120 It's time to go on stage, let's talk about what's on our minds (1)

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Steel Spear's first book,"rebirth: long wind and waves", was released on May 28,2006 on Qidian Chinese website. He remembered that the domain name at that time was still "CMFU." It had been going around for more than ten years, during which he had suspended writing for a period of time due to work reasons. Later, he followed his old team to write 4.6 million words "super top - grade popinjay" in the creation world. This time, he finally released a new book on Qidian.

Speaking of which, steel gun could be considered an old driver of Qidian. However, ten years had passed, and everything had changed. That's why steel gun wrote his new book with the mentality of a newbie. Just like what I signed on QQ: Not impetuous, not slacking off, not forgetting his original heart.


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