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When I first reviewed this novel in the first chapter, I had no idea what to say. But now that this book has won gold in WPC 220, hopefully, I can answer some questions. The first thing I want to ensure is the quality of the work. I have two years of writing experience, so don't worry about bad grammar or robotic character interactions. MC is neither evil nor kind. He is stuck in a VR game with thousands of players, but his priority is to get out of the game. MC is a novice in VR games (this is literally his first time playing one), but that doesn't mean he will be a total noob. He has professionally trained in swordfights, martial arts, and many more things. The main goal is to survive, Romance and Harem. At first, I wasn't sure whether I should add romance or not, but a novel without romance is like coffee/tea without sugar; some like it, while some don't. So the romance will be a sub-plot here. As for the harem, I will add it as a subplot too. His goal is to survive and beat the game, not to collect girls. There is also cultivation, but it is also a subplot. And Zach's (MC) cultivation is unique that allows him to cultivate infinite MP. I have also added illustrations of places and characters in the paragraph comments (if you see a blue one, click on it) for reference. I can't think of any more questions. Feel free to ask here, I will reply to them all!

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I’ve only read up to chapter 7 so far but It’s pretty interesting. The MC just needs a wake up call to push him to grow stronger and things are looking good. I’m looking forward to what the author has in store for us with this novel. I’m pretty excited for this one and I am expecting great things from this great author. 😆😊


Reveal spoiler


I like the story but it has been around 50 chapters but I barely know about MC’s friends’ characters like they were his best friends but were introduced and suddenly left, nothing about what’s happening in real world. Where is his body now in real life since his soul is trapped and etc etc. Majority of focus is on him fighting monsters. Barely any conversation with characters other than Aurora. And this is all in constructive criticism. I still like the novel but I hope you would spend a little more time on creating a background of world likw what is happening around him, what are his friends and other people feeling around him. So that we can also dive into the world through your novel


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I would give a five star for this book a five star but I can’t trust this man and his characters. He updates a lot though and writes many a chapters.


It's a good novel. I read it with love. (The harem is going well.)


it's good, but the MC hate for girls seems like a 12 old child, and his explanation for that is even worst. Every speech he made for why girls are so bad make me cringe, It's so annoying.


I got asked at chapter 134 to make a review and this is my review. Writing quality great. Story development is also great but it seems like you forgot the shop girl who is the only woman who got his mother's "acknowledgement". Character design is great except for the Mc's friends from the real world who I personally don’t want in the story. His harem and family is enough. The Mc is also to weak without his glove wich is the only thing I dislike about him. Current updating stability is 2 chapters every day and that is absolutely great. World background is interesting but Zach has said that he traveled to other realms with his father and he should have been able to train qi/mana there. The game is interesting but the lower floors are boring and you know it. You even made him go into a sea realm to make it a little bit more interesting.


Reveal spoiler


A novel to add to the reading list. Not great, but not too bad either.


author what's the sauce for the thumbnail eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


this is not fair author.... how can u write so many novels at once and maintain the quality? and why are the mc flawless in all book... 140 words... 140 words....


Enjoying the story so far. Just finished and caught up to chpt 418. Any idea when the next update will be??


This novel is more or less my type. I hope the novel will mature further.


Great novel. Have fun reading it. The author has done a good job as you wont find mistakes while reading it.


Truly fun to read ,nice plot , good storytelling. 💯% worth reading MC is OP but not illogicaly plot boosted balloon. Good power system as of now.


very interesting and unique book. I like the system which is simple and the cultivation stuff are easy to understand. overall 10/10 story... keep up the great work.


First 32 Chapters awesome start. I hope that it stays in this Quality and will not drag down Quality over quantity. I can just say that the book is great. Good Job.


Only reason this isn't 1 star is because it started out decent before everything went terribly downhill. Terrible cringe drama is what finally caused me to ragequit the novel, but there basically wasn't anything good in the few chapters leading up to it either so I was already losing interest. Dropped on ch88