Godly crafter in DxD

MC gets reborn as Rias Gremory twin brother, Alexander. Alas, he's considered a reject since he doesn't possess the Bael power of destruction. Instead, he gained a different kind of power, an incredible insight for crafting ! Slightly AU. ------------ At best the MC will have 2-3 womans with whom he'll have an intimate relationship ------------ Disclaimer : I of course do not owe the right of High School DxD or any character belonging to the franchise. They belong to ichiei Ishibumi, Miyama Zero, Fujimi Shobo and TNK. I do not owe the cover picture either, I found it on Pinterest. If the owner wants me to take it down, just ask me.

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The supernatural world is changing

* Serafall's POV *

FINALLY ! A key had appeared in her pocket !

She's been wishing for that key for months now. It was becoming an open secret that important figures of the supernatural were being gifted an artefact allowing them to teleport in pocket dimension called the "Red Troll's Cavern". A dimension that was more and more becoming the "place to be".

Thanks to Thor of Asgard, everyone now knew that the dimension was more of a bar than anything. From the rumours, the drinks were the most delicious ever and the atmosphere was the best since there was no "backstabbing bastard". The most important feature was that no fight was allowed, and the owner was supposedly strong enough since when asked all the "members" would make a weird face and said they would not be the one to go against the rule.

Because of that, it was slowly becoming a mark of reputation to have access to that place, it also meant you were trustworthy and not a warmonger.

That's right, until now no pro-war figures were invited (Thor is just a meathead and doesn't count). It was making them restless because whatever they said, everyone wanted a key. It was an incredible opportunity to appease tension between factions in a neutral ground, or simply make contacts with prominent figures.

It was also the only place were you could install the app "Red Troll and his chums". The name may look dumb, but the app was just incredible. Ajuka said it was a marvel created with what he called magical coding. I didn't understand the technicalities, but basically, it was unbreakable with the current knowledge on technology and magic. And thus, aside from the owner no one could spy or intercept your messages. Something I knew Zekram was not happy with.

But most of all, it was the ONLY place where you could met Red Troll. From what Ajuka told me (he was apparently one of the first to met him because of a dumb bet between Azazel and the troll) that troll (?) was a total mystery. He was an incredible genius of immeasurable power, and aside from the fact he loved to prank people (I learned he was the one responsible for that whole you-know-who debacle, just to rub it in the face of Azazel and Ajuka...) he seemed pretty peaceful and didn't like the rising tension in various pantheons.

But truthfully, he was an unknown, which was kind of unsettling since Ajuka was pretty direct in saying if he became our enemy, the underworld would simply disappear. He could do incredible things and had either a friendly contact with Ophis, or he was strong enough to rip some of her scales (I'm still not sure which is scarier).

But today I'm finally part of that group. From what I learned, the reason I did not have a key until now was because Red Troll wanted to prevent Ajuka from dumping all the diplomatic stuff to me and force him to interact with other faction. He was not happy that Ajuka had almost no friends, and thought it could give him an opportunity to meet other guys.

As for Sirzechs ? Apparently the troll didn't like him and said he will never be given a key. Aside from Ajuka (and me now) the only other devils with a key are lady Phenex, Lord Diehauser Belial, the dragon king Tannin, and the chairman of the Magician organization Grauzauberer, Mephisto Pheles.

I was a bit miffed to be the sixth devil invited despite being so cute and politically important, but what can I do about it ? At least I AM invited. When Sirzechs learned he was basically banned, he was depressed since he has no idea what he did to him. Same for Zekram, each time a new devil that isn't him gets invited you can see him getting frustrated.

And the recent month have been good on me. The tension between faction are lowering, there is even a proposal for a peace treaty being discussed. Furthermore that young devil Alexander Gremory is a satansend. His sole existence is helping relations with Asgard. It's just sad that his family has alienating him so much that he fled to who know where. I'm sure he's still alive and well since he still give input on my show and write to Sona-tan now and then.

In this regard, it's good that he's gone. I don't like that my Sona is crushing hard on him.

Alright, let's think about something else by opening that door !!!

Opening the door it was just as Ajuka showed me. A frame surrounding pitch blackness that will never be accessible if you don't have a key. Well, let's step in.

Entering I could already hear laughters and discussion despite being in the corridor. The atmosphere is really as relaxed as they say.

I was surprised by how neat the bar was, and most of all the decoration. It was really welcoming. After a rapid glance I recognize most of the customers (?). Uh ? I didn't know the chaos dragon Tiamat had a key yet. And here is Thor. Ah, he seems to have saw me and is... happy of seeing me ?

Thor : "HA ! We have a newcomer, let me welcome her !"

At this a total silence greeted me and everyone seemed gleeful and eager for something ? All my senses were screaming that something was wrong. Even more when he approached me with his hammer in hand.

Thor : "FIGHT ME ! Every newcomer must fight the first who met you eyes."

This is weird, doesn't it go against the total no fight rule ? And why are some of the others looking at Thor like he's an idiot ? Seems fishy... Anyway, let's make him attack me first, in any case, I'll say I just defended myself if something goes wrong.

Serafall : "Hello all ! I'm magical girl Levia-tan ! And as soon as I finish my fight with the god of hammers I'll pay my round."

Thor : "I'm Thor the god of thunder, NOT HAMMER ! Now come on, attack me !" he said already angry.

Yeah, definitely fishy... Alright let's goad him then.

Serafall, : "My best friend Loki told me you were super weak, I don't want to kill you by mistake."

Thor : "LOKI !!! DIE YOU MONGR..."


I was shocked at seeing the god of thunder suddenly spasming on the floor. What was that ? No one seemed surprised, but many were mocking Thor openly.

that's when I saw him.

Red Troll : "Well well well. It seemed that Thor got a second photo for the wall."

Suddenly there was a flash and he went to put the Polaroid photo of Thor lying on the floor on a wall with many more others, all depicting individuals in the same positions.

Red Troll : "Oh by the way, welcome magical girl Levia-tan. I was really anticipating your visit."

He was ? This could be great. I could already see everyone focused on what he was saying.

Serafall : "May I ask why ?"

Red Troll : "Of course, you may not know but I roam a lot, and recently I met your sister in the underworld. She was so cute that I couldn't resist and heavily charmed her before taking her virginity. I'm so happy to met my seventh sister in law !"



Thank you for reading !

the chapter for today was a bit longer than usual but I wanted to keep the POV in one chapter.

There will be a few more POV chapters to describe the change to avoid a simple timeskip.

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