

A strange thing, especially for someone who had dealt so much of the concept to others. But in the Joker's mind, he was a sane man in an insane world. The idea of staying dead wasn't any less insane than anything else. He thought himself above Death. After all, who else would do what he did?

Didi didn't much care for his delusions — of grandeur or control. In the end, he wasn't above Death. Nothing was. The End came for all things eventually. Death would be there when the universe went out. And she would be there when it was born all over again.

Here she was, with the Joker's soul in front of her. She'd met him before. Once when he was born. Nearly countless times since he became the Joker. He didn't recognize her. He shouldn't. Death took many forms. The one he would recognize was the one she saved for those problem children of Death.

When she looked at his soul, Didi saw one thing. A cheater. For that was what Joker was above everything else. Someone who thought the rules shouldn't and didn't apply to him.

Usually, he'd be somewhat right. Existence favored him. He and his legend were part of a greater narrative. And he would keep slipping through Didi's fingers for as long as that was true. She could punish him all she wanted but his legend — backed by the greater narrative — would find a way to cheat Death.

He knew this. He'd been through this song and dance before. Even now, he thought himself better than all of this. Thought this was unnecessary. That nothing they could do would change anything, harm anything. He was untouchable, especially now after Death.

Only this time, that wasn't the End of the story. Death wasn't alone anymore. Her Hand stood by her side. The song and dance had changed. Death now had a partner. She didn't have to dance with someone who wouldn't cooperate.

Sean Caine placed the call for her. He'd delivered the problem child directly into her hands. This time, Didi didn't have to strain against existence itself to fulfill the duty of her concept. Even the greater narrative couldn't stand in the way. Not when an Out-of-Context wrench entered the wheels.

And so, Didi… dissuaded the Joker of that arrogant, grandiose opinion of his. For him alone, her 'punishment form' leaked through to confront his soul. A writhing mass of tentacle-like bones shadowed her in his vision. Her hair floated on an intangible wind. Her face was stripped bare as sunken skeletal eyes stared directly into the Joker's soul. A promise burned there, a guarantee of unavoidable Ending, Demise, Quietus… Death.

Contrary to reason or good sense, the Joker just smirked at Didi. Now, he recognized her. And he taunted in the face of Death. Like a self-important, cheating fool.

Sean squeezed the Joker's 'heart'. He winced at that. But the grin on his face only grew. Mad bastard. Even Delirium wouldn't like him. Not with the way he claimed to be 'sane'. Yes, Didi was going to enjoy this.

"You've cheated Death a few too many times," Didi murmured softly. As she did, her form flickered into the stuff of deadly nightmares.

The Joker opened his mouth to retort. Nothing came out. He didn't even notice, waxing on and on in his own little world. The arrogance was astounding. He truly thought he could talk back to Death. Didi bristled. For once, she could safely say she was growing very… vexed.

"How do you want to do this, Didi?" Sean asked, reminding Didi that she wasn't alone and grounding her slightly.

She let out a long, controlled breath, "I believe… we will have to take matters into our own hands. I don't trust him to any of the afterlives. When it comes to him, they leak like sieves, apparently."

"What are we doing then?" Sean deferred to her. "You've got the reins here. I'll go along with whatever you come up with."

Didi hummed consideringly, "Hmm… Perhaps…? No. What about…? Not quite. Hmm."

All the while, Joker's ghost hadn't stopped talking. He looked to be on act two of a solo play by now. Hamlet, it seemed. The Yorick monologue scene. No one questioned where he'd gotten the skull he was talking to. Or how he'd gotten so deep in the play so quickly. That was the Joke, after all.

Eying the Joker's ghost, Didi came to a decision, "If he wishes to perform, I say we let him. Let him and let him never be heard again. Yes, like a jester who is no longer in on the bit. His jokes will fall on deaf ears and the only humor to be had from him will be his pathetic visage."

"Sounds fitting," Sean nodded, chuckling. "What do you need me to do?"

"Could you handle the physical vessel?" Didi requested. "A mirror, I think. Behind the bar. So we don't have to look at him. He'll be stuck in a world of reflection, never able to touch the real world again.

"Let him tell his jokes to unflinching mirror images. Let him enjoy the Dead End he hates so much without being able to do anything to affect it. Let him become nothing more than an exhibit, a clown on display."

The Joker's act came to a screeching silent halt. He stared at Didi, only now with horror and shock coming across his face. She paid him no mind. Unlike him, she didn't feel the need to taunt. Her solution would be punishment enough.

For a man, a monster like the Joker, Didi had just given a sentence worse than Death. Not merely because he could escape Death eventually. He'd done so before and he was confidently wrong that he could do so again. But to be stuck, to be laughed at, to be the butt of the joke? Even if he escaped, he would never live it down.

An already crumbling legend crumbled faster. An unstoppable avalanche. From the most dangerous man in the world to a clown on display. A joke. And not one he was telling himself.

As Sean went to work shifting the bar to fit Didi's request, Didi took hold of the Joker's soul. Cold, uncaring Death stared the Joker in the 'face', a rarely seen aspect of Didi in person. For the first time, the Joker flinched.

He saw an uncomfortable eternity trapped in a mirror. And one day, he saw himself being forgotten. The moment when someone walked into the Dead End and didn't recognize him, didn't fear him. The first small part of him withered and died at the vision.

Under the watchful eyes of Gotham's villains, crime lords, and Batman, the Joker was led to his final resting place. A grand mirror stretched along the length of the wall behind the bar. Sean's trophies sat in front of it, obscuring the view and adding further insult to injury. The interior of the Dead End was reflected in the mirror. Everyone could see themselves. The only thing missing was the place where Didi was holding the Joker's ghost. There, only thin air could be seen.

Joker had experienced this kind of atmosphere before. It was the same as when he was walked to the electric chair. The final march toward Death. Only this time, he wouldn't be cheating it. Lady Death was the one to lead this march personally.

A chill ran down his spine. He found he couldn't move. Not an inch. Not whatever passed for muscles in this ghostly form. His soul was stuck. Held fast in Death's grip. There would be no escape. Only now did that certainly fall into place for the Joker.

A sobering silence fell over the bar. The audience heard Didi and Sean plot the Joker's punishment. And more than a few of them knew Didi. So when she was this serious? This cold, calculating, and vindictive? No one dared stand in her way.

They likely wouldn't even if they did dare. The only one who would stand up for the Joker was Batman. Due to his (quite frankly) flawed code against heroes killing villains. But even he wouldn't interfere in this situation.

As unbending as his conviction not to kill was, he knew this wasn't a place he could hope to step in. Heroes didn't kill. But Didi and Sean weren't heroes. Nor were any of the villains or crime lords who led up to the Joker's death.

If anyone had a right to decide who lived and died, it was Didi. Death of the Endless. The quite literal embodiment of Death.

Batman was many things. But he wasn't someone who rejected the concept of Death altogether. Just when it came to heroes who thought themselves above the laws even as they enforced them. And in this situation, the Joker was being punished by Death. He wouldn't be escaping the justice he deserved. That helped mellow Batman's resentment for being made to stand aside.

Sean stood at Didi's side before the mirror, "Wanna say anything?"

Didi shook her head softly, "No. This isn't an occasion to be celebrated. It's simply long overdue. And I certainly don't want to give him any last words."

"Probably a good choice," Sean smiled sadly. "To the Joker, I suppose. He won't be missed."

With that, Didi stepped forward. Holding the Joker's frozen soul in her hand, she pressed him into the mirror. For the Joker, reality reversed, flipped, mirrored. Suddenly, he could move again. But try as he might, silently screaming and banging his fists, he couldn't leave his side of the mirror.

In the real world, Didi sighed, "As much as he deserves this, I do dislike being so strict. It makes me feel so cruel. So… unclean."

"You're nothing of the sort," Sean reassured, slinging an arm around her shoulders and pulling her close.

Didi's lips quirked upward, "I suppose I'll just have to take my Hand at his word."

"When have I ever led you astray?"

"Knowing you, I'm sure it's only a matter of time."

"Perish the thought! I'd sooner die!" Sean declared, clutching his heart like a man who'd been struck.

Didi smiled fondly, "Then I suppose it's a good thing you have Death on your side."

Sean laughed, "I suppose it is." Sobering slightly, he asked, "Feeling better?"

Didi hugged him in reply, "I am. It feels much better to have someone to reassure me after difficult decisions like this."

"Good. Because it looks like Harley is about to drag us off and have her wicked way with us as thanks for finally dealing with the Joker," Sean warned.

Just as he said, Harley was coming at them in a very familiar stance. A diabolical grin showed on her face. At once giddy, horny, and full of gratitude, anyone who knew Harley knew what was coming next.

Didi let out a shriek and giggle, hiding behind Sean, "Eek! Save me, Dear!"

Sean shared a grin with Harley, unseen by Didi, "Hmm… No, I think I'll help her."

He turned and swept her into his arms to playful laughter and token resistance. Sean knew it was exactly what she needed right now. Something to take her mind off the Joker. Sean wouldn't let her tear herself up over this so this opportunity was a welcome reprieve.

To the rest of the bar, he announced, "Alright, show's over! Thank you to everyone for coming. Now, get the Hell out of my bar before I make you!"

"Giddy up, Gothboy~!" Harley chimed in, hopping on his back and treating him like her steed. "Forward~! Screw these guys! Let's show Didi how loved she is~!"

Spurred on by Harley's insistence, Sean didn't give the guests the chance to leave. Enforcing a temporary rule on his domain, they were forcibly ejected. Between one moment and the next, the villains, crime lords, and Batman found themselves standing on the curb outside the Dead End.

Even Freeze and Nora were forced out. But considering what was about to happen inside the Dead End, they all considered it fair enough. The only ones spared were Ivy and Vicki. For Ivy, the reason was obvious. But Vicki was left wondering why she was being included. Harley's thrown costume hit her in the face, silencing her before she could protest. And just like that, the ambitious reporter was taken along for the ride as a voyeur.

On the curb, the ejected guests blinked, adjusting to the sudden change in their surroundings. Still shell-shocked by the Joker's final demise, they were mostly silent. Then Catwoman started to chuckle. It quickly turned into full-blown, belly-clutching laughter.

"What's so funny?" Two-Face asked gruffly.

"They-! They-!" Catwoman managed to force out between giggles. "They're going to fuck in there~!" The others just looked at her queerly.

"And? I didn't think your sense of humor was so immature, Selina," Riddler commented.

Catwoman was still losing it but she eventually explained why that was so funny to her, "The Joker's still in there~! All he'll be able to do is watch~!" She wheezed, "He'll just have to sit there as Harley makes him into a cuck~!"

Her words caused some pause. Penguin was the first to join her in laughter. It started a chain reaction. Soon enough, villains were rolling around on the sidewalk, clutching their sides at the mental image Catwoman painted.

Impassive as ever, Batman stood there as if he disapproved. Inside, however, he was only moments away from joining his Rogue's gallery. If he wasn't on duty, he likely wouldn't have been able to stop himself. That was certainly one way to serve justice. It seemed Joker's crimes against Harleen Quinzel would be the first he answered for during his long, long stay in the Dead End.

In the mirror prison for his soul, the Joker could only watch in complete and utter horror. He couldn't even look away. Everywhere he looked seemed to reflect the outside world and the cruel, cruel joke on him that was playing out there.

His masterpiece was now for someone else to enjoy. His greatest joke turned back on him. His right hand served another man. She was never his. Everyone but the Joker had known as much already. This just proved it, hammering the idea through his thick, delusional, makeup-caked skull. Hell went by a different name for the Joker: Dead End.

Contrary to what one might believe, the real-world inhabitants of the Dead End didn't give a single iota of care for the Joker at the moment. His cucking was just a side-effect. One that went mostly ignored by those living in the moment.

The only one who gave him a second thought was Harley. She took a wicked pleasure in adding to his punishment like this. Served the bastard right, as far as she was concerned. For everything he'd done to her, he deserved to SUFFER.

But even to Harley, the nonconsensual cuck didn't linger on her mind. He was just an accidental benefit to the venue they'd chosen. She would have thanked Didi and Gothboy just as readily without him. Within seconds, the Joker was forgotten, relegated to cuck status as the bastard deserved. Yet another portion of his legend DIED.


Harley stripped herself out of her costume as fast as lightning. One moment, she was clothed, and the next she was clinging, nearly naked, to Gothboy's back.

Somehow, she did so without dislodging herself from her perch. The only hint of movement from Harley was the famous cartoon gag that usually accompanied a scuffle, complete with a cloud of smoke that completely obscured her from view.

'Heh, suck it, you dead-ass loser,' Harley thought vindictively, using the technique taught to her by the Joker to further his torment.

Almost instantly after that thought, she put him out of her mind completely. Let him watch. He wasn't even worth the energy it would take to torture in Harley's mind. Other than what she'd already done. A girl's gotta have fun, of course.

Harley slipped off Gothboy's back. Once on her feet, she shimmied out of her panties and took her two partners by the hands. Ivy took it upon herself to mold a bed of leaves from the remains of the wooden table in the center of the bar. Harley shot her a grateful glance.

Then she exclaimed, "C'mon, Didi~! I wanna teach you how to properly worship Gothboy's cock~! It's a doozy so you'll need my guidance~!"

She helped Didi out of her clothes. They started to disappear from Didi's form halfway through the process but Harley didn't even blink. That just made things easier! Gothboy did the same for himself, revealing that gorgeously intimidating monster of his to the world again. It was already starting to stand on its own as he lay back on Ivy's bed.

Harley couldn't help but lick her lips. Come to Momma~! Big, long, and thick enough to ruin a girl~! Sexy enough to leave her gasping for breath~! And hard enough to break her mind and make her see God~! Fuck yeah, Gothboy~! Let's put that stupidly-huge, bitch-breaking, twat-throbbing, cunny-crushing cock of yours to good use~!

On the sidelines, Vicki's mouth fell open, and hung there in disbelief and shock, "How…?!"

Ivy whispered seductively in her ear, "Impressive, isn't it~? So much masculine power in a single member~ And I promise, it's just as good as it looks~ You'll be on your knees, begging for your new god before you know it~"

"H-How…" Vicki whimpered. "How does that monster not kill a woman…?"

"Sean has… WAYS… of making it fit pleasurably inside you~" Ivy promised. "I feared the same thing at first~ But after he gets his hands on you… That worry starts to feel rather silly~…"

"… I'm going to die with a stupid little smile on my face," Vicki realized.

"What part of 'mind-breaking sex' made you think any differently~?" Ivy chuckled, her voice rumbling with a sultry purr.

Though they were relegated to the sidelines for this particular 'showing', neither minded all that much. Vicki because she was still getting used to the idea of being included in the Dead End. Voyeurism was more than enough to sate her desires for now.

And Ivy because even days after her first time, she was still a bit tender. Sean really did a number on her. She'd come back for seconds soon enough but for now, she was content to seduce the beautifully ambitious, big-haired reporter with a body to kill for.

Ivy made them a loveseat out of leaves and vines. She pulled Vicki down next to her, cuddling close. From here, they would watch the show with eager intent. Ivy prepared to whisper more sweet seductions into Vicki's ears. She knew Harley would expect nothing less from her.

On the bed Ivy had made for the active trio, Didi found herself coming face-to-face with a weapon. A giant pillar of pulsing flesh. An utterly intimidating beast. From her perspective, it was all she could focus on. It and the man it was attached to, at least.

Looking past the beast, Didi saw Sean looking down at her with fond, amused eyes. She could scarcely imagine the expression that must have been on her face. Something open-mouthed, most likely.

Sean's manhood was just that impressive. Masculine and attractive in a powerful, intimidating way that she had trouble reconciling with. Didi was no stranger to the mechanical side of sexual intercourse. She knew logically that Sean's cock was quite large. But there was a difference when it was standing tall right before her eyes.

Her eyes traced along its shaft, running up and down the imposing length. Every inch of it called out to her. Every vein and brutally attractive line. Something inside Didi was practically begging to explore the wonderful weapon of desire and sex.

So she did. Her hands reached out slowly. A featherlight touch grazed Sean's shaft. She felt it twitch. Beside her, Harley was vibrating with excitement. Didi could feel her naked body alongside hers. Harley watched with rapturous attention, so eager and excited to be guiding Didi into this new experience.

"That's it~" Harley cooed. "It won't bite ya~ You've held it before at least, right~? Try it now~ See how big it looks in your delicate little fingers~"

Didi followed Harley's instructions. Her hand wrapped around Sean's girth, only encircling three-quarters of the way. So much of his impressive member remained untouched. Unconquered.

An instinct that would have been more at home in her sibling Desire pushed Didi to do just that. To conquer this beast. To take it and break herself upon it until only bliss remained.

"You're doing good, Didi," Sean reassured. "Try stroking it if you'd like. Not too hard, not too gentle. Just… Just like that. Oh, Death, yes, just like that~"

His moan filled Didi's core with pleasurable little butterflies. She'd done that to him. With just a simple touch, she'd drawn such a reaction from his throbbing tool.

To hold this much influence over the man she'd tied herself to — not just his soul or his Death, but SEAN on such a base, primal level? It made her feel powerful. So powerful. In a different way from the normal Endless feeling that Didi had always known. But somehow more potent at the same time.

"Here, gimme~!" Harley all but demanded as her excitement got the better of her. "I'll show you how to really work this thing~!"

Didi didn't mind her slight rudeness, instead just asking, "Will I be able to make Sean moan like that again?"

Harley grinned, "You know it, Didi~! With my teachings, Gothboy will be a puddle of bones for you~! He'll be moaning and groaning and begging for more~!"

Looking up at Sean, Didi saw the smirk on his face, "… Somehow, I doubt that. But I would like to try anyway."

"That's the spirit, girl~! How will we ever beat this cheating monster-cock if we don't try~? Gothboy can't be all that much better than us~!" Harley cheered.

Sean chuckled, "You haven't seen anything yet, Harley. I haven't even broken out my infamous 'Double Dragon' technique, much less the tentacles. And I'm pretty sure only Didi is remotely ready for soul-melding sex…"

"I would not be opposed to a good soul meld…" Didi mused consideringly.

Harley froze for a brief moment, showing something that might have qualified for fear on anyone else, "Please… Please! Tell me Double Dragon means what I think it does?! And tentacles~?! Don't hold out on us, Gothboy~!"

"I guess you'll just have to find out for yourself~," Sean said, in a way that promised overwhelming, 'dragon'-stuffing pleasure in Harley's future.

Harley hesitated for a moment, glancing at Didi, "… After. After Didi gets her first taste of your stupid, mind-breaking stud-cock. But you better not go easy on me~! I want you to double this dragon, buster~!"

"Sure," Sean agreed. "I just hope you're okay with being unable to move afterward."

"Okay with it?! I'm counting on it, Gothboy~!"

With renewed vigor, Harley attacked Sean's cock. She took his huge cockhead into her mouth, showing Didi what she should expect. Her tongue violently lashed his sensitive flesh. Both her hands settled just above Didi's, taking a firm grip and stroking in time with the movements of her head.

Lips stretched wide, she tried to give a lesson while she sucked stupidly-huge stud-cock, "'Ke 'dis~! 'A 'eally 'ooa woorg 't 'ood~!"

"I cannot understand a single word you're saying," Didi deadpanned.

Coming up with a gasp for air, Harley reiterated, "Like this~! You really gotta work it good~!" Then she elaborated further, "Focus on the head at first. Use your hands for the rest. Once you feel confident with it in your mouth, start bobbing your head deeper."

She paused, "Or I guess you could go the 'literal worship' route. Bathe it with your tongue and look up at him all submissively. He'll probably eat that up like pancakes and syrup~!"

"I think I'll do that," Didi considered. "Save my jaw. I don't think I've ever tested the limits of this mortal form to that extent."

"Pishaw~!" Harley exclaimed. "If a little thing like me can do it, you can too~!"

Didi nodded, "Perhaps… But I would need more practice to be comfortable with it. No, I think I'll stick to… 'worship'."

"Ooooh~! That's plenty exciting too~! C'mon, c'mon~! Let's see what you've got~!" Harley egged her on.

Didi leaned forward. Slow and calculating, she considered how to approach the monumental obstacle before her. Eventually, she settled on a simple lick. From base to tip, her tongue rose along Sean's length. Once at the top, it circled. Once, twice before descending the way it came.

Sean let his head fall back with a happy sigh. He was careful to show everything he was feeling. It would only encourage Didi at this point. And he'd learned long ago that women didn't actually like their men to be still and stoic during sex. A silent lover was a boring one.

So he made sure to show everything. He moaned. He groaned. He sighed and smiled. His cock throbbed beneath her tongue, exaggerated on purpose but still plenty genuine. He was practically doing Kegels with how hard he was flexing his pelvic muscles. All to show Didi how much he was enjoying her efforts.

His reactions came fast and flush. Didi drank them all in with an almost desperate thirst. It only made her even thirstier. She couldn't get enough of this new, intoxicating sense of power. SHE was doing this to him. SHE was the one pushing him to the edge with the merest flick of her bare tongue.

Up and down. Left and right. Didi didn't leave a single inch of Sean's cock untouched. Her tongue lashed and lavished his sensitive knob. Her lips — soft as pillows and just as plump — laid delicate kisses along his shaft. Small, oh-so-feminine hands cradled his nuts, massaging them gently as she felt Sean's essence churn and boil within.

An unstoppable heat was quickly overtaking Didi. She could feel it flare inside her core, radiating outward and leaving her so utterly aroused it almost hurt. It was a sweet, sore pain that left her muscles burned and relaxed in equal measure.

"Oh, Death…" Sean groaned, invoking her name like a reverent swear. "I freakin' love you, Didi."

Didi's heart skipped a beat. And then another as it was shocked silent. The unique physiology of this mortal form of hers kept her more than comfortable even as it did illogical things. When her heart started back up, it was with a rush. A little death wracked her body with shivers from the top of her head to her littlest toes.

She was left panting, her mouth wide open. Her tongue pressed flat against Sean's shaft as she looked up at him. An impossible expression overtook her face as quite literal hearts appeared in her eyes.

Suddenly, she popped free of his cock. Didi crawled up Sean's body until they were face to face. She clutched his cheeks, staring deeply into his eyes with shining, pulsing, heart-shaped pupils.

"Do… Do you mean that…?" Didi panted, overcome with the sheer sensation of it all.

Sean just raised an eyebrow at her, "Of course. Can't you feel it?"

"I… Haaaaa~" Didi moaned. "I needed to hear it put into words."

Sean nodded, "I love you, Didi. I think I've loved you since my second death."

"Not the first…?" Didi asked.

"I was a bit confused then," Sean smirked. "But when I met you this time for my lucky 69th, I guess you could say it was love at first sight."

"OoOOoH~!" Didi's eyelids fluttered as moaned and begged. "Inside…! I need you inside of me, Dear~…!"

Sean helped her with that task, holding himself steady. Didi raised her hips. Sean's cock slotted perfectly between her flooding lower lips. Flush with emotion and excitement, Didi lowered herself upon his massive, heaven-splitting shaft. She had to stop and start again to allow herself to adjust and adapt but eventually, she bottomed out with her bubbly, bouncy rear in Sean's lap.

Didi paused in that position, savoring the moment. The deliciously sore, pleasurable stretching sensation and the hot hardness of Sean fully inside her. He pressed against her core, the heat of their shared arousal connecting and intertwining in the most intimate of ways.

When she finally felt ready to move, Didi found herself with a problem. She… didn't quite know what to do now. Where did she go from here? Sean had taken complete control for their first time together. That had been amazing but Didi wanted to try something different. She wanted to maintain this intoxicating sense of power over Sean's reactions. She just didn't know how…

Sean noticed Didi's hesitation. At the same time, he also noticed the third partner in their current trio off to the side. Harley was sitting on her heels, squirming in place as she nibbled at her lip. She desperately wanted to be included but didn't know how to insert herself into the situation. She didn't want to interrupt Didi's moment but she had needs too, dammit~!

Sean took it upon himself to solve both problems at once. He shifted his hips and flexed his will in a very specific way. Didi moved forward slightly, still firmly mounted on Sean's cock. Just behind her, a second cock — a perfect match for the first — sprung into existence.

Didi jumped slightly as she felt it graze her ass, "S-Sean…?!"

"Double Dragon, Dear," Sean explained before turning to Harley. "Hear that, Harley? Does this make things easier for you?"

Harley perked up dramatically, "Oh, yeah, Gothboy~! Double the trouble and now I can get in on this action~! Prepare yourself, Gothboy, because Didi and I are going to slay your Double Dragons~!"

She wasted no time sliding into place behind Didi. Her bare chest pressed up against Didi's back. She molded herself into place there until it was almost impossible to tell where Didi ended and Harley began.

Moving herself into position, Harley didn't slowly lower herself onto Sean's cock like Didi had. Instead, she THRUST herself down hard and fast. In a single leg-shaking, mind-blowing instant, Harley impaled herself to the core. Her mind shorted out, going pure white with overwhelming pleasure. But she didn't let herself break. Not yet.

Sean grunted as his pleasure was suddenly doubled. He was very familiar with this technique but it always took a few moments to get used to it again at first. Double the cocks, double the penetration, double the sensation.

Unique as they all were, Sean would never mistake one of his girls for another. Didi was soft around his original cock. So soft, so malleable, he could already feel himself molding her insides into his shape. Harley, on the other hand, was tight. So. Fucking. Tight! She was practically strangling his second cock, just as sensitive as the first. He could feel every single little flex and movement of her around him. Both of them were exquisite in their own ways.

It took a few long moments for Harley to adjust to her sudden, overwhelming, blissful fullness. But she did eventually, with a shiver that passed through Sean's nerves to be felt in his spine.

Peeking out over Didi's shoulder, Harley sported a wicked grin, "You're a Didi-blessed godsend, Gothboy~!"

"Quite literally," Sean chuckled.

"D-Damn… straight…!" Didi stuttered, still spiraling with arousal and relatively new pleasure.

Harley hugged herself tightly to Didi, "C'mon, Didi~! Let's show you how to RIDE~!"

Sean was content to lay back on his elbows and let the girls take the lead. He knew this was what Didi wanted at the moment. She was essentially still a virgin, exploring this new world that he'd 'introduced' to her.

Of course, to Sean, it was an utter shame and a blessing that no one else seemed to appreciate Didi in this universe. Their loss. Didi was his now. They had so much for him to catch her up on and an Endless existence to explore even more.

Harley all but glued herself to Didi. From there, she began to guide her. To teach her how best to do this for Sean's pleasure and her own. Harley showed Didi the sexual ropes in the way she did best: unending physicality.

Harley raised herself up along Sean's cock. Didi followed her. They were completely and utterly in synch, even down to the shudders of ecstasy that ran through their bodies.

Though Harley would rather break right out the gate with a sprint, her movements were slow. Gentle. Purposeful. She let Didi adjust at her own pace, merely enjoying the warmup for herself.

And what a warmup it was~! Gothboy was massive and hot inside her. He stretched Harley to her limits yet somehow never made it seem uncomfortable. Just how she liked it~! As much as she liked a bit of pain with her pleasure, she preferred it that way when she was already in the thick of it. This fit was perfect for their warmup.

Every rise off Gothboy's cock left a scorching trail in its wake. Every fall quenched the trail with even more heat. Oppressive and pressing down on every inch of her inner walls at once, it was delicious. Harley was left shuddering and sighing. She could feel the same blissful reactions from Didi.

Reaching the base, she rolled her hips, driving Didi to do the same. Despite the fact that it seemed like they had the initiative, Sean's cock was practically bullying them.

It spread them, split them apart so completely they could barely think. It conquered them from dripping petals to pulsing needy wombs. Their poor little pussies couldn't do anything but cling on for dear life~!

"God. Damn! This is some good dick…" Harley muttered, her eyes fluttering closed.

When she opened them again, she saw Gothboy smirking back at her. Oh, that was it~! This means war~! She fixed a scowl on her face and kicked it into second gear. Surely, Didi could handle that much.

Faster and faster, the two of them rode Sean's monster cocks. Up and down, over and over again. Harley took the lead. Didi was all but putty against her body, moaning and mewling and just following along.

Yeah, you feelin' it now, Gothboy~?! We'll wipe that stupid sexy smirk off your face~! Don't get so cocky~! Heh… cocky. Double cocky. Man, this Double Dragon thing was awesome~! Harley almost wished she could get both of these monsters to herself~!

With two women atop him, riding in synch, Sean was a good way up the stairway to heaven. Sure, he didn't show it on his face. But that was because he knew it would piss Harley off. And a pissed-off Harley was a passionate Harley. He'd be a fool to do anything else.

Still, two contrasting sensations hugged his cock, gripping and pulling pleasure from his duplicated nerves. One soft as silk. Another tight as a vise. Both Harley and Didi were hot enough to scald and wet enough that he slid in and out with ease. He just laid back, more than happy to let Harley lead for Didi's sake.

Didi was lost in blissful ecstasy. So full. So empty. So full all over again. Her mind fluttered and fluttered, spiraling in a dance of sheer Nirvana. Her inner walls stretched and suckled around every inch of Sean's mind-breaking cock. It almost felt like her womb dropped to kiss the tip with each rolling thrust.

Yet even as blissfully dazed as she was, she made sure to keep her focus on Sean's reactions. He had a smug little smirk on his face for Harley. But Didi could still see the twitches and shudders that wracked his body beneath the cool facade. Every one of them sparked a new flickering flame inside her.

She was led along by Harley. As if Didi was just as submissive as she was dominant at the moment. And — Oh, me~! — They were going faster! Joined at the hip, Harley drove both of them along in a vigorous ride.

Didi felt herself coming undone again and again. She felt the same from Harley behind her. Only Sean held out against their shared ecstasy. Even then, she could feel him throbbing harder and harder inside her as the ride continued.

The world was a mess of flashes and brand-new colors. Didi couldn't tell if they were merely in her mind or if their threesome coupling was affecting the reality around them. With Sean, she wouldn't dismiss the latter as impossible.

She felt herself in freefall. She felt herself soaring. A ride to end all others. Didi tried to hold out. She really did. Her inexperience shined through. She felt herself faltering even as Harley drove them even faster.

"N-N-No more~…!" Didi whimpered. It took all the strength she had left to get out those two little words.

Harley wasn't one to let her quit. Sean could feel that Didi was at her limit. She technically could have modified her mortal form to exceed those limits. But not while her mind was in such a messy, fucked-stupid state.

So Sean spared Didi. Only after giving her the full experience, of course. With an impressive show of control, Sean grunted and only one of his cocks came. For Didi, he let his emotions show on his face again. She watched with euphoric glee as she was filled and creampied.

It was the signal her mind needed for a job well done. Didi let herself relax. She fell forward into Sean's waiting arms. Harley paused in surprise for a moment. She didn't realize how overwhelmed Didi was by their coupling. Only now did she stop to remember that — paradoxically — she had much more experience than the Endless.

"'M sowwy…" Didi mumbled weakly, nuzzling into Sean's chest.

"Shhh~ You did great for only your second time. You'll do better next time," Sean soothed her with a promise.

Sean lifted her off his cock and set her at his side on the bed. Didi didn't have the strength to resist at all. She was like a limp sack, empty of bones and full of pleasure. All she could do was whine and curl up on the bed to recover.

Harley stared at her sheepishly, "Uh… Oops?"

Sean fixed her with a stern look. He wasn't mad, per se. Harley hadn't meant any harm. Quite the opposite. She only wished to help. But she'd gone a little too far. So she still needed to be… corrected.

"You have to be more careful, Harley," He chastised. "I think I'll need to hammer that sense of caution into your head."

"How are you gonna do that, Gothboy…?" Harley asked hesitantly.

A wicked grin flashed across Sean's face and Harley knew fear. Before she could react, Sean pushed himself up, changing their position and the dynamic between them with it. Harley ended up on her back, staring up at Sean as he kneeled over her.

His second cock was still buried inside her. The original stood just above it. It shadowed Harley's stomach from her pussy to her navel, threatening and amazing Harley at the same time with the show of how much stud-cock she currently had inside her.

Not done yet, Sean grabbed Harley by her hips and twisted. With a squeak, Harley found herself lying prone and facedown on the bed. The sudden shifting of Sean's cock made her eyes flutter and her mind stutter. Before she could adjust, she felt something familiarly massive poke her back door.

"Wait, wait, wait~! C-Can't we talk about this, Gothboy~?!" Harley exclaimed. Tellingly though, She didn't make a single move to try and get away. If anything, she pushed herself back onto Gothboy's cock slightly.

"I don't think we can," Sean said. The calmness in his voice sent shivers up Harley's spine. "Maybe this will teach you a thing or two about proper caution."

"It won't fiIIITTTTT~! AAAAAIIIIIII~!" Harley squealed.

Sean pushed forward. Her rim didn't give at first. But it quickly surrendered to the unstoppable force assaulting the gates to her guts. Harley's asshole stretched and stretched and stretched until, impossibly, the head of Gothboy's cock popped into her ass.

A monstrous shudder wracked Harley's body. One to match the monstrous cock invading her backdoor. Harley let out a great moan, muffled only by the fact she was now biting the leaves that made up the makeshift bed.

Oh, fuck~! Oh, fuck, that was big~! There was the pain she liked with her pleasure~! She wouldn't be able to sit down for a week~! And Harley LOVED it~!

"Please tell me that was, like, half…?" Harley groaned.

Sean leaned down to whisper in her ear, "That was just the tip~"

"OooOOooHHh, fuuuuck~!" Harley whimpered. "This is how I die~…"

"But what a way to go."

What a way indeed~! Gothboy pushed forward more. Inch after inch, his cock slid into her ass with ease. Covered in Didi's slick juices and with a little help from sex magic, Harley found that she had no problem taking a proverbial baseball bat up her ass.

Part of that was due to her natural stretchiness. Most of it was thanks to Sean. He wasn't so cruel to jump straight into anal without preparation, despite how it might have seemed that way to Harley. He knew a few spells for this exact purpose and he made sure to cast them discreetly as he made his 'entrance'.

Before she knew it, Harley felt Gothboy's pelvis pressed against her butt. She let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding.

If she thought she was full before, she didn't know jack~! This fullness was easily twice, no, three times as much in Harley's mind. Oh, God, it was delicious~! Such a good stretch, sore and pleasurable at the same time~! She wanted more~!

"T-That all you got, Gothboy~?" Harley taunted.

With a growl, Sean wrapped a free hand around her throat. Harley choked. A lightning bolt struck every one of her nerves~! She was set on fire and came right there and then~!

"F-Fuck yeah, Gothboy~! That's what I'm talking about~! Choke me~! Break me~! Fuck, cummies again~!" Harley squealed, her eyes quite literally rolling back in her head for a moment.

Sean didn't waste any time on slow and gentle. On a girl like Harley, that was a wasted effort. Instead, he drew himself back and THRUST himself deep in a single motion. Immediately, he set a hard, fast pace, fucking Harley in both of her holes like she owed him money.

Harley all but came apart. Her mind fractured. Reality seemed to shatter around her. Every single button she had was slammed into and overwhelmed with sheer masculine force. She squirted, watering Ivy's bed of plants with liquid ecstasy.

Each thrust fucked her into the bed. In Harley's mind, they were hard enough to rock the whole world. They certainly did as much to her poor, horny, little body. Forget not sitting down for a week, Harley would need a Goddamn wheelchair after Gothboy was done with her~!

Harley was by no means a large woman. Gothboy enveloped her completely as he fucked her. It only added to the appeal. Same with his near-primal grunts and growls. And the hand around her throat, squeezing just tight enough to add an intoxicating sense of danger.

She quite literally couldn't stop cumming. It was AMAZING~! She felt like she was going to squirt herself to dehydration~! Eat shit, Joker, you limp-dicked bastard~! The reminder that her old tormentor couldn't do anything but watch her get the life fucked out of her sent Harley rocketing past the edge into oblivion.

She screamed. She clenched down on Gothboy's twin cocks so tightly that it was like he'd never get them back. Her mind broke beautifully, just as she'd promised to Vicki.

Then Gothboy came as well. The sudden tightness must have sent him over the edge. He buried himself deep inside her. Both of her holes. His body covered her like the studliest weighted blanket~! She couldn't move an inch and she loved every second of it~! She was completely at Gothboy's mercy~!

Rope after pulsing rope shot inside her. She could have sworn she felt every one of them, despite how impossible that was. A supernova went off in her womb. Harley's body went tense enough that she might have pulled a muscle.

Then she relaxed. So completely that it felt like her brain was leaking out of her ears. Ooooooooohh, fuuuuccckk~! She certainly knew how Didi felt now. Harley was just a puddle of overwhelmed nerves. That'd teach her a thing or two about limits.

Gothboy's orgasm waned and he pulled back. He didn't pull out of her but he propped himself up above her so he wasn't smothering her anymore. Harley whined pitifully but she still couldn't move.

Panting, Sean said, "Ahh… let that… be a lesson… to you…"

In an instant, Harley sprung back to life. Maybe it was the first hint of fatigue she'd seen in Gothboy. Maybe it was just Harley's… Harley-ness…

Either way, she seemed to recover from the brink of unconsciousness, "What if I didn't learn my lesson~?"

Sean gaped at her as she craned her neck to look up at him with a smirk, "How the Hell…?"

"Tired, Gothboy~? 'Cause of little ol' me~? And here I thought you were better than that. Can't even fuck a girl into exhaustion… Shame~"

That did it. Harley felt eager anticipation run down her spine at the look in Gothboy's eyes. She'd just awoken the beast. With another growl, Sean shifted their position again and got right back to work, trying futilely to teach Harley the 'error of her ways'.

"Weeeeee~! Doggystyle, my favorite~!" Harley cheered, utterly unrepentant. She knew she'd fall first eventually. But she wanted at least two more mind-breaking orgasms from Gothboy first~!

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