Got Stuck in Overlord as a NPC, Now I'm in Sothoryos?!

An Overlord x ASOISAF/GOT Crossover Fanfic What happens when a Theater Kid gets reincarnated as an Angel NPC in the DMMO-RPG, YGGDRASIL? What would be his fate if he got transported into another 'New World'? Follow Ainz aka 'Ainzerophiel Deus Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale' on his newfound path of Justice~ _____________________________ English is not my first language so please correct me if I'm wrong. I do not own anything from any of these franchises nor the pictures I use as imagery and I give credit to all its creators. But my OCs are MINE! [If you wish to support me: ko-fi.com/reyvielfaesly patreon.com/ReyvielFaesly]

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[Angelarium Clan Base - North Wing - Sera's Room]

(Year 2138 - 01h:38m:16s)

Narrator's POV

It was time... The end that will start a new beginning.

Our Hero currently stands beside his creator, QueSeraSeraph while she is scanning through her inventory.

Our last-standing Heroine is looking for clothes that will suit the event that she has in mind for a long while.

A wedding.

It took Sera a while that though she calls Ainz her husband, they haven't really done the deed.

Truly a bittersweet gesture towards our Hero, for the day of their unity, shall also be the day of their parting.

Our Hero is currently in turmoil.

He has done everything he can to portray a message to our Heroine, for her to stay.

But he has failed.

He doubts his creator was even able to get his message.

He was truly limited in the options he could take to convince her.

He cannot talk besides a script.

He could not move unless commanded.

His only saving grace was his Inventory Screen which he has placed all hope for Sera to see.

But it was all for naught.

Though Sera was indeed able to see his hard-worked message.

The words "SeRa PlEaSe StAy" were formed using his items.

But our Heroine misunderstood it and considered it as a parting message from her friends.

For them to ask her to stay and manage the clan that they have formed when she is abled.

He tried to mess with his inventory once more to create a message but over the years, Sera no longer bothered opening his inventory.

She did not even feel any doubt or confusion as to how his items within were organized and simply let it pass, believing it was an automatic system function or it was done by her friends.

And so our Hero stands behind his Love. As she busies herself with finding the right clothes for both him and her.

Ainz is currently overwhelmed. With excitement for what's to come next after the time runs out and desperation to take Sera with him.

He knew that there was nothing left for Sera beyond the game.

Her life is bound to be filled with more suffering in reality. And He wished to take her along with him.

Based on what he knew from the Novel and Anime. She only has to stay till shutdown so she'll get to be transported along with him in the New World.

Considering that they are of the same Clan and currently beside each other. The likelihood of him and her being transported to the same place at the same time is high.

He is also in possession of a [World Item], given to him by Sera herself. The [Holy Grail].

Ainz didn't know that the clan actually had [World Items] in its arsenal but it turns out the Angelarium possesses 2 of them.

Namely the [Holy Grail] and the [Book of Life].

Which would truly be helpful in the future for our Hero.

For when all is lost, there is nothing but hope, yes?

What better hope is there than a [World Item]?

It shall serve as his trump card.

But enough of the future that is yet to come.

It seems that our Heroine has finally chosen what to wear.


Ainz's POV

She chose a white dress with golden trimmings.

The silhouette of the dress is fit-to-flare, which showcases Sera's curves.

Her sleeves were long with soft furls at their ends.

It was engraved with golden gems that formed the images of the sun and of lilies.

Her veil, a mantilla, was made of lace with golden embroidery.

A wedding dress so elegant, that no one could deny it.

She looked gorgeous.

She looked beautiful.

She then changed my armor into a suit as dark as night.

Filled with white and golden gems in the form of the moon and stars.

Over it, is a cape, that complimented my strong-wide shoulders.

My large frame almost overshadowed her. As if it was an Eclipse.

A crown adorns both of our heads. Imbued with divine enchantments that boosted the wearers' Charm.

We looked 'perfect'.

One is elegant and bright, the other dark and serene.

And with that, Sera commanded me to [Follow] her out of her room, towards the venue of our wedding.

As I walk behind her through the familiar halls where I first walked towards the Throne Room.

I listened to Sera's sweet melancholic voice.

"I'm sorry it took so long for me to realize that we haven't been married yet even after all these years. Isn't that funny?"

"QueSeraSeraph: (≧▽≦)"

I internally smiled with mirth as I replied

'Indeed it is'

He listened to her loving words as he answered in his mind.

She walked at a slow pace as if wanting to savor every moment there was left.

She continued to talk about the things she's done for the past few weeks.

With a voice filled with bittersweet happiness... helplessness... sadness...

Gone was her playing as a character.

Gone was the Holy Priestess of Light.

The person beside me is the 'real' Sera.

She talked about her tiring but fulfilling job.

She complained about her supervisors.

She continued on the prattle about her life beyond the game with jokes here and there.

And I merely laughed at the thought of her making a face when she could actually hear my comments and comebacks.

'I've gone insane. Actually freaking insane. I'm responding to her as if she can hear... This is just embarrassing'

'If I'm already crazy, wouldn't it be crazier if Sera actually did treat me like her real husband? Wouldn't that make us both crazy and delusional then? Hahaha... hahahahhaha'

This is not healthy...

Getting stuck here in this prison really is hell.

To think the weight and burden of my own reality only took its toll just when it was almost over.

'We are almost there'

We continued on the spiraling staircase as we moved down towards the 7th floor of the base.

And finally, we have arrived.

The [Cathedral] was filled with life.

Orchestra music of the wedding march came to play as we slowly walked down the aisle towards the altar.

The aisle is of white hue with golden trimmings.

Filled with gorgeous white flowers at its side and on top are chandeliers lighting up the whole cathedral.

The light being reflected by the gems is giving it an ethereal glow

All the Clan's NPCs were present. Sitting neatly at the front pew chairs made out of golden ivory.

The stained glass windows at the sides of the cathedral depict the images of angels, saints, and the demigods of old.

At its center was a large image of a lifeless man being embraced by an angel with a large golden angelic woman at the far back.

We took a few steps as we finally stood at the center of the altar.

The altar is surrounded by beautifully arranged flowers, some in large vases, and some hanging up on the ceiling.

Numerous candles and candelabras also adorned its sides and the table.

At the center is a pavilion-like construct that holds a large mirror in the middle.

Our visages are being reflected by it.

A soft instrumental music came to play, a rather soft and familiar sound graced my ears.



Narrator's POV

As our lovely Heroine and Hero stood at the altar, each facing the other.

Our Heroine, Sera, spoke her vows

"My dearest, Ainz..."

"As we stand before the grand tapestry of existence, our hearts entwined like threads, I pledge my eternal love to you"

"In the realms we traverse, and the worlds we shape, I promise to stand by your side, a partner in every adventure, a solace in every storm"

"In the radiant light of your virtues and the shadows of your trials, I will be there"

"I vow to cherish the unique melody that is 'us,' embracing the crescendos of joy and navigating the quiet notes of understanding"

"Together, we shall script a tale that echoes through the eternities, a narrative of love, resilience, and boundless devotion"

"As we embark on this sacred journey, hand in hand, I promise to be your confidante, your champion, and your sanctuary"

"With each passing day, my love for you deepens, an ocean of emotions that knows no bounds"

"So here, in the presence of witnesses seen and unseen, I declare my commitment to you. Through lifetimes and dimensions, I am yours, and you are mine. Today, tomorrow, and forevermore"

A short silence permeated between them and only the soft melody lingers in the room.

Ainz didn't know what to say. Whether it is a game or not, he has learned to love Sera after all these years.

Silent he may be throughout, his thoughts on a possible future with her have filled his mind over the years.

Her voice, her laugh, and her cute antics fill his heart with the warmth he has craved over his lonesome self in the game.

'Have I truly gone insane? Perhaps... Who cares?'

In his silence, Sera spoke once more.

"Will you [Come] to me even at the ends of the world, my beloved husband knight?" spoken with deep longing.

"I have come to heed your call, My Love!"

He knelt and silently spoke.

'I will'

"Will you [Follow], no matter where I may go?"

"I shall follow thee, My Love"

He stood and answered.

'I will'

"Will you take me as I am, no matter what form?"

'I already do'

"... Do you love me?"

'Yes... I do'

"Do you swear that I will be the only one in your heart?


Do you take me as your wife, as I take you as my husband?"

'...I do'

Our Heroine seems to be making a fool of herself.

Speaking and making vows to her own creation.

Marrying him is part of her own unhealthy obsession.

Sera has not felt anything towards the men of her reality.

She has been feeding her fantasies with fictional men of books, novels, mangas, and games.

But with Ainz, her greatest creation...

She was able to manifest her own delusions upon him.

She created Ainz with the perfect husband in mind and treated him as such.

She shared her pains, her troubles, and her past.

She shared her joys, her likes, and her plans for the future.

She knew she may not be the same as those girls who yearned for a true man, not one that can't be reached but who is to say there's a limit to dream?

Her room is filled with images of Ainz, from posters to frames, and even tiny trinkets such as a keychain with his name.

She is obsessed with him, acting like a fanatic of some boy idol of the old era.

Our pair started dancing after Sera finished her vows.

She painstakingly imputed a dance command on Ainz's system just for this event.

A slow but romantic waltz.

They danced and danced as she continued to whisper sweet nothings to a despondent partner.

Ainz listened, hoping to make the time of her stay longer, so she could stand witness to the New World.

But fate has its own plans.


"It was fun when it lasted..."


"I am glad I was able to spend more time with you, dear Ainz"


"See you on the other side..."

"QueSeraSeraph: (◍•ᴗ•◍)


"Good night my sweet darling Knight"


With those words, she left.


Gone was her holy presence.


Gone was the beauty that has beholden our Hero for years.


As the sparkles of light dwindled away as she left.


Our Hero glitched.


Then everything went dark.


As Sera removed her helmet and herself from the gaming pod, her eyes are bloodshot with tears still running on her face.

If only our Heroine stayed for only just a few...

She would have stood witness to a single tear that rolled down on her husband's face.


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