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Goddess Rescue System


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Akashi Michaelson gets reincarnated as a baby in a cultivation world in the Sacred Ling Clan one of the strongest clans in this world with the name "Ling Tian" and he actually awakened a system called "Goddess Rescue System" . How ironic! he couldn't save his own goddess and now this system tells him to rescue another. He refused to follow the system as he is not someone who'll try to save everyone like hero of justice of some kind. But then at the top of rewards from the system he saw something that made him shout out of happiness . Guess what An opportunity to revive his beloved. Follow Akashi/ Ling Tian in his journey to rescue Goddesses that faced miserable fate in the originals. From saving Sakura from Fate to Bibi Dong from Douluo. He will try to save every girl that faced injustice collecting points to resurrect his wife. But he doesn't know that after he leaves the world after saving those goddesses they actually gets system which let them see Mc's journey across other worlds. Note : Another thing I want to say is that some of the scenes in the fanfic might have been copied from the other fanfics as I've read too many novels and fanfics that the story of them and my own fanfic is literally jumbled up in my mind that I can't really guess what I write will be my own or something I read somewhere. So I just wanted to mention it before hand. Mc has a mysterious identity as the story of his former world will be shown slowly Cover not mine, picked it from instagram, Contact me if you are the owner and want me to remove it .. Uploads will be slow, though I won't be dropping it. For Advance Chapters patreon.com/abhii28


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