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Godly Otaku Divine System


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G.O.D.S. _________________________________________________________ The Otaku Zhen Shi died and reincarnated in another world. Cliche much? Yup! Then he got a system! Cliche again? Yup! But, this system steals stuff from Gods and kindly gifts them to the less fortunate... namely to himself! Huh... That's sort of new... He also has a magical library in his mind! Wait... isn't that strangely familiar? Flaws! Also, his best bro is the Legendary Great Merlin with a plus one! Now is that cliche...? ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Zhen Shi was a nerd and an otaku that had traveled all over the world with his absent parents until... he was pushed off a cliff? But fortunately, he reincarnated in another world with a system! This new world seems to have unexplained connections to the Gods and Deities of almost every mythology back on Earth, and their influences are seen everywhere, from every kingdom to every clan... Thankfully, Zhen Shi isn't an ordinary person. He is a bookworm easily entranced by the workings of the world and very familiar with world history and mythology. So he has an advantage over everyone with his knowledge! Moving on, did I mention he's a shameless bastard at the forefront of ridiculous situations? With even more shameless Merlin and Co. to keep him company? With his beloved but mischievous system *cough* scapegoat *cough*, Zhen Shi embarks on a journey facing happiness and sorrow alike as he attempts to reach the heavens! ________________________________________________________________________________________________ AUTHOR NOTE This is my first novel. But I intend to finish it! Release rate: 3~5 chapters/week The story will bring in some references from popular Chinese novels, games, and anime. But it will mainly include real-world mythology. Also the cover is original. Also, you can hop into a fun community and learn much more on discord, https://discord.gg/NWW2AGy


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