God Of Slaughter

Growing up parentless, Shi Yan, who was left with a large amount of inheritance money, bore a general disinterest in life. The only times he felt alive was when adrenaline coursed thorough his veins. He quickly found that extreme sports, bungyjumping, cave diving & skydiving, gave him the biggest kicks. The bigger the adrenaline kick, the closer he was to death, the more alive he felt. Waking up in a pile of dead bodies in an unknown land, after a diving adventure had ended disastrously, he quickly realizes the body he now possessed was not his own. Follow Shi Yan as he explores this new world where danger lurks around every corner, and death is only a breath away; a world in which Shi Yan could not feel any more alive.

Ni Cang Tian · Eastern
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1618 Chs

The Body Remodelled

Translator: AMY Editor: Vick

A sudden change occurred in the blood pool!

As Shi Yan stood in the middle of the blood pool, the blood was already up to his waist. However, the blood in the pool started to move around as if it was alive, creeping up and down his body like vines. Seconds later, his whole body was tightly bound and covered with blood.

The crimson blood in the pool was like vicious snakes, untiringly wrapping around him until it formed a bloody cocoon.

A wave of intense pain spread throughout his body. Shi Yan felt as if his brain was being sliced into pieces. It felt even worse than death. It was as if tens of millions of tiny worms were drilling into his body and squirming around in his arms, legs, bones, and viscera; eating away his blood and flesh.

Shi Yan couldn't see anything. He wanted to scream, but couldn't make a sound, and neither could his body move.

A strange liquid started flowing slowly along his ribs like a small stream and tore open his veins wherever it passed. Then the liquid rapidly accelerated and separated into many strands, madly surging into the seven hundred and twenty meridians within his body.

He felt that his seven hundred and twenty meridians had enlarged significantly, as they interchanged between feeling scorching hot and biting cold. It felt extremely uncomfortable.

The pain in his head grew stronger, in his dazed state, Shi Yan felt some weird changes happening within his meridians[1]. Soon after, his meridians turned into, madly, swirling little cyclones.

A small amount of the bright red liquid infused itself into every cyclone and was swiftly absorbed into them. After absorbing the liquid, the cyclones enlarged and the process sped up.

It may be because of the intensity of the pain that was almost unbearable, in his dizzying state, Shi Yan felt that his body was like a huge vessel, filled with the strange liquid. It was transforming him in ways he couldn't possibly imagine.

Specifically, they were changing the seven hundred and twenty meridians in his body!

As this thought flashed through his mind, he fainted.


After a long time, Shi Yan awoke again.

The searing pain had disappeared replaced by a numb pain in his meridians. The liquid had returned to its origin and blood pool was tranquil.

Unexpectedly, he felt a warm sensation swirling through his body. After this sensation made a complete cycle, he felt extraordinary comfortable and his body had increased in strength.

Profound Qi! [2]

It dawned on him the blood pool finally brought him some benefits! The thing flowing through his meridians was clearly the Profound Qi which only warriors could obtain!

Within the memory of the other Shi Yan, he came to know that Profound Qi was the source of power for warriors. It was the foundation for warriors to support and release powerful martial arts.

Warriors were ranked into ten realms, according to the strength of their Profound Qi. These were Elementary, Nascent, Human, Disaster, Earth, Nirvana, Sky, Spirit God, True God and King God[3], with each realm containing three "sky" levels.

Warriors were the most powerful individuals in this world. Profound Qi determines the status one would have. One could be a warrior as long as he had the slightest amount of Profound Qi.

Most people couldn't get Profound Qi throughout their entire life. Once obtained, they could strengthen it simply by training. Therefore, as long as a warrior possessed Qi, they would always have their own place in this world.

As the weak Profound Qi gently circulated throughout his body, Shi Yan came to his senses. Even if he couldn't go back to his world, he wouldn't starve to death here. Just then he noticed that the blood cocoon was still tightly wrapped around him.

Shi Yan spared no effort to struggle.


A big slit cracked open on the blood cocoon, and Shi Yan jumped out. Looking around, he found himself in that odd cave with bones everywhere.

However, the blood pool had all dried up!

In the dried-up blood pool, only a few pieces of broken bones were left, the bright red thick pool of blood had disappeared without a trace.

A huge glittering blood cocoon, as thin as a wafer, towered in the center of the empty pool. However, after Shi Yan only glanced at it, a small flame ignited at the bottom of the cocoon. The flame grew wildly and started to burn the bones. In a few minutes, the blood cocoon and the bones were all burned to nothingness.

A red light sparkled in the dry pool. An old ring with intricate blood vein designs quietly lying there.

Shi Yan stared at the strange ring and assumed this ring was somehow connected with the blood pool. After a few seconds of hesitation, he stepped in again, picked up the ring, and wore it on the ring finger of his left hand.

The ring carried a warmth that made Shi Yan feel strongly connected to it as if the ring had become a part of his body. All at once, the weak Profound Qi in his body lost control and rushed towards the crimson ring. However, his skin blocked it and it failed to enter the ring.

Shi Yan was shocked and tried to take off the ring immediately, only to find the ring had been firmly stuck onto his ring finger like an unmovable boulder. No matter how hard he tried, the ring wouldn't move an inch.

Now that the Profound Qi couldn't break the skin, it went back to normal after a while. The warmth and the red gleam on the ring faded away as well.

Shaking the ring around for a moment, he realized that there was no longer anything unusual with it, thus Shi Yan started to analyze the situation.

Soon, Shi Yan concluded that all the blood in the pool went into his body!

The blood pool was ten square meters in size. Though not huge, the blood it contained would weigh at least a few tons. Even an elephant couldn't hold that much liquid inside its body!

Shi Yan turned pale. He subconsciously looked around and wanted to see how his body had changed. Had it swelled up?

When he looked, Shi Yan was startled again!

Surprisingly, he body became skinnier than before like it was only skin and bones! The clothes on him that had fit before looked ridiculously large now. Rather than calling him skinny, it was better to call him a withered mummy.

Shi Yan turned even paler. He never expected that this blood pool would not only fail to send him back to his previous world but would make such unthinkable changes to him.

"Guru~ Guru~!!"

His stomach began rumbling and he suddenly felt ravenous. He thought he could almost devour an elephant.

But, the cave had nothing edible. He glanced at the dry blood pool and was sad to find that he could no longer return to his world.

Shi Yan decided to find a weapon. He remembered his escorts had fought one another with all kinds of weapons. However, after examining them, he found them either rusted or destroyed, not useful to him anymore.

Disappointed, Shi Yan could only leave empty-handed from the stone cave.


The moist air was warm and carried with it the sound of water running in the distance. Ancient trees blocked the sun like a giant umbrella. Only a few spots of sunlight could be seen on the wetland.

The Dark Forest! Shi Yan recalled this place with the help of the memory of his new body once he got out of the cave.

The Dark Forest covered a large area, where the trees were too thick to let the sunlight in. the reason why it was called the Dark Forest was cos it was damp and dark even in the daytime.

The Dark Forest was surrounded by the Merchant Union, the Fire Empire and the God-blessed Empire[4]. The Merchant Union was to the north of the forest, the God-blessed Empire in the south, and the Fire Empire in the west. Merchants from the three countries had to pass through the Dark Forest to trade.

Demon beasts always made their appearance in the Dark Forest, some of which even reached the 6th or 7th level. As the trade caravans, soldiers, and warriors crossed the Dark Forest now and then, they knew that high-level demon beasts only appear in special areas, and low-level ones were usually vagrants.

In general, trade caravans wouldn't come across high-level demon beasts as long as they traveled along their usual routes. Only soldiers and warriors, who often ventured into the beast-infested areas looking for fights, would easily come face to face with high-level demon beasts, and eventually suffered great losses.

Great risk yields great benefits. Once a soldier killed a demon beast of the 6th or 7th level, he would immediately obtain many crystal coins. Demon Beast above level 6 each had a monster core inside its body. This monster core was of great use to warriors, alchemists, and blacksmiths.

Apart from the monster core, its fur, fangs, bones, flesh, and poison were all very valuable. The body of a high-grade demon beast was full of treasures.

This attracted bold soldiers and warriors to venture into the Dark Forest. However, only a few people achieved their goals and gain some benefits. The majority of them underestimated the wisdom and strength of a demon beast and thus, paid for it with their lives.

Shi Yan observed his surroundings for a while and heard the sound of water in the distance, combined with the sound of women talking.

As Shi Yan was hesitating, he noticed a slight rustling sound from the bushes not far away, as if someone was fiddling with the leaves.

Shi Yan subconsciously looked towards that direction.

Through the thick bushes, he saw a slim and graceful female body. The woman took off her white belt, squatted down, and showed her peach-shaped white bottom to him. Her snow-white hand was waving off annoying mosquitoes, as she was about to urinate...

The woman apparently didn't notice the eyes behind her, as she began to sing happily...

At first, Shi Yan was stunned. However, his eyes shamelessly scanned towards her bright fair skin, secretly admiring her enchanting ass, and wondering how her face would look like.


The woman suddenly slapped on her smooth, white left hip to kill a mosquito. The movement of her butt captivated Shi Yan.

Soon the woman finished urinating, buckled her belt, and muttered to herself, "Damn mosquitos..."

Unexpectedly, the woman turned around quickly. Her hands sent out a green arc of lightning which targeted all the surrounding mosquitoes and killed them on the spot.

As she turned, Shi Yan finally saw her delicate appearance. She looked around 20 years old with five and a half feet in height. Her face was glowing like a bright moon and she had a slim waist, well-developed chest, and nice posture. She was wearing an exquisite lavender robe and soft silver armor which couldn't cover her fascinating figure as a legendary wild vixen.

Shi Yan focused on her hot body and thought that she was more beautiful than the most popular superstars in his world.

Shi Yan couldn't stop his eyes from wandering. Suddenly, the woman looked directly into his eyes though the huge banana leaves.

The beauty's eyes flashed like lightning!


[1] Meridan: the acupoints in one's body.

[2] Profound Qi: important essence for a warrior.

[3] Elementary, Nascent, Human, Disaster, Earth, Nirvana, Sky, Spirit, True God, and King God: ten warriors realms.

[4] The Merchant Union, The Fire Empire and The God-blessed Empire: Three unions surrounding the Dark Forest.