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Self-Entitled Author Review. Hello humans. This author is back with new attitude and different shit content. Don't forget to stone this book to death and bribe me a lot if you wish for more death, blood and gore. Accpeting bribes on Patreon. Special tier made for Mafia Maniacs. Alternatively, if you ask nicely enough and become part of my Rebel Army, I can consider not sending you straight to the afterlife as a character modelled after you. Instead, I might give you delicious food and truck loads of bromances. The choice lies with you. Do remember that there is a special place in my heart for fan creators of my work. I have almost every important social media so I want to see tags. If I like what you did enough, you might just have a chance to be featured n my eternal Youtube series. That's it. Don't fall for me, plebeians. This Boss Bitch still have souls to shred. Until next time!

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This book is simply too good to not read, especially because the author might just make you an offer you can't refuse. Read before it's too late!


Are you a lost reader? I bet you're handsome or pretty. Read this novel if you are. Otherwise, read it twice. Don't believe me? Read it thrice.


Did you just get here, buddy? Let me lay down the rules—Read This Now. I know what you're thinking. Who the fucc are you to tell me what to do? Well, I didn't make the rules, bud. The Godfather did. Are you in the mood for a new type of online arena? Check out the Mafia VR and step into the life of Zen Taro. This story is pretty epic and if you know our [Boss Bitch] Destiny_Aitsuji then you already know that this story has got the quality, consistency and all of that jazzy stuff that we readers are looking for. Haven't heard of her? Well, better save that in your memory bank because this story is going up the Ranks! You better do your part, chum. Throw in the Power Stones that you've been hoarding and place your bets with me—you don't wanna kick the bucket, now do you? Go on, we're watching you, pal.


This review has been automatically generated by the Godfather World System as a way to increase the ratings of this novel. Although not much could be said of the novel for now, it has been approved by the system as being an S-grade novel.


I have read the initial chapters and I like how the story is setup with a non-mainstream theme of 'Mafia'. The established world of the novel has lot of potential for exciting development. Also the main protagonist is neither OP nor to lack in power, with a good contrasting personality trait which give a plus point to this novel. If the author focuses on main story without much overloading the chapter with unimportant stuff, the novel will become much more exciting. It will definitely grew into top rank novel.


What is this? What is this? A new book by the author of Ball of Nothing? Also, the mafia? I have high expectations now. Also noticed the author is undergoing some kind of puberty change? The personality in the author notes are a little strange from usual.


This novel is astonishing and in case you like food than it's for you. I am completely not fair composing irregular words to fill out the least character. I did not use a online paraphraser to extend the word


Reveal spoiler


Wow!!! Great job, Author! Kudos for the plot and character development.... I’m nOt so familiar with the VR plot line but you made it so well, I can’t help but get hooked!!! It reminded me of the anime Darwin’s Game.... Goodluck.... 👍❤️😎


omo writer...I love the plot.How can you write so well. Gimme half of your writing powers.[img=update] Keep updating .More power to you.[img=update][img=recommend]


I like it! The synopsis is interesting and it really made me want to read it. The first chapter shows what is happening or what the story entails. I'm still annoyed at the guy who fudging killed him. Great story though! I can't see any grammatical errors. It's smooth to read and it's fun to read too! Great job author!


An intriguing plot line among the plenty of system novels on this platform. MC character is deigned nicely by the author- San. The world is created where criminals are living a good life which is in itself makes it very different from the other stories on the platform. Wanna see how Taro will become a godfather when his skills are nil. All the best for Spirity☺️


I havent read, but Aitsuji is an author that is well known to make many great novels! top notch quality and great grammar Try it our yourself and you'll know that I speak truth ;^)


A mafia-themed VR novel? Unique, and unlike anything I've seen before. This story is amazing, the plotline, superb. Stepping into the life of Zen Taro certainly is interesting, although I won't go into any details out of fear of spoiling what is to come, hehe. But, I highly recommend this novel, and you can be d*mn sure whatever Destiny_Aitsuji writes is top notch.


5/5 (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)✧ What a masterpiece!!! (*Φ皿Φ*) The author's creativity is very well portrayed in this book! (=ΦÅΦ=) Well-written, with good descriptions and awesome lead character! ٩(ↀДↀ)۶ I am so glad I came across it! ฅ(*ΦωΦ*) ฅ


I must say I was very intrigued by this novel's concept. I never read a Mafia-themed VR novel before and that caught my attention. As I was reading there were many things that made me stop and go hmm. For example, when we first meet the MC he was Civilian #3207. That made me wonder what type of world he lived in where the people didn't have names. I was upset that he died just by helping someone, I literally shaking my head chiding him about playing good samaritan. The game itself looked to be very ********. The action at the start was wonderful. I can't wait to see what the author does next in the gameplay. This will definitely be a fun read. :3


oooooh another book <( ̄︶ ̄)> nice nice nice nice I want moreeeeee ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧ (人*´∀`)。*゚+ so I shall gift you sparkles (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧


Godfather world. at first I thought this story was about a godfather who lived in the world but it more like he is the godfather of the whole world. And just judging from the characters and other things then it is an amazing read and I recommend that you read this!


Thought I'd just check it out and Bam! Just like that I stayed. I would definitely recommend! But what do I know, Just try it and tell me what you think 🤓😁😈😈👍👍👏