Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister [Completed]

How will the person who, in her previous world was known as the Goddess of Ice, deal with the world of Naruto? This story will loosely follow canon and will focus on how a powerful, wise, and slightly insane person will affect the story and its characters. Slightly AU Release schedule: 1 Chapter/day I am currently releasing this fanfic only on scribblehub.com and webnovel.com. If you are reading this elsewhere, it was not released by me. The early chapters had some writing and grammar mistakes, so I went over them a second time, which should have fixed most of the mistakes. The cover was commissioned by me and was created by Liilica on fiverr Also: join my discord: https://discord.gg/hSQQ9Ydthh

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The Fight Continues


An intense shockwave shook the air as Madara's fist was caught by Yuna's chakra-coated hand. Again and again, their hands collided, attacking and defending at a slowly increasing speed.

Then, the duo started using their leg, mixing kicks and dodges into their previously pure hand-to-hand combat, increasing the pace.

A few moments later, a loud clang echoed over the battlefield as a black staff collided with a giant sword, resulting in a small nick in the staff.

The two weapons collided dozen of times within an instant. Since Madara felt like he was getting pushed back, a second staff appeared, allowing him to attack and defend simultaneously, resulting in a statement.

Next, Yuna's chains and Madara's truth-seeker orbs moved, repeatedly colliding with each other, and finally, Madara's limbo clones made an appearance, but they were quickly suppressed by ice shields and icicles that appeared around Yuna, blocking their advances.

Despite the super high-speed combat, Yuna and Madara both wore broad grins on their faces as their eyes shone joyfully. It was rather evident that despite currently fighting to the death, they were immensely enjoying themselves.

Meanwhile, Sasuke spectated the ongoing battle while clenching his hands so hard that blood started slowly dripping from his fists.


A complex mix of anger and confusion coursed through Sasuke's body as he continued watching Yuna fight Madara at an ever-increasing pace, making it look like they simply had no limit.

'How can she still keep up?'

Obviously, that was what frustrated Sasauke the most. He went through power up after power up and even received the inheritance from the Sage of Six Path himself and awakened a Rinnegan, and yet, he still couldn't overpower Yuna, someone who had "only" the Kyuubi sealed into her.

And that wasn't even the worst part of it as Sasuke spectated the fight, barely able to follow what was going on.

'How can these control so many things at the same time?'

Yes, this was another factor bothering him. In Yuna's case, she was using her own body, ten chains while simultaneously creating ice around her, and in Madara's case, it was his body, his ten truth-seeker balls, and the limbo clones. Well, Sasuke wasn't sure whether those were independent or not, but it didn't really matter.

In Madara's case, Sasuke could still accept that he was more skilled than him; after all, he was a legendary shinobi that fought through decades of war.

However, Sasuke couldn't grasp how someone at his age could be so much more skilled in combat. Let's not forget that Sasuke even had the Sharingan to help him cheat, but it was still no use.

"*Sigh* I don't think I have ever seen nee-san having that much fun."

Sasuke heard Naruto's words and gave Yuna's facial expression a glance, immediately making him flinch as bad memories popped up in his mind.

'Damn, she really is a monster. There is no way a human face could contort into such a twisted grin.'

Sasuke took a deep breath, attempting to calm down his agitation. Although it didn't work out too well, it was still better than nothing.

So, after thinking about his next step, he concluded that Naruto and he should start moving as well. He decided that stopping Madara and saving the world had a slightly higher priority than his revenge on Yuna. Well, that was mostly because he couldn't get revenge if the world was enslaved, but those were just semantics.

"Naruto, we should attack him as well. This is no time to play around."

Naruto's raised his eyebrows at Sasuke's suggestion before shaking his head in denial.

"Are you sure you want to interrupt nee-san when she is having that much fun?"

Sasuke visibly flinched as an ugly expression appeared on his face, but he regained his bearing a few seconds later.

"Shouldn't we put that aside? No matter how I look at it, defeating Madara is more important than her having fun. We didn't get this jutsu just for us to not move and let other people fight."

Naruto simply shrugged his shoulders as he continued spectating the high-speed battle happening midair.

"There is no need for us to make a move yet, Sasuke. We should conserve our strength and wait for the final boss to pop up. Only then will we go all in."

"Final boss? Isn't that Madara?"

Naruto shook his head while giving Black Zetsu a glance.

"No, it's not Madara. Our final enemy is Kaguya Ootsutsuki, the Mad Rabbit Goddess."

Question marks popped up above Sasuke's head. Obviously, he knew who that was; after all, the whole story was told to him not even five minutes ago. What he couldn't grasp was why her name suddenly popped up. Wasn't she gone?

"Don't worry about it too much, Sasuke. Just trust me that she will make a comeback and that that outcome is inevitable. You and I will have to fight her at some point, and this right now is the perfect moment.

Although Sasuke still couldn't understand how Naruto knew about that, he simply shrugged his shoulder in the end. Naruto clearly didn't want to tell him more, and frankly, Sasuke didn't care enough about this to bother. Whether it's Madara or Kaguya, he just had to defeat them, and everything should be fine.

Meanwhile, Zetsu looked at Naruto in disbelief. So far, he had always guessed that Yuna knew significantly more than everybody else, but now his guess was finally confirmed without a single doubt.

'He said mother's name and even claimed that she would be revived soon. So they knew everything for a long time now. How? How is this possible? I'm the only one who could possibly know about this.'

Although Zetsu was disturbed by that revelation, there was something else he found rather important.

'He claims that mother will revive soon. Don't they want to prevent that from happening? Since they seem to know my whole plan, shouldn't they go after me?'

Zetsu pondered the current situation a while longer before a glint passed through his eyes, and he realized what was going on.

'They are underestimating mother. Rather than keep me as an enemy hidden in the shadows, they want to call mother and finish this once and for all. Fools, they will know true terror as soon as mother returns. She is invincible.'

And so, the battle between Madara continued while people were making all kinds of plans about their next step.

Meanwhile, a young man wearing a green spandex suit was watching the battle between Yuna and Madara with crimson flames burning in his eyes.

'I will reach that kind of level someday. No, I will surpass it. Compared to my fire of youth, this is nothing. YOUTH!!!'