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A guy gets a system. He goes to other worlds. He wants to build a harem. He becomes a god? Join Alex as he joins a game to determine the next God as he travels to new worlds and builds a harem to help him in battle Note- I do not own ANYTHING that is part of an already existing franchise

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Goddess of Love

Aphrodite was heartbroken.

After doing as Alex requested, and removing her Charm from the members of her Familia, nearly every single one had elected to leave her to return to their families.

They parted amicably enough, with none of them regretting or cursing their time with her, but they still chose to leave her all the same to return to the very restrictions Aphrodite had been trying to liberate them from. And with their choice to leave, Alex had readily opened numerous portals to allow them to return directly to their destinations with the hope that their loved ones would take them back.

By the time the last one had gone, only a few of the women that had been with her remained. Though Aphrodite wasn't truly alone with just them, she still felt horrible and betrayed from everyone else leaving her.

So, Alex did the natural thing. And that brings us to the current situation.

"AHN AHN AHN!" The goddess cried out in time with each of Alex's thrusts, as he proceeded to fuck her on the table he had conjured earlier.

Aphrodite almost felt as if she were in heaven once more as Alex proceeded to fuck her better than every single man, woman, and even god that she had ever been with, both before and after descending to the mortal realm.

It was obvious from the moment he first put it inside of her that Alex also possessed divinities related to sex, which he had been steadily cultivating for years. But, unlike every other male god of love and sex that Aphrodite knew of, Alex used his abilities purely for the sake of ensuring his partner was experiencing as much pleasure as possible.

It was a stark contrast to the image that Ares and his followers had painted of the Dragon Emperor, in which he was a man that only cared about himself as he indulged in the flesh of any female who caught his fancy.

That was part of the reason why Aphrodite had accepted sleeping with Alex, as it was the best way for her to determine what a person was like. Even now, as he pounded into her with so much gusto, Aphrodite could read through his body the different experiences he had been through.

She could feel through his muscles his dedication and hard work in cultivating them, as well as the numerous abuses his body had undergone throughout his life. She could see in his expression the gentleness and affection he was capable of, as well as the sadistic tendencies he possessed underneath. But those would only surface for enemies that deserved it, or his lovers that got off on such things.

But most of all she could feel everything the penis inside of her had experienced. The countless women it had brought pleasure to, the children it had sired, as well as the affect it was having in her at that very moment.

Though Alex had yet to release inside of her, Aphrodite could feel the energy his body was producing as they copulated. She could feel it reacting with her own, nourishing her body as well as strengthening it along with her divine powers. On top of that, Aphrodite could also feel the way that Alex's penis was expanding her insides in such a way so as not to cause pain for his partner, despite its impressive size.

That wasn't necessary for Aphrodite, as she could take any sized penis without issue due to being a goddess of sex, but she appreciated the gesture while also knowing that Alex's numerous lovers must as well.

There were however two problems with the current situation. The first was that Alex had given Aphrodite a condition before he started to fuck her, which was that he REFUSED to share any of his women with another man. This meant that their tryst would be a one time thing, unless she committed herself to joining his harem.

The second thing was that, despite how long they had been going at it, and how many times he'd had Aphrodite cum herself, Alex himself had yet to release.

Aphrodite was very proud of her skills and ability in the bedroom, and had even been able to bring countless men to climax just by looking into their eyes and talking to them. No physical contact needed.

Yet the fact that she had yet to make Alex cum was starting to frustrate her.

It wasn't just her pride that was getting frustrated by his lack of release, but her own body and divinities were starting to be affected as well. She NEEDED him to cum, ideally inside of her.

On the other side, Alex was marvelling at just how amazing it felt inside of the goddess beneath him.

It didn't matter how many succubi or goddesses of beauty/love/sex that he bedded, it was always an equally amazing and new experience whenever he bedded someone new. More so when they were a succubus or goddess of sex.

Even now, Alex was resisting the urge to climax in order to prolong this experience as much as possible, as he was unsure if Aphrodite would accept his condition of joining his harem. If she didn't, then Alex would call it quits after the one time just like with the Aphrodite from DXD, who wasn't doing so well last he'd heard.

However, with each passing second that he hadn't released inside of her, Alex could tell that Aphrodite was becoming increasingly stressed out, both mentally and physically. It even got to the point where her Charm even activated all on its own to try and drive him to climax.

With how desperate Aphrodite was becoming, both consciously and unconsciously, Alex decided to have mercy on her as he prepared to cum.

Alex slowed his pace to a more sensual motion while also looking Aphrodite directly in the eyes, before plunging his entire length into her and pressing the head of his cock up against the entrance to her womb. What Alex did next was something unlike anything either he or Aphrodite ever experienced, as he proceeded to unleash literal gallons of semen into the petite goddess' womb.

And no, that wasn't an exaggeration.

Alex could feel what only felt like a divine force extracting every possible drop of semen from his balls, as if it were trying to drain him completely. But either fortunately or unfortunately, Alex's body was able to produce a seemingly endless amount of cum thanks to his skills, like the Divine Sex Drive or Godly Sexual Embrace.

Normally this would make his partner's belly swell to the extreme, but instead Aphrodite's womb began absorbing Alex's semen in a manner similar to succubi and other goddesses of sex. And that opened the floodgates.

As her body seemingly absorbed the energy contained within his seed, Aphrodite's womb clamped down onto Alex like a bear trap trying to keep him from getting away, before she entered orgasmic bliss as her most intense orgasm yet surged through her body.

Alex's movements ceased as he pulled Aphrodite up from the missionary position into his lap, where she wrapped both her arms and legs around him in response while her body was consumed by the strength of her orgasm. What she did next surprised Alex though, as she reached up and planted her lips against his in a kiss while her body was still cumming.

It wasn't a passionate or lust filled kiss driven by sexual need or desire, but a gentle tender one to contrast the rough fucking they had been engaged in moments before.

The kiss continued on for over a minute, with Alex's senses being fine tuned on the taste and softness of Aphrodite's lips, the fragrant scent coming off of her body that seemed to be a rotating blend of everything Alex was attracted to, and the feel of her skin against his own. If he were anyone else, Alex knew he'd be addicted to just her mere presence in his area, to say nothing of her touch, scent, or her insides as they coiled around his cock.

However he was not just anyone else.

Alex broke off the kiss and pulled away slightly from Aphrodite's body, leaving her looking heartbroken and distraught.

"Please...." She uttered in a desperate plea.

"I stand by what I said earlier." Alex replied, referring to how he would only sleep with her once.

For a second Aphrodite's lip quivered at the thought of never being able to feel this again.

Just as her mere presence was intoxicating to others, she had become intoxicated with Alex. His touch, both rough yet gentle. His scent, which was like smoke mixed with something wild and primal. Even his eyes, which gazed at her as if he were able to completely see through her. Unlike the other men who merely gazed at her with barely contained lust, desire, and possessiveness.

And then there was him in bed.

No man had ever made her crave more from him like Alex had, or had pleasured her so thoroughly. Plus there was the potency of his seed, which made Aphrodite feel as if she had been unknowingly dying of thirst her entire life, and had only now been able to slake it.

She couldn't go back to that.

Alex was surprised when Aphrodite reached up and linked her arms around his neck, using the leverage to pull herself up enough that she could plant her lips against his own one more time. But as she did so, she murmured while channeling her divine power,

"I, Aphrodite,goddess of Love, Beauty, Sex and Fertility, do hereby swear myself to the Dragon Emperor, Alexander D. Morningstar.

"From this point forth, no other man may enter my bed aside from him, no other man shall touch my flesh, and no other man shall feel pleasure from my image or presence. My whole self, from this point until the end of time, belongs to my husband, the Dragon Emperor, Alexander D. Morningstar."

The second Aphrodite finished her oath Alex felt her divine power activate, binding her to him. And as they did so, he understood the true scope of what she had just done.

Basically by swearing herself to him, if Aphrodite ever so much as tried to participate in sexual intimacy with another man, her own divine powers would destroy her both physically and spiritually. Not only that, but Aphrodite had taken a step further to ensure that no man except him could ever feel pleasure regarding her aspect again.

She still had the full scope of her divinities, including sex and love, but basically no man could feel pleasure when it came to Aphrodite herself. Even if all he was doing was jerking off while thinking about her, he could jerk and jerk and jerk, but would never get off no matter how much he tried.

It stunned Alex just how far she was willing to go to prove her devotion to him, which none of the other goddesses had. Not even Hestia or Freya since neither ever even considered leaving him or embracing another man after they decided to become his wives, though Alex was pretty sure they would in a heartbeat if he asked them to.

His time to ponder her actions was brief though, as the second Aphrodite finished swearing herself to him she resumed their kiss with far more passion and desire than before. As if she were ravenous, and the only thing that could slake her appetite was Alex himself. Well, him and his meat-stick that was.

But with her having declared her desire to stay with him, Alex readily reciprocated her desires as he stopped holding himself back.

Alex pinned the goddess back down onto the table while pressing even further into her, stretching her hole even more as he prepared to destroy it entirely. Any restraint within him was gone as he looked down at the goddess like she was his prey, and he was the ravenous beast.

Soon her cries echoed throughout the realm they were in, intermingling with Alex's own grunts of pleasure and the smack of his waist against her thighs and ass.

Time blurred as the duo indulged in their lust and desires, with Alex fucking the goddess in every position he could imagine, while she reciprocated for him in turn as neither seemed to tire.

It was only after several hours slipped by that Aphrodite was finally willing to call it quits. But not because she was tired or anything.

"I think you should give some attention to our audience." She purred into his ear, directing both of their attention to the women around them.

Not only were Aphrodite's own remaining Familia members present, but so too were all of the Amazons and Kali.

The first and second groups were locked in a massive orgy of lesbian lust, desperately trying to burn off the desire they could feel within their bodies just from the close proximity to Alex and Aphrodite as they fucked.

The Amazons specifically had been turned on ever since Alex first appeared, a result of his title as King of the Amazons. But with the power passively radiating from his body their condition only grew worse over time, and then Alex and Aphrodite had started fucking one another had sent them completely over the edge due to the wild sex and lust energies the two of them were giving off. Seeing the scene before him, Alex even briefly recalled the result of Kurumu cutting loose on Aphrodite of the DXD world after she had briefly cursed him.

Aside from them though, Kali was downright livid as she desperately fought the arousal coursing through her body. Kali was so aroused, that there was a growing puddle of wetness spreading beneath the chair that Alex had left her sitting on, which she had been unable to get off of even with her divine powers.

It was a testament to her self control, or possibly her spite, that Kali had yet to try and touch herself to ease the arousal she was feeling. Instead she was griping the table with enough force that she would have reduced it to dust if it weren't for Alex's influence, and glaring at him with all the fury and indignation a goddess of Death was capable of.

Alex however ignored her for the moment as he pulled out of Aphrodite and approached a pair of Amazons, one of which was laying on top of the other as they desperately rubbed their vaginas together to try and reach their release. They were so focused on one another and their impending climaxes, that neither noticed Alex's approach.

At least, they hadn't until Alex pressed both of his cocks up against their sopping wet cunts, and thrust forwards to fill them entirely at once.


Both warrior women let out cries of ecstasy as they came from the sudden impalement, climaxing harder than they ever had in their entire life. And the moment they both cried out every single eye turned towards them, before they all turned predatory when they realized Alex had finished with Aphrodite.

None of them were stupid enough to try and take a man away from a goddess, but now that Alex had stepped away from her he was ripe for the taking. Or so they thought.

Just as every single Amazon was about to rush him in order to 'claim' him, Alex commanded in a booming voice, "Freeze!"

Immediately every single woman halted, none daring to so much as move a single muscle. Not until they had been 'allowed' to. Even if Alex had not used any of his magic or skills to force them to freeze, the power of his voice alone was enough to cow the warrior women.

"I am not some prize to be taken and used." Alex declared, shifting his gaze to look upon every single woman present, even though they numbered in the thousands.

"I am Alexander D. Morningstar, the Dragon Emperor and King of the Amazons.

"If you do not accept my rule, then that is fine. I will return you to your respective homes to live out the remainder of your lives away from my direct influence. For those that do however, I will welcome them into my empire with open arms so long as they follow our laws and customs. And for those who wish for it, I will impregnate them so that they may bear a strong child when the time is appropriate.

"If you do not wish to join my empire and harem, then speak now."

His declaration finished, Alex looked out over the massive crowd of women expectantly. And to no suprise, not a single woman expressed interest in leaving. Instead, they all looked at Alex with anticipation for when they would get their turn.

Under their sharp gaze, Alex proceeded to thoroughly plow the pussies of the two Amazons he was already fucking while using Spirit magic to synchronize ALL of the Amazons so they could feel what these two were feeling.

Even Kali was no exception, as she glared at Alex with righteous fury at him subduing the Amazons despite the sensation surging through her body. But she had no choice but to sit there, and watch as Alex plowed each and every single one of her Amazons, turning them from proud warriors to cock-hungry sluts that desired nothing more than to please him.

She lost track of the time as Alex fucked them, not knowing if it was hours or days that passed by since he had started, but all the while the NEED was only ever increasing in her body. And it was beginning to feel like that 'itch' would never be scratched, until the last Amazon fell unconscious to leave just Alex, Aphrodite, and her.

"Your turn, Kali." Alex said as he slowly walked towards her, his still erect cock bobbing with each step.

"Don't you dare..." Kali growled at him threateningly, though Alex just ignored her as he pulled her up out of the chair and placed her down on the table.


He then manually ripped the clothes he had put on her off, once more revealing her naked body as he grabbed both of her ankles, and lifted them up to expose her anal and genital regions.

"Are you ready?" Alex asked as a second cock appeared right above his first, which he then lined up with both her pussy and asshole.

"Bite me!" Kali snarled at him, making Alex and Aphrodite share a wry look.

The goddess of love could tell that Kali DESPERATELY craved Alex inside her, but her pride would never allow her to admit it. In fact, in the land of Telskyura, despite men not being allowed within it, the few that did reside there were merely slaves used for labor and creating more Amazons. So, she knew that whether it was in the divine realm, or in the mortal realm, Kali had NEVER been with a man without being in control.

It was something that Aphrodite knew was arousing her more than anything she ever felt, but Kali herself would never admit.

So, Aphrodite watched as Alex pressed the heads of his cocks against her tight little holes, feeling more than a little jealous since she personally loved it when he had done it to her, before he plunged their entire lengths into her tight orifices.


The effect was immediate as Kali's entire body jerked and spasmed from the most intense orgasm that Aphrodite could feel she had ever experienced, though she had impressively managed to keep her voice from leaking as pleasure surged throughout her body in a relentless tidal wave. But Aphrodite knew this wouldn't be the end. Before Alex was through, Kali would sing like a canary.


*Space-time orb*






"What are they doing?"

"Having a stare down I think...?"

Lucy and Levy both watched on curiously as Kuroka continuously stared at the black cat Alex had summoned a while back.

"This cat is too weird!~nya." Kuroka stated suddenly, surprising them as her gaze never left the cat's eyes.

"Weird how?" Lucy asked curiously.

"It isn't affected by my divine authority~nya." Kuroka stated, her own golden eyes adopting a soft glow as she tried to exercise her influence over the cat. But nothing happened.

Instead, the cat finally broke eye contact with her as it began to lick it's paw in disinterest.


Both Levy and Lucy frowned as they realized Kuroka's point.

Ever since she had started on the path towards god-hood, not that they were there for her entire path, anything feline related would quickly fall under her sphere of influence. This had also included the Exceed from Earthland like Happy, Carla and Panther Lily.

Meanwhile, this seemingly ordinary cat was completely unaffected by Kuroka's influence, as if it weren't a cat at all.

"Maybe theres just something wrong with your 'authority'." Came a new voice belonging to Grayfia, who looked as if she were trying to hide a smirk.

"What was that, miss maid?" Kuroka asked with dangerously narrowed eyes, while also leaving out her verbal tick. Seeing what was about to happen, Lucy and Levy shared a look with one another before taking a few steps back to avoid being caught in the crossfire.

"You heard me, cat. There must be something wrong with your authority if you can't even influence one little cat. Or maybe you're just a hopeless little pussy-cat." Grayfia said in a scathing tone.

"Thats quite the tone to take with your Queen there miss maid! And theres nothing wrong with my pussy!" Kuroka snapped back, twisting Grayfia's words into something else entirely.

"You're such an idiot..." Grayfia uttered in exasperation, wondering if Kuroka was genuinely being this stupid, or was just acting. With her it could be either one.

Meanwhile the cat was sitting beside them looking back and forth as Kuroka and Grayfia continued retorting at one another, seemingly amused by the situation. At least until it seemed to sense something, and left them to meet the newcomer.

"Whats going on here?" Alex asked as he entered the space-time orb for the night, looking around as he did so at his two Peerage members. At the same time, the cat leapt up onto his shoulder to perch there while also demanding head scratches.

"Oh hey there! Where have you been?" Alex asked the cat as he began to give her attention, since he hadn't seen her for a few days.

THAT however managed to get Kuroka's attention, as she directed a look of contempt at the cat, and only just then noticed Alex's company.

"Who are they~Nya?" Kuroka asked while pointing at the two women beside Alex, obviously goddesses based off of the divine power radiating from their bodies.

"Aphrodite and Kali." Alex answered, earning him numerous looks and raised brows.

"Can you trust her?" Grayfia asked, suspicious of Aphrodite.

Surprised at the suspicion being shown to her and not Kali, a literal goddess of Death and Plague, Aphrodite huffed as she demanded, "And WHY should I not be trusted?"

Alex hurriedly answered as he told her, "A while back I fucked another Aphrodite from a different world, giving her the same options I gave you. She however did not want to join my harem, and was deeply offended when I refused her advances afterwards. As a result, she tried to curse me so that any and all feelings of love towards me would be instead turned into hatred and disgust."


Aphrodite appeared appalled when she heard Alex recall his previous experience with her counterpart, before her expression turned to anger as she declared, "How could ANYONE claiming to be a goddess of love do such a thing?!"

Her reaction surprised everyone aside from Alex and Kali, as they had silently been expecting her to be like the other Aphrodite they knew. She even took it further as she stated, "Bring her to me! I'll give her a piece of my mind!"

As much as he wanted to see two Aphrodites getting into a cat fight, particularly one where they would most likely end up stripping the other, Alex placed a placating hand on her shoulder before saying, "It's alright. Kuroka already took care of her."

Aphrodite glanced at the Nekomata as Alex pointed her out curiously, and the mischevious cat declared proudly as she leapt into Alexs embrace, "that's right~nya! I cursed her to never stop comparing men to him so she would always feel dissatisfied with them, while also making it to where she could never cum~nya!"

Grayfia, who had just been fighting with Kuroka moments prior, nodded while adding, "She came to us once to try and get the curse removed, but each and every one of Alex's wives and lovers unanimously refused after what she did."

"I still can't believe that someone claiming to be a goddess of love would do that!" Lucy declared as she and Levy also approached them.

"Me neither, but I think we should make sure Kurumu doesn't hear us talking about this." Levy added as she ganced around, worried the succubus might've overheard them.

"Kurumu?" Aphrodite asked, curious.

"A succubus." Alex answered. "Her powers are based off of the love she feels for her chosen partner. So when Aphrodite tried to curse me, it was a backhand to her very existance."

Aphrodite's eyes sparkled when she heard that as she immediately took off into the villa.

"I'm going to go find her! I want to meet another person so dedicated to the idea of love!"

Saying such, the goddess soon disappeared as she searched for the succubus, despite not at all knowing what she looked like. Maybe she planned to identify her through the 'power of love'.

Smiling wryly from her antics, Grayfia then asked while pointing to Kali, "So what about her?"

"Oh yeah!" Alex said while directing his attention back to the other goddess.

"Kali is the leader of the Amazons from the nation of Telskyura, who were going to join Ares in attacking Orario." Even as he trailed off the others could more or less figure out what had happened from there, as they had already met the rest of the Amazons that were in Orario when they first arrived.

"So where are the rest of them?" Lucy asked, as there had only been the two goddesses with him when Alex arrived.

"Oh, I made an island for them back in Asora and left them there for the night. They were still pretty out of it from earlier." He explained, though not what had made them all so exhausted. Not that it needed to be said.

"Shall I make sure she is....settled in?" Grayfia asked as she looked Kali up and down, noting her erotic maid attire that Alex had dressed her in once again.

"Sure. I should probably go and see to the other goddesses anyways." Alex answered, turning his attention towards the numerous divine auras spread throughout the villa. Their divine owers had obviously returned to them after Alex opened the portal earlier, so he should probably go and explain what had happened to them.

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