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Hello readers, editor here... As someone who has read the full draft and am modifying it alongside the author... I am entitled to say a few things... I have worked with the author for some time already, and have practically worked on all his major ongoing works... So, it goes without a doubt when I mean it that this is shaping up to become perhaps the greatest work the author has delivered till date... It's a beautiful story set in the modern world telling the events concerning a young boy turned Gigolo driven to acquire as much money as he is able to in his lifetime... He wants to become rich, plain and simple with a not so simple way of getting to that goal... The story slowly divulges his ancestry and the impact of that on his life and work as he also earns himself the "Book of Knowledge" as you'll see in the prologue... Supernatural elements enter, mysteries get thrown into the mix and overall a thrilling experience would await all the readers... It's a wonderfully crafted futuristic modern world that you'll be encountering in this work and each character will have their own part to play with their own unique characteristics... The story is very plot driven, and there is "plot" as well, no need to worry about that... All in all, this is a fresh take on the modern fantasy genre by the author, and we hope to put something special out for everyone to enjoy... I hope everyone joins this wonderfule ride with us and has an amazing journey ahead... Ein Prost, alle...!

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The plot of the story is great, the introduction of different mythologies and religions seems like it's going the story even better. I also like the nuance uses of the names and the clues, like how MC's related to Cain and his name is Adam like Cain's father. Overall it's shaping up to be a great story like SHK.


So I finished Vol 5. Which in a way is nearly the climax of Book 1 and a great turning point. My story is ambitious. I am gunning for the long term with at least 1k chapters when this end. I started a little slow. I won't lie. Those who read my other story, Son of Hero King, know that I am slow. I take my time to set things up even though I know it might not be the taste for everyone. Is my story good? It isn't ranked #1 so it means that I still have a long way to go. Haha. I usually don't really like saying that you should read X number of chapters to decide whether you will like a story or not. A story should be good from the very start. I believe my story do grab attention from the start but it does suffer from the slow pace sometimes. So, I won't say you should read X number of chapters before deciding if it's good. What I will say is, if you like the story but is worried about the slow pace, then read until the end of Vol 5 to decide for yourself haha. For all those who are reading my story , I am truly happy and thankful and I hope you will be with me for a long time.


A new story. A new beginning. This is a story I have been having in mind for years now and since there's a contest I thought why not? So I decided to participate Anyway this is the story that will mix some Urban them with fantasy and mythology from all over the world. I believe it's a good story but you guys will be the one to judge it at the end.


The story itself is good, but I’m honestly pretty disappointed with how the main character seems to usually be the inexperienced damsel in distress, while the heroines are usually experienced. Yui for example always seems to be in control of him, and she seems to be experienced in bed, which honestly just isn’t my preference. I’d prefer if she was a vrgn.


I have read 30 chapters, ik it isn't a lot but by 30 you expect the novel to at least capture your attention. Not the case here. Issues I have personally - 1. It's ridiculously SLOW. What the author has written till 30, he could have written them down in like 5 or maybe even less. Author is dragging this out too far and almost feels like a filler, pretending to be not so. 2. The cryptic mystery also doesn't land. Vague dialogues imo is the equivalent of taking a paragraph, removing 70% of the lines and calling it a mystery. Mystery is more than "fufu i am smarty pants" dialogue. 3. Going back to the filler thing. Saw comments of author asking for a chance to readers with 130 chapters. With due respect of your work and time, if a novel takes 130 chapters for u to give it a chance. Somewhere something went wrong. 4. There is no atmosphere. The world doesn't suck u in, which should be the most important thing for a novel trying to create a sense of mystery or suspense. Hooking u on for what exactly is going on. 5. characters, because everyone is acting so vague and mysterious, everyone is actually acting the same. Might be harsh for 30 chapters but most novels hook u within 10.


I'll be claiming the first review! The Novel just started, but I have read a few chapters in advance, thanks to the author's generosity. So I can vouch for how well thought-out this story is. As well as how the magnificent plot unfolds. If you are looking for a reassuring that if you'd enjoy this story or not, then this is that, go and read! Nothing to complain on the writing style, either. As the Author: Hikaru Genji has been active in this field for a while now and knows what he is doing. Barely any grammatical errors, and the paragrahps are a fluid read too. Hikaru's writing style is catchy and captivating, immersing the reader into a trance as we feel just like the character we are reading about. I won't go into spoilers for the story, but just mentioning the basis: the MC basically sells his body to earn money for the treatment of his sick mother, but he in no way is a wimp/simp. He is a professional who has the sole goal of earning money to save his mom--at least at the start, until the supernatural themes introduce themselves where his goals expand. That's it, go read, and don't forget to praise the author to keep him motivated!


you disappointed me, author........sigh.....you shouldn't have given me false hope.............................................................................................................


the writing is alright but the story moves at a snails pace so it a drag to continue reading


One of the greatest novel Is haven't been more the 30 chp but the plot have already started to be existing and we all can see the effort made by the other i really can't stop from reading that


I mean its HIKARU what else do you need.


As one of the fan of author, " Hikaru Genji," I'm happy to see a new book being created by him. I Read the first chapter and the same that happened to me when I read his second book(SHK) . Addicted~ I hope author continue this book with many chapter release per day (of course it's great.) Writing quality : best character design: updating stability: background: story development: (Don't know yet, as only one chapter is released.) All the best for future!


I was incredibly excited for this story since the author's other work Son of the Hero King is amazing but this one unbearably slow. the tediousness of some of the chapters gets really grating I gave until chapter 100 then I just realized it was silly chap 98 was them picking someone up at the airport 99 was driving home 100 was arriving home and exchanging pleasantries. there's zero karma farming (karma is the points for mc's system) there's only one sort of relationship out of a hundred chapters. The rest of the story is just meet someone have them talk cryptically either to the MC or when the MC isn't there so nothing gets explained only alluded to. Seriously read SHK the author is amazingly talented I just don't know what happened here.


Call me biased, but since I'm already reading different novels that are published by this author. obviously I came to check this after seeing him post the link in discord. looking good so far, the promise of some hard working nerd college/university guy somehow gaining magical system like book that lifts him up into a better place in life(maybe? we shall see). Welp, here's hoping at least there won't be any yanderes or tsunderes


MC is NOT a villain. If you came here searching for a ruthless mc then this is not your novel, mc is a good person. He is NOT neutral evil, he is neutral good. Mc is smart so that is a good point. Still, expect harem with boring or/and useless female leads and a lot (and by it I mean A LOT) of cliche. Story is slow paced but that is not bad and author even warned about it in the synopsis. As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. The mc's golden finger is a system so if you don't like system novels then this is not for you, yet it's interesting how author is trying to develop the power system. Many secondary characters and antagonists are cliche, boring to read and plainly stupid but others are quite interesting. Overall, is a good novel and maybe author will make it better in a future, until now it's a 3,8/5 to me.


is it really necessary to kill Hae-Won just for the MC realize the effects of his stupid actions??tsk. I've never been disgusted like this


TRASH TRASH TRASH TRASH TRASH 🗑️🗑️🗑️🚮🚮🚮🗑️🚮🗑️🚮🗑️🚮🗑️🚮🗑️🗑️


Alas the story is cunningly beautiful. So many underlaid theories as well as historical nd mythical ideas. The mc is given a nice growth rate with d perfect weaktostrong storyline u could ask for. The writing quality is also top-notch nd much understandable. Believe me u will really enjoy ur time on dis novel packed with mind - boggling aventures.


If only it wasn't a HAREM, could have been a gem. Harem ruins good stories


It's a good story to read and the development of the plot is great. The only bad thing is that it's super slow and it's difficult to maintain certain interests unless you like slow burns. Another thing I also want to say is that the mc is really not a villain so I don't get why there's a villain tag. I have yet to see the mc commit something truly atrocious. Perhaps the only thing close to one is his killing the possessed humans but even then there was an excuse and, to be honest, he felt sympathy. I really don't see how this twists into a villain unless he is transforming into one. It's just quite difficult for me to see such contrasting behaviors as he is fine with killing but later there has to be a chapter devoted to his moral dilemma. Very annoying because this has happened in every incident he has killed someone. He literally can't make up his mind on his principles and frankly, it's getting on my nerves.