22 End of the match

"This is the real madness that this technique was created for." Gary stared at Raydon's self-destructing body, but all he felt at this moment was admiration.

''Shut off all your senses and let only your rage rule you; everything in your path is your enemy, and you will be glorious for eternity,'' Gary muttered in trance.

''There's not much time, let's go find the dropped items. '' Seraher said as she looked at the monster's shrinking body.

Leas nodded and turned to face Gary.

''Leave him alone; I doubt he even hears us. '' Gary was on his knees, his eyes wide open, and he was totally concentrated on the battle.

All of the branches above Region Boss were now gone. It resembled a tree that had been cut down by the city because its branches were disturbing the nearby structures.

Unwilling to give up, the monster attempted to approach Raydon, who was behind, once more, but each time it did, Raydon's sword was all that stood in its way. This time, however, the sword did more than just sweep the monster's arm away; it also severed it entirely.

Raydon didn't stop after severing one of the monster's arms; he struck its right arm, which no longer had a hard bark on it, with a sharp sword strike, severing it as well.

The only piece of bark still present was on the monster's legs. Raydon wasn't attacking the monster's legs because it would be more challenging to use combo attacks on it if it fell to the ground.

After cutting off the second arm, he began hacking at its body. Meanwhile, he was not in good shape either. The blood he vomited from his mouth left trails of it wherever he went.

He could ignore the pain because of his berserk form and mental fortitude, but if he lost any more blood, he would die.

Fortunately, that wouldn't happen because he realized it was all over with the system sound.

[Lv.10 Ferocious Tree(E-Rank) has been killed.]

[Your team gained 100 points.]

[You gained 1000 experience points.]

[Congratulations; at the conclusion of the match, you will receive your reward for killing the region boss.]

Suddenly, Raydon dropped to his knees and started to sputter blood.

'I doubt I can use this technique for more than five minutes, even with my current stat points. ' Raydon pondered as he threw up more blood.

He experienced a tearing sensation throughout his entire body's muscles. His body began to tremble from the massive blood loss. His color, which had previously been red due to his body's high blood pressure, was now white due to blood loss.

''Wait, don't move, I'll heal you. '' Leas' sweet voice appeared in Raydon's ringing ears.

''Call of the nature. ''

Given the state of his body, the skill name he heard sounded more like a curse than a healing skill, but within a few seconds, the pain in his body started to fade. After he stopped vomiting blood, his color, which was white as a result of blood loss, slowly began to return.

'Hm?, I didn't think my skill was that effective. ' Even though Leas had used her best healing skill, she hadn't anticipated Raydon's rapid recovery. Of course, she didn't know about his new skill.

''Here are the items the wingman dropped. '' Seraher said with a gentle tone.

''You're extremely lucky; obtaining this item was worth risking your life for. '' Seraher pointed to an object next to a silver breastplate and vambraces.

A black sphere that was about the size of a fist that appeared to be filled with black smoke was the object that Seraher pointed out. Raydon took the items without bothering to ask what it was because he didn't have the time or energy to do so. Instead, he put it in his dimensional storage with the intention of finding out what it was later.

Raydon noticed that there was only a minute left in the match when he looked at the time on the system.

He forced himself to stand up while still dragging his worn-out body, using the sword in his hand to assist him. He then noticed Gary approaching with a serious expression.

''It's a good sword, thank you, you can take it back. '' Raydon said, pointing to the sword.

Before responding, Gary looked intently at Raydon as if he wanted to memorize every nuance of his features. Then, all of a sudden, Gary lowered his head and spoke in a loud voice.

''I'm Gary Lionheart, the youngest son of the Lionheart family and, '' He paused for a moment, as if thinking about something, and then continued. '' Heir of the Berserker technique. ''

In front of Raydon, Gary was unable to refer to the technique his family used as the Lionheart technique. The man in front of him clearly possessed the true form of the technique.

''Please accept the sword as a gift from my family. ''

Raydon looked at Gary, who remained standing with his head bowed, as if he wouldn't look up unless he accepted the sword. Actually, Raydon had the character accept any free item he could find, so he didn't need to do that.

''Okay, thank you. '' He said it calmly and tried to place the sword in his dimensional storage right away, but he was unable to squeeze it into his 1 square meter storage.

'I think I need to bind the item. ' Raydon said and confirmed the system's bind message.

Gary finally raised his head to face Raydon. The match had only a few seconds remaining.

Gary drew his shield from his dimensional storage and threw it to the ground in front of Raydon's stunned eyes as a dazzling light started to cover their bodies.

The last thing Raydon thought before his body vanished was, 'Why did this idiot leave the shield to vanish here instead of giving it to me?!'

[The match has ended.]

[Winner Team: B7890-D4850]

[Rewards are calculated in accordance with contributions.]

[You gained gold coins: 128]

[You gained item blueprint: Trousers(White)]

[You gained a body enchantment: Bark skin(Green)]

[Win streak: 1]

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