Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister [Completed]

How will the person who, in her previous world was known as the Goddess of Ice, deal with the world of Naruto? This story will loosely follow canon and will focus on how a powerful, wise, and slightly insane person will affect the story and its characters. Slightly AU Release schedule: 1 Chapter/day I am currently releasing this fanfic only on scribblehub.com and webnovel.com. If you are reading this elsewhere, it was not released by me. The early chapters had some writing and grammar mistakes, so I went over them a second time, which should have fixed most of the mistakes. The cover was commissioned by me and was created by Liilica on fiverr Also: join my discord: https://discord.gg/hSQQ9Ydthh

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Mei Terumi was currently resting in her room with a complicated expression on her face.

'I know I said that we should wait until Yuna is a little older, but that resolution slowly crumbles away every time we kiss. What am I even supposed to do?'

"Let's see, that's a click out of one. Two is binding. Oh, nice click out of three~"

While Mei was deep in thought, he heard a soothing voice from the other side of the door.

'Is someone seriously lockpicking my door? Do they have a death wish?'

"Aaand, it's open~"

As soon as the door opened and the person who had just picked it open entered the room, Mei inhaled deeply and shot a wave of lava at the trespasser. However, before the lava could reach them, ice walls grew from the ground and blocked the lava.

"Hahaha, as hot as always, Mei."

Mei was startled when she realized that the trespasser was none other than Yuna.

"Y-Yuna?! Why did you lockpick my door?"

"Can it even be called night crawling if I didn't have to pick a lock or two?"

"N-Night crawling? What do you mean by that?"

Yuna chuckled in amusement as she approached Mei and lifted up her chin to make her look into Yuna's eyes.

"That means that I will eat you up tonight~"

A shiver went through Mei's spine when she saw Yuna seductively licking her lips. Moments later, she tried to push Yuna away from her, but she wouldn't budge in the slightest.

"Y-Yuna, we talked about this. The age gap between us is too big, and we should wait a little longer."

"Yeah, I remembered that, but I decided to ignore that conversation."

After saying that, Yuna got even close to Mei, who quickly increased her struggle.

"Yuna, this is not right; you are too young."

Yuna snorted in disdain when she heard Mei's words.

"Too young? Mei, I'm having filthy disrespectful sex almost every night and sometimes even during the day. I don't give a shit what's right or wrong."

"F-Filthy and d-disrespectful?"

"Oh, yeah. We usually reach the level of: 'If someone found out, they would immediately report us to the authorities' and sometimes we even reach war crime levels of filthiness."

"W-War crime? What the do you do?"

"Mah, what can I say? Karin is a pervert."

[And you aren't?]

'What are you talking about, Kurama? I'm a pure, innocent maiden.'


"A-Anyway, that is a different matter because those three you are together with are..."

"Not arbitrarily making up random rules they want to follow."

Mei pouted in annoyance when she heard Yuna's words.

"It's not arbitrarily. It makes me uncomfortable sleeping with someone half my age."

Yuna sighed deeply when she heard Mei's counterargument.

"I really can't understand the weird standards some people hold. You are against two consenting adults sleeping with each other but are totally fine with sending a group of twelve-year-olds out on a mission to kill people."

"T-That's a different matter!"

"Yes, it is. One involves a life and death situation, and the other one is having some consequence-free fun together."

Mei paused when she heard Yuna's statement. She had never looked at it from that perspective.

'That is actually true. I send young genin on missions outside the village on a daily basis. Although the death rate of tasks involving genin was very low, it was not zero. When comparing sending someone at the age of twelve out on potentially deadly missions and having consenting sex with an adult half your age, the former undoubtedly sounds worse.

Yuna saw Mei's resolve wavering, so she decided to finish this.

"Anyway, let's make it easier for you to decide."

Mei got out of her contemplation when she heard that Yuna had resumed speaking. She focused on Yuna and listened to her words with curiosity.

"You have two options. Option one: You agree, and then we f*ck."

Mei couldn't help but roll her eyes at the first option. Obviously, she knew about that option since this is literally the reason for Yuna being here. Before Mei could make any snarky remarks, Yuna continued speaking.

"Option two: You disagree, and then we f*ck."

Mei rolled her eyes yet again. She knew what kind of person Yuna was, so she knew that she wouldn't force herself on someone like that. As long as Mei disagreed, Yuna wouldn't do anything.

"Stop talking nonsense. I know you, Yuna. There is no way you would force yourself on me without my consent. That is simply something I know you would never do."

Yuna wagged her finger at Mei while shaking her head.

"Sorry, but you are wrong. Or rather, you are misreading the situation. I certainly wouldn't force myself on someone who didn't want it. However, you DO want it, don't you?"

As she said that, she pulled Mei's head towards her and stopped just before their lips were about to touch. A slight blush appeared on Mei's face as she could feel her heartbeat accelerate.

'D-Do I really want this to happen? Obviously, I do. I wouldn't have allowed Yuna to kiss me so often if I didn't. Yes, no matter how I look at it, I've grown to love this crazy woman in front of me. But is it really fine despite the massive age gap? No, it doesn't matter. As she said, we are both consenting adults, so there is no problem at all.'

"Very well, Yuna. I agree. Let's have some fun."

A predatory smile appeared on Yuna's face as she pinned Mei to the bed.

"Hehe, very well. Neither of us will get any sleep tonight~"

"Huh? Nonono, wait. I need to be in a good cond...*moan*"

Unfortunately, Mei couldn't finish her sentence as Yuna had already started her attack.

"Hehe, let's have a nice battle, Mei~"

A shiver went through Mei's spine when she heard Yuna's teasing words. However, she could feel herself getting excited as well, causing her to lick her lips lavishly.

"Yes, let's have a nice long battle, Yuna~"