350 Eliminating the Zombies

Theo left his clone to ensure that the other zombies wouldn't be back so soon.

Clone Theo waved his hand down and pushed the air above them to the ground, pressuring all seven of them for a few seconds.

Meanwhile, Ava leaped to the Zombie Mage who had cast his spell, trying to hit Theo with black flame.

He adjusted his target and shot Ava with his black flame, but Ava had covered her body with blue lightning as she kicked the flame, dispersing it to the side by the sheer pressure generated from her lightning.

That kick continued straight to the zombie's head.

The zombie was better than the one she fought as he raised his staff, blocking Ava's all-out attack.

The moment the kick connected to the staff, the force was enough to push him back, leaving a small and short trail on the ground.

However, the Zombie Mage seemed to be fine as it continued to summon another spell.


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