Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

# simulator Bai Yi transmigrated to a fantasy world and awakened the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. The longer he managed to survive in a simulation, the better the rewards he would obtain. [You were born into a poor family… you died due to hunger.] [You were born into a rich family that runs a business… you were killed by kidnappers.] After failing more than 30 times in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, Bai Yi wondered whether he was unfit for cultivation. Therefore, he had to rely on others to go through the simulation for him! [Chen Qianxue, the Holy Maiden of the Soul Sword Clan, has entered into the Immortal Cultivation Simulator upon your invitation.] [Age 0, Chen Qianxue was born into a poor family.] [Age 5, Chen Qianxue picked up the manuscript of the Sword Cultivation Technique by chance.] [Age 8, Chen Qianxue was at the first level of the Qi Refinement stage.] [Age 164, Chen Qianxue failed while attempting to break through to the next stage. She died due to sudden, unbearable power pushing through her meridians.] [You acquired the following rewards…] [...]

Goddess Help Me Simulate Cultivation · Eastern
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Start with an Immortal Cultivation Simulator

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[Welcome to the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. You have confirmed the activation of the thirty-sixth simulation of the Immortal cultivation life!]

[You have two options --]

[Option 1: Continue the last simulation of the Immortal cultivation life, but everything needs to start from the beginning, and you can not immediately refresh your newborn talent. You need to survive in the Immortal cultivation simulation for 20 years before you can refresh your new newborn talent.]

[Option 2: Choose a new simulation of the life of an Immortal cultivator, you can immediately refresh your newborn talents.]

[You have chosen option 2.]

[Please choose three of the following 10 newborn talents to activate your simulation of the life of an Immortal cultivator --]

[1. Long-legged monster (the ratio of your upper body to your lower body is seriously out of proportion)]

[2. A gift from an enlightened master (there is a chance to obtain a special item)]

[3. Sun allergy (don't bask in the sun)]

[4. Xingtian (born without a head)]

[5. Foolish son of a landlord (your father is quite rich)]

[6. Foot control (take a guess)]

[7. Born with a furnace (the following is the content of the payment)]

[8. Truly unique looking (others will suspect that your mother has betrayed the human race)]

[9. Ordinary earth Spirit Root (somewhat talented)]

[10. Mediterranean sea (very unique hairstyle)]

[Please choose!]

[You have chosen talent 2, 5, talent 9. The Immortal Cultivation Simulator has given you 10 attribute points. Your personal attributes are being randomly generated...]

[Name: Bai Yi]

[Constitution: 2]

[State of mind: 2]

[Family background: 4]

[Luck: 1]

[Reputation: 1]

[Talent: A gift from an enlightened master, foolish son of a landlord, ordinary earth Spirit Root]

[Hint: Any attribute will be reset to zero, and the probability of death will be greatly increased.]

[Your simulated immortal cultivation life has officially begun --]

[Countdown: 10, 9... 0!]

[Simulation begins!]

[At the age of 0, you were reincarnated into an Immortal cultivation world, and you were born into a merchant family.]

[When you were half a month old, you would call out to your parents. Your father would excitedly run to the railing to listen to music.]

[You were kidnapped by bandits.]

[Luck -1]

[The bandits didn't have the experience to take care of a baby. You were starved for an entire day.]

[Constitution -1]

[Your father spent a large sum of money to hire an expert negotiator to argue with the bandits. The bandits were so angry that they cut your neck. You died.]

[Age: 31 days]

[You haven't lived for five years in the simulated Immortal cultivation life. You haven't received any rewards. You still need to wait for a 24-hour cooldown before entering the Immortal Cultivation Simulator again.]

[You have already activated the simulated immortal cultivation life 36 times. The Immortal Cultivation Simulator has officially recognized you as its Master!]

[You have most of the authority in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator!]


"I died again..." Bai Yi rubbed his unharmed neck with some fear, he could not help but clench his teeth and grumble, "This Immortal Cultivation Simulator isn't something I should be playing with. I had died 30 times in a row, all within a month. It was not easy for me to live for a month, but in the end, I died again!"

"However, at least I gained more authority with the simulator. At least my efforts gained something..."


Bai Yi was a transmigrator who came from Earth.

A year ago, when he came to this unfamiliar world of immortal cultivation, he was still very excited.

Immortal cultivation! How many bookworms fantasized about this?

In particular, not far from the county town where he lived, there was an illustrious Immortal cultivation sect. It was said that the sect master of that sect had lived for more than a thousand years, and it was true that he was an old monster.

Everything seemed to be smooth sailing. He appeared to be quite handsome too. According to the logic of Immortal cultivation novels -- Good looks = Talent = Luck!


When he went to test his Spirit Roots, he was struck by reality!

He had no Spirit Roots!

He could not cultivate Immortality!

Damn it!

Novels were all lies!

Thus, he could only inherit this life with tears in his eyes. He obtained a large house from his deceased parents, and more than a dozen rental shops.

Every month, he could only earn about 100 silvers by collecting rent, and he lead a dull and boring life.


One year of this kind of dull and boring life.


Today, Bai Yi activated the Immortal Cultivation Simulator!

As the name implied, it could simulate Immortal cultivation. After the simulation of Immortal cultivation began, he would transmigrate to that world and experience a brand new Immortal cultivation life.

As long as he lived in that world for five years, he would receive the rewards of the simulator.

The longer he lived, the more exciting his life would be, and the more rewards he would receive! The more bountiful the rewards!

However, the difficulty of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator was ridiculously high!

In addition, Bai Yi felt that he was a little unlucky.

He lost more than 30 times! It was too difficult!

Bai Yi originally thought that after activating this kind of cheat code, he would finally be able to embark on the journey of Immortal cultivation. He had already begun to fantasize about flying on a sword. He was already thinking about whether he should wear goggles while flying in the sky.

In the end, he did not enjoy the taste of Immortal cultivation. Instead, he enjoyed the taste of death dozens of times.

It was terrible!

The cooldown time of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator was still close to 24 hours. Bai Yi had no choice but to go outside to get some fresh air and relieve his depressed mood.

The large house that Bai Yi inherited was located in a bustling area where every inch of land was worth its weight in gold. The moment he stepped out of the door, there was a bustling bustling city.

As far as the eye could see, there were ancient-looking mansions everywhere. The people were all dressed in ancient-style clothing.

There were ordinary commoners, and there were also young masters dressed in luxurious clothing.

There were even Immortal cultivators with extraordinary bearing.

As for everything that was happening before his eyes... Bai Yi was no longer unfamiliar with it.

On the streets and alleys of the bustling city, there were many people gathered together, discussing many similar topics.

"The Chen Clan Head in the west of the city will be celebrating his 90th birthday in a few days. He has invited all the important figures in the county, and there are many Immortal cultivators among them! Moreover, his granddaughter will also be coming back to celebrate his birthday. That's the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect! The Chen Clan Head has accumulated great virtue in his past life!"

"I remember that the Chen Clan Head's granddaughter is called Chen Qianxue, right? When she was five years old, her top-notch Spirit Root was detected. The Spirit Sword Sect head personally went down the mountain to accept her as a disciple. Now, she is already the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect?"

"She is being groomed as the next Sect Master! The Chen Clan have soared into the sky."

"She is truly a proud daughter of the Heavens!"


Bai Yi had been in the county town for the past few days, and he had heard the most discussions about this Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect. There were all kinds of rumors, true or false, and today was no exception.

He went out for a stroll, and the streets and alleys were filled with discussions about her.

She was born with a top-notch Spirit Root, and was born to be a cultivator.

As a transmigrator, he had lost face! He could not compare to a native!

Bai Yi suddenly had an idea. As the person who had most of the authority in the simulator, knew that he could invite people into the simulator. He knew that he could stuff all the rewards that the other party received in the simulator into his wallet.

He could abuse his authority!

Bai Yi felt that this idea was very feasible.

However, it was not without corresponding restrictions. He had to know some basic information about the other party. Moreover, the simulator would determine how many people he could invite based on his cultivation level and carry out simulated Immortal cultivation at the same time.

For example, now that he had no cultivation level, he could only invite one person at a time to enter to simulate Immortal cultivation.

If he waited until he reached the Qi Refinement stage, he could invite two people at the same time and start simulating Immortal cultivation.

However, he needed to be within a relatively close distance from the other party. Only in this way could he invite the other party into the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Unfortunately, there were these restrictions.


Bai Yi wished that he could drag the entire county into the simulator.

He would make them work for him!

He only needed to be a boss behind-the-scenes and enjoy his achievements.

Currently, the most suitable candidate to replace him in the Immortal Cultivation Simulation was this girl who was the 'center of attention' in Qinghe County in the recent few days!

-- Spirit Sword Sect's Holy Maiden, Chen Qianxue!

'Let's give it a try!'

Countless thoughts flashed through Bai Yi's mind. Without saying anything else, he returned to his own house.

The place where he lived was not particularly far from the Chen Clan in the west of the city.

It was just within the range of the invitation of the simulator.

Moreover, the Chen Clan's grandfather's birthday was only in a few days, which meant that the Holy Maiden would be staying in Qinghe County for at least a few more days.

The time was just right.


The next day.

Bai Yi waited for a full 24 hours. He waited until the cooldown time of the simulator was up.

He once again opened the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.


Spirit Sword Sect's Holy maiden!

Chen Qianxue!