Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister [Completed]

How will the person who, in her previous world was known as the Goddess of Ice, deal with the world of Naruto? This story will loosely follow canon and will focus on how a powerful, wise, and slightly insane person will affect the story and its characters. Slightly AU Release schedule: 1 Chapter/day I am currently releasing this fanfic only on scribblehub.com and webnovel.com. If you are reading this elsewhere, it was not released by me. The early chapters had some writing and grammar mistakes, so I went over them a second time, which should have fixed most of the mistakes. The cover was commissioned by me and was created by Liilica on fiverr Also: join my discord: https://discord.gg/hSQQ9Ydthh

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An actual Powerful Opponent?

Jigen, or rather Isshiki, noticed Yuna walking toward him and sneered in disdain.

"I don't have time to play with you, inferior creatures."

As he said that, he leisure swiped his hand upward, causing Yuna to go through a slapping motion, resulting in three black metal rods clanging to the ground.

"Oh? You can enlarge things? Or maybe, you shrunk them beforehand? Pretty nifty."

Isshiki squinted his eyes at Yuna, slapping away his metal rods, not expecting anyone to see through his attack.

Yuna smirked and pointed her palm at Kawaki, and moments later...


... Kawaki vanished from his position and reappeared next to Naruto, making Isshiki slightly wary of her.

'How did she do that? I didn't notice any chakra fluctuation.'

Naturally, Yuna saw the confusion in Isshiki's eyes and chuckled in amusement.

"Mah, don't worry about it. Having some measure of control over space is only natural after having lived long enough."

Isshiki had some doubts about Yuna's words but nonetheless became even warier of her. Clearly, she wasn't just some random human.

Since Yuna was preventing him from reaching his vessel, he decided to simply get rid of her beforehand. So, he bent his knees and shot at her with high speed, reeling back his fist to throw a powerful punch.

Yuna lightly redirected the attack with her palm, getting Isshiki off-balance. She used the opening she had just created to deliver a heavy knee strike into his guts, sending him into the ceiling.

Upon impact, Isshiki swiped his hand again, forcing Yuna to slightly tilt her body to avoid another barrage of metal rods.

Isshiki gritted his teeth in anger due to how easily Yuna handled him and stomped one foot against the ceiling he was currently stuck in to catapult himself at Yuna, who easily avoided his attack and was just about to smash her fist into his face, when he vanished.

A split second later, Isshiki reappeared behind Yuna, a black metal rod already piercing towards her back.

Yuna spun around clockwise and deflected the rod away with her right elbow, continued spinning, and finally smashed her left fist into Isshiki's face, sending him flying into the wall.

"Ohh~ So you can shrink yourself as well, huh? Just how many party tricks are hidden behind different kinds of eyes in this world? So interesting."

Isshiki dug himself out of the ruble, a seething glare on his face and a freshly grown massive horn on his head.


He shot toward Yuna, hatred radiating from his eyes, and pierced one of his metal rods towards her.

"Fine, fine, let's finish with the foreplay, shall we?"

An ice sword appeared in Yuna's hand, which she quickly pierced towards Isshiki, making him smirk.

He noticed that if neither of them retreated, Yuna's attack would land first, possibly giving her a chance to dodge his own attack. However, this was precisely what he wanted. He activated his ability to shrink things and used it on Yuna's blade, hoping that the surprise of suddenly losing her weapon would be enough to distract her and stop her from dodging. However...


... the roles got reversed as the surprise of not being able to shrink Yuna's weapon caused him a lapse in attention, resulting in Yuna's blade cleanly piercing his heart while simultaneously dodging Isshiki's attack.

Yuna chuckled in amusement as she casually rested her sword on her shoulder.

"You tried to shrink my weapon, huh? Sorry, but my thing doesn't go limp so easily."

Moments later, Isshiki's body started transforming. His horn grew even more pronounced and now was fully wrapped around his head and protruded out from his head's right side. Additionally, his became white, the usual Ootsutsuki clan color, while black tomoe markings appeared on his stomach.

Simultaneously, Kawaki fell to the ground, holding his right hand in pain. Seeing this, Amado couldn't help but get a little curious.

"So that is what it looks like when a Karma fades away."

Naruto squinted his eyes when he saw what happened to Kawaki. Unlike Yuna, he was paying attention to the situation, so he understood what was going on rather quickly.

"When Karma is activated, all other markings disappear. I guess they don't want any clones to run around, huh."

Amado couldn't help but raise his eyebrow at Naruto for understanding the situation so quickly, causing Naruto to scoff in disdain.

"My skills in sealing are above a grandmaster; I know a thing or two about activation conditions and safety protocols. Besides that, I... whoa, what the hell, nee-san!? Please block those properly!"

While Naruto was talking, his eyes widened in surprise as his hand moved at lightning speed, catching a black metal rod that was about to pierce his shoulder.

"Hahaha, isn't that why you followed me: To catch the stray bullets?"

While Naruto was grumbling, Amado couldn't help but be surprised at how easily Naruto caught that attack.

'I thought only Yuna was a monster, but it seems like the little brother isn't to be messed with either. I think I have chosen the correct side.'

Meanwhile, Isshiki was glaring at Yuna with nothing but hatred in his eyes. Frankly, he didn't expect her to be still capable of dodging his metal rods, and he certainly didn't expect there to be someone else who could catch them.

'However, it doesn't matter anymore. My body is overflowing with power. Unfortunately, this weak body will crumble due to the overwhelming power in about a day, but that doesn't matter. Kawaki is right here. I'll kill everyone else, mark Kawaki with my Karma, and everything will work out.'

Without bothering with anything else, Isshiki charged Yuna far faster than he was previously capable of. His punch landed on Yuna's crossed arms, causing her to slide back a few meters.

"Hahaha, not bad, that was a good thrust!"

Isshiki's eyebrows twitched in irritation as he approached Yuna yet again. However, this time, instead of directly blocking the attack, Yuna skillfully redirected it and smashed her fist into Isshiki's stomach. To her surprise, he barely flinched and immediately counterattacked, forcing her to dodge away.

"Oh my, you are really hard~ I'm impressed~"

Isshiki's anger rose even further as he showered Yuna in a barrage of punches, kicks, and deadly metal rods, which she managed to skillfully dodge or redirect, almost making it look like she was dancing.


Yuna caught one of Isshiki's punches, but instead of forcefully blocking it, Yuna pulled the punch towards her while turning her body, pulling Isshiki into a shoulder throw and crushing his back on the ground with the combined force of both of them.


While Yuna was... fighting... Isshiki, Yuno, and Haka were on their hands and knees, trying their best to suppress their laughter. Well, they were both teenagers, so the sexual innuendos Yuna was currently spouting were right up the alley.

Meanwhile, Naruto could only smile wryly due to Yuna's habits surfacing again while Natto lowered her head with a slight blush on her face. Amado, on the other hand, completely ignored the innuendos and focused on the fight instead, resulting in a deep frown.

'Although it looks like she is toying with him, she is clearly getting pushed back. Isshiki is significantly stronger than I expected.'

As these thoughts surfaced in his mind, his eyes landed on Naruto, who was leisurely spectating the fight, while occasionally blocking a stray projectile.

"Aren't you going to help her?"

"Mhh? Why would I do that?"

"I might not be a trained shinobi, but she is clearly getting pushed back. Aren't you worried that she will lose her life against Isshiki?"

After hearing Amado's words, Yuno and Haka instantly stopped laughing and looked at Naruto in worry instead. Although they were having a blast, they obviously didn't want Yuna to die.

When Naruto saw the concern in the children's eyes, he could only chuckle wryly.

"Nee-san, losing? That's impossible. From your perspective, this might look like both parties are giving it their all, but nee-san is simply having some fun with him."

Before anyone could say anything else, Naruto directed her gaze at Yuna, who was currently dodging a rain of gigantic black metal cubes.

"Nee-san, the kids are getting worried that you might lose. Didn't you have enough fun teasing him?"

Yuna froze up for a moment when she heard Naruto's words, resulting in her getting crushed by one of the cubes. However, before anyone could get worried about her, a thin line of ice appeared on the cube, resulting in it getting cut into two halves, revealing an unhurt Yuna.

"Yo, sorry, Isshiki, but it seems like my kids are worried about me, so I'll have to finish you now."

Isshiki sneered in disdain when he heard Yuna's words.

"Finish me? Big words from someone who can't even deal damage to me. No matter how much you bluff, you and everyone you love will die today as I finally seize Kawaki's body for myself."

For a moment, Yuna could only look at Isshiki in confusion, but her eyes opened in shock moments later as she clearly felt guilty about something.

"Although I don't really approve of you, lusting after such a young boy, that doesn't really matter right now. I apologize for having wronged you like that."

Question marks appeared above Isshiki's head as he completely ignored Yuna's comment about him lusting after younger boys and instead focused on her weirdly out-of-place apology. Before he could understand why Yuna apologized like that, she continued talking, revealing the mystery.

"To think I gave you the impression that you had even a snowball's chance in hell to win this fight was incredibly rude of me. I really shouldn't provide mentally unstable people hope like that. I apologize."

At first, Isshiki was dumbfounded by Yuna's words, but a moment later, his anger exploded.


He reeled back his fist and smashed it into Yuna's face. However, while he was reeling back his hand, white markings appeared around Yuna's eyes as her whole body got coated by a blue-white chakra cloak with ten tails.

Isshiki landed squarely on Yuna's cheek; however, she didn't move her head even a single centimeter.


Yuna could only shake her head as she casually flicked away Isshiki's fist, making him stagger.

"When I was seventeen, far away from a human's physical peak, I could already fight on par with Kaguya. Now, over fifteen years later, how could I have not reached a whole other level?"


Isshiki attacked again, this time trying to impale Yuna with one of his black metal rods. However, as soon as the tip touched Yuna's body...


It immediately shattered into pieces, causing Yuna to shake her head while she raised her right arm. The fingers of her right hand moved into a snapping position as she resumed speaking.

"Seems like your big black thing has gotten flaccid. Oh well, I guess this is the end, you know."

[*Groan* Don't do that.]