1 Transmigration And God-Level Game Developer System

"Is it a bird?"

"Is it a plane?"

"No! It's a road roller!"

"No, you fool! That's a meteorite!"

After someone slapped the head of a moron, one of the onlookers pointed at the flaming hot ball in the sky that was falling towards them!

Those who had finished college and had attended their math classes without sleeping during class time had already estimated that with the running speed of a human, it was indeed possible for them to avoid the landing point of the meteor.

However, they could never be fast enough to escape from the blast radius of the meteor and even riding the fastest car wouldn't do much.

Even so, a desperado had stood on all fours and imitated the posture of a horse, ran out of the city with his life on the line.

Some had already acknowledged their demise and closed their eyes.

On the other hand, an eighteen-year-old teenager with neck-length silky white hair gazed at the meteor that was descending toward Earth with his golden eyes.

"Sigh, humanity is doomed. Earth is doomed. Who knew that those scientists were telling the truth?"

Weiss Albus sighed after acknowledging his inevitable demise.

"Anyway, I'm going to die. I might as well play Fantasia Online and abuse that last boss!"

After taking out his phone, Weiss headed to a cafe and sat on the outside chair. Turning the power of his phone, Weiss didn't even care about the falling meteor and just played Fantasia Online.

However, before Weiss could kill the last boss, he heard the screams of girls and women as chaos ensued in the city.

From the peripheral of his vision, Weiss noticed that some lawless men started stripping girls and women to rape them. Other people went to steal everything they wanted in the stores.

Witnessing those filthy humans revealing their true distorted nature, Weiss sighed as he tucked his phone in his pocket and brawled with the support of the "good guys" to beat up those rapists and subdue those thieves.

Although Weiss was a shut-in gamer, he was someone who had an indoor gym in his mansion. With various martial arts in his arsenal, Weiss had knocked out hundreds of rapists but he didn't feel any relief or satisfaction.

After all, what's the point?

He and the others were going to die anyway.

"Sigh, just treat this as a warm-up. Unfortunately, even after I trained myself to the limit of the human body, I still am not powerful enough to destroy a meteor."

Sitting on a mountain of bloodied unconscious bodies, Weiss sighed and continued playing Fantasia Online.

This time, he wasn't playing alone but played with his new comrades who had supported him in beating up those rapists. But this time, they played a large-scale multiplayer to beat up and defeat the event boss.

After several minutes of fighting against the event boss, the event boss was finally defeated yet the meteor was only a minute away from descending on the city.

"Eh? There are no event rewards? No, it's still loading. Damn, load faster! Is this going to show my event rewards or am I going to die first?"

After cursing, Weiss focused all his attention on the loading screen on his phone's screen.

An in-game notification with the text "Calculating rewards…" on the notification screen kept on loading and it made Weiss feel impatient.

Looking up above, Weiss couldn't even see the sky anymore as it was covered by a dark shadow. Before he could even react, the meteor fell and his consciousness was wiped out.

"Am I… Dead?"

"No, I seemed to be alive. Is this an unfamiliar ceiling? A second life?"

Weiss' head was facing upwards, looking at the white-colored ceiling a few meters above his head. He looked to his side and noticed that he was lying on a bed.

Situated at the side of his bed was a desk with stacked-up comic books. Posters of various fictional anime characters were plastered on the walls in his room.

While Weiss was confused that this seemed to be the same room as he had before, he doubted, "Was it all a dream? No, it was too realistic for it to be a dream. However, there had indeed been some cases of lucid dreaming."

Before Weiss could doubt any further, a surge of memories flashed in his mind, making him recall the past.

After releasing a huge exhalation of air, Weiss was out of breath. Recalling those memories had felt like his mind went on a 100-kilometer marathon.

Regaining his composure, Weiss muttered, "So this isn't Earth anymore but Blue Star. Everything seemed to be the same aside from a few differences. It's the same modern world as Earth which is quite reassuring."

But after remembering something, Weiss frowned, "The lack of supernatural elements in this world made it quite lackluster and boring but what can I do? At least it's better than being sent to an extremely dangerous world filled with savages."

"The body I transmigrated to is still the same Weiss Albus but with some differences. My middle initial had changed and it is now Shiro. Furthermore, I also have a younger sister."

"Weiss Shiro Albus is now my name. Not much different from the previous one. I can live and deal with it, not like I have any other choice. I should be glad that I got a second chance in life even if it's not the fantasy world that I have anticipated."

Deciding to explore this world first and confirm the authenticity of the memories he had recalled, Weiss stopped recalling his memories and stood up from his bed.

The best way to explore the world while in the comfort of his home was to browse the internet and have access to the maps feature of Toogle.

With that plan in mind, Weiss headed to his desk and sat on his gaming chair.

But before he could turn on the power of his computer, he heard a notification sound in his mind!


[Calculating rewards… Rewards calculated. Loading rewards…]


[For the first clearance reward of the EVENT BOSS: Reality Destroyer Dragon God, Weiss S. Albus will be granted not only a second chance in life, but also the God-Level Game Developer System!]


[The God-Level Game Developer System has been integrated into Weiss' soul!]

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