61 Harribel and Followers

Just like that, another day passed, and Naruto and Tatsuki were back at school. While Naruto couldn't help being annoyed due to Ichigo looking like a beaten dog because he lost the fight against Yammy, Tatsuki's face was constantly changing color from white to pink to red and back to pink.

While most of her classmates had no idea what was going through her head, Naruto had no doubt that she was thinking about everything he had told her yesterday, causing him to smile lightly.

'Seems like she is seriously thinking about it. That's good~.'

[Just like that, the degeneracy continues spreading.]

Naruto was about to start arguing with Kurama when he picked up a few rather familiar presences walking through the hallways of the school, and moments later, everyone in the classroom could hear a few people talking with each other.

"So, which classroom is it?"

"No clue~"

"What!? Didn't you write it down?"

"Yup, but I lost the paper, hehe~"

"You lost it!?"

"Relax; all we have to do is search for his Spiritual Power, and we'll be fine."

"Oh? It's this one, right?"

Suddenly, the door to the classroom was opened, revealing five people: Rangiku, whose breasts threatened to plop out of the school uniform she was wearing; Renji and Ikkaku, who became friends with Ichigo after fighting him in Seireitei, Yumichika Ayasegawa; who could probably be considered Ikkaku's sidekick, and finally Toshiro, who previously was bulli... *cough* defeated by Yuna.

"Yo, it's been a while, Ichigo."

The moment Ichigo heard the familiar voice, his gaze moved toward the door, causing his eyes to widen before approaching the just-arrived group.

"Oh! What are you guys doing here?"

As soon as Ichigo got closer to the group, Renji resumed speaking silently, so no other person in the room could hear him.

"We are here to help you with your with against the Arrancar."

"Huh? What's an Arrancar?"

Hearing Ichigo's question, Renji couldn't help but facepalm, but before he could answer Ichigo, another person answered his question.

"It's those guys that kicked your ass previously."

Ichigo's eyes widened as his gaze wandered toward one of the windows, where a petite young woman could be seen climbing into the room.


Seeing more and more people pop up, the rest of the classroom naturally sank into confusion due to so many unique characters suddenly appearing.

"Who are these people?"

"Damn, look at that blonde bombshell."

"What's with the bald guy? Why is he carrying a sword?"

"Damn, is that baldy a deliquient?"

"Ichigo, do you know these people?"


While the newly arrived group mostly ignored the murmuring of the peanut gallery, Ikkaku snapped due to being called "bald" multiple times, instantly intimidating the onlookers.

While that was happening, Ichigo and Rukia held eye contact for a bit longer before Rukia shot forward and kicked Ichigo in the face, sending him flying backward, where Renji was already waiting to restrain him.

"Hey! What's the meaning of this!?"

Ichigo tried to look Renji in the eyes to see his intention, but he only averted his gaze. Suddenly, Rukia appeared in front of Ichigo and slapped him multiple times before putting on a glove and pulling Ichigo's Shinigami form out of his body, resulting in his physical body sagging down.

"H-Hey, where are we going!?"

"Shut up and come with me!"

Seeing Rukia casually abducting Ichigo, Ikkaku couldn't help but scoff in disdain.

"Pah! Did you see the look in his eyes? He needs a serious trashing."

"Hmph, what a clown."

Obviously, due to Ichigo seemingly getting knocked out by Rukia, the peanut galleries discussion escalated even further, but this time none of the new arrivals bothered reacting to them.

Meanwhile, Keigo, who froze the moment he saw Rangiku, finally managed to get out of his daze and jumped toward her.


Rangiku, whose gaze briefly wandered over the room, quickly spotted Naruto, causing a happy smile to appear on her face. She quickly walked toward him and, while doing so, casually smashed her fist into Keigo's face, sending him to the ground.

"Naruto! It's been a while~."

"Ohh~ Good to see you again, Rangiku!"

Instantly, all eyes in the room landed on Naruto, who apparently knew the big-busted foreigner that had just entered the classroom. While the boys were looking at him in envy, the girl's gazes quickly landed on Tatsuki, who they expected to be angry. However...

"Oh? You are here as well, Tatsuki! How have you been?"

Rangiku suddenly greeted Tatsuki as well, meaning that they at least knew each other, dumbfounding the others. They really wondered where the Naruto and Tatsuki duo could have met Ranguki.

After chatting for a short moment to catch up with each other, Rangiku asked a question that instantly froze the whole room.

"By the way, Naruto. I'll be staying here for a while. Can I sleep at your place?"

Instantly, all eyes snapped toward Tatsuki, who everyone was expecting to get angry, but to everyone's surprise, she barely reacted at all.

"T-Taksuki, why don't you say anything? Isn't Naruto your boyfriend? Why are you so relaxed despite another woman wanting to sleep at his place?"

Hearing that question from one of her classmates, Tatsuki simply shrugged her shoulders and answered the question.

"Well, I'm not really worried. After all, Rangiku is together with Yuna, so I see no problem."


Obviously, everyone was surprised by that revelation since, as far as they could tell, Yuna was getting along really well with Hinata. So, where did this new woman come from?

"W-What about Hinata?"

"Mhh? She's together with Yuna as well."

"Huh? Is Yuna cheating on her? Isn't that too brazen?"

However, before anyone else could make any assumptions, Rangiku decided to clear the misunderstanding.

"Not at all~ Actually, Hinata and I are getting along rather well~"

Yet again, the room was silenced, while Toshiro couldn't help but sigh. He knew that there was something going on between Rangiku and Yuna, but he was not expecting it to be this kind of situation. However, in the end, he didn't comment on what his Lieutenant did in her free time since it wasn't his job to worry about that.

It took a while, but after a few moments of stunned silence, Keigo, who was previously knocked to the ground by Rangiku, managed to regain his bearing to ask another question.

"A-Are you telling me that Yuna is dating two women at once?"

"Actually, it's four~"

Hearing Rangiku's answer, Keigo staggered back a few steps before his gaze landed on Chizuru, who had recently started calling Yuna "Yuna-sama" while somehow starting to date two girls at the same time.

Again and again, his gaze wandered from Chizuru to Rangiku, to Chizuru, to Rangiku to Rangiku's breasts, before he finally fell to his knees, tears streaming down his face.

Before anyone could figure out what was going on, he gave a deep kowtow to the seat where Yuna usually sat, before raising his upper body, eyes gleaming with worship.


Seeing that, Naruto could only shake his head as he resumed talking to Rangiku.

'Another one, huh?'

[The degeneracy is spreading faster and faster.]

Meanwhile, back in Hueco Mundo, Yuna tilted her head in confusion.

"Is something wrong, Yuna?"

Hearing Hianta's question, she briefly paused before her gaze scanned her surroundings. Moments later, she opened her mouth and started speaking with a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

"I'm not sure, but I feel like someone is asking for my help."

"For your help? With what?"

"Seducing women and making a harem."

"*Sigh* So it's the usual."

"Yup~ Someone must have realized how amazing I am~ As expected of me~ Anyway, considering the current situation, shouldn't you address me with 'sama'? Get back to work already~."

"Hehe, as you wish, Yuna-sama~"

As soon as Hinata finished speaking, she lowered her head and returned to the activity she was previously doing, causing Yuna to moan in satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Harribel was roaming the corridors of Las Noches with a conflicted expression on her face. After Yuna allowed her to meet her Zapakuto Spirit, some doubts about Aizen started surfacing in her mind.

Since she had sworn her allegiance towards Aizen, she wouldn't break that vow so easily, but considering Aizen was the one who literally sealed away a part of her, even if it was done without his knowledge, she couldn't help but have some doubt about him.

[Just ditch that loser and follow Yuna instead.]

'*Sigh* It's not that easy, Tiburon. After I decide where my loyalty lies, I won't back down so easily. I have my own set of morals that I won't betray so easily.'

[*Tsk* So annoying. I really hope that Yuna is right and Aizen does something that's considered a betrayal so that you can leave his side with a clear consciousness.]

Over the course of the last few days, Harribel has managed to befriend her Zanpakuto Spirit to a high enough degree to learn its name: Gran Tiburon Blanco or Tiburon for short.

Unlike Aizen, who was the one responsible for sealing her away and preventing Harribel from learning her name, she was much more in favor of Yuna, who helped Harribel learn of her Zanpakuto Spirit.

Obviously, Tiburon would prefer Harribel to be independent and serve nobody, but since that option was already gone, she would rather have Harribel follow Yuna instead of Aizen.

Obviously, as Harribel's Zanpakuto Spirit, Tiburon was fully aware of what kind of character Harribel had and that she wouldn't break her vow of servitude so easily, but despite that, she brought it up any chance she got.

As Harribel was walking the corridors of Las Noches, she noticed three familiar figures approaching her from the end of the corridor, causing her to ponder what she should do with them.

'Is should probably talk with them about this matter. After all, just like me, they should desire more strength.'

The three people approaching her were her three followers: Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila Rose, and Cyan Sung-Sun.

Emilou Apacci was a tomboyish Arrancar with heterochromia, with her right eye being blue and her left eye being amber. She had black, jaw-length hair, and her mask fragment was on the top of her head with a horn in the middle.

Franceska Mila Rose was an Amazonian-looking woman with brown skin, green eyes, and long brown hair. She had a big overall frame, and the clothes she was wearing were barely covering her body, while her Hollwow mask covered parts of her head and her neck.

Finally, there was Cyan Sung-Sun, who was a slender female Arrancar with long, flowing, olive-green hair, long eyelashes, and lavender eyes with three pink dots just below her right eye. Her mask remnants created three hair clip-like extensions on the right side of her bangs. She wore a long white dress with sleeves extending far beyond her hands.

"""Greetings, Harribel-sama!!!"""

Although all three of them had vastly different personalities, with Emilou being a tomboy, Franceskatrying to act like a stoic warrior while constantly losing her composure, and Cyan being the quiet type that loves riling up her two comrades, all three of them were fiercely loyal to Harribel.

Although Harribel was aware that all three of them considered her to be the superior, she couldn't help but treat those three as comrades rather than subordinates, resulting in quite a few Arrancar mocking her behind her back for being too soft.

Obviously, she couldn't care less about that, as due to being one of the highest-ranked Espada, she couldn't give a shit what others said about her. As for those who openly mocked her, wouldn't she just have to beat them up?

Anyway, seeing her three followers coincidently crossing her path, Harribel quickly made a decision on how to proceed.

"You three, follow me to my room. Something important came up."

After she finished speaking, Emilou's face flushed red as she nodded her head in understanding, while Franceska and Cyan did the same with a hint of excitement on their faces.

However, despite the trio's clear change in facial expression, Harribel was deep in thought as she affirmed the next step she would take.

'No matter how I look at it, I need to help these three communicate with their Zanpakuto Spirits as well. Anything else would betray the loyalty they fell towards me and our comradeship.'

[Hopefully, one of them can talk sense into you, so you finally ditch that loser.]

Hearing her Zanpakuto Spirit calling Aizen a loser yet again, Harribel couldn't help but frown, but in the end, she decided not to start this discussion again.

Moments later, Harribel and her three followers reached Harribels room, and after sitting down on a comfortable couch, Harribel couldn't help but sigh deeply due to what she was going to talk about with her followers. Frankly, she had no idea how they would react to what she was about to tell them.

She was just about to start speaking when she looked at the trio, causing her head to tilt in confusion.

"What are you three doing?"

As soon as Harribels's words left her mouth, Emilou, Franceska, and Cyan, who were in different states of undress, froze up, looking at Harribel in confusion.

"W-Well, *cough* didn't you call us here for... you know... some service..."

As soon as that question was asked by Emilou, she started blushing even harder as the other two looked at Harribel in confusion, causing her to sigh deeply.

Frankly, Harribel herself didn't even know what was going on. While the group of four were still normal Hollow, neither of them had any sexual desires, but the closer they got to becoming a Shinigami, the more those desires bloomed.

It wasn't even just their sexual desires that became stronger, but other emotions grew as well while other urges receded. For example, Hollow tent to be incredibly greedy and gluttonous, desires which all four of them felt weakening the more they leaned towards becoming Shinigami.

So, having their urges increased and constantly seeing Yuna flirting with Hinata finally broke the straw at one point, resulting in the trio approaching Harribel with their desires to serve her on a more... personal basis, which Harribel agreed to, surprising not only herself but the trio serving her too.

Anyway, after an awkward silence that the trio used to embarrassedly put their clothes back on, Harribel was seated on a couch while her subordinates were seated across from her.

"Anyway, the reason I called you here is due to me stumbling over a rather interesting way to grow stronger. So far, only two people other than me know about it, and Aizen...sama isn't one of them. So, if you want me to tell you about it, you have to swear not to tell him anything about it."

As soon as Harribel stopped talking, the trio's eyes widened in surprise, and not even a second later, all three of them got up from the couch they were sitting on and kneeled in front of Harribel.

"""We'll never tell anyone anything about it!!!"""

[Good, at least your three followers have a good brain between their ears.]

'Is it just my imagination, or are you getting ruder?'

[Definitely just your imagination.]

Anyway, unlike Harribel, who had some doubt about who she should follow, Emilou, Franceska, and Cyan had not a speck of doubt in their body. They were Harribel's loyal subordinates, and if she asked them to do something, they would do so even if it cost them their life.

Seeing the three people in front of her, worship glowing in their eyes, Harribel couldn't help but smile warmly before slowly insheathing her Zanpakuto, drawing the trio's attention.

"This is the new discovery I was talking about. [Flood, Gran Tiburon Blanco]."

As soon as Harribel stopped speaking, her three followers could only look at her dumbfounded, while her Zanpakuto transformed, as Harribel stayed completely unchanged. After all, that was not how a Hollow's release should work. After releasing their swords, they were supposed to regain their original Hollow powers.

Meanwhile, Harribels sword became somewhat thicker as the whole thing turned ocean blue, somewhat resembling an elongated shark fin.

"What was that?"

"What did you do, Harribel-sama?"

"N-No way! S-Shikai!?"

While Emilou and Franceska were stunned due what they had just witnessed, Cyan was much calmer, and after analyzing what had changed for a brief moment, she instantly came up with a theory, attracting the attention of the other two.

"Shikai? What are you talking about?"

"There is no way Harribel-sama could use Shikai. That's a Shinigami's power!"

Before the trio could discuss the matter any further, Harribel decided to step in and solve the riddle for them.

"Yes, that was a Shikai release, and I feel like I'll be able to use Bankai as well at some point. Additionally, I think it's possible to do so on top of using Resurreccion."

Naturally, the trio's eyes bulged as soon as Harribel finished her explanation. All three of them realized that it would be an incredible jump in power to be able to use not only an Arrancar's trump card but a Shinigami's as well.

"How is that possible, Harribel-sama? How can you use a Shinigami technique, despite being a Hollow?"

"Am I a Hollow, Cyan? No, I've become an Arrancar. It would be weirder if I couldn't use Shinigami techniques while being half Shinigami."

After thinking about it for a short moment, all three of Harribel's followers started eagerly nodding their heads. It was clear that all three of them wanted to use whatever method Harribel used to get stronger themselves.

"Unfortunately, I'm not the one who found out about this, nor am I capable of helping you unlock this power. If you want to gain the same powers I got, then you would need to entrust yourself to an outsider, which would end up in you owning them a favor. Are you willing?"

"H-Harribel-sama, who exactly are we talking about? Is it that feminine-looking crazy scientist Arrancar?"

Hearing Cyan's question, Harribel simply shrugged her shoulders before answering her question.

"No, it isn't. In fact, the one who helped gain this power isn't even a Hollow. The one who found out about this, and helped me realize this power, is Yuna Uzumaki."

Although the trio wasn't entirely sure, all three of them felt a shiver go done their spines as soon as Harribel said that name.

Obviously, they knew about the human that decided to follow Aizen for some reason, but neither of them had ever interacted with her due to not having any interest in her, but now, after hearing her name, all three of them felt like they were about to walk into the belly of a beast.

Meanwhile, back in Yuna's room that was currently filled with a woman's moans, Yuna's head was currently placed between a pair of thighs as a weird feeling passed through her body.

'Weird, I feel like someone is about to deliver some snacks to me soon.'

[*Sigh* I had some hopes that after Seireitei didn't collapse after you being there for a while, but it seems Hueco Mundo won't be able to endure you.]

"*Moan* Forget about the snacks and continue what you are doing, please."

'Damn, she straight up read my mind. Hinata's "Yuna Sense" is getting rather strong. Mhh~ I should probably come up with a good name for that~'

[Please spare us.]

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