Chapter 5 Full of Tears_1

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Everyone found it both frustrating and amusing that Li Changlin had been fooling everyone.

However, the matter was quickly brushed off, and nobody became angry over it.

Instead, some fans were secretly delighted, relieved that Li Changlin hadn't actually stumbled upon a great beauty.

At that moment, Little Dot Under the Grapevine typed a line of blue text, saying, "Changlin's jest was well crafted, I almost believed it myself. We're here for fun, and since everyone's happy, why not send some gifts? Those who can afford it, send some roses or fruit juice or whatever, and those who can't, just swipe the free red envelopes to help Changlin complete his task."

Following that, a stream of roses began to appear on the live broadcast screen, with the system showing that Little Dot Under the Grapevine had sent Li Changlin a hundred red roses.

Afterward, he also sent out ten glasses of juice.

"Thanks, Brother Grape, I love you to death!" Li Changlin quickly got up and bowed his thanks with his fists clasped.

Each red rose cost ten Tianya Coins, and a hundred roses amounted to a thousand Tianya Coins, equivalent to ten yuan.

The juice cost one hundred Tianya Coins per glass, so ten glasses were also ten yuan.

With that one gesture, Little Dot Under the Grapevine had given Li Changlin twenty yuan.

Although the tip couldn't compare at all with the gifts that fans sent to big broadcasters, Li Changlin was still endlessly grateful.

As he expressed his gratitude, the live broadcast screen was constantly filled with visuals of various gifts being sent.

These gifts included virtual items like roses, lollipops, fruit juice, and energy boosts, which required payment to purchase, along with free red envelopes given by the system based on online duration, mainly to complete the broadcaster's daily tasks.

Li Changlin thanked each gift, appearing very sincere.

No matter what gifts the fans sent, it was all a form of encouragement for Li Changlin.

Although the gifts were not very valuable—the most expensive being the juice at about one yuan a glass—they were all expressions of the fans' affection.

"Li Changlin, give us another joke!"

"That last joke was such a tease, I almost fell for it!"

"Give us a raunchy one, that last one was too tempting. Don't go for these imaginary stories in the future, it's frustrating when you can hear it but can't touch it!"

A wave of gifts started coming in, and the room's atmosphere grew even more lively.

By this time, the number of viewers in the live broadcasting room had grown to one hundred and twenty.

Some people had received the call to join earlier, but they were watching other favorite broadcasters, so they didn't come in right away.

"What happened just now? You all seem so excited!"

"Come on, share with us, let everyone have a laugh too!"

Some of the later-arriving fans, seeing the room so lively, couldn't help but ask what was going on.

So, Little Dot Under the Grapevine asked for Li Changlin to be brought up to the speaker.

Without needing Li Changlin to retell it, Little Dot Under the Grapevine vividly recounted the earlier joke.

Of course, at the start, he didn't reveal that it was just a joke but narrated it as if telling a story.

As a result, the late-arriving fans were almost tricked just like everyone else before them.

It wasn't until Little Dot Under the Grapevine got to the end that the latecomers realized what was going on.

Everyone burst into laughter, and the live chat channel was filled with applause and smiles.

These were free-to-use emoticons, and everyone was just there for the participation and fun—it was also about joining in on the excitement.

By this time, it was around eight-thirty, marking the start of the peak period for the live streaming platform, with viewers continuously joining the live broadcast room.

Li Changlin's streaming room was relatively low-level, capable of hosting a maximum of five hundred people online at the same time.

However, since the day he had started broadcasting, this room had never been filled to capacity.

Although tonight was a bit livelier than usual, the popularity only reached around one hundred and sixty people.


Although every couple of minutes a few people would click in, they were all non-regular visitors.

Some might have been there because they typed in the wrong number while searching on the streaming platform, while others might have clicked into the room by random.

In any case, people were coming into the live room and leaving.

The comings and goings couldn't even maintain a viewership of two hundred.

Seeing this situation, despite his great confidence, Li Changlin still felt really uncomfortable.

Speaking of which, it's almost been four months since he joined Wuxiang Legion and throughout these days, the Legion hadn't given him a single recommendation.

All the popularity in his live room was accumulated by his own slow and steady efforts, which were considerable.

Though he'd made the effort, he couldn't get the approval of the Legion's leadership.

Especially that director, Yang Kun, seemed to have a vendetta against him from a past life. He even called him early in the morning to give him an ultimatum.

Thinking of these things made Li Changlin even more dejected.

However, now was not the time to be distracted.

He forced a smile and continuously interacted with his fans.

Several times, Li Changlin suggested singing a song for everyone.

But virtually all fans rejected Li Changlin's proposal.

Honestly, on the streaming platform, most anchors play by this same playbook.

When everyone usually plays around on the streaming platform, what songs haven't they heard?

Li Changlin is a male anchor and everyone has heard him sing many times before.

Although he has a good voice, it lacks any distinctive feature.

Especially since Li Changlin doesn't have his own original songs, everyone lacks confidence in his singing.

In such a situation, there was nothing Li Changlin could do.

After all, his fans are his bread and butter.

Since everyone didn't want to listen, it was natural that he couldn't just sing as he pleased.

If he were to go against his fans' wishes, that would be just like making trouble for himself.

This Li Changlin naturally would not do.

Even though he had tremendous confidence that singing 'Beautiful Mood' would surely win the fans' approval.

But now, since everyone didn't want to listen, it was natural for Li Changlin to follow public opinion.

Having no other choice, he could only tell the three jokes he had learned to his fans.

"Not bad, not bad, that joke was pretty good."

"Li Changlin, tell us another one, will you?"

"Changlin, your stand-up bits and jokes are alright, but when it comes to singing, we really don't want to hear it!"

In the chat channel, everyone discussed freely.

It wasn't that they were opposing Li Changlin, it's just that nobody really had the slightest interest in listening to music.

With fans like these, Li Changlin couldn't reason with them.

He could only laugh and say, "Alright, no problem. Since you all like me, I can't let my brothers down!"

Though his words sounded good, in his heart, Li Changlin was full of tears.