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Godsmithing Otaku


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What if you had the power to make a god at your finger tips? What if those gods could be designed from head to toe to your liking and printed into reality with the click of a button? What if this kind of technology fell into the hands of a perverted Otaku and gave him the ability to seek revenge, destroy shit, and tear up half the world and remodel it on a casual Sunday? Haze was a normal dude born in Japan that lived alone in an apartment the size of two small sedans. He happened to be lucky enough to get a trial edition for a program called [God Smith] that let him design any impractical god he wanted and let him run the gamut on their potential powers. A girl that's main power was walking through walls so he could check out what his neighbor was doing at night that made her scream so loudly, check... A girl that can mutate into whatever kind of chick from his favorite video game he wants to spend time with, check.... A man that can use a sword so well that he can cut the planet in half and an architect that can turn a small room into an alternate dimension and a business man that can make him a millionaire with a single dollar, check... Is there anything he can't do with the [God Smith] application? He was about to find out...


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