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A guy gets a system. He goes to other worlds. He wants to build a harem. He becomes a god? Join Alex as he joins a game to determine the next God as he travels to new worlds and builds a harem to help him in battle Note- I do not own ANYTHING that is part of an already existing franchise

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A New Quest

"So you returned the divine power of every single god and goddess that had descended to them?"


"Specifically because you wanted to make Ares and his army more powerful so they would be a proper 'challenge'?"


"AND you added Aphrodite and Kali into your harem right afterwards, along with ALL of the Amazons she brought with her?"

"Sounds about right."

"You fucker..."

"Why yes, I do have the habit of fucking."


Loki just silently glared at Alex after he had told them why their divine powers returned to them so suddenly, his reasoning for doing so, and the newest additions to his harem. And as for the man in question? He was busy giving head scratches to his pet cat and Bast.

The former was currently sitting on Alex's shoulder so he had to reach up at her, while the latter was laying her head in his lap. Bast had given his cat suspicious looks at first, but was now ignoring it as she purred in contentment with the tip of her tail swishing back and forth.

The other goddesses however, with the exception of Hestia, were giving Alex incredulous looks upon learning what he had done on a whim.

"I suppose we will have to let the rest of the gods in Orario know tomorrow?" Hephaestus asked with exasperation, but there was a slight curve to her lips as she did so. She was quickly learning not to be too surprised around Alex.

"That would be much appreciated." Alex said to her with a slight nod.

"Ha... There's going to be even more chaos now..." Loki uttered in exasperation, though Alex could tell she was secretly pleased with this new development. She was the goddess of mischief after all, and was more prone than others to keep things 'interesting'.

"There's something else too." Alex said suddenly, earning the undivided attention of the collective goddesses even as he waved his hand to summon more women into the room.

Appearing before them were Cara, Ais, Riveria, Tiona, Tione, and Lefiya. And naturally, they were all naked.

"KYAAAAAAA!!!!" Lefiya screamed due to being naked in Alex's presence with the only thing on her body being the occasional patch of bubbles that did nothing to hide her figure, but instead made her skin slick as she desperately tried to cover her breasts and crotch.

Riveria on the other hand was markedly more reserved in her reaction, remaining silent even as she too tried to cover her body. Though Alex did notice the tips of her long elven ears turning red.

"Oh? What's this?"

"A summons for more intimate breeding with all of us 'sisters' at once?"

The twins said one after another, neither even trying to hide their bodies from Alex's gaze as they instead stalked towards him like a pair of predators. Though they all knew they would be considered the prey instead.

Ais and Cara on the other hand made to cover their bodies and glared suspiciously, not at Alex, but at Loki as the goddess started drooling from their sudden appearance.

"Sorry for interrupting your bath." Alex apologized to the girls with a gleam of mischief in his eyes as he admired their figures. He hadn't known they were bathing, but appreciated the scenery none the less.

"The reason I summoned you all was because I plan to enter, and conquer, the Dungeon tomorrow since I finished the majority of the business I needed to in the other world."

His declaration however caused a sudden shift in the atmosphere of the room.

The dungeon was the ultimate test of one's strength and capabilities, and was so challenging that none had been able to reach past the seventy-first floor until Cara appeared. And even with her cheat abilities she had yet to reach the bottom floor, namely because the environments on each floor became increasingly hostile the further down one went, while the monsters would also become significantly more powerful, and she would have to descend alone due to no one else in her Familia being able to keep up.

Being immortal meant nothing if her body was being destroyed faster than she could heal or fight back.

But, there was something else on everyone's minds at Alex's declaration.

"But you CAN'T enter the Dungeon." Loki stated factually.

"That's right." Hephaestus added after her. "If a god enters the Dungeon then it will do everything in its power to destroy said god, even sealing the exits and spawning more powerful monster variants. When we first descended, several gods had their mortal forms destroyed because of this."

"Is that so?" Alex asked, already knowing that gods couldn't enter the Dungeon, but not the reason why. But he wasn't daunted.

"Then it's a good thing I'm not a god." Alex stated with a smirk, though all he got in response was a bunch of blank looks.

"A-are you being serious?" Dilga, goddess of the earth, asked in disbelief.

"Yeah? I'm not a god." Alex's stated as if it were obvious.

"Don't you have divine authorities?" Hebe, another goddess, asked.


"What about your divine realms?" Asked Inanna.

"What about them?"

"And all of your devoted believers?"

"Don't remind me..."

All of the goddesses looked at Alex in complete and utter disbelief at how unlike other mortals he was.

There were numerous instances throughout their history where mortals pronounced themselves gods and demanded worship from their citizens, or would claim relation to the gods to strengthen their own positions and authority. Yet here was Alex, someone who was so obviously a god already, yet he adamantly refused to be acknowledged as one.

It was baffling to them to say the least, especially when his own power far exceeded even that of the most powerful gods in the divine realm. The only ones they believed could match Alex were the great gods that ruled over the divine realm, like Ouranos, but even that was up for debate.

"Putting all that aside..." Began Riveria, who was still standing there naked along with the rest of the girls Alex had summoned. "Why did you bring us here while we were bathing?"

"Right! I was going to say that I want each of you to accompany me tomorrow as witnesses when I conquer the Dungeon. Plus the Loki Familia is currently the most experienced in exploring the Dungeon in Orario, so you all can advise me if there's something I need to know." Alex explained to each of the girls he had summoned.

Ais immediately appeared interested since she knew her own circumstances were intimately tied to the Dungeon, even though she had already killed the One Eyed Black Dragon after Alex turned her into his divine spirit. Tione and Tiona also appeared interested since there would be powerful monsters in the deep floors of the Dungeon, plus they would get to spend some more time with Alex away from the other Amazons.

Lefiya was still furious with Alex for seeing her naked, but he knew she would also insist on accompanying them simply because Ais was going. Despite spending nights in the space-time orb with her fellow female Familia members, the young elf was still convinced she could resist Alex's charms and natural seduction due to her pure admiration for Ais.

Riveria meanwhile had an academic gleam in her eyes upon hearing she too was being invited to witness the bottom of the Dungeon. Also, unlike Lefiya, she acknowledged that she would more than likely be taken by Alex as one of his wives someday, but her pride as a High Elf was still making it hard for her to accept.

Cara on the other hand was the most fired up to find out what was on the bottom of the Dungeon, as she had spent the vast majority of this life wondering on top of her previous life. But now she could actually have backup down there where it was difficult for even her to progress.

"I will go!" Ais declared with an uncharacteristic passion in usually stoic expression.

"Yeah, it sounds fun!"

"Count on you to call something like this 'fun'." Tiona and Tione said next.

"I will go too" Lefiya hurriedly proclaimed so she wouldn't be left out.

"Very well, I will also join your expedition." Riveria said with all the regality and poise a naked and embarrassed elven princess could muster.

"It kinda annoys me that I won't be the one to reach the bottom first, but there's no way in hell I'll miss out on a chance like this!" Cara declared while punching the palm of her other hand, making her breasts jiggle as she did so.

"Excellent. We'll dive into the Dungeon first thing in the morning." Alex stated to their collective enthusiasm, before turning his attention back to Loki.

"Loki, can you go ahead to the guild tonight and ask them to restrict entrance to the Dungeon tomorrow? We have no idea what'll happen when we reach the bottom floor, and I don't want to risk it collapsing or something while there are still people inside. I'll also send out the people residing on the twentieth floor when we go through"

"It would be frustrating for the people who rely on their earnings from the Dungeon for a living, some of the Familias especially, but I'll go and talk to Ouranos."

"I can just reimburse the losses based on what they usually make. It's better than people dying if the Dungeon collapsed or something." Alex stated, making a pretty good point since no one, not even the gods themselves, knew what was at the bottom of the Dungeon, or what would happen when it was finally conquered.

"You can't forget the Xenos!" Cara stated suddenly, drawing every eye to her.

"Xenos?" Loki asked, apparently having never heard of them before. But Cara just nodded as she hurriedly stated,

"They're a small society of monsters that have obtained consciousness after being killed several times and being reincarnated within the Dungeon, making them sentient beings instead of just the mindless killers that other monsters are."

Immediately the atmosphere in the room shifted when Cara mentioned monsters, as no one aside from her thought that monsters could ever truly become sentient. Even Ais, who had mellowed out quite a bit after becoming Alex's divine spirit, was emitting a thick bloodlust due to her hatred of monsters.





The increasingly intense atmosphere in the room was suddenly diffused as everyone suddenly received a knock on the head, courtesy of Alex as he used Sir Bonkers on all of them.

"That's enough. Asora is already home to several races that would be considered monsters by others, there's no reason we can't welcome these ones either." Alex stated with an uncharacteristically stern expression.


"But nothing." Alex said as he cut Ais off.

"If they truly are capable of reasoning, then there is no reason for us to reject them so long as they follow our laws. Do you think your history of fighting monsters is unique? Nearly every race in Asora has history fighting one another, and yet they have put that aside for the peace and safety we provide. It will be no different for these Xenos unless they prove otherwise, and that is final."

His speech concluded, Alex turned a stern eye towards everyone in the room who had been about to speak out against the Xenos, which had been everyone aside from Hestia and a select few of the goddesses. It wasn't as if he didn't understand their point of view, as monsters have always been creatures to be slaughtered due to the unspeakable horror they inflict onto others.

But the same could be said of the Devils, Fallen Angels, Youkai, dragons, phoenixes, werewolves, vampires, and many of the different races Alex had allowed into Asora. The difference was that if they were able, and willing, to come to an agreement, then there was no reason not to at least hear them out.

Alex then pulled several materials out of his personal storages and used Creation magic to craft something on the spot, a bronze key with a gem embedded in it.

"Cara, this key will open a portal to the Xenos in the Dungeon that you will be able to go through. After explaining the situation to them, use the key again and it will open a portal to a secure location in Asora.

"Do NOT let them roam freely just yet. Though I have no intention to ostracize or discriminate against them, I also refuse to allow a group to wander Asora freely until I meet with them myself to ascertain if they can be trusted or not."

"Got it." The Amazon said as she accepted the key, her relief visible on her face that Alex would be accepting of the Xenos, which would also allow them to move out of the Dungeon where they were often hunted by both adventurers and other monsters.

"I suppose I'll head out too." Loki said as both she and Cara made to leave.

As the duo departed the conversation stagnated within the room since Alex had finished discussing everything he had needed to. And naturally, it was time for the usual development as Alex cast a glance down to Bast as she still laid with her head in his lap.

Sensing what Alex wanted, the lion-like goddess tugged on his waistband to allow his member to flop out freely, before she began to lick it with her coarse tongue. Alex had to fight back a groan from the stimulation the goddess was giving him, while the other goddesses also began to strip while approaching him with anticipation in their eyes.

The only ones not doing so were Lefiya and Riveria, who both promptly fled when Alex made eye contact with them. They weren't fools, and knew what would happen if they stayed.

Unfortunately for the two elven women, they were still completely naked. And since neither had learned how to store/conjure clothing, they were forced to wander the villa completely naked until they returned to the baths. But by that point they had been seen by dozens of Alex's wives/lovers, and felt like complete exhibitionists because of it.

But back in the room they had left Alex in, even as he descended further into the bliss of complete and utter debauchery, Alex couldn't help but to look at the notification he had received after stating his intentions to Riveria and the others earlier.


The Dungeon of Orario is one of the greatest mysteries in the entire world. Explore its depths and conquer it for yourself!

Rewards: ???]



With a cry, an orange haired woman summoned a barrage of lightning that blasted the herd of monsters that had been about to attack her until they were all charred black.

"You're getting much better at that Nami." Said the raven-haired woman who was standing behind her a short ways away.

"Thanks Robin! It's taken me a lot of work!" Nami exclaimed as she smiled back at the older woman, feeling quite accomplished with herself for taking out so many opponents so quickly.

Before eating the Ara Ara no Mi that Alex had bought for her, Nami would have struggled against such a group of opponents due to her lack of combat capabilities. True, she would have been able to use her climatact to create weather conditions to mimic thunder storms, but doing so would have cost her time.

Now however she could summon lightning reflexively with little to no effort, though of course it wasn't as strong as the lightning produced by Enel. But that wasn't all.

Looking out over the group of charcoal monsters, Nami proceeded to summon an increasingly powerful cyclone of wind that enveloped the downed monsters. Within seconds the cyclone developed into a full-blown tornado that lifted and carried the monsters away from her and Robin, all while keeping the wind around them mellow enough that not even their hair or clothes became ruffled.

Though she had lost her ability to swim, Nami loved her new powers since they gave her abilities that could easily make her one of the most versatile and powerful in their home world, especially while exploring the dangerous and unpredictable Grand Line.

She had always been sensitive to the subtle shifts in wind, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. But now it was like all of that had been dialed to the highest degree possible, allowing her sense even the slightest shift in the weather for miles in every direction.

Not only that, but she was able to weaponize any and all aspects of the elements to use in combat. While Logia users were far more powerful with their respective elements, and could also turn intangible, she could utilize numerous different elements compared to their one.

"I'm almost jealous." Robin said with a smile, joking of course since she was satisfied with her own ability.

Originally she could only use her powers within her field of vision, but after acquiring Observation Haki as a reward from the Chatroom her range expanded to anywhere within her detection range. This made her a master of spying and information gathering, as Robin's power allowed her to spawn any part of her body within this range, such as ears, eyes, hands, legs, and even more...dubious parts of her body.

Truthfully, Robin only became familiar with that last option after she met Alex.

For actual combat though, she would often spawn arms onto her opponents bodies to either slap them at full force, dislocate their joints, or just flat out break their bones. One thing both Robin and Nami had to acknowledge though, was that they had both grown significantly stronger physically ever since entering the space-time orb.

That wasn't to mean they had become superhuman, but their strength was quickly reaching such a point with each passing day. This was partially due to the food they were eating everyday that was prepared by Mikan, Haruna, and the rest of the women who manned the kitchen, which now included several of the women from the Charlotte family after Alex 'subdued' Big Mom.

The other reason was of course because of Alex's own skills whenever he had his way with them. Robin thouroughly enjoyed her nightly sessions with Alex, while Nami still acted reluctant despite the fact that she secretly enjoyed it as well.

These two things, combined with their daily training, had made both women quite formidable in combat.

"I wonder how Luffy and the others are doing?" Nami asked suddenly, to which Robin replied,

"We could just send Yamato a message to ask her how they're doing."


There was a slight pause as Nami began doing just that, at which point another voice said, "Last I checked they were doing ok. I might pull Luffy out for some specialized training here soon though."

Both women turned to see Alex approaching them from where the sub-space orb entrance was located.

"Hello Alex." Robin called to him in greeting.

"Alex..." Nami said after her.

"Ladies." Alex returned the greeting, before continuing with a more serious expression, "I was about to go speak with someone, and was wondering if the two of you would join me."

"Oh? And who is that?" Robin asked curiously.

"You probably heard of him, the Green Dragon, Francis D. Drake."


"The Green Dragon!?!" Nami exclaimed in shock.

"Yeah. He attacked me a few days ago, and I imprisoned him after kicking his ass. Normally I'd kill people like him, but he doesn't seem like a bad person. Just misguided. I'm going to see if he's ready to cooperate now."

After saying so, Alex turned to leave as both women hurried to his side. Once they were all walking side by side, space began to distort around them as Alex brought them right to where he had imprisoned the Green Dragon, which was the interior of what looked like a cave.

"So why did he attack you? You steal his girlfriend?" Nami asked.

"Not that I'm aware of, but that could totally be the case from his perspective." Alex answered, making Nami look at him incredulously while Robin began to giggle. After all, that had been the reason that worthless copycat hated him back on Earthland.

"In all seriousness, from what I can tell he has been trying to keep this world's 'story' on track. Because I interfered so much, the 'story' has been irreparably changed so we have no idea what the future holds."

"So? I don't get why that's such a bad thing since no one else knows how things will ever turn out." Nami said with a shrug.

"True, but imagine if we knew exactly how Luffy was going to react and move even before he does." Robin pointed out, making Nami completely rethink her earlier remark. She couldn't even recall all the times they tried to properly plan and prepare for something, only for Luffy to screw it all up by going off on his own.

"Both excellent points, but foreknowledge is nowhere near as omniscient as people tend to think it is. Shia has psychic powers, but she almost never uses them because of how unreliable they are. Every single world has numerous examples of people trying to either prevent or ensure certain outcomes they had heard from prophecies and psychics, only or their actions themselves to ensure the very outcome they were trying to avoid." Alex said while recalling more than a few such stories.

"Sounds like being able to see the future is pretty useless then." Nami said with disappointment.

"Nah. It just depends on how it's used and if you rely on it too much. Shia mostly uses her foresight in a way like Observation Haki in combat, but she could look even years into the future if she wanted."

By this point Alex stopped walking as he reached a solitary metal door set into the rock tunnel, one that was sealed so that not even air could slip through.

"Go ahead and step to the side, just in case he tries something when I open the door." Alex told the two of them, which they readily complied with as they moved several feet away.

With them out of the way, Alex proceeded to undo all of the magic seals and barriers he had placed on the door to keep the other reincarnator inside. When that was done, he opened the door to reveal a single figure that had been locked inside.

Francis D. Drake was currently laying on the solitary bed within the cell, his chest rising and falling steadily as he continued to slumber.

When imprisoning him, Alex had placed Drake in suspended animation while also trapping his mind in a pleasant dream with the divine power he got from Vaermina. Said dream appeared to just be Drake hanging out and partying on his ship with his crew, which reinforced Alex's claims that he was a decent person.

Even through his divinities over Ambition, Plots, and Schemes, Alex couldn't sense any of that from Drake. Instead, all the guy apparently wanted to do was to party and chill while cruising the oceans around the world.

Of course, Alex wasn't that dumb to just believe he wouldn't do anything once he woke up. Drake was convinced he was the enemy, and would most likely attack him the second he woke because of it.

So, when making this room, Alex enchanted the entire place for dozens of feet to not only be indestructible, but to also possess the same properties as Sea Stone. Now, any abiltities he possessed based off of the Devil Fruits would not work...hopefully.


"Snort! Huh?"

With a snap of his fingers, Alex woke Drake from his dreams of aimlessly exploring the world with his crew. For a second the other man appeared confused as he looked around at his surroundings, before focusing on Alex.


In an instant Drake was up on his feet while glaring at Alex with undisguised hostility, green scales forming on his skin while his hands changed to claws, and wings prouted from his back.

"So that's not a Devil Fruit." Alex muttered to himself, not bothering to take the partial transformation seriously for two reasons. Firstly being that Alex could tell that Drake's Devil Fruit abilities WERE in fact sealed by their surroundings, and secondly being that he was using a dragon transformation technique.

Just by being in Alex's presence Drake was feeling an unbearable pressure due to the former's Dragon Emperor title, as well as the memory of how helpless he had been in front of Alex when they fought.

"Where are we?" Drake demanded while just barely managing to keep his voice level.

"I brought you to a secure location to keep you under lock and key until I was ready to deal with you. But now I'm gearing up for the fight against the World Government in a few days, and thought I'd see how you were doing."

"'How am I doing?' Are you serious!?!" Drake snarled at Alex angrily, before practically shouting,

"The entire world is sinking into the ocean, and you want to know how I'm doing!?!"

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