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In Jujutsu Kaisen, there was someone else besides Gojo Satoru that was called, "The Strongest." And that was Gojo Satoru's twin sister, Gojo Kazumi. Although everybody knows Gojo Satoru, only a few people knew his twin sister, she was known as, "The Boundary." When the people that knew her would say her name, they would feel shivers down their spine, even her twin brother. She was called "The Boundary" because she holds the balance of the Cursed Spirit and the Sorcerer World. The difference between her and her brother is that he holds the balance between cursed spirits and sorcerers, not the world. Although Gojo Satoru is the strongest and was called the strongest, Gojo Kazumi holds the barrier from the strongest to become stronger. Like someone who maxed out and she's there to make it, so they won't become stronger, she was the barrier. Short chapters btw xvi#6877 https://discord.gg/GKY3XnB3cM This story is mine, if you wish to post it someone else or translate it, please contact me on discord. I don't follow plot (art is not mine besides text)

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Chapter 42: Confession

(A/N: From here on, Kazumi's little sister's name will be called Ayumi)


The night has an eerie feeling in it, forces of evil lurking in the shadows.

The citizens need a hero to defend them from the forces in the dark, they need a light.

Wishing for someone to protect them, a hero is what they need, and they got it.

Kazumi Gojo, the hero they wanted, the hero who will lead them.

However, Kazumi wasn't a hero, something like that didn't suit her.

"How marvelous." muttered Kazumi.

"What is?" asked Ayumi.

"Nothing, why don't you go to sleep?" asked Kazumi.

"Ehh? How come I have to sleep so early and you get to sleep late?" asked Ayumi.

"That's cause I'm the big sister, when you get older, you'll get to stay up later." said Kazumi.

"Fine, when I grow up, I'll stay up much later than you!" said Ayumi as she went to bed.

Kazumi smiled at the sight and put on her clothes, she decided to go out for a night walk.

As she walked out the door, the strange eerie feeling could be felt in the air.

Just then, a bright, hot katana shaped energy pierced her abdomen.

"Oh?" asked Kazumi.

Somehow, this energy was able to pass through her Boundless, looking over her shoulder. There was the girl who asked her for an autograph, Yua Himiko.

"What's up with this?" asked Kazumi.

"I'm surprised, you didn't give me a single reaction." said Yua.

"What am I supposed to react to? Something like this didn't bother me at all, I'm trying to find out why you can pass my barrier." said Kazumi.

"Like I said before, I'm a fan of you meaning I basically know everything about you. Your abilities too, however, the thing that made me interested in you was your barrier, something like that really shouldn't exist in this world." said Yua.

"Is this a confession?" asked Kazumi ignoring everything else.

"You could say that." said Yua.

"Sorry, I'm not ready to be in a relationship at the moment, I'm still too young. Maybe when I get a bit older we can be together, but for now, I'd like to stay single." said Kazumi in a panic.

Yua inwardly frowned, she'd thought she would get a reaction out of Kazumi, but this led her to something stupid.

"Not that type of confession...but that doesn't matter. Would you like to know why I can enter this barrier of yours?" asked Yua.

"I would since this is the first time someone actually passed through this barrier, why don't you tell me?" asked Kazumi.

"Simple. Your barrier has something to do with space, it was pretty obvious to the people who was smart, but to those who weren't, good luck to them. Within space, there is light, and that is me. My quirk is solar energy, which comes from the sun where light is." said Yua.

"So you're saying my ability could be easily passed through with light?" asked Kazumi.

"Of course not, what I'm saying is that light that exists within your space and space itself can pass through. The sun is within your space, just like the moon, your space is right between them both. This means that sunlight and moonlight can pass through your barrier, just like how my solar energy that comes from the sun and it's sunlight can pass through your barrier." said Yua.

Kazumi was surprised, she never thought that there would be someone who can break down her Boundless in theories, and made it work. It was truly impressive, this girl didn't seem normal either.

"Who are you?" asked Kazumi.

"Me? I'm Yua Himiko, Toga Himiko's little sister. Don't worry, you'll meet her sooner or later." said Yua.

"Not like that." said Kazumi, looking into Yuas' eyes, "Who are you really? Someone normal shouldn't be able to break down my barrier like this, so once again. Who really are you?" asked Kazumi.

But Yua only smiled, "So you and I are the same, you'll learn who I am sooner or late. It's time for me to go." said Yua.

The energy blade that was pierced through her abdomen disappeared just like the how the wound disappeared.

"By the way, I really like you, I really do. You can count that as a confession, but remember. I don't wish to be your enemy, I only wish for us to work together. We'll meet again soon, don't forget about me." said Yua as she covered herself in solar energy and blasted off.

Kazumi was never this confused in her life, something like this didn't even make sense, it defied all types of logic.

Yua Himiko wasn't reincarnated into this world, but it was something different. It was something about her quirk. Then she tried to kill Kazumi to see if she could pass her barrier and now she just confessed to her. Events that just didn't fit together...but more importantly, she needed to find the real identity of the woman.

Just who was she and why did she want to fit together?

"Well, I'll ask her when we meet again."

With that said, the night ended with Kazumi going to bed confused.


Even after a few days, the hero killer event was still talked about on the news.

The police agreed to not announce their names public which they were really happy about, Kazumi in public was known as "Athena", thus everything was much more simpler.

From on top of the city, Kazumi could see the heroes doing their work, patrolling the city.

There were heroes who were taking their job serious and heroes who were trying to catch the attention of the civilians.

Fame and money, that was what the fake heroes became heroes for.

It disappointed her, one cannot take their job not seriously.

Kazumi learned that back in her sorcerer days, to never treat her work like fun, and games.

Although some would act like they were trolling around, they took their job seriously.

One of the people that did that was her own brother, Gojo Satoru.

But the heroes here were fooling around, trying to gain fame from the civilians.

"I should go change their ways."