52 The spirit map's mutation_1

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"By the way, professor Tian, did you take the medicinal liquid I gave you the day before yesterday? How do you feel about this?" Xia ruofei asked.

"Yes!" Professor Tian said happily. He had been drinking for the past two days! You don't say, but I feel that my body is much tougher, and the weather has changed these two days, but my legs that have been cold for many years have not acted up! Xiao Xia, your medicine is really magical!"

Xia ruofei smiled."I also learned the ancient formula from an old Chinese medicine practitioner. I made some according to the formula. I didn't expect the effect to be so good!"

Xia ruofei paused and continued,""Professor Tian, you only need to take a small amount of this liquid every day. After you finish that bottle, your body should be able to recuperate to a very healthy state. You won't need to take it every day in the future."


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