5 First Sign of A Budding Talent

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After separating from Chen Yiran, Su Hao walked towards the classroom. Regarding the gossip, both of them did not even bother to keep it in their heart at all.

Chen Yiran did not care if someone dared to gossip in front of her, because she would return the favor with a fist. She acted swiftly and decisively, not like those typical weak, fragile girls. Su Hao cared even less than her. After all, any explanation would just end up as a fart. Only those with strength would be considered speaking the truth!

After using his origin ability several times, Su Hao was pleased with the established card models. However, he felt that he still needed to learn more about it by practicing. His teacher taught the class the so-called origin ability practice. It is the method of training to increase the upper limit of one’s origin ability and improve the recovery speed. Thus, it would also help in displaying one’s origin ability comprehensively and efficiently.

Because establishing card models consumed origin ability energy at a monstrous rate, an intermediate basic fighting technique card completely emptied his energy reservoir. Furthermore, he used up all of his energy again copying the advanced basic fighting technique. It was really too extreme.

The recovery cycle took too long!

Walking into the classroom, he no longer acted the same as last time. Now, Su Hao was filled with an ocean of confidence. The two classes in the morning were about basic fighting techniques. They could be considered as higher level courses. Last time, Su Hao would listen to this course with his eyelids nearly closed. Now, he was willing to listen with eagerness.

He just mastered basic fighting techniques. With his current combat experience and the knowledge obtained from the classroom, it was more productive.

Su Hao was ready to go eat at the cafeteria after the class ended, but something unwanted happened. Surprisingly, a person was blocking his path and looked at him with great interest.

“You are?” Su Hao could feel that this man was actually waiting for him here.

“Chen Yifeng.” Chen Yifeng faintly said, “You should have heard of my name before.”

It turned out to be him?

Su Hao was scared deep in his heart. A few students passing by stopped to look at this man. Within a few seconds, the place started to be packed with more onlookers.

It was all because of Chen Yifeng!

Chen Yifeng, Chen Yiran’s super genius brother. With an exceptionally high talent in origin ability, he was able to reach a value of 12 points and was the first ever student from this school to enter into Zhanzheng College.

For those rich guys who have strong origin ability, many people would just dismiss their strength. It was because as long as their family is rich, they would be able to be as strong as those rich guys.

However, you would notice that if you are only comparing money with Chen Yifeng, you will not hurt your self-esteem much. But if it is something other than money; for example, knowledge, attitude, capability, or any other characteristics, you would be completely demolished!

He is one of the legendary figures!

“Is there a reason for you to come find me?” Su Hao asked with a calm tone, but in his heart, he was clear that it should be regarding the matter with Chen Yiran today.

“There are only a few people who could let my sister take a fancy to them. Not having to mention a student with just origin ability of 5.” Chen Yifeng said clearly with great interest, “I do not like to bully weaklings. Thus, let me suppress my origin ability to 5 and play with you.”

With his eyes squinting, Su Hao replied, “Fine!”

Those students watching the scene, their jaw nearly dropped off. What are these two men doing? These men meeting each other is already a matter which should have never happened in real life. Chen Yifeng is trying to cause trouble with Su Hao, and Su Hao even agreed!

This is Chen Yifeng. He is the first person to enter that college from this school!

Is Su Hao trying to court his death?

Everyone was talking about the scene. More and more spectators stopped to watch. After all, they wanted to have a look at the legend himself.

Being stronger and more dominant than anyone, if you want to be the strongest person, the first point is to have a heart as hard as a rock. Whether it was the comment about Chen Yifeng or Su Hao from the crowd, those comments were completely ignored.

Chen Yifeng suppressed his origin ability to 5 and then gestured Su Hao to attack.

Su Hao also did not hold back; he immediately took action.


A devastating punch was casually blocked by Chen Yifeng, and he immediately counter-attacked at the same time. He displayed a series of gorgeous moves with such earth-shattering strength that caused a burst of excitement among the spectators.

He is indeed a legend. Once he shows his skills, they looked natural and flowed in succession perfectly. It is like an elegant masterpiece.

Su Hao could only barely see the moves and wrinkled his eyebrows.

An opening!

There were lots of openings!

“Is he trying to intentional lure me?” Su Hao defended himself cautiously. Facing this legend which everyone looks up to, he must not be careless at all. He only reacted accordingly and was playing it very safe.

One was defending while the other one attacked. Within a few minutes, the two of them exchanged numerous moves in a row.

The amateurs were looking in excitement while the experts were trying to gain something from the fight.

A few minutes passed, and he had yet to dominate the foe. Chen Yifeng wrinkled his eyebrows slightly. He already suppressed Su Hao to the extreme, but he was very clear that Su Hao’s defense did not have any holes. Su Hao did not present an opportunity to be hit.

Su Hao became more relaxed the longer the fight dragged on. His moves also begun to flow steadily, going from a dissonant and somewhat jittery reactive style into a calm, steady, and proactive flow. It was because of two reasons. One, he slowly began to calm the anxiety he felt. Two, he found a rhythm as well as something incredible. Chen Yifeng was not deliberately trying to trap him, his moves were actually flawed!

Chen Yifeng came at him again. Su Hao kicked with his foot at an oblique angle, a strange way of attack which forced Chen Yifeng to back off in defense.


Su Hao’s offense was easily blocked. However, at this moment, Su Hao’s counter-attack began!

Su Hao took two steps forward before jumping and twisting his body to kick Chen Yifeng. This attack forced Chen Yifeng to defend himself again. Su Hao was really ruthless as he continued his attacks.

One fist! Two fists! The skill obtained from Chen Yiran this morning was again activated. Plus, compared to the previous him, Su Hao mastered even more.

Two small move sets from the beginner basic fighting technique!

The ultimate moves from the advanced basic fighting technique!

When Su Hao combined all the skills from the beginner, intermediate, and advanced fighting technique in such fluency, Chen Yifeng’s facial expression finally changed.

The gorgeous long succession of moves coming out from Su Hao’s hands was still extremely powerful but was not as beautiful as Chen Yifeng’s version.










Within a few seconds, Chen Yifeng kept moving backward. He had been forced to retreat more than 10 steps.

The crowds watching the scene took a deep breath.

“Such a strong set of moves!”

“Is this really a student with an origin ability of 5 points?”

In general, only those who reached an origin ability of 6 points would learn beginner basic fighting technique. When they reached 7 points, they would learn intermediate fighting technique, and advanced level at origin ability of 9 points. Mastering them would take a very long amount of time. They never expected Su Hao to grasp this technique completely!

In fact, it was something Chen Yifeng hoped for.

His sister, Chen Yiran only lost to him slightly in the talent department. Although Su Hao’s talent in origin ability was low, his original mastery in fighting technique was not a disgrace. If Chen Yifeng knew that this came from the combination of three geniuses’ understanding of fighting techniques, even if he beat Su Hao up he would not act against Su Hao.

Not to mention, he had suppressed his origin ability to 5. The situation when Chen Yiran had to eat her loss was about to repeat again on her brother.

“No wonder my sister looks at you differently.” Chen Yifeng nodded earnestly. “For the mastery of fighting technique, I am indeed not as good as you.”

A commotion suddenly occurred within the crowd.

These two sentences by Chen Yifeng confirmed two important points. First was that Chen Yiran was really in a relationship with Su Hao. The other point was Su Hao’s strength was actually very formidable. No matter which point, this was indeed enough to be an everlasting gossip topic.

Su Hao smiled. When he wanted to deny his relationship with Chen Yiran, a very familiar gait and body odor came from behind.

Chen Yiran came to the scene.

Chen Yifeng who had wanted to say some words had a change in his expression. He immediately turned his body and ran away.

“Chen Yifeng, you stop there right now!” Chen Yiran shouted at him. With elegant footsteps, she chased Chen Yifeng like a breeze. When she passed by Su Hao, she did not forget to stare at him fiercely.

That stare meant she would find him later to collect this debt.

Su Hao could only smile bitterly. He was truly innocent.

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