Gold Experience(GER) in DC

Also for those who didn’t read the tags: MC will be OP at least try to be one. This will be a Harem novel Make sure to read the Harem list before you come badmouthing me. I’ll try to write some events from the Novel with various enemies to challenge the League and the MC Females will fall for him a bit fast but there will be some emotional involvement and not just mindless drones. A bit of a Hentai when it comes to R18 SliceOfLife since you know I like to take my development of Plot slow with Action in literal and metaphorical sense. A loner who loves Jojo and DC after losing his parents in an elevator accident, decides to just hole up in his home and distract himself with something. So he finds Jojo as his first Anime. He loves the series and it’s bizzare powers along with those various poses. He was an avid fan of DC from the start. So he often fantasised about reincarnating in DC with Jojo’s stands and some perks when he read all those FanFics and didn’t find too many good DC novels except a few of them. Most of them were made on Marvel which he like but he wanted something DC related. So, he just opted to read some comics and make a FanFic of his own in his mind. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters used in the novel or the cover picture. I will remove it if the owner asks.

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171. Meet and Fight

"Let's go in". Komand'r said and the guards beside the gate quickly opened the door. They didn't even check them for weapons because they were already instructed not to since it was pointless with Alex there.

They all stepped in and saw three people sitting around the throne and looking towards the door with a bit of eagerness?

"Welcome Son, you finally decided to visit again after so long". Myand'r spoked loudly with his heavy voice.

"Yeah, I have just been busy lately". Alex nodded and made a random excuse that even a fool won't believe.

"Let me introduce everyone". Alex said and started to introduce everyone standing beside him one by one.

"Oh, welcome. I didn't know that you were coming as well. Please sit". Myand'r personally got off the throne to present the chairs to Thomas and Martha even Alfred was treated very well with the same respect.

Strong are respected not only in Chinese Novels but also in any verse that is out there because strong people don't have the scruples of law when they take action.

Martha and the other were also didn't dawdle and sat down on their seats with a smile and started talking to Myand'r about the planet.

"Well, I guess they are more interested in socialising. So why don't we go for sightseeing". Komand'r said when she saw that these guys had no plans to move.

"Let's go to the colosseum". Diana stood up and spoke about her wish.

"Yeah, good idea". Komand'r, Cassandra and Cassy immediately agreed when they head Diana's words.

Soon, all of them came to the bustling Colosseum city and saw the huge crowds surrounding the Colosseum in all directions.

Vendors, shops and pedestrians as long as the eye could see. People were coming and going while laughing and shopping around.

"Very peaceful". Diana commented when she saw the happy smiles on everyone's faces.

"Of course, we don't rule with Tyranny". Komand'r spoke with pride when she heard Diana's words.

"Let's register for some matches". Komand'r said and led everyone inside the Colosseum quickly.

After getting in the Colosseum, they were led to the counter and registered themselves for the upcoming matches.

Huge Billboards rose from the ground with massive screens that showed their pictures and names on it. People were immediately surprised and intrigued to see the power of the visitors.

The whole Colosseum was full of people in no time and some of them were even standing outside to look at the massive screens.

It was like Football World Cup was being held here that the clamour was so big. Everything was crowded with massive amounts of people.

"Oh the first match is actually between Cassy and Kara". Alex looked at the billboard and was surprised at their luck.

"Today I am going to smash you skinny stick". Cassy's eyes burned with flames and she banged her fists together while looking at Kara.

"You fat pig, I will smash you in". Kara also imitated her and both of them were on the verge of explosion.

"They get along so well". Zatanna commented while nodding her head sagely.

Everyone looked at her very strangely with the only thought that how do you think they get along well.

The match came close and both of them entered the ring immediately. Alex waved his hand to erect a barrier so that they don't literally destroy everything here.

"Begin". A loud shout came amidst the cheering from people and the match began in full.

Kara didn't wait and dashed at Cassy with a punch. Cassy used the bracelets on her arms to block the punch and punched back with equal fierceness.

Kara blocked the punch with her forearms and took no damage. She then swept Cassy's legs with a kick but Cassy swayed to the side and dodged.

They repeated multiple attacks against each other and both of them couldn't take the lead over the other by any means.

'They have been trained well'. Alex couldn't help nodding his head when he looked at their performance.

There was a massive barrier surrounding them or this wouldn't have been this small a fight. They would've already destroyed half the colosseum with their violent impacts.

But it is also a show of their strength that Alex approves of. When fighting, there is no need to hold back against strong enemies.

The two continued for a while more but seeing no end to this charade. They decisively stopped and the match ended in a tie.

The next match was between Cassandra and Komand'r. They quickly got on stage and faced each other vigilantly.

Cassandra could tell from Komand'r's muscle movement that what amount of strength she has. This made her quite vigilant because even with Alex's training, she can't match Komand'r.

Komand'r's strength is able to lift planets and she isn't at that level at all. So she decided to Kite the boss like in the games.

Komand'r was vigilant because she couldn't find any place where the guard was even a bit down in Cassandra's stance.

This told her that she wasn't at the opponent's level in skill and had to keep her vigilance when fighting or this would cost her dearly.

Seeing both of them didn't make a move. Cassandra took the initiative to get into the opponent's close range.

She lightly jabbed and tired to strike at Komand'r's throat with her fingers. Komand'r also didn't sit idly and immediately backed away from her.

Both of them exchanged moves wildly and it was clear that Komand'r was mostly on the receiving end of it.

She only sustained for so long because she had better defence and endurance than the opponent or she would've been out of commission long ago.

The fight came to an end with Cassandra's face a little flushed from the attacks and lack of breath due to the high intensity fight in a short moment.

"You are a great fighter". Komand'r complimented sincerely after the fight finished.

"Thank you". Cassandra smiled and thanked her as well.

The audience cheered for the two fighters enthusiastically because they got to see a goos fight and this was what they wanted most.