Godlike Player in a Game-Like World

Reminder: There is no power of friendship in this novel. (Warning: This novel has an r18 tag and contains mature content.) **** Raydon stared dazedly at the holographic texts floating in front of his eyes. ''How did I end up in such an event? '' [Planet]: B7890-D4850 [Race]: Human [Name]: Raydon Demugen [Title]: N/A [HP]: N/A [MP]: N/A [Strength]: N/A [Agility]: N/A [Stamina]: N/A [Luck]: N/A [Charisma]: N/A [Spirit]: N/A [Magic Equipment(s)]: N/A [Body enchantment(s)]: N/A [Dimensional Storage]: N/A [Time until awakening: 00:16:30] *** In a world with advanced technology and full-dive VR games, Raydon is the only person who has earned the "God" title thanks to his accomplishments and talent in games. But, due to some unexpected events, he lost his life and awoke in a different world. In this world, which appears to be similar to his own, he discovered that there are awakened people known as Item Holders. He soon became an item holder himself and started taking part in matches against other worlds to level up and get items with different skills. Using the abilities and knowledge that had given him the "God" title in his previous life, he started to make strides toward becoming a true God in this world. *** Remember to read the auxiliary chapter( Important Explanations) if you have any questions about the system or item holder terminology. *** Keep in mind that MC is, at heart, just a gamer who considers his life to be a game. He has a rational mind, but he'll make irrational decisions if it means more excitement, fun, and loot for him. *** Follow me on Instagram for character illustrations. Instagram: goldenlineagenovel The cover belongs to me. ''XimeoindeX'' Thank you for the golden touch. ***

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Difficult Decisions

For training, a sizable area was made available in the middle of the warehouse. Dan, Karan, Sami, Pana, and 6 others of similar age, were standing next to each other, staring at Raydon.

They all had tense looks on their faces. Although they were unsure of the training's specifics, Raydon warned them that it would be challenging and that they should first mentally get ready.

But even the pressure from Raydon's gaze, who was standing in front of them, was making them sweat.

Except for these ten individuals, others were either very old or very young. They were curiously observing from the sidelines. The crazy old man was among them; he was sitting in a chair, and for some reason, his hands and feet were restrained with a rope.

Raydon asked, looking at the ten people in front of him. ''You've been living in the slums for a long time, and I'm sure you have some means of survival.''

''We steal. '' Fatty said without hesitation.

''We rob,'' Karan added.

The other 8 people were at a loss for words, fearing that if they spoke, they would further embarrass themselves.

But to everyone's surprise, Raydon appeared satisfied with these responses.

''Good, just as I thought. Thief huh? I think I can train you as an assassin. '' Since the thief class is essentially an assassin class, Raydon considered the games he had played as a thief and decided on it.

As soon as they heard the word "assassin" everyone became excited. In this world, there were no VR games, but everyone understood what an assassin was. There were even famous assassins among the Item Holders.

''The purpose of the first training will be to mentally prepare you and to assess your determination.''

Raydon called out to the aunts who were standing nearby. ''Bring me 5 buckets of water. ''

When the aunts were unexpectedly called, they were startled, but despite being unsure of the purpose of the buckets, they quickly left to get them ready.

They quickly showed up carrying buckets of water. They positioned the buckets in front of Raydon and then retreated.

Raydon pointed to Dan in front of everyone's prying eyes and said. ''You will put your head into one of the buckets and try to hold your breath for as long as you can.''

Afterward, he pointed at Karan. ''You're going to force his head into the bucket. You won't stop pressing without me telling you. ''

Dan and Karan approached the bucket apprehensively. They didn't understand why they were doing it, but they didn't dare to question it. Furthermore, doing so was essential for their growth and future. At least they convinced themselves of that.

Soon after, Dan inhaled deeply and lowered his head into the bucket, and Karan followed suit by pressing his head into the bucket with his hand.

"Use more force, let him feel the pressure, and if he makes an effort to stick his head out, block him with more strength." Raydon said coldly.

When Karan heard the instructions given to him, he was taken aback. Isn't the only reason he'd want to poke his head out that he was out of breath? Then, wouldn't forcing his head into the water mean he'd drown him?

''I don't understand the meanin… '' Karan halted speaking when he saw Raydon's expression shift to one of annoyance.

''I promised to assist you if you complied with my instructions. I don't need to waste my time with you if you're already opposing me. Ignore my orders once and forget about my help,'' Raydon stated.

Karan gritted his teeth and said nothing more after witnessing Raydon's seriousness. If he made a mistake here, all of the hopes that everyone had recently gained would be destroyed.

He eventually sensed Dan trying to raise his head from the water. Unwillingly pressing Dan's head into the bucket, Karan cast a glare at Raydon.

Dan soon reached his limit and began to struggle. He first tried to raise his head, then he tried to hold the hand that was pressing his head with his hands, and finally, he began to oppose Karan with his entire body.

Karan's body began to tremble as Dan struggled with all his might. Blood began to flow from his unconsciously bitten-off lip. With his hands, he was torturing his friend.

Karan looked at Raydon with nervous and pleading eyes, but he didn't know what to do when he saw his unresponsive demeanor.

Dan's frantic struggles were also visible to the onlookers, who felt this was going too far.

''Hey, isn't it too much? He is already at his limit. ''

"Karan, what are you doing? He will drown at this rate. Let him go. ''

''Stop it, he will really die. ''

Karan's ears rang with the echo of the shouts and cries of those nearby. Karan's eyes were focused on Raydon. Just a sign from him was enough. He wanted to stop this torture immediately.

''If you stop now, I'll turn around and leave, never to return. But I swear, I'll make sure you all get saved if you don't disobey me and follow my order.'' As Raydon spoke, he showed no sign of emotion at all.

When Karan heard these words, his eyes started to grow dimmer. He was under extreme pressure from the weight he was carrying.

His friend, who was drowning under his hand.

The shouts of the crowd watching him.

And Raydon's chance for salvation.

The choice was entirely in his hands. In an instant, he was responsible for the fate of everyone present.

While being crushed by the weight, Karan's face turned white, but he continued to apply pressure to Dan's head.

A piece of his lip, which he had been biting, was now in his mouth. The blood from his mouth was pouring into the bucket, and he felt as if he was drowning Dan with his own blood. Unbeknownst to him, tears were already streaming down his cheeks.

Unable to bear all this, Karan began to mutter.

''I'm sorry, I'm so sorry… I will let all of you down. '' He then removed Dan's head from the bucket.

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