God of Crime: Strongest Mafia Boss

The gods exist. The Supernatural is real. But poor foolish Mortals can never pierce through the Truth hidden by the Veil. They say Ignorance is Bliss. But for Adam, such Bliss woven by a lie is worthless. In his opinion, Ignorance may be Bliss but --- Knowledge is power. This was the truest fact; something Adam built his empire around. ---- He wasn’t always this rich. He wasn’t always this powerful. There was a time he too struggled to earn enough for the treatment of his sick and dying mother. But one day, on a Halloween night, his life was forever changed. His eyes were opened to a completely new Reality. The truth that was hidden from the eyes of all normal humans. An entirely different world, rules, and society exist just in front of us. Follow Adam, as he uncovers the Truth about his identity, the power in his blood, and his adventures as he rises to the throne that is rightfully his. To attain his goal, he will not hesitate. He will even become the God of Crime if that is necessary. --------- The story will be moderately slow-paced during the First four volumes as I set Adam in the world and slowly develop the world-building and Adam starts to adapt to the new reality. I know it might not be to the taste of everyone, but I believe it's worth it. We discover the world together with Adam and how he will grow from someone who knew absolutely nothing about the supernatural world to being someone no one can ignore. This will be a long road and I would be happy if you are willing to walk this road with me. ---- (Alternative title: Midnight Prince: Empire of Sin) [ Tags ]: Mature| Grimdark | Gore |Netori | Harem | Milf | Young & Mature | Supernatural |Action | Gang War | Criminal Empire | System | Gigolo | Handsome MC | Weak to Strong MC | Antihero| Neutral good to Lawful Neutral Evil. | Showbiz | Psychic | ****** ) ----- Disclaimer: The cover picture is AI made and is the art for Adam as [Magician] Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/HikaruGenji Discord: https://discord.gg/3v2xvhvD6j My other work Son of The Hero King: https://www.webnovel.com/book/son-of-the-hero-king_24153504605334705

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"Night out guys, good job everyone."

Everyone clapped and cheered as Yui stood on the podium alongside Nikola and declared the end of the night. The declaration smoothly transitioned to her starting her speech to end today's successful event.

"First, let me get the unpleasant stuff out for everyone. All of you guys signed a non-disclosure clause. To be honest, this clause is more for your own security than anything else. Everything you have heard today, all the people you have spoken to… They aren't some weak and helpless, stupid women.

"If one of you guys goes crazy and decides to do some stupid shit like blackmailing them or selling information… Heh, trust me when I say this that, I won't even have to do anything before you mysteriously vanish from the face of the earth."

Her bright smile was completely genuine as she delivered those scary words. This more than anything made that beautiful smile turn into a scene of horror for the ones present. Some of them gulped audibly, remembering clearly that Yui was not a saint to begin with. She was the kind of dangerous person who wouldn't hesitate to stain her hands with blood.

"Still, I have carefully handpicked each of you, so I have full confidence that none of you will be stupid enough to break my trust."

Adam kept the confusion he felt from showing on his face. Yui hadn't made him sign anything as far as he remembered. But he could understand that such was a clause was indeed necessary for the type of business they dealt in.

"Well, with that out of the way, let me tell you guys that I am very happy and proud of the way all of you acted tonight. I have received no complaints and all the clients are happy and have spent a wonderful time. So once again, good job everyone."

The cheers were a little subdued this time around. Clearly, they were still digesting the fact that their boss had quite literally thrown a death threat on their faces a few moments before. It had a faint note of subtlety to it but none of them were disillusioned about what it meant.

The moment their mouths started running would be the moment when their hearts stop beating. It was as simple as that.

Yui smirked, seeing their subdued expressions, "Also, Nikola will send you the results of your hard work by the end of the week. There will also be some bonuses depending on the satisfaction level of the clients. The bonus will of course be at my discretion. But from what I have witnessed, everyone will receive a hefty bonus."


This time the cheers redoubled more than even the first time. Death threats could never take away the sweetness of money. This was how greedy humans were.

"Now everyone can go home and rest. The bar will open on Monday next week. The working hours and days will be sent to you guys via email so don't forget to check them up."

She held her first tightly, "This new venture of mine will need all of you guys to always be at your best. I believe in equivalent exchange. As long as you guys work hard, I will always give your just rewards. Goodbye, everyone."


Once everyone but Adam and Nikola was left, Yui approached Adam with a big smile plastered on her face,

"So, dear Cinderella, how was your first-night job?"


Yui laughed out loud before taking a seat in front of the bar counter.

"Come take a place next to me. I did not forget our promise to have a drink. I hope I am not too late."

"Don't worry. I have only been drinking cocktail and juice all night."

She laughed again, imagining the face of the women as Adam refused to drink with them or simply held some juice in his hand.


Just imagining it led her to a coughing fit.

Once she calmed down she spoke while pointing toward a certain woman, "Adam, you must have met Nikola."

"I have."

"Well, this will make things easier then. As you know by now, my business has grown quite a bit compared to five years ago and obviously, I cannot be everywhere. The bar will be mainly under the control of Nikola here. So, in a way, she will be your boss."

Adam couldn't help but cough at that statement and avoided looking at the mocking smirk Nikola threw his way. After all, he remembered very clearly about telling her that she was not his boss.

Having to eat back his words so fast was pretty ironic in itself. He just couldn't believe this accursed fate of his.

"Of course, Nikola, this doesn't mean you can bully him as you wish. I would be very unhappy if Adam is unhappy, you hear."

"I would never."

"Heh, I know how you are Nikola. Either way, I hope that you two can get along. I don't expect you to become friends but at least don't create problems for each other."

Nikola bowed like the perfect butler and walked behind the counter before starting on a blend.

Her movement as she mixed the ingredient showed that it was not her first time and she had quite the experience.

"Nikola had a side job as a bartender when I recruited her."

"Oh, and what was her main job?"

Yui chuckled but did not answer. This was all Adam needed to understand that it was something shady, dangerous even.

"Adam, I honestly do not really want you to enter too deeply into my world. All I wished for was…for you to work as a host for a year or two and spend some time with me in the process.

"Then you would get a great deal of money, be well off and work as a lawyer or whatever you want to do in life. Sadly, life isn't easy and our wishes aren't always realized."

She chuckled bitterly after saying those words. They seemed to be representing the bitterness of her life, "What happened to you last night… I know that you are hiding something and to tell you the truth, I am also hiding things from you. But I am unable to tell you anything before I am sure about my hunch. So you need to take the first step here."

Yui truly hated this whole charade she had to go through. But even if she wanted to explain everything. She could not. She was held by a vow of secrecy and the repercussions for breaking that vow were not pretty.

"Of course the decision is yours. In an ideal world, my hunch would be wrong and we could continue as is. But this isn't an ideal world."

Nikola silently filled the two glasses and took a few steps back before walking away from their table, giving them the space they needed right now.

"I just want you to know that…whatever the hell is happening to you. Whatever is scaring you off.

"As sure as the sun will always rise in the east, I will always be here for you. I hope you never doubt this fact."

She held her drink with a somewhat sad and lonely smile etched on her beautiful face, and held it high, That smile, the loneliness that she displayed gave her the image of a mourning beauty…

"To my little troublesome brother who is now officially an adult. Cheers."

On that night, Adam had his first taste of alcohol.

It tasted bitter.