516 In the Omniverse

"Ha..." Alex sighed in relief when Nami informed him she HAD in fact eaten the Devil Fruit, which he knew would be more than enough for her to defeat Enel on her own.

Though normally it would take some time for a person to adapt to their Devil Fruit powers, Nami was already capable of reading, using, and manipulating the weather better than anyone else in their world. Add to the fact that Enel was a lightning man, which was an actual part of the weather she could now control, and Alex almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

Of course, this little maneuver didn't come without a price.

Alex had Lauren transfer nearly all of the Chatroom shop points he possessed to Nami, where Lauren then bought the Ara Ara no Mi on her behalf. It was a price well paid though, as Nami was bound to become a world class powerhouse with the powers of Ara Ara no Mi, and her own knowledge of weather.

Now there was only the rest of those Alex was in touch with.

Wether or not they themselves were aware of it, several of them needed help in some way or another. And now the ability to send each other items through the Chatroom was open, so Alex cracked his knuckles as he got to work.


Princess Yue was in trouble.

Her entire life she had lived within the confines of the Northern Water Tribe's city, living by their traditions and restrictions not just created by her gender, but also by her status. Everywhere Princess Yue went she was escorted by both guards and attendants, and every facet of her life was planned out.

Even as a water bender she was unable to properly use her talents, as only men in their tribe were allowed to fight, while the women were only able to learn the healing arts of water bending.

And yet...

Despite the restrictions on her life, Princess Yue had been content. She had grown up learning about her duty, and her importance to her tribe. Even when her engagement to the warrior Hahn had been arranged, Yue hadn't complained or gone against it at all spite Hahn's reputation as a womanizer. Or him openly boasting about the 'perks' he got by marrying her.

Today however, something had changed within her.

It started with the appearance of something called the Chatroom, within which were numerous people from either around her world, or different worlds entirely. And NOT the Spirit World either.

And then something she'd never expected happened as the girl called Ruby posted a picture of her most private of places.

It was the most scandalous thing Yue had ever seen, yet she couldn't tear her gaze away from it either.

That first image was followed by several others, before Yue found herself getting a brief moment of privacy, in which she too hiked up her furs to flash the others.

That had given the sheltered Princess the greatest thrill of her life as unknown feelings welled up within her, and an itch she'd never felt before formed between her legs.

Upon returning to her private quarters, Yue stripped off her furs and flopped down onto her bed. Her room was still freezing, especially since everything in the Northern Water Tribe was made of ice and snow, but Yue had long since grown accustomed to the cold, having lived there her entire life.

This particular moment however she felt hot. REALLY hot.

And the heat grew Yue slowly moved her fingers to the hottest part of her body, the place she had exposed earlier between her legs. And once there, her fingers began to explore experimentally as they traced her hidden folds.

Yue didn't know what she was doing, she had never done something like this before. But whatever IT was, it felt so right to her.

The entire time she could hear numerous notifications going off on the Chatroom, but was ignoring them all as she focused on the mysterious waves flowing through her body at the moment. But then, some force made her open her eyes just in time to see something the likes of which put what she'd seen earlier to shame.

It was a picture of a extremely large man, but he was completely covered in bright red fur with a thick mane of pitch black hair flowing around his shoulders. He was sitting upon a chair as if it were a throne, and most embarrassingly of all, he was completely naked.

Having never seen a man naked before, Yue was transfixed as her fingers furiously pumped her folds harder and faster, seemingly with a mind of their own.

Even if she'd never seen the real thing, her education of course had included wifely duties, above all was producing an heir for the royal family. So even if she'd never seen what she was seeing now before, she knew exactly what it was for as she imagined it pumping in and out of her, stirring her up before finally filling her with its life-giving seed.

A rush suddenly enveloped Yue's body as her fingers were suddenly bathed in a shower of fluid, and she involuntarily cried out in ecstasy.

"Princess! Is everything ok?!" The guards outside her door yelled as they heard her cry.

"I-I'm fine!" Yue exclaimed as she tried to keep them from barging in and finding her in her compromised state.

With a flick of her wrist she gathered up all of the moisture covering her body and flicked it away to dispose of it, before quickly dressing with reddened cheeks as she recalled the image of the man, who she could only presume was Alex.


On the other end of the world another young woman was going through a similar struggle.

Unlike the Northern Water Tribe, which was still a stronghold that had resisted hundreds of raids from the Fire Nation over the last hundred years, the Southern Water Tribe was nothing more than a small collection of a few tents surrounding a large igloo.

A hundred years of raids from the Fire Nation had not only wiped out all but one water bender, but all of the able bodied men had departed years prior to assist the Earth Kingdom in fighting back against the Fire Nation.

Now the small settlement was populated only by elderly, mothers, and a few young children. The only able bodied ones in the entire village were Katara and her older brother, Sokka, who was in fact the tribe's only remaining Hunter/warrior, while Katara herself was the only remaining water bender.

And while Yue had lived her entire life being restricted by her tribe's traditions and her role as a princess, Katara had spent her entire life taking care of the village while her talents as a water bender went to waste, due to no one being able to teach her. In fact, certain members of her own tribe, such as her brother, even regarded Katara akin to a freak for being able to water bend.

So she too was excited to get an invitation from the Chatroom, and had readily participated in it despite the questionable activities of its members. After all, this was the FIRST time she had actually been able to interact with people similar in age with herself outside her brother.

But the best part had yet to come.

Soon Katara saw someone posted an image of a man that was supposedly the one who ran the Chatroom, Alex, completely naked as he lounged on a chair as if it were a throne.

The photo, which was the same one Yue had masturbated to, was the picture Alex had taken for the competition from when he first acquired the Chatroom, and therefore showed him with his 'Peerless Beauty' skill in full effect.

Seeing a naked man for the first time in her life, Katara was completely transfixed by Alex and his appearance, though she still had several questions regarding exactly WHAT he was.

Before she could ask any of them though, she suddenly received a notification from someone named Anne, which Katara readily opened only for a small wooden box to appear out of midair in front of her.

Surprised at something just appearing in front of her, Katara tentatively opened the box since she was within the privacy of her tent, and was stunned at what she found within it.

"It can't be...!" Katara uttered emotionally, even as she picked up one of the scrolls and opened it, to reveal a drawn figure going through numerous motions while controlling what appeared to be a stream of water.

"Water bending scrolls!?" She gasped as her suspicions were confirmed, making her heart pound in her chest as she looked the same scroll over again and again to make sure she wasn't seeing things.

And a quick check through all of them confirmed that every single scroll depicted moves and techniques associated with water bending in various difficulties.

Despite it quickly growing darker out, and colder, Katara swiftly exited her tent and took off with the box of scrolls tucked under her arm. The fact that it was night didn't deter her, as the full moon was out and provided enough light that she was even able to make out the figures drawn on the scrolls.


A few hundred miles north of Katara at the South Pole, a young woman with shoulder length auburn colored hair was conflicted.

As first she was interested in the Chatroom after the invitation appeared before her, but her interest waned when she realized it belonged to a pervert who wanted them to post naughty images of themselves on it.

And then the man behind it all, Alex, asked her a strange question. To use the Chatroom to send him a set of all the equipment she and her comrades used for combat. The sacred attire and weapons of the Kiyoshi Warriors.

Attired in green armored kimonos and metallic headdresses, and armed with metal fans, retractable shields, and katanas, the Kiyoshi Warriors could trace their legacy back several centuries to none other than the great Avatar Kiyoshi herself. They were a female exclusive band of warriors, who had long since protected the island of Kiyoshi from outsiders and invaders, including the Fire Nation.

Suki was naturally hesitant to send a set of their armor and weapons to a pervert like Alex, but she eventually relented anyways. Though a pervert, Suki quickly realized Alex didn't possess the same sexist beliefs as most men about women fighting, and wondered if he simply wanted to let one of them try their style of fighting for themselves.

What Suki never expected was for Alex to send her the armor and weapons back a short while later with Alex's thanks, only for it to be followed by a hundred other identical sets of armor and weapons.

And as if that hadn't been surprising enough, Alex then informed Suki that each and every one had been 'enchanted', whatever that meant. But according to Alex, all of the armors were impossible to tear, and were completely resistant to heat and fire, meaning they never had to worry about being wounded by fire bending ever again.

Their weapons meanwhile had all been enchanted to never dull, and were far sharper than any of them had ever been before. To the point where Suki even sliced through rocks and bars of metal as if they were paper.

To call Suki amazed would be an understatement, to say nothing of how her comrades felt when they learned of their new equipment. Naturally Suki didn't tell them where she got it.

The only thing that worried her about the whole situation though, was what this was going to cost her in the future...


Liliruca Arde glowered a she stared at the screen that was being projected before her eyes, still trying to decide what to think of it.

Naturally she was suspicious of it. After all, she had quickly learned to not trust anyone in her life, including her own parents, but most of all adventurers.

With both of her parents being born into the Soma Familia, Lili was a member of it from birth, meaning she had been trapped within the familia her entire life. At first she had been used to make money by her parents, but when they died within the Dungeon she had been left to fend for herself within a Familia that cared nothing for her.

Like many others in the city of Orario Lili had turned towards the Dungeon herself to make money to survive, but soon discovered she had no aptitude to be an adventurer. So she turned to being a supporter for adventurers instead, only to constantly take years of abuse and mistreatment from them.

What made matters even worse for her was that Lili was a Pallum, a race of people that strongly resembled humans, but were short and often resembled children throughout their entire lives(Hobbits). Because they were considered to be the weakest race, Pallum men and women had a long history of being oppressed and even enslaved, and were often turned into sex slaves for the more degenerate of nobility and such.

Lili had also been forced to deal with her fair share of perverts, but thanks to her general distrust of everyone around her, and her magic called Cinder Ella, which allowed her to transform slightly, she had been able to avoid being 'spoiled'.

So with an entire life of being mistreated and used behind her, she was skeptical at best about the Chatroom. But, thankfully there was in fact a way for her to confirm its existence and determine its worth, as she approached an abandoned and crumbling church.

This was the home of the goddess Hestia, who was also a part of the Chatroom where she went by Bestia for some reason.

Just as she was about to reach for the door, Lili heard soft footsteps echoing off the alley walls around her.

Whirling around with her crossbow at the ready, Lili found herself looking at a Elven woman with green hair and a similarly colored maid uniform, who stared at her impassively.

"It appears we had the same idea." The elf said in a calm voice, making Lili pause before she hesitantly asked,


The Elven women nodded slowly before approaching her so they were both standing at the door leading to the church.

As she approached Lili was completely alert, studying every single movement the elf made, and what she saw scared her. Ryuu was no ordinary elf.

That was what Lili's instincts, after being around adventurers her entire life, were screaming at her as Ryuu got closer to her, until they were side by side. Even as Ryuu raised her hand to simply knock on the church door, Lili's eyes never left her, and the tension never left her body.


Ryuu''s knuckles wrapped on the solid wooden doors once, and before she could knock again they swung open suddenly to reveal a woman who stood a foot taller than Lili, who was only a little over three and a half feet.

She had coal black hair tied up into long twin tails with ribbons that had bells on them, and her bright blue eyes scanned the two of them excitedly. But both Ryuu and Lili's eyes were drawn entirely to the girl's absolutely massive chest, which bounced and boinged with each movement she made.

"Ryuu? Lili!? Hi! I'm Hestia!" The diminutive goddess exclaimed excitedly from seeing them, before she glanced around curiously. "Haruhime isn't here..." She added sadly, having expected all three of them to show up.

"So I wasn't imagining it..." Ryuu uttered quietly, having gotten confirmation from both Lili and Hestia that the Chatroom did exist.

"Sorry we aren't enough for you." Lili stated however, annoyed at Hestia's apparent disappointment.

"O-oh! It's not that! It's just that Alex and I were talking about her a bit, and we were worried..." Hestia quickly said.

Based on the short bit of information he'd gotten from her, Alex had his concerns regarding Haruhime. Naturally, not being in the same universe as her just yet, he shared his concerns with Hestia in the hopes that the goddess could help him help the fox girl.

Hestia had been hoping Haruhime would come to her church so they could actually talk, but it appeared she'd have to rely on the 'secondary' option Alex gave her.

For the moment however she focused on Lili and Ryuu, leading the duo into her ruined church only for them to gape as they beheld all of the brand new and luxurious furniture within it that didn't match the exterior.

"Tea?" Hestia asked as she prepared a pot of tea for them, using the brand new tea set Alex had sent her.

Hestia had been receiving LOTS of gifts from Alex ever since he had unlocked the ability for them to send physical objects through the Chatroom. Things ranging from food items, items for her day-to-day use, and even treasures and valuables.

The way Alex saw it, Hestia wasn't supposed to spend her immortal life in the mortal realm working just to survive. And it cost him nothing to ensure she had what she needed to live comfortably.

So it was only after Hestia brought the two of them tea that Ryuu asked her seriously, "How much do you really 'know' about this 'Alex'?"

Hestia silently set her tea down on the table between them before looking both Lili and Ryuu in the eye at the question. The two girls leaned forward tensely as they saw Hestia take in a deep breath, before she exploded,

"He's the most AMAZING person there is! Alex is an emperor that has built a massive family with hundreds of wives and dozens of children, and does everything in his power to keep them safe from harm! One time, one of his daughters was kidnapped, and Alex mobilized his ENTIRE empire to get her back!"

Just as Hestia was about to launch into story mode to tell Ryuu and Lili all the amazing things she'd learned from Alex's wives ever since she got the Chatroom, there was a sudden notification that distracted her before an entire stack of papers appeared out of thin air and landed on the table next to her tea.

Curious, Hestia picked them up as she read the top sheet of paper, which read,


I prepared these to deal with a few problems I know are over there, and hopefully whatever is going on with Haruhime. If none of them work for her then let me know and I can make something else.

-love, Alex.

Hestia's heart leapt when she read the letter from Alex, making her squeal in excitement at the end when he mentioned 'love', much to Ryuu and Lili's annoyance.

"What is it?" Lili asked irritably, making Hestia flip through the rest of the papers curiously.

"Let's see... What the-!?"

The second Hestia made contact with one of the papers it lit up suddenly, before a brilliant golden sword erupted from the page and shot upwards to pass through the ceiling before it disappeared.

"Ok.... And what was that?" Ryuu asked Hestia, who read the back of the page immediately.

"Ascalon?" The goddess replied hesitantly, though she didn't know why Alex would send that item in particular.

The page under it though had Hestia sitting up in excitement as she read what it did, right before it too lit up and filled the church with light.

"Again!?!" Lili cried out in irritation as she shielded her eyes from the light, before it died down to reveal a fox-girl with long golden blonde hair, who was completely naked.

"Eh?" Haruhime uttered in confusion as she took in her surroundings, not at all aware of what was going on. But when she realized she was naked, her entire face turned beet red as she tried to cover herself while crying out, "KYAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

Rather than react though, the rest of the gathered girls dead panned at her as Lili retorted,

"Why are you so shy? Haruhime-Sama already showed everyone before..."

"It's not the same!" The embarrassed fox-girl cried, before demanding, "and why am I here!?!"

The three girls looked at each other and then at the stack of papers on the table, before saying in unison,


"Well why am I naked!?!"

"Alex." Hestia stated plainly, having already heard all about his 'Lucky Pervert' skill from the rest of his wives. She had no doubt this little incident was probably caused by that very same skill.

The titty goddess quickly got up to check the wardrobe for something for Haruhime to wear, only returning with a robe since all of the clothes were tailored to fit her size, and were too small for Haruhime. And even without that none of Hestia's clothes were designed for those with tails, so Haruhime's butt was constantly being displayed whenever she moved.

After a few minutes and some tea she finally managed to calm down enough for Hestia to try and explain things somewhat, namely that she had been looking at a stack of papers that Alex had sent her, and accidentally summoned Haruhime when she touched one.

Just as she reached out to pick the stack up again, Lili quickly swiped them instead as she stated coolly, "Maybe I should be the one to look through these Hestia-Sama..."

Though Hestia wanted to protest she couldn't, seeing as she had accidentally activated both pages she touched without meaning to. So, she could only sit there in silence and sulk as Lili shifted through the pages for them.


Lili's heart suddenly felt as if it had stopped beating entirely as she came across a certain page amongst them. One that, if she was reading the description correctly, could remove the 'blessing' of the gods, the Falna.

A Falna was a blessing from gods to mortals that would empower them beyond their wildest dreams if used correctly, while also marking the receiving mortal as a part of the god's 'family', or Familia.

As a member off the Soma Familia from birth Lili obviously had his Falna upon her back, but in her case it was more like a curse than a blessing. And to have it removed she would be required to hand over a fortune to her God to fund his 'hobby'.

Truthfully, Lili also planned to scope out those connected to Chatroom to see what they had worth stealing to add to her coffers to leave Soma Familia, but actually meeting Ryuu in person completely ruined such plans early on. It was a shame too, as Hestia and Haruhime seemed like easy marks to her.

Looking at the page before her though, tears began to form in Lili's eyes as she realized she didn't need to save up a fortune to leave Soma. But now she had to find a way to 'steal' this page, since she doubted this Alex person would give it away so easily.

"What's wrong Lili? You got quiet all of a sudden?" Hestia asked her suddenly, startling Lili out of her reverie

"Nothing Hestia-Sama! I was just reading this!" Lili said dismissively, before using one of the tricks she'd picked up to steal from adventurers to slip the page into her sleeve, with none of the others being the wiser. Or so Lili thought.

"And what is this?" Ryuu asked as she moved faster than Lili thought possible, swiping the page from her and holding it up to look at it.

"Give it back! I need that!" Lili exclaimed with panic evident in her voice, surprising everyone present as she lunged for the page, disregarding her earlier misgivings regarding Ryuu's strength.

However for Ryuu it was child's play keep the page out of Lili's reach, and reading it to herself as Hestia and Haruhime watched on with interest.

"Removing the blessing of the gods? Why would you need this?" Ryuu asked Lili curiously, to which the distraught Pallum retorted with tears in her eyes,

"Shut up! You don't know anything! You don't know what it's like being weak and unable to do anything! Always being treated like trash for being a supporter! Always being mocked, beaten, and taken advantage of! Never being able to leave or escape! You don't know anything!"

By this point Lili was hysterical as she tried taking the page back from Ryuu, desperate to get her hands on it so she can quit being a member of Soma Familia for good.

What she never expected was to be enveloped in warm softness as Hestia suddenly pulled Lili into her breasts, smothering the Pallum girl as she embraced her.

"It's ok." Hestia told her softly, before the sound of Lili sobbing came from her breasts.

"That'll never happen again." Hestia continued as she slowly began to pet Lili's head soothingly as the Pallum girl shuddered in her embrace.

"Alex will never let someone hurt you again." The goddess told her, not in a soothing tone this time, but with a conviction that didn't match her earlier careless and happy-go-lucky attitude.

"Either of you." Hestia added suddenly as she looked up at Haruhime, who appeared startled to be included in the goddess' declaration before her heart skipped a beat.

After all, she had loved reading fairy tales where a brave knight or prince would come and save her, a slave who was forced to work in a brothel as a part of the Ishtar Familia. But, as much as she loved the idea of being freed from her position, she also knew she didn't deserve it as a prostitute.

Ryuu meanwhile remained silent as Hestia comforted the distraught Lili, setting aside the page the Pallum had tried to steal for her later, and looking through the rest curiously.

Surprisingly, Alex had included a few more pages dedicated to removing the Falna of the gods in case they needed them, as well as several other things that made even her cool and collected mind race.

Amongst them were one time use spells for 'defense', yet they were on the level of a cataclysm if what Ryuu was reading was correct. There was also another spell that would conjure a barrier more powerful than any she had ever seen before, and even several pages that would supposedly allow them to teleport directly out of the Dungeon if they needed to.

Such a thing was impossible... Wasn't it?

Luckily for Ryuu's sanity, she did not see all of the weapons, treasures, and other equipment Alex had sent Hestia, and were stored in a spatial storage ring.


"Soooooooo..... I'm Ruby....." Ruby Rose said awkwardly to their two house guests, Winter Schnee and Pyrrha Nikos.

The two of them had arrived a short while ago in an airship piloted by Winter after she took a temporary leave from the Atlesian army, picking up Pyrrha on the way to Yang and Ruby's house on the island of Patch.

And currently the four women were sitting there awkwardly staring at one another, not knowing what to say. Well, everyone else was sitting, Ruby insisted on standing for some reason.

Winter was a woman in her early to mid twenties, with pure white hair that was tied back in a bun with a fringe of bangs covering a part of her face, and stern blue eyes. Pyrrha meanwhile had long red hair that was tied back in a ponytail, and was attired with numerous metal accessories on her body.

"So, what is this Chatroom?" Winter eventually demanded from Yang, her tone filled with authority and dignity as she intended to get to the bottom of this whole situation, even as she completely ignored Ruby.

"Well..." Yang began slowly, as she tried to find a way to explain it.

"It's kinda like a scroll in which we can talk to each other and stuff through it, but it also lets us talk to people in other universes and stuff as well." Yang stated quickly, before Winter asked skeptically,

"And you believe that?"

Yang nodded as she said seriously,

"Yes I do. The things I've seen on it, they can't be done on Remnant."

"And how do you know we aren't hallucinating or something?"

"Because of this."

As she said that Yang swiftly exited the house with the three of them on her heels, where she walked up to a large Boulder and proceeded to pick it up and spin it on her finger as if it weighed nothing.

"Remind me not to fight you." Pyrrha uttered quietly in awe, while Ruby beamed at her big sister with pride.

"A-and that's not a part of your Semblance?" Winter asked again, trying desperately to deny the existence of the Chatroom and the Omniverse.

"Nope~! My Semblance is called Burn, and turns energy from attacks I take into power. I can't just activate whenever I want like this." Yang explained with more than a little smugness to her tone. She then continued explaining,

"The Chatroom has a store with items and abilities we can buy with points earned by completing quests from it. Certain quests can also directly reward us with certain things, like the Superhuman Strength I got when I first joined the Chatroom!"

"And what kind of quest did you do to get your Superhuman Strength?" Winter asked in response to the explanation Yang gave them, making the energetic blonde falter as she dropped the rock.

"W-well it's not really THAT important... But the main thing is that we can actually get rewarded for doing things as simple as killing Grim and stuff!"

Winter narrowed her eyes at Yang's blatantly desperate attempt to dodge her question, and she was about to repeat herself when Yang, Ruby and Pyrrha all looked up at the same time.

"Awesome!" Ruby exclaimed excitedly, right before her weapon Crescent Rose, a scythe that turned into rifle, appeared out of thin air, along with Yang's Ember Celica, a pair of gauntlets that were also shotguns, and Pyrrha's Miló and Akoúo, a lance/sword/rifle and shield.

Winter was left watching as the other three girls were reunited with their weapons after sending them to one of the girls in the Chatroom, Lala, at Alex's request. She however didn't trust them enough with her beloved swords just yet.

But what she never expected was for two more items to appear after their weapons, a small capsule-like thing with a button, and a ring. With one of each appearing for all three of them, they readily examined the objects before Yang stated,

"Hey! I think these are those storage ring things Alex said they had! They use them to store tons of objects so they can carry them around easily!" And a quick check was all Yang needed to confirm that she was right, and that that each of the storage rings contains tons of various materials and other items that could be used to upgrade their weapons.


"Wah!" Ruby cried out in alarm after she pushed the button on the capsule curiously, only for it to 'explode' in a cloud of smoke that cleared to reveal a strange machine sitting where she had been standing.

Immediately the screen lit up to reveal the face of a pink haired girl with a bubbly appearance.

"HELLO~! It's so nice to finally see all of you!" The girl on the screen exclaimed excitedly, making Yang gape in dumbfoundment as she uttered,

"A-are we actually seeing you right now!?!"

Lala nodded energetically as she said,

"Yep yep! I thought to myself that maybe we'd be able to communicate outside the Chatroom if I sent one of my machines to one of you, and it turned out I was RIGHT! Yippie!" Lala then celebrated the success of her experiment as a small robotic figure also congratulated her, leaving the four women confused as they watched her.

Unknown to them, Lala made it a habit to spit in the eye of the laws of reality on a daily basis.

"So what is this thing?" Ruby asked as her excitement overrode her confusion.

"It's Mobile-Mobile Lab-Chan! It's a mobile lab that can go anywhere and do anything! It's already loaded with scans and plans for modifications for Crescent Rose! The other two are filled with designs for Ember Celica and Miló and Akoúo, while all three have blueprints for armor and stuff!

"Just put the materials into the tray, select the design you want, and with a 'swoosh', 'clang', and 'boom', it'll be done! Just like that!" Jumping at the end of her explanation, numerous questions filled the minds of the four women.

Why would an invention go 'boom'?

Would it really be that simple?

And why, just WHY, was Lala naked?

These and other questions floated through their minds, with the last one being the most prominent as Lala backed away from the screen so they could see more than her face, only to instead get an eyeful of her bouncing boobies.

None of them even registered the tail swirling in the air behind her. And when they finally did, it only added to the list of questions.

Winter rolled her eyes as Yang and Pyrrha both activated their own capsules to see what designs Lala came up with for their own weapons, leaving her alone since she didn't send her weapons to be examined or upgraded.

So instead Winter opened the Chatroom shop that Yang told her about, and looked through it to see if there was anything in there worth her time.

Winter's heart practically froze when she saw what was on there.

Something that was impossible.

"All of the Maiden Powers...." Winter uttered in disbelief.

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