12 Editor Meng Fei

It was night.

A potbellied middle-aged man stood in a room. Around him were countless floating screens. All he had to do was wave a hand and a virtual web page would close, or give it a slight click and he would enter another web page.

This was the computer of Yanhuang Star, where virtual projection had become a reality.

As for the "virtual reality" technology of theory, where somebody can just don a helmet to have their consciousness pulled into a realistic virtual world, that was still far off.

Still, there were rumours that this type of technology had already appeared in one of the Federation's too-secret labs. But this was still all just hearsay with no evidence to back it up yet.

"Ridiculous. Really too ridiculous. You think that you can just write anything down and it will become a good erotic web novel? What a joke! These authors now really do underestimate erotic web novels too much," the middle-aged man sneered. His name was Meng Fei, thirty five years old. On Yanhuang Star, he was one of the editors working for the biggest web novel platform, Penguin.

He was responsible for combing through the vast list of web novels to find those with potential and then offer their authors a contract. Should the contract be signed, he would help them with publication.

Now though, he had a problem, and it had been going on for weeks. He couldn't find an erotic web novel that he was satisfied with. Almost all of the recent works submitted onto the platform were the same without anything new. Hell, he didn't even have the interest to keep reading further considering how repetitive they all were.

One had to know, Yanhuang Star didn't censor or ban erotic web novels, thus allowing them to bloom out in all shapes and sizes with many excellent works amongst them.

In terms of profit, a true top erotic web novel wasn't the least bit inferior than the web novels of other categories, its sales usually ranked at the top.

The result of this was that many authors wanted to try their hands at it to quickly earn money.

However, that didn't mean that all erotic web novels were very popular and welcomed by the numerous readers. In reality, to those readers who had already read a lot of erotic web novels, they were extremely picky, not the least bit interested by ordinary works.

It was like with those seasoned otakus. You thought that any woman stripping would make them excited? Wrong, just that alone was far from enough. Those seasoned otakus wouldn't even bother giving them a glance. They would rather play their video games to pass the time instead.

"As expected."

Meng Fei sighed with emotion. "After master Gu Zhiwei lay down his pen and with Bao Pichang coming on in the years, is there really already no longer an erotic web novel that can truly make people so excited to the point where they don't even want to sleep?"

He really lamented the decline of erotic web novels. Just ten years ago, the industry was booming with outstanding works coming out one after the other. During that time, he was so active that he came close to wrecking his body, causing him to look like a skeleton, pretty much all just skin and bones. It was even to the extent that it almost caused him to fail and drop out of high school. If he didn't at least read a chapter or two before bed, he couldn't sleep right.

Of course, once he read it, he couldn't sleep anyways.

That type of excitement, those complicated and bizarre story plots, descriptions so detailed that it seemed as if everything was really unfolding before your eyes, all of it was so charged with passion that it caused one's blood to race and pump! It can be said that a true top erotic web novel was far better than those movies and videos by many times over!

For that reason alone, he joined Penguin and went on to work as an erotic web novel editor.

A pity that as time went by, the amount of exceptional erotic web novels coming out declined in numbers. It was to the point where even some people said that the erotic web novel industry was dead, that it would be better to just go and watch movies and videos instead. Those words stung, biting down to his very heart, causing him to lose sleep over them.

It was because of this that he worked overtime every day. Every single new erotic web novel, he would read it all, just so that he could find one with potential to shut those naysayers up. Unfortunately, to this day, he still hadn't found one that satisfied him.

Meng Fei couldn't help but doubt himself, "I still can't find a truly good erotic web novel. Is it really because I no longer have an eye for talent? That I should resign?"

Two years ago, he suffered an accident that had severely affected his professional career. As he was walking down the road, an electromagnetic car had crashed into him, causing grave injuries that had sent him to the hospital.

However, after he was released, the doctors told him that he now impotent, that he could no longer have an erection. This type of illness, even with today's technology, couldn't be treated by modern medicine. It was basically a terminal condition.

From that point onwards, he no longer had any feeling when reading erotic web novels. He felt hollow.

The company was never informed though about this accident though, instead he completely swept it under the rug. Otherwise, he would've been fired already.

"No, I still can't resign! If I can't find a truly good erotic web novel, then I won't be satisfied even if I die! The future of erotic web novels absolutely can't be destroyed in my hands! There are still countless men waiting to be satisfied, countless young men waiting to be enlightened! How can I surrender and abandon all of my efforts now?! Those are the actions of a coward!"

Meng Fei's eyes were firm with resolution, a holy and sacred gleam flashing across them. He was like a martyr, his cause great and magnificent. Although nobody understood him, and he was often looked at with scorn by those mere mortals, but he never regretted it at all.

"Forget it. I'll look over one more web novel before heading off to sleep. The struggle will have to continue on tomorrow!"

With a "ding" a new web novel was added on. Taking a look, Meng Fei saw that it seemed to be a new author called Black-hearted Wolf, his novel was named Teacher Bai Rong. A rather interesting and unique name.

"However, only interesting and unique was not enough! The most important parts are the plot and contents of a story!" Meng Fei sneered. He had read over countless web novels and was extremely picky. Even if the author was a new one, he wouldn't show any mercy at all. Not good enough was just not good enough.

Eh? The protagonist is actually a teacher?

This teacher isn't bad. Not only is she young and beautiful, she's also extremely attractive with a hot body. Yet, she was actually married at such a young age! Too despicable! When I was in school, why was it that all my female teachers were old enough enough to be my grandmother? There wasn't the least bit of youthfulness to them at all!Meng Fei thought with a bit resentment.

He continued reading. Fuck me, what a beast! This principle was absolutely a beast! He actually used his position to openly go after his beautiful subordinate?! The height of shamelessness! She was married!

You pig, you think that if you use your position against her, she'll actually submit? If she really wanted to press charges against you, then you'll go to jail! Fuck me! She actually did submit? And doesn't even dare to resist? Bai Rong, you're a teacher with a husband! Don't you even have a shred of dignity? Resist, dammit!

My god! Too despicable! What the heck is happening to the sanctity of the schools nowadays?! Such a dirty thing can actually take place? How could such a beautiful teacher be captured so easily? There wasn't even any romance at all, they just went straight to it! Still a web novel should be like that. Simple, coarse, and direct.

Meng Fei was completely entranced by the web novel's inner world. He found that as he kept reading, the plot became more and more intense. Not only did these two bitches do it at school, they even did it at home! In the end, just as the husband came back and caught them in the act, the story abruptly cut off!

"Fuck, no more?! Where's the rest?!" Meng Fei's head was steaming, his heart burning up with impatience. He was just itching to violently beat the author up.

Finishing at such a crucial time, did he want to kill somebody with the sheer suspense?

"Wait a second, what's happening to my body? There seems to be a warm flow inside me. Could it be that I've been revived?" Meng Fei was shocked, unbelievably shocked, but at the same time, he was also extremely excited.

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