Godfather System

Lorenzo found himself betrayed by a once-trusted ally in the dark underbelly of the criminal world, murdered, and surprisingly woke up not just in a new body, but in an entirely unfamiliar one. To his astonishment, he quickly realized he was no longer in the world he knew. The existence of the Corleone Family and four other mafia dynasties from "The Godfather" became his startling reality. Author's Note: Dive into this enthralling Criminal Underworld Fanfic! Each chapter spans between 1,600 and 1,800 words average. For those eager to delve deeper, the advanced 10 chapters await at Patreon.com/NewComer714

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Invitation and oblivious Lieutenant Colonel

Lorenzo knew that he couldn't afford to let the dogs in the training camp catch a whiff of the corpses, so he enlisted the help of Leo and Ricky, his barracks mates, to dig six-foot graves to bury all the bodies. They worked tirelessly for hours, taking turns to stand watch and ensure no one was nearby. To throw off the scent, they placed dead rats and a cat they had found earlier two feet down before finally filling the hole. The strong smell of the decomposing animals would mask the scent of the corpses below.

With the corpses buried, Leo, and Ricky were now complicit in the crime committed by Lorenzo, Max, and Patrick.

"You two, if you speak out, you'll be involved too," Max warned.

Leo nodded, "I've hated Howard and his cronies for a while now, so I won't say a word."

Ricky agreed, "Me neither."

Their hatred for Howard and his group seemed to outweigh their reservations about the crime.

Though Leo and Ricky agreed to keep quiet, their expressions betrayed their fear and surprise. They never expected Lorenzo to be so ruthless, having witnessed him kill Howard in the barracks earlier. Their involvement in the crime began when they were coerced into helping bury the bodies, leaving them no choice but to participate.

Their silence was not only out of fear for their own safety, but also because they couldn't bring themselves to rat out on someone who had just rid the camp of a bully like Howard, especially when they had families to take care of. The thought of spending time in the hole or worse, being sent home in disgrace, was not an option they were willing to entertain.

Their hands may have been stained with dirt from digging the graves, but in their minds, they told themselves it was for the greater good.

Lorenzo glanced at the time on his system interface, noticing it was already 3:30 AM. "Alright, let's head back to the barracks. Tomorrow, we act like nothing happened, alright?"

Max and the others nodded in agreement, their faces a mix of exhaustion and relief.

One by one, they all went to the bathroom, some washing their entire bodies while others just scrubbed their hands raw, trying to remove any evidence of the night's events.

Finally, they returned to their beds, desperate for sleep but unsure if they could find any peace tonight.

Sleep didn't come easy for the group, but when it did, it was fleeting. In what felt like moments, it was 5:00 AM, and reveille blared through the camp, signaling the start of a new day.

Max, Patrick, Leo, and Ricky groaned as they sat up in their beds, still weary from the night's events. They knew they had no choice but to push through.

They quickly changed into their uniforms and made their way to the parade ground, trying to ignore the stares and whispers from other recruits who sensed something was off.

As they lined up for roll call, their hearts pounded in their chests, waiting for someone to call out their secret. But no one did.

The drill sergeant barked out orders, and they began their morning routine, their bodies moving on autopilot as their minds raced.

The day dragged on with endless drills and exercises, each one more exhausting than the last.

The sun had barely risen when the drill sergeants noticed the absence of Howard and a few other recruits during roll call. They exchanged concerned glances, well aware of the consequences of losing recruits under their watch.


Meanwhile, in the Lieutenant Colonel's office, Thomas Johnson, Howard's uncle, was informed of the disappearance. He slammed his fist on the des Fort Dix training camp's wooden desk, cursing under his breath. "That damn nephew of mine… where could he have gone off to now?"

He knew Howard was a troublemaker, but this was taking it too far.

"Search for the missing recruits," he barked at the drill sergeants. "Question the other recruits, maybe they know something."

"Yes, sir!" the sergeants replied in unison before leaving the office.


After a grueling morning of training, Lorenzo, Max, and the others trudged into the mess hall, their stomachs growling. They scarfed down their meals, not daring to speak of the previous night's events.

As they washed their utensils and trays, they overheard whispers about the missing recruits. Howard and his cronies were nowhere to be found.

Their hearts pounded in their chests as they made their way back to the training ground.

"Good afternoon, maggots!" A drill sergeant barked, startling them.

They snapped to attention, saluting the sergeant.

"At ease, men," the sergeant said, his tone softening. "Have any of you seen or heard from Howard, Ross, Gray, Frank, or Gilbert?" He didn't need to show their pictures; everyone knew the infamous bullies.

"I haven't seen them, sir," Max replied, and the others nodded in agreement.

The sergeant's gaze fell on Lorenzo.

Lorenzo hesitated, then said, "The last time I heard, Howard was complaining about not wanting to participate in the war. He mentioned going someplace far away, where it's peaceful."

Max, Patrick, and the others barely managed to maintain their composure, finding the irony of the situation darkly humorous. But they kept their faces straight, not wanting to arouse suspicion.

The drill sergeant frowned, "You mean they deserted?"

Lorenzo shrugged, "I don't know for sure, sir. That's just what I heard them say."

"Thank you for the information, son," the sergeant said, jotting down notes. "It's a valuable lead."

The drill sergeant sighed, rubbing his temples. "Damn deserters. Alright, men, keep an eye out for them. Dismissed."

As the sergeant walked away, Max and Patrick couldn't contain their laughter any longer, bursting into muffled laughter. Even Leo and Ricky, who were usually more reserved, couldn't help but chuckle.

Lorenzo, however, remained stoic, his mind already planning their next move in case the truth ever surfaced.


In the Lieutenant Colonel's office, Thomas Johnson was daydreaming about the nurses in the medical department when a drill sergeant knocked on his door.

"What is it?" he barked, irritated at the interruption.

The sergeant relayed the information about Howard and the others possibly deserting to avoid the war. Thomas slammed his fist on the table, sending papers flying. "That good-for-nothing brat! He's bringing shame to our family name!"

He knew it was only a matter of time before Howard's actions caught up with him. His nephew was always the rebellious type, and this stunt didn't surprise him one bit.

The drill sergeant stood at attention, allowing the Lieutenant Colonel to vent his frustration.

"Alright, that's enough," Thomas finally said, waving his hand in dismissal. "Keep this under wraps. We don't need the whole camp knowing about this. And stop the search for them. They're deserters now."

"Yes, sir!" the sergeant replied, saluting before leaving the office.

Thomas massaged his temples, feeling a headache coming on. His once-promising career was now tainted by his nephew's actions.


Lorenzo couldn't shake the feeling that their secret would one day be exposed, unaware that Thomas, Howard's uncle, was more concerned about his own image than finding the truth.

After a few tense days, he finally began to relax, focusing on his training.

At the shooting range, the drill sergeants and other recruits watched in awe as Lorenzo expertly handled a rifle. His every move was fluid, as if he'd been born to shoot.

"Damn, where'd this guy come from?" one recruit whispered to another.

Lorenzo's last bullet found its mark, hitting the target's head dead center. The other recruits couldn't help but applaud for a brief moment before falling silent again.

The drill sergeant stepped forward, "See that, maggots? That's what I call shooting! Right in the bullseye! You lot could learn a thing or two from him!" He pointed at Lorenzo, who smiled slightly.

"Lorenzo Lupo, right?" the sergeant asked.

Lorenzo nodded, still wary.

"Lieutenant Colonel Johnson wants to see you in his office," the sergeant continued.

Lorenzo's heart skipped a beat. Thomas Johnson was Howard's uncle.

But he didn't show it on his face, simply nodding and following the sergeant to the Lieutenant Colonel's office.

Thomas Edwards watched as Lorenzo Lupo entered his office, escorted by the burly drill sergeant. Standing up from his desk, Thomas extended his hand towards the young man, a warm smile on his face. "Nice to finally meet you, Lorenzo Lupo. I've heard a lot about you. I understand you're quite the ace in training combat, shooting, and even leadership."

Lorenzo saluted sharply, his dark eyes meeting the officer's gaze. "Thank you for your praises, Lieutenant Colonel!"

Thomas nodded, a glint of approval in his eyes. "I've called you here today to discuss an opportunity that has arisen. You see, I believe you have what it takes to participate in the Officer Candidate School."

Lorenzo's eyebrows shot up in feigned surprise, but his heart raced with excitement. This was the chance he had been waiting for.

Lieutenant Colonel Johnson leaned back in his leather chair, puffing on his cigar as he studied the young man in front of him. "You know, even without a college degree, I'd still bet my last dime that you've got what it takes to make it through OCS." His words were punctuated by a cloud of smoke, and he couldn't help but compare this promising young man to his own nephew, who had fallen short of expectations.

It was true that Thomas had been the one to invite Lorenzo here, but the real credit for recognizing his potential went to the camp commander of Fort Dix, who had seen something special in the young recruit.

Lorenzo's heart pounded in his chest as he stood at attention, trying to keep his composure. The uncle of the very man he had just killed was now offering him an opportunity. "Thank you for this chance, Lieutenant Colonel Johnson. I won't forget this." He forced a grateful smile, wondering if the Lieutenant Colonel had any inkling of his nephew's recent demise.