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186 AC


Daemon Blackfyre


No no no no!

Danny smiles watching Aerion walk off as she runs her hand over the crown that I was meant to give her. She turns when Shiera hugs her side and they start talking together and my body goes slack. I stare up into the sky trying to find the fault with the world, this must be a dream.

A dream is the only way to explain this, I can't lose her when she is everything to me.

Aerion gives me a smug look and I debate murder right here and now, I will show him who is truly worthy of Daenerys with my cold Valyrian steel. Blackfyre is ready to cut down this asshole and Daenerys will be free from his spell.

He rides off to his tent and I feel the itch to follow after him but calm myself down and close my eyes. I put my head in my hands and wonder how it all went wrong, why did father agree to marry those two. Daenerys would have made me happy and I would make her happy, we could have had something real together.

Now she will suffer under the abusive Aerion who takes sick joy in watching her slug through his 'training'. I have seen it with my own eyes, her exposed skin covered in sweat and gasping for breath after he made her 'exercise' with our nephews. He actually exposes her to men's work and makes her break her back keeping up.

I grit my teeth in rage at my beautiful Princess suffering such a brute, how will he treat her in the bedding?

Like a cold dip in the Blackwater rush my body shivers, the bedding!

Oh no no no, that will not be happening and I will ensure it, he will not have her body! I will challenge him to a duel right here and now if that's what it takes, her body is a sacred temple. Only the faithful like me will ever grace its halls and if he tries to take her first time I will end him!

"Daemon!" I turn to see my half-brother Aegor's whore and almost strike her in my anger but I bite my lip instead.

"What?" I grit out while struggling to not strangle this pretender woman.

"Aegor is awake and responsive, he asked for you." I smile seeing a plan come together and walk past the bitch shoving her to the ground.

Aegor I need you!


186 AC


Daenerys Targaryen


Making my twin suffer before everyone as he cringes and resists running off I can't help but feel some satisfaction. He manhandles me like a doll at night with his endless strength that seems like a bottomless ocean seeking to quench my fire. It does more than that, it drowns my fire and keeps it thoroughly extinguished. Taking a little victory over him in front of the masses is a tiny victory but still a victory.

I can't help but agree with earnest feelings though, we have come to be very dear to one another. It started off weirdly with both of us being older than we should be inside of these bodies, but we had each other to hold onto. We kept each other from going crazy trapped in these 'flesh prisons' as he says.

I think I fell in 'love' with him when we recently had turned seven.

It might have been before but it was then that I learned how I felt, it hit me like a wall and left me stumbling. A normal day of reading and learning as a child and he sought me out to read with me, a common thing. We sat together in silence just enjoying a companion and he got hungry and left to get food.

He cooked up a small feast and brought it back to me an hour later with all my favorites, just because he could. He didn't have to and nor did I ask, he just did it because he wanted to do something for me.

It was small and seemingly pointless in the grand scheme of things but I know he was being genuine. It was not a trick and nor were there any hidden meanings, he just wanted me to enjoy my lunch as I read my book. I couldn't help the way I felt and I was even scared because of the last time I felt that way. I didn't tell him for many years, but I enjoyed spending time with him more and more.

When I did tell him sometime around eleven years old he was shell shocked, he assumed I meant as 'siblings' but to a Targaryen, there is no such thing. We both knew we were to be married but we also have dragons and could decide for ourselves anytime we wanted. So when he heard me admit my feelings he was caught off guard.

Though in his own way, he confessed he also felt that way for me, in his own way.

He did not like the idea of a 'relationship' anytime before eight teen years old for some reason and that soon went down to sixteen. Now at fourteen, we are going at it without any regret and he is insatiable. I wonder if it's because he worries about pregnancy, he once told me that at least eight teen is recommended for the first one. But I don't want to wait that long, I want to have a baby to raise and hold and spoil all day long.

Business is good and I enjoy it but I miss the excitement of 'ruling' and conquest and starting a family is the only thing that ranks above that. So to prevent myself from invading Essos or Dorne I need to get a silver-headed little chubby cheek baby to love on.

Now that I think about it, if he knew my reason for wanting a family sooner rather than later he might force me to have a baby. That might actually be the smart thing to do, it will get him fully onboard and not hold anything back.

Not that he does.

"You that happy?" Shiera crosses her arms and pouts as she glares at my crown.

Sweet little sister wants her brother's love and is easily jealous when she sees me get it. If only she knew that there is honestly only one kind of love for siblings with our blood. I think she 'knows' but is denying it to herself as she knows his reaction, too young to even think about it.

"I am happy, you will be happy too I promise." I cup her cheek and rub it with my thumb and she relaxes.

"I already made a love potion that is guaranteed to work, I just need to wait to feed it to him." Maybe she knows more than I was thinking...

"Love potion?" I ask hesitantly.

"Love potion." She responds with a steel-like voice, full of determination.

"Shiera..." She looks up while manipulating the size of her mismatched eyes as they start to glisten with unshed tears.

"Please?" I grit my teeth and stop myself from laughing at this little troublemaker.

"Maybe when you are older, you don't need to give anyone love potions when you are not even 'ready' for something like that." She lacks a mom much like I did in my first life so I feel for her situation.

But even I knew not to try for anything before flowering, it's just common sense.

"But I am being left behind." She slumps and I hold her up with my arms going around her back and a thought appears in my mind.

"How about you 'squire' under me before you are old enough." She looks back up with curiosity.

"Squire?" I nod with plans of having a trustworthy babysitter filling my mind, this will work out perfectly.

I don't plan on needing one as I will keep my baby close but when I do, Shiera will be ready to do her duty as my 'squire'.


186 AC


Mya Rivers


Poor Aerion, his new wife is working against him moments after agreeing to have the wedding soon.

Shiera looks ready for anything as Daenerys tells her all her duties as a squire to make sure she does not get left behind. There are some useful things there to keep her busy and also helpful for her future, but some are just cruel. Danny is setting herself up as the lead figure and making sure Shiera 'knows her place' and I shiver as Shiera looks eager to please.

"Terrifying." Gwenys speaks up and gulps as she watches.

I nod and catch our aunt Elaena nod as well as she listens with some of her attention, too much of it. I always knew she had a thing for Aerion but I thought it was the music, it turns out she was just waiting for the apple to ripen before plucking it. Aerion is truly in more a horrible uphill fight, things will get messy no thanks to my help as I will also be somewhere on the battlefield.

I don't know if it's the wedding or just pettiness but I feel the need to push for something even though I should not. I think it is pettiness but I can't help the way I feel and have felt for quite some time. Danny seems almost fine raising up Shiera so is it that big of a deal if I get in on it somewhere?

Before she learned his 'situation' with his lower parts would solve itself she was even trying to pull us in on her own. I need to approach the situation carefully and see how things turn out but also not wait too long and as Shiera said, 'get left behind'.

"What are you thinking about?" Gwenys asks from my side and I smile.

"Nothing sweet sister, just making some plans." She grunts.

"Whatever it is it does not look good with those eyes, think about whatever it is carefully." I nod and stretch as everyone starts leaving the Royal box.

"Don't worry about me, I will be very careful." I follow after Daenerys and her 'squire' with a smile on my lips.


186 AC


Aerion Targaryen


This wedding is going to cost an arm, more like a couple of fingers but still, it's expensive and I hate watching money leave. Money is supposed to flow in and not flow out unless it's for getting me Harrenhal.

But the good news in the form of an early wedding gift came in, my brother kicked out the squatters in my castle. I will be named the Lord of Harrenhal and Daenerys will be my Lady after we are married before all the Lords. He plans on announcing it there, apparently, the Lothstons actually liked the idea.

They traded down by far but their new place is not 'haunted'.

I can't help but shake in excitement even as I sign away agreements that stab holes in my wallet. Happy wife, happy life but I am also happy because I got a big cool castle to renovate and fix up for my kids to one day take over.

I already have cleaners headed out with some men to protect them, they will work full-time just cleaning every part of the castle and its towers. Builders will start rebuilding everything damaged within a few weeks, it will take years to fix it to its prime. But I will hire enough to get it done reasonably fast and most important they will fix it the right way. No bull crap patchwork on my family's house, I don't want it caving in on my kids or something.

Watching Daenerys enter the room with Shiera waving goodbye I raise an eyebrow, those two have been like two peas in a pod recently.

"Anything I should know?" I look into Danny's deep purple eyes and she smiles.

"Nothing to worry about, at least not for a while." I take it for what it is, a problem for future me and I toss it to the side.

"Let me help you with those." She moves a chair over to the desk with a smile and grabs some papers to start working on.

A calm washes over me as I watch her work, my wife.

I like that.

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