Got Stuck in Overlord as a NPC, Now I'm in Sothoryos?!

An Overlord x ASOISAF/GOT Crossover Fanfic What happens when a Theater Kid gets reincarnated as an Angel NPC in the DMMO-RPG, YGGDRASIL? What would be his fate if he got transported into another 'New World'? Follow Ainz aka 'Ainzerophiel Deus Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale' on his newfound path of Justice~ _____________________________ English is not my first language so please correct me if I'm wrong. I do not own anything from any of these franchises nor the pictures I use as imagery and I give credit to all its creators. But my OCs are MINE! [If you wish to support me: ko-fi.com/reyvielfaesly patreon.com/ReyvielFaesly]

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The Harbinger

Narrator's POV

"BE NOT AFRAID..." Our Hero's voice spoke, full with gentleness.

As he did, his bright visage as an Angel slowly appeared as he started to descent, from the blankets of the storm clouds that parted ways to accommodate his entire being.

The rain stopped pouring, the winds were still and the waves of the seas became gentle, the darkness of the night sky was lost and then came light as if the break of a new dawn.

"I HAVE COME IN PEACE" He spoke again with such serenity, filled with so much grace that it has brought calm upon the hearts of those who were fearful of it's sudden presence.

He descended from the heavens up to a height of which the people can see his entire magnificent and holy being.

Bright was he as the very sun. With his golden ethereal wings spread wide at his back, flapping ever so slowly, ever so gently, that small specks of golden dust floated upon his surroundings, making his figure large, dominating, the type of which the people below thought they were only dreaming.

His large Halo, acting as his crown has been pulsing with great power and light. It could have hidden him entirely if it weren't for his garb of which absorbed most of the light's intensity, making him visible upon the naked eyes of man.

The humans were left speechless, their mouths agape, their eyes teared up, not by the intense light coming from the being above, but the inkling feeling that everything is going to be fine.

Awe and wonder filled their faces, while some showed fear. They do not know from which the glowing figure has come from but the light it exuded seems to be giving them as sense of comfort, of peace, of safety.

The wings that seems to encompass the whole island in itself, gave the slaves that has been held captive for so long - a warmth so comfortable that they have long forgotten - as if they were in their mother's embrace, at the comfort of the hearth of their own home.


Our hero raised his hand.


Multiple large magic circles appeared above all the enslaved.

"OF BODY..."

One by one, their chains were destroyed and gone.


One by one, their wounds healed as their body glowed.


One by one, the troubled in the mind was able to forgo.


With that, the slaves were free.

Free from the shackles that they were once condemned to wear for eternity.

From their ancestors to their children, the cycle has the finally ended.

Free from the pains the other have caused and just left them to bear.

Those that have lost was back to take.

The blind, blessed eyes shall now perceive,

The deaf, a symphony of sounds receive.

The mute, in voices, their silence break,

The lame, with joy, a lively dance partake.

At first, they were silent. They were not able to comprehend what has happened.

First they were captured, abused, enslaved.

The second, a monster massacred their masters.

And Finally... This..

They were free.

The humans were overwhelmed, they cried and knelt upon the being of light from above.

Who is this being of light that has given them more than they could dream of?More than they can hope for?

They rejoiced, they screamed for the names of their loved ones and embraced one another as they are finally free.

They we're expecting death that very moment the abomination appeared, but here... right now... a being of great power has come save them all.

'Is he perhaps a God?' Thoughts such as these ran through the minds of the free.

Our hero let the people rejoice and find their living loved ones for a while as he now decided to descend upon the sandy shores of the island.

The people came to a still, as their savior walked the land of which they stood.

As our Hero's feet landed upon the sand, he hid his ethereal wings from the eyes of man. It vanished. Only his halo remained, placed at the back of his head like a crown.

It lit the whole island, with the torches all gone out from the rain and chaos of the massacre that occurred earlier, only the Hero's Halo brought light upon the darkness.

The people were frightened at first, but then felt calm, as the aura of our hero exudes such gentle warmth light.

Gone were the shivers of the cold rain, for it's light and warmth was enough to dry their clothes and themselves from the rain that has already stopped upon his presence.

They rushed to the front of our hero and knelt upon his feet. They were showing him such great subservience. Speaking thanks, prayers and adoration.

For the large powerful frame of 'the being of light' from the heavens, was an imposing man on land. His broad shoulders and hulking arms are so refined, as if it is strong enough to carry the weight of the world. His hair as red as blood yet soft akin to fine silk as it swayed with the gentle wind. His face was half covered with a simple yet intricate mask, plain white as marble, contrasting his garbs. His dark garbs was made of such luxurious materials, its color as deep as the night sky that is littered with countless shining stars. Whilst his eyes that can still be seen, are so deep and aglow with the color of the wealth of gold. And his face, hidden as it may be, it cannot hide its glorious chiseled jaw and his luscious lips. He is brimming with charm and handsomeness, as if he sculpted by the very gods or maybe this man is a god himself?

Many blushed upon the sight of him, may they be women or men of young and old, they could not help but adore his looks.

Countless thoughts such as these ran in the minds of the people who were recently freed.

As if becoming aware of the silent misunderstanding, to this, our hero spoke.


To those words he continued in his thoughts 'I am merely... Her husband'.

A series of silent protest came from the majority of the people while others remained silent. They are in disbelief, for if a such as him do not consider himself a god, then who are the gods of which they believed in? They are nothing. Compared to the silence they received for their countless prayers and pleas...

Yet this man... has done the impossible. What better title is there to befit him but a 'god'. One who decided to walk the earth as a man. But not as an ordinary man, but as a man of light with golden wings...

Still they remained kneeling...

A mature old man, probably in his 70's, wearing rags for clothes, with an air of a scholar, spoke with pure reverence "We would not dare, my lord. You are our saviour! The Lord of Light! Our god R'hllor!"

"MY NAME IS NOT R'HLLOR!" His loud voice bellowed that the earth shook.

"DO NOT PLACE NAMES UPON ME FOR THAT IS NOT WHO I AM!" strictly admonishing the poor old man.

'But R'hllor? God of Light? That awfully sounds familiar... Could it be?...' Thought our hero upon hearing such name.

"Ah! O-ou-our deepest apologies, my lord. I have committed a grievous mistake. Please, punish me for my transgressions!" Said the man despairingly in plea as he kowtowed on the sand.

Breaking his line of thoughts and inner musings, he answered "ENOUGH... I SHALL FORGIVE YOU. BUT DO HOLD YOUR TONGUE WITH YOUR ASSUMPTIONS"

"I- I thank you my lord. You are truly magnanimous. But this impertinent one simply wishes to ask. May you satisfy a bit of our curiosity?... How do you wish to be addressed? Who are you... my lord?" The old man asks as he cowers in fear of displeasing 'the man of light' any further.

"MY NAME..."

Our hero paused and once again came to his internal musings.

'What name should I tell them?'

'Should I tell them my real name?' 'Ainzerophiel Deus Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale? That is embarrassing enough'

'Sorry my dear beloved Sera, I mean no offense'

'Maybe settling for something simple then?'

'Simple names for simple people'

With that done, he has decided.


"Our Lord, God of Light, Ainz?"


"B-b-but my lord, it would be utmost disrespectful for us to call a great being of power such as yourself, simply by your name!"


Then there was silence, once again.

The people kneeling are still in awe with our hero. 'Lord Ainz, The Harbinger... What a glorious name indeed!' they all thought.

As they silently gawked at the majestic presence of our hero, faces full of worship, adoration and laced with a hint curiosity.

Only the soft and quite whispers of the wind that carried the iron stench of blood and flesh of the ones that died remained.

'Well this is awkward' our hero thought to himself.


"Of course, Lord Ainz. What ever it may be that you will ask, we will gladly answer it!"



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