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A guy gets a system. He goes to other worlds. He wants to build a harem. He becomes a god? Join Alex as he joins a game to determine the next God as he travels to new worlds and builds a harem to help him in battle Note- I do not own ANYTHING that is part of an already existing franchise

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The next several hours passed by with Riveria, Lefiya, Shakti and Asfi feeling as if they were in a daze from what was happening.

Firstly was the speed and ease with which Alex and his wives descended the Dungeon, namely due to their mode of transportation. But even without it Riveria especially knew their speed wouldn't be much different. But there was also the ease of which they were able to dispatch any and all monsters in their path.

To say nothing of even the mutated variants of the typical monsters that would be found on the middle floors past Rivira, even the next Monster Rex, a two head dragon called Amphisbaena, was easily dispatched by Kurumu yet again when she created an illusion of a massive and menacing looking red dragon. Even worse was when she said she had to scale the dragon down since there wasn't enough room in the Dungeon for it, making them wonder just how large the original she based her illusions off of was.

Then there was the Monster Rex of the 37th floor, the Udaeus. It too was a mutated variant of course, but that didn't stop Shizuku this time from easily dispatching it like it was nothing. Or rather, it had been a large and eerie looking black dog that had apparently been hiding in her shadow this entire time, before returning to her shadow after slaughtering the monster.

Even Balor, the Monster Rex of the 49th floor, was trivialized by the sweet and innocent seeming Mirajane before she returned to the car to serve them another round of snacks.

But then they reached the 51st floor, where they were swarmed by thousands of monsters unlike anything they had ever seen before. Except for Cara that was.

The Amazon readily informed them that the caterpillar-like monsters could not only spray acid, but would also bleed it to destroy any weapons used against them. She had apparently fought them once before, and tore them apart with her bare hands due to her immortality.

This time San of all people left the vehicle to deal with them herself, something that worried Cara since she had NO idea what the youthful looking woman was capable of. But what happened next was nothing short of shocking.

San opened her mouth, and a few notes of the most beautiful voice any of them had ever heard echoed through the entire floor.

A few notes.

The entire thing took less than a few seconds before San was returning to the car, but the second she put her foot on the steps, all hell broke loose.

Every single one of the caterpillar monsters, which Cara called Virga, exploded all at once while any and all features on this floor crumbled to nothing. The scene was nothing short of absolute destruction as the Virga were slaughtered, and their acidic blood flooded the floor to disolve anything and everything it touched.

Even more terrifying was the ease in which San managed to accomplish this, which made all of the girls swear to NEVER anger her.

And the shocks just kept coming.

Upon entering the 52nd floor they were officially in what was called the Dragon's Vase, an area stretching down to the 58th floor where Valgang Dragons would fire blasts of fire up through the floors to snipe any adventurers. On top of that there were the usual monsters that inhabited the floors until the 58th, which made the entire area all the more dangerous.

So Alex did the natural thing, and drove them into one of the holes opened up by the Valgang Dragons while Erza this time went out to deal with them. This had also been the first time Alex himself got to witness Erza's new ability from the Chatroom shop in action, the Gate of Babylon.

As the shimmering golden portal appeared behind her, Erza summoned a sword that she referrred to as Gram that made even Alex's skin itch slightly just from it's mere presence. It also began to radiate such heat that the stone walls around Erza began to melt even as she flew by them, and all of the Valgang Dragons below quivered in fear of it's aura.

Needless to say what occured after wards was a slaughter, as Erza used what was obviously a dragon slayer sword on them without hesitation, before returning to the car as they slammed down on the bottom floor.

From there they went on to the 59th floor, a tropical floor that had been entirely new territory until Cara came along.

She had told Alex of the creature that once resided on that floor, a Demi Spirit that was capable of great strength and magic. Though Cara herself had destroyed it when she first came down here years ago, she still warned Alex that there might be more down at the floors she had yet to explore. Incidently, the 80th floor that Alex sent her to previously was the deepest that Cara had ever been.

But she was able to provide them with information on the other floors from the 60th until then, such as the environments and some of the monsters that inhabited them. What was really impressive was that Cara was able to tell them all of this even as Alex was completely rearranging her guts.

That was the other incredulous thing for the four women. The entire time they were descending the Dungeon, Alex was indulging himself like some depraved emperor with his wives.

After she killed the Amphisbaena, Kurumu was treated to giving Alex an intense blowjob before he filled her two lower holes with semen. Shizuku had gone out to fight against Udaeus on shaking legs right after Alex had blown out her back. Mirajane had gone out to fight Balor after Alex painted her face and tits white to match her hair, and NOT with actual paint. And even Erza had gone out to kill the Valgang Dragons with a couple of his discarded cocks buried in her ass and cunt.

That wasn't all though.

Between these specific instances, Alex made his first new conquest.

It was while he was busy plowing Ais up the ass, entirely because she didn't want to get pregnant, that Alex positioned her so that she was facing Riveria, Asfi, Shakti, and specifically Lefiya.

The young elf turned completely red from seeing her beloved Ais in such a compromising position, which was her sitting back in Alex's lap with his cock up her ass, and her legs spread. Alex then kicked things up a notch as he cupped one of her breasts with his left hand, and reached down to spread her vaginal lips with the other.

The next thing Lefiya knew she was kneeling down in front of Ais, her tongue buried in her honeypot to lap up every single drop of the honey Ais was dripping.

She didn't care about the balls slapping her chin, only in making the Ais she adored feel good as well. Even when Lefiya found herself laying on her back on the expansive bed, something hard and hot poking her special place, she didn't mind since Ais was laying on top of her, their lips locked together.

A short while after plundering Lefiya's virtue they arrived at the Dragon's Vase, and Alex steered the car into one of the holes they made in the Dungeon floor. And despite literally no one else even losing their footing or stumbling the entire time they were in freefall, or when they landed, Alex somehow ended up with his face planted into Asfi's ass.

After taking a second to admire the view that he suddenly had before him, Alex then proceeded to lick her from clit to asshole to make the princess scream. And scream, and scream, and scream.

Undignified and explicit cries came from Asfi's mouth as she was 'forced' to experience Alex's tongue technique, before she too fell before his towering mast. Unlike Lefiya though, she got to experience it in both holes at once as Alex plowed her from behind.

Mirajane then kicked things up a notch as she appeared right in front of Asfi with one of Alex's discarded cocks like it was a strap-on, which she then plunged into Asfi's mouth to fill the last of her holes. So Asfi's first experience included having all three of her holes filled, before Alex filled them with semen.

And then shortly after that Shakti was seemingly unable to resist the lustful aura permeating the car any longer, as she readily joined in on the rampant debauchery taking place. Soon she too was bouncing up and down in Alex's lap as the tip of his cock impaled her womb.

Now all that was left was Riveria, who was using every ounce of willpower and self control to resist the sexual allure behind her. At least, she was TRYING to resist by keeping her eyes glued to the front as she stood before the windshield, analyzing every single detail of the deep deep floors that she could.

Riveria had even pointedly ingored the fact that she had been completely naked this entire time, as the effect of her surroundings would become even stronger if she acknowledged it. But when they reached the 90th floor, she was forced to ignore it no longer.


Riveria's entire body jerked as a pair of thick arms wrapped around her, cupping both of her breasts before pinching her nipples, while something incredibly large, hard, and hot pressed into her back. And while her first instinct was to pull away from the offensively intimate contact, she instead had to force back a moan.

"Enjoying yourself over here alone, Riveria?" Alex purred into her ear, making the elven princess shudder.

"You truly are an animal..." She gasped as Alex began to massage her breasts.

"We all are. Its just a difference regarding how honest we are with ourselves." He replied, one of his hands leaving her breasts as it crawled lower.

Riveria thought she knew where Alex intended to go next, but surprisingly he went past it to the inside of her thighs. There, his fingers discovered a trail of wetness that was proof of her increasing arousal.

"See Riveria?" Alex asked, holding his fingers up for her to see. "You're an animal as well. Its just a matter of how honest you and I are."

To puncuate his comment, Alex thrust his hand below to actually cup her womanhood this time, making Riveria gasp yet again before she forced herself to try and stifle her moans. Alex meanwhile began to rub and massage her outer lips, before allowing his middle finger to delve into her fold and probe her interior.

Riveria squeezed her thighs together in response to the rising ecstasy, seemingly trying to keep his hands from doing what they were doing, but Alex was undeterred as he continued pleasuring her. He intended to fully pull back the veil of 'proud elven princess', and reveal the pent up woman within her.

Alex then slowly dragged her backwards to the command center, taking his seat in it while positioning her in his lap. Riveria continued to squirm and wiggle in his lap as Alex played with her breasts and fingered her, before he then proceeded to nibble on her the tip of her ear.


It was like a dam had burst as fluid gushed from her nether regions, and Riveria had to literally bite her tongue so hard she tasted blood to keep from screaming out. For the first time in her 99 years of living, she climaxed.

As the waves of pleasure passed Riveria went limp in Alex's lap, opening her mouth for the first time to pant as an exhaustion unlike anything she ever felt overtook her. Which was doubly surprising considering she was a level 7 adventurer with phsyical attributes far beyond a normal person, even if she was a mage.

Just as she was trying to catch her breath though, Alex lifted her up and turned her around so that, while she was still sitting in his lap, they were now facing one another with his towering member being sandwiched between her thighs.

Being faced with the person who just made her experience her first ever orgasm, Riveria pointedly looked away with her face turning red all the way up to her ears.

"Did you enjoy that?" Alex asked with a smirk.


Though she was tempted to say she had NOT, Riveria knew that Alex would either call her out of her lie, or up the ante to force her to acknowledge she had. She had no idea which would be more embarrassing, so she opted out of both options by staying silent.

"Pleading the fifth, huh? Well no worries, we're just getting started."

To punctuate his words, Alex leaned forward and gave her a quick peck on the lips, stealing Riveria's first kiss as he did so. Meanwhile his hands became active yet again as they both groped her ass.

Instead of massaging it like she thought though, Riveria was surprised when Alex lifted her up by her ass until she was hovering right over his cock. She barely had the time to take in a quick breath, before Alex brought her down onto his entire length.


It was yet another testament to her will and self control that Riveria did not cry out as the mass suddenly filled her, literally shifting and stretching all of her organs as it impaled her and took her maidenhood.

Though he was sparing her the pain of being stretched out with the power of Nika, Riveria was still having to adjust from the pain of losing her virginity. So Alex gave her a moment before he began to shift her hips slightly, moving them in small circles.

Despite the pain and pleasure she was feeling, or the meat rod rearranging her insides, Riveria was STILL a complete mask of composure as she experienced sex for the first time.

"You know, you CAN let go a little." Alex whispered in her ear, making her shudder from how sensative it was.

"I don't think so." Riveria answered, refusing to let go of that last little bit of self control she still possessed. Unfortunately for her, the elven princess would soon learn that it was an impossible task.


Riveria jerked as she felt an incredibly soft sensation pressing up against her back, two of them with hardened points at their center.

"Come on princess, let your hair down~." Kurumu whispered into her ear as she smooshed her breasts against Riveria's back, reaching around to cup her own breasts while she was at it.

"Don-!" Riveria tried to protest, turning towards Kurumu only to have her mouth sealed in her second kiss.

Though her experience with kissing was basically nonexistent, Riveria immediately became drunk on Kurumu's lips as their kiss quickly devolved into an intense make-out session.

This was due to not only Kurumu's own succubus charm, but also her Aphrodisiac Secretion that turned her own bodily fluids into a potent aphrodisiac. It was so powerful by this point, namely from her trying to use on Alex with his Poison Resistance, that even virgin goddesses could be turned into cock-hungry sluts begging to be fucked.

Even as Riveria's own inhibitions began to slip away with her becoming increasingly engrossed in making out with Kurumu, she also began to grow saturated down below as Alex could feel her body heating up around his cock.


With time blurring by for the last few floors, Alex had Riveria sitting on the dashboard of the car while he thrusted up into her, one of his spare cocks lodged up her ass as she moaned without restraint.

It was safe to say the proud High Elven princess had fallen completely.

By this point the only one not joining in the orgy taking place was the awkward Toya, who was rubbing her holographic thighs together with increasing arousal, but appeared too embarrassed to ask her 'Onii-Chan' to include her as well. She did however call out to him as they approached the entryway to the next floor.

"Onii-Chan, the 99th floor is just up ahead."

Alex looked up from fucking Riveria to see the stairway heading even further downwards, which appeared to almost blend in with the walls of the floor they were on.

The previous floor was an expansive and deadly desert that had walls that looked like they belonged to a ruined ancient civilization, while this one made it seem as if they had arrived to the very center of the earth.

Magma flowed in rivers and down all of the walls around them as the car hurried forward, which played home to any numer of dangerous beasts. And on top of those two points, Toya's scans indicated that this floor alone had temperatures approaching the level of the surface of the sun, which would have been borderline impossible for anyone else to traverse.

As was the case throughout the entirety of their trip through the Dungeon, the monsters of this floor were spawning endlessly as they all desperately tried to destroy Alex specifically.

Massive toads would leap out of the rivers of magma to lob globs of molten rock at them, while golems made of metals unlike anything Tsubaki had ever seen chucked massive bulders at them. Naturally, neither of these nor the other monsters made it past the car's defenses, which made Toya VERY proud of herself.

Now they were preparing to descend to the second to last floor, and Alex decided it was time to take things somewhat seriously. He could feel the intent within the Dungeon growing increasingly agitated as he delved further down, and didn't want to be caught off guard by anything that might appear.

And so, when they arrived on the 99th floor, they were all greeted by a colossal figure sitting on a throne.

It appeared similar in size to the Colossal Titan, but radiated power and nobility that the titans couldn't hope to match.

"Is that the force behind the Dungeon?" Shakti asked in awe.

"No. Thats just their puppet." Alex scoffed in contempt, before turning to Lucy. "Do you want this one?"

Lucy just deadpanned as her eyes went from Alex to the thing, and then back to Alex before going back to the thing, and the finally back to Alex.

"You know.... Before I met you, something like this would have made me wet myself out of pure horror." Lucy comment dryly.

"As I recall, you were naked and chained up in a dungeon when we met." Aled told her pointedly, which made Lucy roll her eyes while everyone who didn't know the story looked at her in shock. Given how they had all spent the day, it was understandable that they all misunderstood.

Lucy then stepped forward to face the king-like monster before them, which Alex decided to recommend was called Typhon. It only seemed fitting for a being that had the appearance and bearing of a king of monsters.

It's legs were covered in black fur with a pair of cloven hooves for feet, and from the waist up were blood-red scales that appeared sharp enough to draw blood just by touching them. The scales continued down both of it's arms before ending in a trio of lethal talons, one set being wrapped around a massive sword. It's head menawhile had the appearance of a lion's, even complete with a mane, while a pair of ram's horns curled up from it's forehead.

Typhon, as Alex decided to refer to it, snarled at them while focusing it's reptilian eyes on Lucy predatorily. Tightening the grip on it's sword, Typhon stood before letting out a deafening roar that sent shockwaves throughout the the entire cavern.

As it did that, numerous large bonfires burst into life to illuminate the previously pitch black surroundings.

All around them were massive colosseum walls in a roman style, with several gates surrounding them on all sides. Gates that then opened to allow dozens, then hundreds, and then thousands of powerful monsters to flood out into the arena with them.

"They have us surrounded, the poor bastards." Alex comment with a smirk while Lucy just scoffed at the seemingly overwhelming numbers.

"I'd like to see whoever thinks they can outnumber ME." She declared confidently, before pulling out several keys. "Open the gates of the Fayth, Bahamaut, Valefor, Yojimbo, Ifrit, Shiva, Ixion, Anima, and the Magus Sisters!"

As per Lucy's command, eight gates opened up around her through which several imposing figures appeared, one a massive black dragon, a large monstrous bat, a samurai with a large dog, a literal fire demon, a beautiful woman with blue skin, one that could only be described as a Kirin, another literal demon bound in chains, and then a group of three women with insectoid appearances. But Lucy wasn't done yet.

"Open the gates of the Celestial Spirits, Aquarius, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, Capricorn, Pisces, and Libra!" She cried out this time, opening twelve more gates that thriteen figures walked through. The twelve Zodiac Spirits of Earthland.

And STILL Lucy wasn't done.

With yet another key in her hands, she turned it while crying out, "Open the gate of the beast!"

This key, unlike all the other she had used up until this point, was unique in that it opened dozens of gates by itself that HUNDREDS of monsters the likes of which Tsubaki, Shakti and Asfi had never seen before walked through. They were a collection of monsters found in the replicas of the Great Labyrinths, as well as all throughout Spira. Not only were they all uniquely powerful in their own way, but that had all been strengthened by Lucy using Alteration magic on them repeatedly.

"Amazing..." Shakti uttered in awe, also being a tamer herself. However she had never been able to tame so many monsters, nor monsters nearly as powerful as these.

Seeing the army of monsters gathering before it, Typhon roared yet again while pointing it's sword at them. Translation, CHAAAAAAARGE!!!!!!!!

Lucy just sneered at the king of monsters as she flicked her wrist, materializing a whip that shimmered with starlight in her hands.


At her order, the spirits, Aeons and monsters under her command readily charged out at their foes to destroy them all for the sake of their summoner.

Lucy meanwhile, never having liked staying back while her summons fought for her, grabbed onto one of the spikes of the massive Behemoth King as it ran by to pull herself up onto it. Then, while maintaining her balance, Lucy cracked her whip to produce a burst of cosmic energy similar to that of an exploding star. Well, her husband WAS a sun god after all.

Typhon let out another roar as it began to charge forward without caring about any of the monsters it was trampling under foot, each step making the very earth quake under it's great size and weight. Alex would be surprised if no one on the surface could feel it.

As it charged at Lucy, a pair of massive leathery wings spread out from Typhons back to allow it to take to the air, while it also took in a deep breath to prepare for what was sure to be a devestating attack.

And sure enough a literal tidal wave of flames were expelled from it's gullet to bathe the entire arena, flames that Alex could tell posessed acidic properties as well. It was truly a devestating attack for any unfortunate enough to be caught up in it, Alex guessed.

Right as Typhon expelled the flames from it's mouth, Bahamaut responded in kind by using it's own breath related attack, a variant of the Flare spell.

Countless monsters had their bodies vaporized instantly by the attack, and they weren't even the target, before the Flare smothered Typhon's flames and engulfed it's own body.

When the light died down it revealed the king of monsters, battered with it's sword broken, and numerous parts of it's body missing.

Even with half of it's face gone though, Typhon appeared undaunted by the strength of it's opponent. Instead, it began to rapidly heal the damage that had been done to it before changing targets to Bahamaut.

The two titans clashed in the air above the colosseum, using their wings to keep themselves aloft while they tore at one another with their claws.

At the same time, entire sections of the arena were being frozen by Shiva, burned by Ifrit, or barraged by lightning by Ixion. Anima was perhaps the one dealing the most damage against their numbers though, using it's signature moves Pain and Oblivion to directly slaughter the monsters with little to no effect on their surroundings.

"I can't believe this..." Asfi uttered as she watched the battle, a sentiment that the other women shared as well.

Monsters unlike anything she had ever seen before tore through what was obviously the strongest monsters in the entire Dungeon, doubly so since Alex's presence meant a seemingly endless sea of stronger monster variants. Even now they were continuously pouring through the gates to join the fray, yet their numbers seemingly did nothing to turn the tide of battle.

"The numbers aren't going down... They'll probably have to take out the king first to stop the others from spawning..." Alex mused out loud, calling attention back up into the air where Typhon and Bahamaut were still battling it out.

The Aeon was obviously the stronger of the two, of that there was no doubt. But Typhon was regenerating all of the damage it was receiving endlessly and at such a pace, that it's attacks hadn't slowed in the slightest.

It looked like anyone who came down to this point would either have to battle Typhon until they wore it down enough that it's regeneration could no longer keep up, all while battling the endless army of monsters, or they would have to eliminate it entirely in one strike before moving on to clean up the army of monsters.

Of course, Bahamaut COULD eliminate Typhon at once if it tried, but doing so could put everyone else down there at risk, so it relied on it's claws and fangs for the most part.

That was ok, as even if they had to wear it down that shouldn't take too long. All of the monsters being spawned were stronger variants than it would've spawned otherwise, and they were being slaughtered so rapidly that it was having to spawn them in an endless horde. Alex could feel the vast amounts of energy Typhon possessed rapidly dwindling with each passing second.

An obstacle that would've meant the end for even an army of level ten adventurers, and it was completely and utterly trivialized by Alex and his wives.

With a roar Bahamaut tore out Typhon's wings and sent it crashing down to the ground, where it crushed several of it's own monsters underneath it's titanic form. It would regrow the wings almost instantly, but before that it was swarmed by all of Lucy's monsters that were near where it fell.

Though they were nowhere near as strong as Bahamaut, so all it suffered were some superficial wounds that healed almost as quickly as they were inflicted. Typhon even ignored all of Lucy's weaker monsters entirely to focus it's attention on Bahamaut, snarling menacingly at it from the ground.

What happened next stunned the entire arena to silence, as Typhon stiffened up suddenly, before disolving into dust as it died.

Everyone, Alex included, stared in disbelief in the place where Typhon had been just a few seconds prior, where there wasn't even a magic crystal left behind. What WAS there though, was a solitary figure dressed in a plain hooded robe, holding a butcher's knife in one hand, and a glowing lanturn in the other that illuminated it's bulbous yellow eyes.


Alex shuddered slightly as the Tonberry looked at them all soullessly, as if there was not a single thought behind it's yellow eyes despite having just killed the strongest monster in the entire Dungeon. To this day, they were the only thing that genuinely creeped him out and terrified him.

"You're the best Tom" Lucy cried out, leaping down from the Behemoth King to give the Tonberry a hug. Of course SHE still found the thing 'cute'.

Apparently all of the other monsters spawned by Typhon were in the same boat as Alex though, as 'Tom' the Tonberry looked out over them, and every single one tried to flee.

Unfortunately for them the gates they had been entering through didn't seem to go anywhere, and no more reinforcements were spawning for them either. With Alex and co blocking the only exit, which had also been gated off when the battle started, what happened next could only be called a slaughter.

It was downright disrespectful as the entirety of Lucy's army began trying to kill as many monsters as possible to 'farm' points. Of course the system in Asora applied to them as well, along with the benefits they were already receiving through their contracts with Lucy.

"Damn that little bug bastard, there goes all of the experience we were going to get!" Loke, alternatively known as Leo, swore as they hurried to accumulate as much exp as they could, while they could.

Soon the last of the army of monsters joined their king in whatever afterlife they had, but unlike it they DID leave behind a magic crystal, tens of thousands of which littered the arena floor.

"Thanks for the help everyone! You all were awesome!" Lucy stated as her personaly army gathered around her.

"Anytime MOOOOOOOOOOOCY!" Cried out Taurus, who was always happy to serve the bodacious Lucy. Thankfully she and the rest of the girls had dressed before exiting the car.

"Indeed miss. It is always an honor to be called upon for service." Capricorn added in agreement.

"Thanks you guys, but I'm pretty sure some of you have alterior motives..." Lucy said as she looked towards Alex.

"Master, is it time for punishment?" Virgo asked as she hiked up her skirt to wiggle her naked ass in front of Alex.

"Wait your turn Virgo. First master has to take me on a date~!" Aquarius stated as she clung to one of Alex's arms.

"U-um....." Aries bashfully sputtered as she tried to work up the nerve to insert herself.

Also vying for Alex's attention were Libra and the mother of Pisces, which exasperated Lucy to no end.

"Seriously, I'm their master... Close the gates." Lucy stated, forcibly sending back all of the Spirits, Aeons and monsters.

"Amazing..." Shakti uttered once again as she looked to Lucy in awe. As a tamer, Lucy was practically divine in her eyes.

"If you want..." Alex whispered in her ear suddenly, making Shakti jump before he continued, "I can point you in the direction to learn a similar magic as Lucy, called Alteration magic. Not only can it help you tame monsters, but it can also alter and strengthen them as well."

Naturally Shakti was very intrigued in such magic, but that would have to wait until they were out of the Dungeon.

With a sweep of his hand Alex stored away every single one of the magic crystal for later, though instead of trading them in he was curious what Lala would be able to do with them. They all then directed their attention to the new gate that opened up directly behind Typhon's throne, which would lead them even further down. Though Alex knew this would be the final floor.

Beyond the gate was a staircase that extended down into the darkness, much, much further down than any of the other staircases they had seen yet.

"Yeah, fuck that." Alex said, deciding to skip the stairs as he instead used Spatial magic to 'bend' space slightly, taking them right to the bottom instead of walking the entire thing.

"Wow... That's handy." Tsubaki said as Alex opened the large wooden double doors before them.

"Yeah. Truthfully we could've just gone straight down to the bottom with Spatial magic, but that would take the fun out of it." Alex said as he strode through the doors, only to find themselves in a throne room.

Torches with blue flames along the walls around them cast an eerie light along the throne room, keeping it dark while also allowing them to see what was in there. At the other end they could see anther throne, much smaller than Typhon's, upon which a single figure sat.

Their entire body was darkness given physical form, betraying no actual features aside from it being humanoid. And from it Alex could feel all of the malice and anger that had been increasing the deeper they got directed at him.


Though Alex, Erza, Shizuku, Kurumu, San and Mirajane were all unaffected by it, the rest of the girls, Ais, Tione, Tiona, Lefiya, Riveria, Tsubaki, Shakti and Asfi all paled as several fell to their knees, and the others struggled just to remain standing.

"Welcome, arrogant god." The figure rasped with a voice dripping venom, and sounding as pleasant as a Banshee's wail. And Alex had plenty of experience with THAT.

"Greeting, ignorant extra." Alex replied back at it, not at all feeling perturbed in it's presence. He even started exerting his own pressure to lift some of the weight from the girl's shoulders.

Though it had no facial features, Alex imagined the figure frowning before the pressure coming off of it increased.

"Really? I WILL win any and every type of dick measuring contest." Alex scoffed, before increasing his own pressure until it completely smothered the figure's.

"You dare stand against ME, Tartarus, in MY domain!?!" The figure demanded angrily.

"Tartarus? Really?" Alex scoffed at the cliche name, making the figure even angrier at him.

Before it could act though, Alex waved his hand and forcibly dispelled the figure using his own divinity over darkness.

"W-what was that!?" Asfi demanded once she could breathe again.

"A projection." Alex answered, swiping his hand to the side to move the throne out of the way.

Sitting there, behind the throne, was a glass sphere with swirling darkness within it's depths.

"THAT, is the true face of the Dungeon. Or rather, Tartarus." Alex said as he approached the sphere.

Within it he could feel not only the malice of Tartarus itself, but also the collective negative feelings of all who had perished within the Dungeon. There had to be thousands upon thousands of people who had lost their lives within the Dungeon since it was first discovered, or rather millions.

And the souls of every single one had been drawn here, to the depths that they once so desperately wanted to explore. They were forced to become a part of the Dungeon itself, feeding it with their pain, regrets, and frustration while others joined them over the centuries.

Without hesitation, Alex placed his hand on the surface of the sphere.

Instantly the intent controlling the Dungeon tried to suck his very essence into the sphere itself, intending to force Alex to become a part of the Dungeon along the countless other who had perished over the millenia.

"Dumbass." Alex smirked, before a roar echoed throughout the throne room. The Boosted Gear appeared on Alex's left hand as the draconic energies within his body surged.

"You want this one Ddraig?" He asked humorously.


Ddraig roared as his intent surged into the sphere in Alex's stead, and a green light appeared within the sphere to represent the Welsh Dragon, that was immediately assaulted by the darkness within. Alex watched as Ddraig's light pushed back against the sea of darkness, quickly overwhelming the waves of darkness amassed against him.

Though Ddraig didn't need the help, Alex decided to assist him and those trapped within the sphere by using Spirit magic to allow their souls to escape, increasing the rate that Ddraig's light was eleiminating the darkness. Soon, all that was left was Tartarus itself.

For the briefest of seconds the malicious entity managed to push back against both Alex and Ddraig, before they swiftly overwhelmed it and Alex used Soul Break on the entity.

With the soul fragments of Tartarus being inside the sphere, Ddraig then consumed them on Alex's behalf, transferring their power to him while green light filled the core of the Dungeon, and numerous notifications sounded.

[NOTICE! The user has acquired the 'Dungeon Creation' and 'Dungeon Control' skills! Divine 'Dungeon' authority has been acquired!]

[NOTICE! User has gained authority over Tartarus!]

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