38 Chapter 38: Step-Sister x Brother [1]

"Ungh..." I landed on my back; the exhaustion seemed to fade as I enjoyed sinking into my mattress, almost closing my eyes and entering a deep sleep, barely able to wake up at the last moment, "Hah!? Shit... the time?" The clock on the wall said 11:58 pm in dark red neon light.

It seemed the time to meet her was now; before going, I took a mint and sprayed my breath, not wanting her to get angrier due to bad breath. The wolf ears and tails were gone... but the larger canine teeth and a slightly wild look in my eyes didn't fade, along with the knot at the base of Rai Jr...

Opening the door, I saw no one. Their mother's shoes and bag were missing, and she would probably not get home till early morning. Once again, through my cowardice, I didn't meet her...

Soon, please give me time to change and become a man you can feel proud of.


I held my phone before transferring half of the $100,000 to Elizabeth before turning it off, wanting to avoid any issues with her calling or messaging while I dealt with my sister.

"Hello... It's Rai..." I said with a slightly pathetic voice, but who cared right now? The situation was out of my control, and I wanted to know why Aki would threaten me with such things... It wasn't like her.

Or maybe I had noticed a long time ago but chose to ignore it because of my insecurities and mental health issues. "Aki, I'm coming in!" Filled with more confidence, I pushed open the door, a room I avoided for almost a year... Since seeing her with her body facing the door, fingering herself and calling out... My name.

The image of last time flashed through my mind, the room looked the same as that night for a split second, but the image of Aki playing with herself vanished as she greeted me, sitting on the edge of her bed in a white nightgown, her soft, modest breasts pushing against the thin fabric, she enlarge nipples poking through the small gap in the lace. "Brother, you finally came... I was about to send Mother this video of you fingering me in a restaurant. Fufu~."

Aki's face was beautiful, her fair skin now wearing light makeup adding to her allure, seeming more mature and sexier than usual, not to mention her hair was tied in a neat twin tail with fluffy ends and freshly washed.

My sister was seducing me; I am not in denial or dense anymore... I understand that she wants more than I gave before.

"Sis... What are you doing?" I asked, grabbing a nearby chair to sit and talk with her. "Playing a game, what else is it?" Aki's large, round eyes seemed to glow, reflecting my image on her left and her breasts pushing out and down... They seem so much bigger than the last time I saw her.

When I saw her, she had just finished college, so her breasts were still small and lacking in volume—now, her soft, creamy orbs were pushing out her thin, see-through nightgown, her nipples large and hard.

"Aki... Tell me, why are you doing this to me?" I asked calmly, a strange aura enveloping me as if my body and mind had no control over their actions. "Brother... Why are you talking like this? Is Aki not good enough for you?" She asked with strange eyes... like they lacked all light and life... somehow she seemed a little crazy... warped!


{(is this kid a yandere?! So exciting! Where's the knife? Scissors?)}

"Because I'm your brother... that's why!" I answered with a low, deep, beastly voice that shocked her and me, causing her to stare wide-eyed; holding her soft breasts, she looked me up and down as if noticing the beastly look in my eyes. The moment she saw the state of my pants, it was like her strange mood vanished... "Oh my... brother... is that so big because of me? My tits? My large nipples? Or maybe this...?"

Her voice was seducing me, like a siren trying to sway a ship to the rocks on the ocean, as her legs parted and the dull bedroom light showed her black pubes and a soft pink flesh below, slightly wet with her honey as she reached between her legs, pushing apart her thighs with an obscene look on her face.

"Am I pretty, brother? Is my pussy prettier than your ex's?" Her eyes looked at me, watching my reaction carefully. "No way..."

"Yes, way~!" My sister smiled, making me look down to see a pair of soft, white hands pull down the hem of her nightgown, slowly exposing her belly button, the soft skin getting covered in goosebumps before the fabric fell to reveal her soft breasts, the large nipples pointing straight at me.

"Sis... I can't..." I could barely stand, but it wasn't because of her beauty... it was because of her sweet smell... Her pussy's sweet scent... it was calling out to me—my enhanced werewolf nose could smell her arousal and the scent of her love juices which was causing my mind to become blank, the desire to pounce on her filling my thoughts.

"What can't you do? Your heart or your body?~" She smiled, showing a cute face, a little cheeky but innocent and soft.

"Why are you like this...?" My voice was weaker as I held back the desire to pounce on her. "Aki... What happened to you? You never acted like this..."

"I've always acted like this. I've always loved you, brother." Aki was smiling at me as she stood, pushing the thin fabric down and off her body to reveal her large breasts and fully adult figure, something I had dreamt and imagined many times.

"Aki..." Her mature and seductive body, with her smooth stomach, slight dimples near her belly button, and soft meat shaped like a pear, was the stuff wet dreams were made of, the perfect height for my hands to hold her hips, to squeeze her soft, firm butt.

The perfect height to kiss her large, luscious lips, perfect for me to take and ravish her.

"Brother, this is how I have always been... why are you only realizing this now?" Aki laughed and moved closer, pressing her naked body against mine, feeling her soft, warm skin, her plump breasts pushing into my chest, and a sweet, addictive smell emanating from her.

"If we go further... there is no going back, the whole world will shun us, and Mother might abandon us..."

"Fufu, don't worry... Mother already knows... after all, I'm her daughter too."


She slowly undressed me, taking off my shirt to reveal the slightly tanned muscles almost perfectly defined and arranged, her mouth opening, "Oh god... you're so fucking hot... brother, why hide this amazing body from me..."

Aki moved to her knees, undoing my belt and taking off my trousers and underwear, taking in the sight of my throbbing erection underneath my boxers.. the huge mound caused her eyes to widen in shock and awe...

Her soft hands... those I wanted to protect, reached out, slowly pulling down the rubber waistband as my huge, monstrous fleshy tip flopped out, slapping her lips, my precum smearing over her face.

"Aki... This... Don't touch it..." I warned, trying to push her away.

"Brother, please don't treat me like a child! I know more than you think."

I didn't mean that... but it was too late...

My sister removed my pants, dropping them to the floor and tossing them aside.

Then she saw the huge knot at the base of my cock... she seemed to look several times, between my eyes and balls... then swallowed hard...

Her next words reminded me of just how perverse this little sister was...

"Brother... why do you have a knot... like a dog!?"

Haa.... oh god... it's like you were made for my pussy...." She began to breathe rapidly, pushing her face against my shaft, her nose sniffing along the slightly dark skin while her tongue slid along the entire thing.

I could feel her warm, sticky tongue... wrapping around my girth... the slimy wet feeling and the taboo feeling of my Step-sister's pink tongue cleaning my cock... flipped a switch deep in my soul.

The beast in me awoke.

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