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This is a good novel but from experience at reading at gravity tales, the translator sucks. He said 10 chaps per week but the release rate was more like 1 chapter per 10 days

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Hi, this is Yorasu. I am the translator of this novel, Godly Model Creator. Some of you might have already known about this. From now on, GMC will be dual hosted both in Webnovel and Gravitytales. Hope fellow readers here enjoy this novel just as much as I do. :)


One of my favs. Currently up to date at Chapter 551. Glad to see this novel made it here. I'll try and leave a semi-detailed review. Starts out slow and the MC doesn't feel strong, but then boom, MC gets really OP and the story just takes off. Don't abandon it, trust me it gets amazing. I also love the detailed explanations and the effort the author puts into makes everything sound plausible and logical. World-building is amazing. Initially it's very lacking but as more and more details are revealed, you start to see the scope of the world and understand the situation a lot better. Def wait before judging the world-building. Characters are amazing too. Have their own beliefs and personalities. You understand how different characters think and when the focus shifts to a different character, you instantly get an idea of how he's going to act. The villains are great too. Some are kinda one-dimensional but others(like *minor spoilers* a certain head of a family) are actually well-developed characters. MC feels strong but not totally OP and there's some really decent conflicts here. I absolutely adore how he uses his brain to solve everything. You can see his thought process and can foresee his plans and how he experiments with his ability and it makes him feel a lot more relatable. The reader can follow alongside his plans and ideas. Like, one minute you'll be like "what if he does this thing with that thing" and 2 paragraphs later, he realizes that too, and does that thing and it's so satisfying. Honestly there's not much more I can say. Theres very few cliches and deus ex machinas and it never gets boring except for a little bit at the start. Definitely give it a read. I binged it in 2 days and loved it. Don't get discouraged by the slow starting point of the MC. Stick with it and it'll be a really great read.


Reveal spoiler


Yet another GT novel here...... Come on qidian atleast get a decent novel... You see none of the latest novel taken from other sites or newly translated have a higher rank on novel updates... It feels like qidian is uploading ONLY TYPICAL DRAMA AND PREDICTABLE novels....


Uhhmmm.. In my opinion what I hate the most in novels is the repeating structure of arcs, like for example first arc MC meets an arrogant handsome powerful enemy then gets oppressed and he meets some difficulties then whaack! He defeats the enemy!! Then the same situation happens in the next arc, arrogant enemy,oppressed, defeating enemy and it becomes a loop.


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Sees Godly Model Creator on webnovel. *excited breathing intensifies* Notices the translator is still Yorasu. Proceeds to slam desk into face.


A good read. Mc is good. But the author could have done better with the idea of the book. Why so many schemes and arrogant assholes with families, y not a United front? Something I would never understand.Un find the current translation from novelupdate it's currently ch550 something


I'm sorry, but that novel are a complete waste of time. So many potential, one fantastic system... But an useless protagonist plus some brainless characters wasted all the potential of this novel. I'm liked it on the start, but in the end I only can't continue reading this novel.


Got to chapter 13 before I dropped it, the world is simply too logically flawed. The way the MC received his upgraded powers was total rubbish. I ignored that thinking maybe story will get better. The love rivalry came off way too strong and forced in the early chapters, then the whole plot was resolved in span of 2 chapters In chapter 13 it mentions hot weapons like guns became obsolete as the mutated beasts adapted, yet somehow bow and arrow still works. MC is just an OP idiot in a world full of idiots


A story about some **** boy who steal someone else fiancee and proudly thinking he was in the right and the world should forgive and support him. He successfully made the girl like him while he was aware of the girl status was someone else fiancee. In his mind, only him is the right boy for the said girl, and any other man who fancy his crush is unforgivable, In his eyes any human which doesn't act as he think is detestable, sometimes he even rolled his eyes. Other character can't act suspicious or even think badly for the mc boy because they will put in the 'someone i dislike' zone. Any other woman who knows his crush will support him stealing other people fiancee. Of course they justified his action. Some heavenly beauty but not comparable to his crush: "There is no way you're in the wrong taking xx's fiancee. You have to grow stronger to silence them"


It's quite rare for me to give such a low rating.. The premise is amazing, that's the reason I put this novel in my library, apparently in the end I'm greatly disappointed. The translation still bearable, a little stiff but still fine for reading experience. The story development is cliche, mundane with a lot of cut out 1-D cannon fodder with tons of senseless logic that's bordering on strings of Deus ex machina. In regards of character design, the MC idea is good but I truly can't fathom how idiot the MC turned out to be, the hunting adventures already told us how much of muscled-brain he is which is just how irritating to remember the very same person boast a very high theoretical foundation.. For the other characters I have explained my position... But the one that takes the cake is the world building, truly sloppy, lazy, without any regard for historical context, the author never takes proper research to establish the world building, the origin level, the world evolution, etc. Each of them is contradicting every established statement that was made just in previous chapters... I just choose to stop reading when the author stated that hot weapon is gone, strategic approach is no longer followed, not mentioning how insane it's that such an important model analysis skill actually put as underrated in the world where advancement of science already at its height... I'm sorry for the translator to pick this work, there are many other work that need translation that is better than this one... Peace, sorry for my ranting


this book has a super good story line with a new and refreshing format that is different from some repetitive formulated stories. It has a completely different cultivation style with blood boiling competition. this story is pretty fast paced with only a small amount of irritating cliffhangers. I simply love this adventure, academy, survival, cultivation style story that is done in an exciting and wonderful way.


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This novel is... something else entirely. My main issue is that the author contradicts themselves continuously through the novel. The biggest example is the world. The author talks up this world where everyone is a 100x more intelligent than they are today, technology is very very advanced, and the MC is extra hard working (making him smarter than the average person). However, it's like everyone lacks common sense, especially the MC! He can remember obscure facts that he read in a book years ago, but it takes ~150 chapters and an advanced level teacher for him to think "wow maybe my skill can be used in ways that aren't described in a textbook." He is genuinely mind blown that he can use his modeling ability for things other than modeling buildings. Wtf. Also this sentence appears over and over again: "This is the age of origin ability!" I'm still reading because I hate myself, but if you're looking for a story that actually makes sense, this isn't the one you want.


The Only problem i have is that i cant read any Other novel after this. This one set the bar too high. The Mc iS super sMart and the side characters have perfect depth.


This Novel has gone premium despite the release rate of two chapters a week. It was promised 14 chapters a week but laziness and greed are the only motivators with this Translator. Do not support QI's hoarding of all good novels!


I’m annoyed. This translator is really bad, never updating, and doesn’t notify us if he’s not going to update. Also, it comes up only one chapter at a time. Sometimes, it takes a week to get one chapter. It’s very annoying and I wish I knew Chinese so I could read the raws. At this point I might resort to MTL because updates are so inconsistent.


I don't have any problems with the story. But I think the translator is kind of sick he trunslated 600+ chapter and he made over 500 chapter to premium chapter man for this kind of greedy translator many people stop using this kind of app and gose to the online site to read novel. For those who want to read it free https://***.novelupdates.com/series/godly-model-creator/