13 I’m a Mage God, But You Won’t Believe Me

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"You --"

Ross looked at Lin En from afar as if he had seen a ghost.

He had never expected that.

Lin En's supporting magic was actually lightning.

The speed of lightning was much faster than wind.

He actually applied the buff on his feet.


Ross felt that he had lost some face.

"Sprite of growth, manifest and augment my body..."

After chanting the spell.

Green light surged around his body, and a green vine armor appeared.

Wooden spell of protection, a very flexible spell. As long as it is not going up against fire magic, it would be as powerful as any other kind of magic.

The crowd cried out in surprise.

"Oh my god, Lin En actually used thunder and lightning to boost his speed."

"How did he manage to learn this thunder and lightning spell? Wasn't he bad at magic?"

"Still, I don't think he can win. Teacher Ross' wooden spell of protection has the ability to defend against lightning."

The mages discussed animatedly.

Just as they were bickering, someone exclaimed, "Oh my God, look."

Everyone looked in that direction.

They saw that Lin En's body was flashing, and lightning armor formed around his body.

The armor was almost tangible, and the crackling sounds made their hair stand.

"Hmph, do you think you're so great just because you have lightning attribute?"

Ross chanted a spell, and all kinds of hundred-meter long vines shot out from his body, surrounding Lin En.

"Whoosh, whoosh, Whoosh."

The vines charged at Lin En at an extremely fast speed.

The vines were packed and numerous like raindrops, whooshing in the air.

"You're feeling condescended now?"

Lin En shook his head and continued, "Let me show you a spell that I just learned recently."

"Imploding Fire Sprite, Indestructible Golden Sprite and Swift Thunder Sprites, aid me."

Lin En chanted the spell.

Everyone was dumbfounded by what they saw.

A tri-elemental mage?

Lightning, gold, and fire too?

Ordinary mages could only specialize in one type of magic, and other spells were just supporting magic.

Just like Ross' magic. His was mainly wood magic, while wind magic is the supporting magic and could not be used as an effective means of attack.

It was rare to even come across bi-elemental mages.

Everyone felt that Lin En was bluffing.

There were few people in Augustus who could perfectly control two-elemental magic.

But what was going on?

The person who they deemed was a piece of trash was actually chanting three-elemental offensive spells at the same time.

The next moment.

Lin En's body was surrounded in dazzling light.

Countless magic arrows shot out from his body.

Everyone cried out in surprise.

"Oh my God, it really is a perfect fusion of three-elemental spells."

Everyone saw that the magic arrows that shot out from Lin En's body were metal that was as thin as strands of hair.

To be precise, they were golden needles that were wrapped in purple lightning. The outermost layer of the golden needles was a layer of fire.

The projectiles collided with the incoming vines.

"Bang bang --"

The vines were completely unable to stop these arrows, not even one bit.

As long as the vines touched the arrows, even a little bit, they would instantly turn into ashes.

The arrows did not stop attacking, they formed a large net that surrounded Ross.


"This is… impossible..."

Ross panicked and quickly dodged the attack while chanting the wooden spell of protection.

However, in this open space, so many arrows were produced by Lin En that they almost covered the entire sky.

Gold magic imbued with lightning and flames increased its power exponentially. Its penetration power was also several times stronger than ordinary gold magic.

Ross was panicking at that moment. He could not fight back at all.

He simply hoped that Lin En's magic power would be exhausted by the three elemental magic that he was using.

Why did mages have such weak physiques?

It was just the rules of nature, any kind of magic would take a toll on a mage's body.

He assumed that as long as he could hold on for some time.

Lin En would not be able to press the attack.


Countless vines pierced by golden arrows formed countless holes and then fell from the sky. They showed no resistance at all.

Ross could only reinforce his wooden armor as he fled.

Lin En said casually, "Ross, you can use your full strength. I'm not afraid that you'll hurt me, you know?"

"If you go easy on me and don't use your full strength on me, that would be an insult to all mages."


Ross was so angry that he wanted to curse.

But there was nothing he could do.

As a result, something funny happened

Golden magic arrows filled the sky, chasing after a vine-covered Ross as they circled round and round.

"So you're still holding on?"

Lin En did not seem to be satisfied with the result. His entire body shuddered as he chanted another magic spell.

Did he need to chant a magic spell?

Not at all. After all, he was still a three-star mage god, right?

He was just fooling around.

After all, Omega the six-winged angel was watching.

Within the Augustus Academy, even if Lin En wanted to torture Omega, then Omega would have to be his dog.

However, was there a need to do that?

Even if he was that powerful, he had to be humble. After all, there were stronger people in the world, heaven, and in the abyss.

If he became too flashy, then that would not be good for him.

The other mages cried out in surprise.

Tens of thousands of magic golden arrows shot out from Lin En's body.

Ross was on the verge of tears.

"How can his body withstand so much magic power? Is he really a mage initiate?"

"Swish swish swish!"

The shield around Ross was cut into ribbons.

Not a single strand of his wooden armor remained.

However the wind magic under his feet did not go away.

At this moment, he was stuck airborne, not daring to even move a muscle. Above him, below, left, and right, there were golden arrows everywhere with sparks around them.

If he moved even a little, he would be pierced and punctured through and through.

There was no other way. Ross could only smile bitterly and say, "Young Master Lin En, I have lost."

"I take back everything I said before."

"Yeah, a child who knows he's wrong is a good boy. After all, I'm on the Golden Board of Heaven and Earth. I'm a mage god."

"Anyone who offends me will not have a good ending."

The next moment, everyone was completely dumbfounded.

They were going to applaud him at first.

A junior mage defeating a senior mage.

That was outstandingly impressive.

But was he really that narcissistic? He actually calls himself a mage God?

The Golden Board of Heaven and Earth?

The corner of Aquino's mouth curled up slightly as he said, "Little runt, you're strong, alright? Come down from there."

Everyone snapped out of it and smiled.

No one believed Lin En's words.

In the hierarchy of mages, he might be a powerful one among the ranks.

However, a mage was still a mage. They were far from becoming a mage god.

At that moment, many people thought that there was no problem with the majority of the rankings on the Golden Board of Heaven and Earth.

However, there were also those who were ranked wrongly.


While everyone was still discussing Lin En, the large stone tablet on the Golden Board of Heaven and Earth suddenly shone with a golden light. That golden light was boundless and it instantly flooded the entire heaven and earth.

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