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[WPC #220 - Gold Place Winner!] In the future timeline, Humankind had developed things that brought a revolution to the world. But their best invention was fully immersive VR games that became more and more advanced as time passed. They could create new worlds— in virtual reality, that were more beautiful and profound than the real world they lived in. Upon seeing how Humankind started discarding the world created by the gods and embracing the fake world created by humans, the gods were enraged. Thus, gods transmigrated the souls of all the VR game players into the game created by gods—called Gods' impact, which was unlike any VR game. It was too surreal with daily struggles, quests, systems, monsters, and... more deadly and cruel than the real world. However, they could use their real-life skills and talents in the game. They could use the real world money into the game. As they evolved in the game, their body also changed in real life. Furthermore, the players who died in the game also died in the real world. How will Zach, who just happened to try out the VR game for the first time, only to be transported into Gods’ impact, survive? "Everyone's stats are limited. I will become limitless by cultivating infinite MP!" Zach announced nonchalantly when he realized he might be the strongest player in the game. Little did the gods know that they would regret messing with Zach, and his existence alone would become a threat to them. --- Note- Video games, fantasy, and realistic logic are applied in this Gods' Impact. But don't forget that the sole purpose of this game was for gods to screw over humans in every way possible. === Discord Link- https://discord.gg/BzqvMxjadj

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Chapter 7-Tenth Floor

Zach cleaved the wolf and fell back on his butt to stab and slash the wolf above him.

[Received 500 EXP]

[Floor 9 has been cleared]

"Alright," Zach sighed. "Time to clear the tenth floor."

HP- 391/400

EXP- [1100/2500]

'Next floor will have a boss and maybe twenty wolves. So 1000 EXP from 20 wolves, and some more from the wolf boss. I hope I get enough to level up because I am extremely exhausted after running and fighting.'

Zach looked at the timer and saw only 12 minutes had left. He was feeling tired after fighting nonstop for 48 minutes. His current situation reminded him of the intense training of his childhood, where he had to train non-stop to achieve the daily goal.

Zach casually stepped into the tenth floor and was surprised to see the scene. There were 30 wolves and the king wolf.

The wolves were a little bigger than the last floor, and their furs looked hard.

[Level 25. Elite Wolves! HP- 2500/2500.]

The wolf king was almost five times the size of Zach. Its furs were sharp like horns, and its fangs and claws were longer than Zach's body.

[Level 50. Wolf Monarch! HP- 8500/8500.]

A level 4 player like Zach shouldn't be here. If it were any other player, they would have died on floor 6, if not on floor 7. While Zach managed to get on floor 10, which was nearly impossible for a solo player to clear alone at his stats.

Zach gulped down, not in fear but because he was suddenly feeling thirsty.

"I did not expect the jump from ten wolves to thirty," Zach uttered in a slightly disdainful tone after remembering he had a little hard time dealing with ten wolves at once on the last floor.

The problem with wolves was that they were fast. Zach wouldn't have any problem dealing with them if he was up against one or even five at once. But here, they were thirty.

What worse was, unlike the last boss floor— on the fifth floor, the goblin king was slow, and it wasn't moving much. Here, however, the wolf king was on the frontline, and it was guiding the wolves.

Zach was thinking of using the same strategy he used with the goblin king, where he pretended to attack the king to cross attack the goblins. But now, he needed a new plan.

Fortunately for Zach, he was trained for situations like this. Not surreal as his current one, but similar. He could easily adapt to the situation and think of a plan.

'Okay. I have decided what I am going to do.'

Zach was an optimistic person, and he always thought of bad happenings in a good way.

'If the number of wolves is more, then I can use it in my favor. I will have to attack more, but it will make it easier for me to do that because they will be in a pack.'

Zach dashed to the pack of wolves and started killing them. He had to strike more to kill them, which was annoying because he needed to look twice at their HP bar to make sure they had died.

[1 Wolf killed!]

He had increased his physical strength, which was affecting his ATK and boosting it.

[2 Wolves killed!]

The wolf king was looking for the right opportunity to attack Zach. It ordered the wolf to attack Zach one by one to lessen their casualties.

From the remaining 27 wolves, 10 wolves surrounded Zach by making a circle around him. And another ten wolves surrounded Zach by making a smaller circle—within the circle, around Zach. As for the other 7, they began to attack Zach one by one.

Zach gritted his teeth in annoyance as his plan to attack multiple wolves in one attack failed. However, he had already thought of another plan.

He plunged his sword in the snowy ground and stood in a fighting stance after rendering a correct form. Then, he dashed at the circle of the wolves and started attacking them with his bare fists.

[2 Wolves killed!]

Zach grabbed one wolf by its tail and tossed it on the pack of the wolves after swinging it from the other side. He made sure not to get too close to the pack and keep moving to confuse the wolves. He also made sure to stay close to his sword in case he needed to use it.

Zach's 623 ATK combined with 123 physical strength and 39 agility was truly helping him kill the wolves within two strikes.

[1 wolf killed.]

A wolf from the bigger circle sneakily tried to attack Zach from behind when he was dealing with the inner circle. However, Zach's senses were sharp, and his instincts had no flaws. He simply ran forward and jumped in the air. At the same time, the wolf that had jumped to attack Zach landed on the ground while Zach was in the air.

Zach smirked and drop-kicked on the wolf with a smug look on his face.

[3 wolves killed!]

Zach was out of breath after pulling all those moves, and he truly needed a rest. But that wasn't going to happen unless Zach had dealt with the remaining 21 wolves and the wolf king.

'I will first go to the pack and kill as many as I can. Then come back here and let the wolves follow me. After that, I will grab my sword and cut a few of them down. Hopefully, the numbers will be in a single-digit if everything goes as I planned.'

Zach took a deep breath and gazed at the remaining wolves as he waited for the wolves to line up so he could attack.


Total players in the game 46212.

41 new players logged in.

245 players died.


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