Got Stuck in Overlord as a NPC, Now I'm in Sothoryos?!

An Overlord x ASOISAF/GOT Crossover Fanfic What happens when a Theater Kid gets reincarnated as an Angel NPC in the DMMO-RPG, YGGDRASIL? What would be his fate if he got transported into another 'New World'? Follow Ainz aka 'Ainzerophiel Deus Oratrice Mecanique d'Analyse Cardinale' on his newfound path of Justice~ _____________________________ English is not my first language so please correct me if I'm wrong. I do not own anything from any of these franchises nor the pictures I use as imagery and I give credit to all its creators. But my OCs are MINE! [If you wish to support me: ko-fi.com/reyvielfaesly patreon.com/ReyvielFaesly]

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Slaves & Maggots

Ainz's POV

"... What the hell is this?"

The idyllic scene of the jungles cannot conceal a darker truth.

The shores of this ax-shaped island seem to serve as a haven for pirates.

"If the ships and builds that lined up the shores don't scream 'pirates' then I don't know what is"

Some ships look like it was built together with salvaged parts, while others bear the scars of battles.

Pirates... slavers... those disgusting people that dared to enslave people of their own.

To dare take away freedom and choice from the crutches of those who are weak, just to feed their own greed for gold and wretched lust for demented pleasures.

They made a living out of the expense of other people's lives.

They go about their business with such brutal casualness, taking what they please and showing no remorse for the suffering they inflict by engaging in the despicable trade of slavery.

The jungles echo with the sounds of boisterous laughter and the clinking of chains, as these lawless individuals carry out their nefarious deeds.

As I set my sights away from the 'demons' in human skin.

I was able to witness the pitiful state of those who are enslaved.

A sight that broke my heart the most and fueled it with great rage.

Numerous cages are littered around the island, some full, others bloody yet empty.

The fate of those who used to be in it was undoubtedly horribly grim.

The cages differed in size, some huge, while others were small and narrow, filled with humans of different colors.

The rusty but thick steel beams of the cages held the slaves captive. Along with the shackles on both their wrists and ankles, even a collar that seems to be more of a dog leash considering how tight it was on their necks, connected to other slaves as if in a parade.

The enslaved looked so thin, frail, rugged, and deathly pale, while others whose skin was kissed by the sun and those of olive complexion, were not free from the signs of abuse, while all were mired with dirt and human excrement.

The slaves are scantily clad, barely giving them any warmth from the treacherous night.

Women and children are separated from the men.

The slavers are whipping up the strong abled slaves to do their bidding.

From fixing ships, carrying cargo, moving slave-filled cages, and letting them battle each other to the death for entertainment.

While others are dragging some of them into their tents, as the screams of despair and anguish come right after they go in.

The desperate and miserable cries and pleas of the people being defiled, tortured, and abused - may they be women, children, men, young or old - echoed through the night.

They have truly suffered...

Their former lives were snatched away from their own homelands.

Burnt villages and towns were sacked from their riches, leaving nothing but death and suffering, whilst they carry their newfound treasures and trophies here...

In this godforsaken little land...

The thought of slavery that even in modern times, human trafficking still existed and I know the Earth where my beloved dwells would be far worse.

Who knows how many more are there?

Who knows where could the lairs of such crime be?

Who knows how long they've been doing it?

Has no one ever tried to even stop it?

I already know the answer considering the proof for what I currently see.

Their rights to live, to breathe, and even to choose, have been taken from them by brutal force. Their voices were left unheard probably for so long...

That is... until now.

"I could not fathom what these people have gone through... "

"All this pain..."

"All this suffering..."

"... disgusting"

"Huh? Wha-?"

I know I was an emotional man back in my past life, but this... this is different.

This overwhelming feeling...

This... tangible sensation...

"What does this mean...?"

Somehow, for some inexplicable reason...

I can 'feel' something from what those currently below me.

I can somehow 'sense' their dominant emotions like a strong despicable stench.

"Lust, anger, despair, hopelessness, happiness, sadness... emotions that I can somehow fathom? How?"

A mixture of contrasting emotions, all from humans: the slavers, pirates, and the enslaved.

"Humans? Should I even call them that? 'Maggots' maybe? Hmmm... They are... disgusting"

It left me confused...

"Is this perhaps of my race as an Angel? or something else?..."

I stopped my rushing and endless thoughts on what could be the possible cause of my predicament and focused once more on the problem at hand.

I once again laid my eyes upon those who are in land...

A baby has just taken its final breath in the arms of its despondent mother.

A boy yet to be man, was castrated for fun.

A girl being raped infront of a dead body... probably her lover.

And a pit...

So dark...

So deep...

So bloody...

Filled with the mangled bodies - some with flesh and others of bone - of the victims of the new and of old.

All in different forms of decay.

Worms and maggots, flies and rats, feasted upon the remains of the dead.

Gone were my questions and curiosity for now.

Only an intense feeling of disgust and rage dwelled within me as I gritted my teeth and clenched my fists.


The sound of my bones cracking from withholding such great force within my grasp is keeping me from acting out violently upon the select 'Maggots' beneath me.


"This. Ends. NOW!"


Narrator's POV

Thick and heavy dark clouds started to shroud the skies of Ax Island.

A great storm is coming.

Strong winds started to billow on the shores with such great strength that even the thick trees of the forest were swaying.

The large waves at the shores are disturbing the ships, the waves acting violently as if to capsize them all as a whole.

Lightning flashed briefly upon the despairing faces of the slaves.

Thunderstruck that shook their broken hearts, except for the pirates and slavers who seemed to not even care.

A storm such as this is not unheard of. So they continued with their activities with no concern.

They commanded some slaves to take care of their tents, to hold them still so the wind would not take them along with it.

The rain started to pour down from the heavens, heavy are they as if the tears of heaven are turning into weapons.

The slaves in these cages do not have any form of cover. They have no shelter nor the clothes to save them from the rain. They could only huddle themselves together so tightly just so they could get warm in the devastating rain.

As for the 'Trash' and 'Maggots' in human skin are warm and safe within the comfort of their luxurious dwellings, and well taken care of...

As those enslaved - the women, the men, and the children try to keep themselves alive to live past this deadly night...


Whirring sounds of the wind were heard in the middle of the rain


A large figure just fell down from the sky.


It landed upon the sandy shores of the island, and a huge crater was left upon its descent.


A dark shadow loomed upon the sandy mist.

Lightning and thunder once again struck making the large unidentifiable shadow looming upon them more ominous.

And as the dust and sand came clear...

All its inhabitants became wide-eyed with their mouths agape.

For there stands a monster...

A great abomination...

Its large grotesque figure cannot be fathomed nor described by the mind and tongues of the ones who are witnessing it.

Everything went still...

Everyone went silent...





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