10 Host Can Walk!

10: Host Can Walk!

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A little more than 2 weeks had passed.

*Hmm~ hmm~ hm~ hm~ hm~♪*

Mom was dressing me up while humming. A warm smile was ever-present on her face. Weeks ago, she had excitedly mentioned that someone was coming. She was dressing me up for this exact occasion.

"Hoo~ My baby looks shooo good in this one~"


"Mama! But this one would look even cooler on Arty!"

"No! This one!"

My sisters were also there…

Bickering like always…

They were holding out tiny pairs of shorts and shirts.

Yep, shorts and shirts, not those overpowered onesies anymore.

My body has grown to resemble a-year-old now. Those onesies couldn't cut it any more.

"Nope~ I've already made up my mind about this one~ It suits Arty so well~"


And they started to argue again…

This was becoming a staple as of recently…

'*Sigh* They never stop, do they?...'

[Lora: Huhuhu~ How can they not when you look so adorable in every one of these dresses?~]

[Lana: Hehe~ I'm already recording you~]

Ever since the Communication Channel was established, these naughty Goddesses had been in contact with me whenever I was awake…

They were just as obsessed as my family…

At least I didn't have to expend my mental strength being in those visions anymore and could sleep normally now…

'Tsk, at least take the video from a good angle.'

I had a foreboding feeling that the Goddesses had been recording me from day-one. I choose to not confirm it from them. Ignorance is a bliss.

"Huhuhu~ It's done!~"

Mom put on a pair of tiny, stubby shoes on me and made some finishing touches on my white-fox-like fuzzy hair.

I was now rocking a light-teal button-up shirt , a pair of beige shorts and tiny white shoes.

With my looks, it was safe to assume that I was looking quite the panty-wetter right now, even as a baby.

(*Cough* I totally know about fashion *Cough* I totally didn't rip off the get-up from 'Tower of God' *Cough* I totally don't just slap on whatever t-shirt and trouser I can find and call it a day *Cough*)

"EEEEE! He looks so cute!"

"Yeah! Let's take a picture!"


"Alright! Let me call up Rose~"

Mom conjured a small white magic circle and called up Rose.

From what the Goddesses had told me, it was a short-range communication circle that didn't need any artifact to back it up.

But the recipients of such a method of communication are usually only people you absolutely trust since they will be exposed to your unadulterated Mana Signature.

Even mom only used this method on Rose, my sisters and Maria when she was still here.

*Click* *Creek*

"Ma'am, I'm here."

Rose came inside the room almost the instant the call hung up. She seemed a bit too enthusiastic today.

Her breath seemed a bit labored, making her firm, bra-locked tities heave up and down.

I would have loved to just watch them, but couldn't…

Rose's gaze was locked onto me like a bird of prey, forcing me to look into her eyes. Her lips were twitching wildly, trying their best to not break into a smile.

I decided to give her the push she needed.

"Roooseee!" My lisp was pretty much gone by now. Now I was just pretending to only know their name and some phrases here and there to not make all of them sus.

Rose, unprepared, couldn't take my sudden 'attack'. Her lips twitched wildly and finally broke into a wide smile.

"Huhuhu~ Doesn't my baby look cute?~"

"The cutest…" Rose nodded vigorously at mom and said in an almost inaudible murmur.

Sadly for her, everyone in this room was a monster in their own rights, each one of us heard what she said.

"Huhuhu~ Okay, Rose please take this camera~ I need you to take a family photo of us together~"

"Yes ma'am"

Mom took out a wierd little contraption from her Space Pocket and gave it to Rose.

It was a small black cube that had a two inch wide hole punctured through it, from front to back. It didn't have a lens on it at all.

The only things I recognized were the information crystal and Mana Crystals slightly jutting out from one side of this 'camera'.

Mom took me in her arms while Elora and Fina stood on either side of us. We were all in position.

"Please, decrease your smiles a bit…"

Rose asked a bit nervously.

I panned my vision to the side and saw mom and my sisters smiling like neighborhood creeps…

The sight gave heebie-jeebies all over my skin.

"*Cough* Elora, Fina, honeys please control your smiles~"


The sisters bore their sights at mom with deadpanned eyes.

Mom just evasively turned her head to Rose.

"*Cough* Rose, we're ready."

It was shameless but at least she evaded getting too embarrassed.

Rose didn't dare to point anything out and just nodded.

Then something unexpected happened.

As Rose turned on the 'camera', the space in front of the 'camera' started to distort. Refracting and lensing the light.

She then pushed the 'Shutter Button' of this shutterless 'camera' and a ring of light appeared surrounding this 'Space Lens' and flashed for a fraction of a second.

"It's done ma'am."

"Huhuhu~ Thank you Rose!~"

"No problem, Ma'am."

"Huhu~ After we come back, let's have a proper photo session with you included as well~"

"T-There is no need for t-that…"

"Hehe~ I wasn't giving you a choice~"

While the women were chatting, I was having a breakdown right now.

'Was that thing even a camera? Why did it seem like a sci-fi 'World Destroying Cube'?!'

[Lana: Hehe~ You are underestimating this world again, my dear~ It may have a more 'medieval style' in your opinion but that doesn't mean that it lags behind from your previous manaless world~ It's just that the timeline and sequence of inventions in both worlds are different~]

[Lora: Mhm~ While the civilizations of the Manaless Worlds generally have a lot more creativity because of their limitations, that creativity will only lead them to a certain point before hitting a roadblock~ A world with Mana will always surpass a manaless world at some point even if it takes a longer time~ Especially in military advancements~]

[Lana: As for this 'World Destroying Cube', it is an over-engineered camera that pulls a vacuum and distorts the space itself to focus the light and make the perfect pictures without a hint of 'Chromatic Aberration'~ It doesn't have a single moving part except for the buttons, making it extremely sturdy as well~ Pretty cool right?~]

'Damn… can you distort space to peep on ladies?'

[Lora: Arthur… you can just ask those women to fuck you, most of them will probably spread their legs on the spot.]

'Hehe~ Oh youuu~'

"Alright kids!~ Let's not delay any further!~ They'll be coming over at any moment~ Let's go!~"

I was curious about who was coming but Mom hid it from all of us kids.

The Goddesses weren't any better either.

They generally didn't give me much information about people, especially those who had a high probability of becoming my wives. They said that they don't want to betray their future 'Sisters' but I knew that they just wanted to have fun watching me 'struggle' with my love life. After all, to the Goddesses, us mortals were just kids frolicking about.

With Rose in the lead, the Atlas Family walked through long hallways.

This was the first time mom carried me in this direction. The walk was especially long.

At some point, more and more maids started to be seen compared to the place I usually resided in.

They bowed to mom whenever they saw us, only continuing their work after we had passed through.

Mom had selected some fine maids for her castle. Even if they couldn't be compared to mom and my family, each one of them was still a model-level beauty. Whenever they bowed, their hanging tits formed a deep cleavage of me to ogle at.

'Huhu~ I'll be sure to 'eat' them when I grow up~'

[Lana: Huhu~ Most of them will be looking forward to that~]


[Hehehehehe~] x2

My Perverted Goddesses were quite the voyeurs.

While I was having my dirty talks with the Goddesses, Rose stepped on a staircase and led us in a particular direction.

After some time we saw a pair of double doors. They were smaller than the doors in the teleportation hall but were built from the same dark metallic material, looking quite sturdy.

"*Gasp* Mama! If we're going there, does that mean-"

"Huhu~ Yes~ Now let's not spoil it for Arty~

I was even more curious about who we were meeting now. My only wish was for that person to be a very sexy lady, no just sexy lady was enough.

I started to fantasize about a busty milf but all those thoughts directly flew away when Rose opened the doors for us. It was a sight worth a million dollars.

Beyond the doors, I saw an ornate long bridge, made of white marble, leading to a white castle that looked like it came from a fairy tale. Up above, I saw flocks of beautiful multicolored birds flying and decorating the blue sky. My view was getting better and better as mom walked further on the bridge.

This was my first time seeing the outside world of Ravia, and damn, it was way better looking than how those documentaries presented it.

My eyes shot open to the limit and my jaw was left hanging…

"Huhuhu~ Do you like it Arthur?~ Look down~ You'll see an even more amazing sights~"

I didn't question her and followed her guidance. I didn't regret it one bit.

Down below, I saw an extremely large and glorious garden. My 'Supreme Vision' let me see all of its details.

All kinds of gorgeous plants and trees were inhabiting it. Their setting seemed very natural, as if they had always meant to be there. Small but cute fauna were happily prancing about in this 'Paradise'. White statues, fountains and pavements created a beautiful contrast between everything. But their slightly weathered look brought everything together at the sametime.

Some small fauna were drinking from those fountains. I could even see the same birds up in the sky, bathing in the fountains, splashing water everywhere.

But the sight was not over.

Far away, at the edge of the garden were talls white walls completely encasing it.

Beyond those walls, I saw the amazing panorama of a city with Neo-Gothic style architecture. There were tall bridges cutting through the building and houses. I could see that some of those bridges had train-like vehicles running on them but I wasn't too sure about it; the sight was just too far.

The entire city seems extremely tiny from my perspective. If not for my enhanced vision, everything would've seemed more like a blur to me. I could guess that my residence was at quite the elevated height compared to the rest of the city.

That made me curious about the status Mom and my family had. She had mentioned that she was a Dean in an academy but just that wouldn't cut the amount of riches and power we had.

But for now, I just let go of those questions. It was time to enjoy the present. I will know in the near future anyway.

Besides, I felt a very expectant gaze boring into me. I sighed internally and did my job as a cute son.

"Maamaa! Gooood!" I pointed at the garden and pretended to speak in broken 'Renia'.

"Huhuhu~ I'm glad you liked it my baby~ We'll go down there and play when you grow up a bit~"

We made it to the other castle at the end of the bridge while Mom and my sisters cuddled with me.

I looked back to the way I came from and saw an even more magnificent castle.

I had failed to fully realize just how massive and grand the place I live in was.

If the castle we were heading to was something out of a fairytale, then the castle I lived in came straight out of a Legendary Epic.

Be it Cologne or Milan Cathedral, they all paled in comparison to just how intricate but imposing it was. It was a piece of art and a symbol of status on the outside.

But I also knew that it housed a very warm home for its own people on the inside.

Rose opened the other door and led us inside.

The interior of this side-castle was very different from ours.

Dark-green figured marble tiled up all the floorings. Giving a very stoic look.

The ceiling also didn't have gold gilding done on it, nor did it have any fancy chandeliers on it. It was very simple, and just had orb shaped light sources embedded under it.

But as we went down the stairs and entered the main hallways. I saw a different kind of grandeur, a very imposing one.

Battle worn weapons decorated the walls of the hallway. They didn't seem like the ornamental weapons in my house but real weapons, made for taking lives.

Going deeper into the hallway, heads and limbs of mystical creatures started to appear, hanging on the walls as exotic taxidermy. They varied from large bird heads and wings to more mammalian creatures to even Dragons!

'There are frekkin Dragons over here!'

[Lora: Nah… They aren't dragons but wyverns. The Dragons in Ravia are just like Fairies here. They are born by the world itself to ensure balance in this world. No one wants to kill Dragons and piss off the world itself. A world's curse uses 'Causality' and lasts even if you escape it.]

'Ok, encycLora… thanks for ruining my excitement…'

[Lora: Hehehe~ You're Welcome! Your encycLora will always be at service!~]


We walked for a long time and finally reached another large door.

Rose didn't open that door but turned back to us.

Mom nodded at her and started to straighten my clothes and her's. Fina and Elora were doing the same with a wide smile on their faces.

After we were all done, Rose stepped forward and opened the door.

'Huhuhu~ My sexy milf, the one you were waiting for is finally he…er?!!!'

I was expecting a sexy milf but what I saw was a white haired, blue eyed man that looked to be in his early thirties…


To add salt to the wound, the Goddesses laughed uproariously at me…

"Hahaha! My chirpy bunnies are here!~ Come give grandpa a hug!!!"

"Grandpaaaa!~" x2

'He's a grandpa?!'

Elora and Fina shot towards the man who called himself 'Grandpa' like torpedoes and hugged him. In response he lifted them up and swung them around.

"Hahahahaha!" X2

"Hehe~ Arty~ Meet your Great-Grandpa!~"

'He's a fuckin Great-Grandpa?!!!'

"Sonia!~ Who is this handsome child you're carrying?~ Seems like he inherited a very handsome man's looks~"

"Hahaha! Grandpa is being a narcissist again!!!" x2

"Hehe~ Grandpa, this is Arthur!~ Your Great-Grandson!~ Arthur~ Say Hiii~"

I was a bit disturbed by this turn of events but still entertained them.


"Hahaha! He's a brave boy! Sonia! Give him to me!"

He released my sisters and almost teleported to me.

Mom happily gave away her own son to this rowdy man. I was averse to the idea of being handled by another guy but I was powerless…

He grabbed me by my armpits and looked closely at me. I was doing the same.

While he acted jolly on the outside, there was a weight in his eyes that told me that he had seen some shit and done some shit. It was a look that although rare, I had seen in some people back on Earth. They were all people who were not to be messed with.

"Sonia you naughty girl, you told me that Arthur was born a month ago! Why does he look so big?! Did you lie to your grandpa?~"

"It's nothing like that! He really is less than two months old! He's just growing up way too fast!"

"Did you find the cause?"

"I couldn't… There is nothing wrong with him. He even seems to be exceptionally healthy and intelligent. He is not even two months old but is already starting to speak!"

"Hmmm, if you can't find anything then I have no chance either… I was never a healer anyway…"


Mom seemed a bit sullen.

"Well, no worries! My instincts are telling me that little Arthur is perfectly fine! Just look at his gaze! He will become a fine warrior!"

This 'Grandpa' seems to have noticed it too and tried to cheer mom on. He seemed like a good guy, at least…

"No way! He's just gonna stay with me!"

Mom hissed.

"Hah!? That's for him to decide! What do you say little Arthur, wanna fight cool battles along with your grandpa?~"

"Stop coercing him!"

'Does anybody even care for my opinion on this?!'

They started to argue…

"Hahahahaha!" X2

All the while my sister laughed their asses off.

I had quite the 'lively' family in this life…

Well, to be honest I enjoyed it too, it felt pretty warm and cozy.





Their argument seemed to be put on hold for now…

We were now sitting on the couches. But this 'Grandpa' had still not left his grasp on me…

"Anyway, warrior or not, he needs to be trained when he comes of age. Little Rose, I'll leave that to you."

"Y-Yes Sir!" Rose seemed a bit too enthusiastic about it… Who am I kidding?~ I knew exactly what was going on in this closet perverts mind~

"What?! Why can't I train Arty myself?!"

"Hmph! You troublesome granddaughter! Knowing you, you will just spoil him to death and not train him at all! I can already predict that you had treated him like a complete lap baby in these months! I'm right, aren't I?"

"B-but he's still a baby…"

Mom stuttered as if she was caught red-handed.

"I bet you hadn't even let him crawl, let alone walk by himself!

This 'Grandpa' was spitting facts! I had never moved an inch with my own efforts.


Mom just looked down, not uttering a single word. This 'Grandpa' knew her quite well…

"*Sigh* Look… I know where you're coming from my dear granddaughter, but the same thing won't happen again… I won't ever let it happen again… I SWEAR… We were all hurting the same as you… But we need to move on and not incriminate our new generations…"

The mood took an unexpected shift. My sisters' mood also became a lot more serious. Now I was really curious about what the hell happened.

"G-Grandpa… I'm s-sorr-"

"Stop it… Just cheer up and start moving towards the future now. It's been such a long time since I saw a smile as vivid as today on your face. Hehe~ Little Arthur~ What do you say?~ Wanna cheer up your mom?!~"


I also didn't like the sullen her.

"Haha!~ That's my boy!~ Alright~ You're gonna do some hard work today~"

He lowered me down to the ground and held my hands. I was standing upright now.

"Now Little Arthur~ Try to take small steps~ Don't worry, I'll always be here~"

'Hmph! Who are you teaching to walk?! I am an adult inside! And a Supreme too!'

[Lana: Ooooo~ 'Salty Arthur' looks so cute!!!]

[Lora: Yeah! Yeah!]

Ignoring the Goddesses, I started to take large steps forward, relative to my body.

"Oooo! All of you, look at that!"

Be it mom or my sisters, they were all quite dumbfounded by my stable gait. Mom's eyes even started to redden while having a goofy smile on her face. Well, she still looked as beautiful as always.

'Hehe! Look at your genius son!'

[You're a cheater!] X2

'Hehe~ Whatever~'

"Alright, Little Arthur~ Now I'm going to let go of your hands, don't worry, I won't let you fall so walk confidently!~"

'Watch me do it! Hik!'

I almost tripped up in my complacency, thankfully this 'Grandpa' used his telekinesis at the right moment.


I took a smaller step now. Balancing my weight by swinging my arms around.

As a baby, I was quite top heavy, it took a bit of time to get used to it but I finally did it.

*step* *step* *step* *step* *step*

My gait became more stable with each step.

Then suddenly I stopped…

"Wohooo! Arty! You did it!"

"Hahahahaha! That's my boy!"

"*SNIFF* My Arty grew up so quickly…"

They were all rooting and cheering in one form or another but my attention was fixed on a completely different thing…

[Host can walk!]

[Host has unlocked a feature of the System!]

[[Quests] Section has been unlocked!]

[[Currently Available Quests]

[Make Sonia cum by eating her pussy!]

[Make Elora cum by eating her pussy!]

[Make Fina cum by eating her pussy!]

[Have a fivesome with the mother and daughters by eating their pussies!] ]

'Ooo! Sweet Mother of God!'