Gold Experience(GER) in DC

Also for those who didn’t read the tags: MC will be OP at least try to be one. This will be a Harem novel Make sure to read the Harem list before you come badmouthing me. I’ll try to write some events from the Novel with various enemies to challenge the League and the MC Females will fall for him a bit fast but there will be some emotional involvement and not just mindless drones. A bit of a Hentai when it comes to R18 SliceOfLife since you know I like to take my development of Plot slow with Action in literal and metaphorical sense. A loner who loves Jojo and DC after losing his parents in an elevator accident, decides to just hole up in his home and distract himself with something. So he finds Jojo as his first Anime. He loves the series and it’s bizzare powers along with those various poses. He was an avid fan of DC from the start. So he often fantasised about reincarnating in DC with Jojo’s stands and some perks when he read all those FanFics and didn’t find too many good DC novels except a few of them. Most of them were made on Marvel which he like but he wanted something DC related. So, he just opted to read some comics and make a FanFic of his own in his mind. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters used in the novel or the cover picture. I will remove it if the owner asks.

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170. Pictures

All of them landed and got off the spaceship immediately to look around at the scenes here. That was what they were here for anyway.

"Alex, Uncle, Aunti". Komand'r came forward and hugged Alex tightly before greeting Thomas and Martha.

"Hi Dear". Thomas and Martha nodded back in greeting and smiled with satisfaction.

Their boy maybe a bit bad with his relationships but he has always found good girls for himself. So they can't really blame the girls and the boy doesn't listen.

It's better if they are all happy and they have learnt to just let them go and handle this thing on their own.

This will be better for them and Alex along with his partners. They just have to wait to play with their grandsons when they are born.

"Let's go, I will take you to the Palace". Komand'r said and led the way in front.

Alex just leisurely walked forward with his hand behind his head and arms spread apart. He was looking extremely lazy.

The girls were looking around the place curiously. They were trying to observe everything here because everything was so different from Earth.

'We made the right decision to come'. They thought when they looked at the new technological things and the Sci-Fi atmosphere here.

"Hey let me take some pictures. I will show these to Power Girl and others to make them jealous". Cassy immediately took out her phone to take some much needed pictures of the place.

All the members of Young Justice have been provided with special smart phones that are even more advanced than the phones in 2021.

The performance has no limits and Alex sometimes makes some good games for it as well to keep himself and the children entertained.

He only needs to snap his fingers for it. So it doesn't take him much time to do it and everyone gets happy as well.

"Yeah, good idea". Surprisingly Diana also agreed with her. 'Hehe, I am going to show it to Mera'. She gloated in her mind.

Rivalries have formed between all of them and this also makes them better friends. They tease each other and fight with each other as well.

'Donna(Super Woman) should've come with us as well'. Alex couldn't help lamenting in his mind when he thought of her missing the opportunity to challenge some Tamaranians.

She would've loved the challenge and the thrill of so many sparring partners that she could find here in a warrior based society.

"Here we are, the royal palace". Komand'r pointed towards the palace in front with her hand and spoke loudly to everyone.

"It's so big!" Zatanna exclaimed in wonder because the palace is just really big. Maybe even bigger than Burj Khalifa itself which makes it look like a wonder.

"Right?" Komand'r puffed her chest in pride when she heard their words.

'Something else is also big'. Thomas and Alex thought at the same time and looked at each other before shaking their heads.

"What are you thinking?" Martha twisted both of their waists with squinting eyes when she saw shaking their heads.

"Nothing Honey/Mom". Both of them immediately defended themselves from the hell claws.

"Good". Martha nodded her head in satisfaction and let go.

"Snicker". Both Raven and Cassandra snickered at their misfortune because the two were the only ones near them.

The others were too busy looking at the sights here to pay attention to them. They were taking pictures of everything that they could.

Obviously taking pictures of restricted areas was not allowed but this didn't dampen their moods one bit.

They found their goals and they doing everything to carry them out now. They all wanted to show these pictures of show off later.

"Alex, let's take a selfie". Barbara came running to Alex with her phone and took a very seductive pose while leaning on him and taking a picture.

"Me too". All of them clamoured and even Raven and Cassandra took out their phones. Komand'r wasn't behind either.

"You live here". Alex pointed it out for her.

"But I can still take a picture". Komand'r didn't let down and started to line up for the picture.

"Now let's take a group picture. Raven please". Alex and everyone lined up and he requested Raven.

Raven nodded and used her telekinesis to lift the phone and take a picture of them with the castle in the back.

"Done". She said and projected the image holographically to everyone here.

"Hey, my hair are not right. We are taking it again". Cassy said with dissatisfaction and immediately combed her hair.

"Now, let's do it again". She bubbled up and looked around but found all of them walking into the castle while ignoring her.

"Hey!" She yelled and followed after them but no one paid any attention to her.

"You skinny stick wait for me". She decided to fire her shots at Kara to gain her attention.

"What did you say?" Kara immediately flared up after hearing the taunt.

"I didn't say any name. You can think what you want?" Cassy denied the accusation without changing her face like she was telling a fact.

"Hehe". Everyone snickered at their exchange and even the guards beside them couldn't control themselves.

"Alright stop fighting. You are not at the base. So show some manners". Alex finally intervened and chided them without much effort.

It didn't matter if they don't behave here anyway. It's like his own playground with his identity and strength and no one will find faults with him.

"Father has been anticipating your visit as soon as you called. So we better head there, everyone is already waiting". Komand'r smiled and led the way to the throne room.

Everyone's body tensed a bit except Diana, Alex, Thomas, Martha, Alfred and Raven because they are people in power and have been interacting with big shots.

Raven especially with her father being the Lord of Hell and all. The poor guy was still in a gem on her forehead and watched his daughter having sex with another frequently.

Raven proved her words of torturing the guy and tormented him severely.