34 Chapter 34: Don't Trust Anyone

The healer Jacob, looks at Arthur as he falls asleep. He goes next to him and just touches his head and feels that Arthur is burning up. 

'His sickness is acting up.' Thinks Jacob, trying to think what would help Arthur. 'It seems like this time it is worse and he might actually die from the overheating of his body.'

He decides to get some rags with water atop Arthur's forehead and turn him to the side once he hears a gurgling sound coming out of Arthur's throat.


By tomorrow Arthur opens his eyes. He looks around and sees that he is still in the same body and place. His breathing is normal and only has a mild headache and a sudden loss of energy. Which is normal for someone who just lost so much Life Energy.

[ Arthur POV ]

As I wake up I can just feel a slight shortness of breath and a weakness assault my body. This... it seems like this is a little more severe than expected, but it doesn't matter, I have plans against this too.

I get up and look at Jacob, who is just sitting on the ground sleeping. This guy is quite loyal it seems. I will give him a raise then. I honestly 5% expected him to kill me while I recover. I don't exactly trust the people that I can't control completely, so that is no one really. I don't trust anyone, so I will never be caught by surprise again, like when I died in my first life.

My fleet returned to the Arbor with no casualties. It seems like I live another day in this body. I plan to play the game of thrones with this body.


As I return I just go to the castle, I can't help contemplate that soon the war should be over and Rhaegar will die like the mad prince that he is. Honestly monarchy is such a sh*tty way of ruling. No wonder this world has stagnated so much when only the lords are the people who can be called even moderately rich. 

I wonder if the Reach's fleet will decide to attack here. I can use that to my advantage and obliterate that threat immediately. As I get off my horse and go towards my (the lord's) room.

As soon as I enter, I see my guards outside and just nod at them. "No one is allowed to enter here. Not even Lady Redwyne. I am not in the mood currently."

They nod in confirmation and I enter my room. But I go back outside and ask the guards. "Has ser Davos come back?"

"Yes m'lord." Says one of them. 

"Thanks Seamus. Then can you call Davos, I need him to help me with a new plan." As I say that to him. He nods.

I know everyones of my personal guard's names. I manage my security team, after all for an assassin or poisoning to be successful, the best way for that to happen would be to bribe one of my personal guards, but it seems like they will need some more training too.


It doesn't take long for Davos to come to me. As he enters the room he looks at me and says. "You seem to have become paler Arthur."

I chuckle at that, but my face becomes serious as I say to him. "Davos, if I were to die… I want you to take care of my children. I have opened an account in the Iron Bank with 500,000 Gold Dragons to your name."

Davos seems surprised at this. "I am thankful for the trust that you have in me Arthur. But… why?"

I just grimace at this. "It seems like I am dying from a sickness, that is making me weaker physically, I have always had this ever since I was young. I hid it from my father and everyone else. Only you and Jacob know of this. So give me your word that you will look after my children."

I can see that Davos is startled by this. "So your dreams of Democracy, a realm where people can choose for themselves…"

Tears appear in his eyes. "The gods are truly cruel sometimes aren't they? Playing their games on us."

I just smirk at this. "But I won't die, not until I have completed my dream of liberty and a free population. Where people can choose their rulers. Blood doesn't make you a good ruler."

Davos looks depressed from this. He doesn't know that every word I have said up until now is a lie. Just me tugging at his heart strings, though I do plan for Democracy to rain over this world.

I do want to enjoy my reincarnation immortality after all, I don't want to have to sh*t in a bucket for the next thousand years.

"So how long do you have?" Asks Davos.

I shake my head at this. "Unknown, I could die in a year or in twenty. But I definitely won't live over fifty, that is for sure. I can only hope that by then, I am King so I can become a President instead."

Though I told him that, the real reason why I am to live over fifty is due to my overuse of magic. I mean even the strengthening potions weaken my body tremendously, so by the time I am fifty, I will just kill myself and be reborn as one of my children. 

No one else in this world overuses magic like I do. They use it for petty tricks in comparison to me, I plan to use it even more for strategic plays like I did with the Reach Fleet. But I do plan to get the Iron Throne during this life.

Then I just wait till the internet is developed and just spend the rest of eternity being slothful, lustful and selfish. Maybe develop some companies when the modern age comes about.

Who knows maybe by that time I will make a movie about this one life of mine… but of course I will edit it a little. But I plan for my character to be a fan favorite. I will call the show… Game of Thrones. Damn, I am getting excited just thinking about this. 

But first must destroy the Night King and eradicate magic and its knowledge from this world. Only I must be able to use magic, magic is truly too irregular.

*sigh* Anyway that is too far away, I better plan for the present.

"Davos, I need you to plan a counter attack against the Reach's Fleet, I trust this with 100%."

He just looks at me. "You know that you sometimes have too much trust in me."

I smirk at this. "I have trust in your abilities. You did sneak past them at Storm's End to give Stannis food."

He laughs at this. "Yeah, he even offered me a knighthood, but I rejected. I want a brighter future for my son… and I know where to get it."

I laugh out loudly at that. "C'mon now Davos, don't say stuff like that. It makes you sound too selfish."

He laughs too. 

[ General POV ]

Two weeks later, in the Reach's main ship. Randyl Tarly looks at the incompetent people around him. 

'What use are some dumb weak minded fools.' Thinks Tarly, obviously he only allows them to be in here because they were lucky to be born in some noble house or else they would be scrubbing pots in the kitchens.

Suddenly screaming can be heard from the outside. Tarly around and frowns. 'Are we under attack?'

He walks off and goes up… what he sees absolutely terrified him, a thousand ships over the horizon. But what really terrified him was the countless projects that covered the sun.

"Scorpion bolts… thousands of them… we are dead." Says Tarly in fear. Immediately he goes to jump in the water.

Arthur and Davos on the other hand are using self made binoculars to see what is going on. 

"M'lord." Says Davos, being respectful to Arthur. After all, they were in front of the soldiers. "It seems like your idea is working spectacularly."

Arthis just smiles at this. "It seems like this will be another flawless victory again."

Davos nods. "It seems so."

"Yet another proof that having someone competent in charge is better than some up jumped little inbreed lord." Says Arthur…


The MC knows how kingdoms will end. Plus he doesn't want to spend his eternity ruling. He would rather do some more fun things. That is why he is trying to push the development of the world. But he still plans to enjoy ruling for a couple of generations.

P.S: He plans to eradicate every sign of magic. That goal of his aligns with the maesters… let's see where that goes.

Still, magic isn't a problem solver for everyone of the MC's problems due to the catastrophic cost it has.

But magic is still a useful stratefic tool to him.


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