5 Sense, imagine, confirm, and implement

Axle rubbed his hands with a grin, 'Time to see how this mysterious MP works.'


'I shouldn't exhaust all of it at once, so let's play it safe.' Axle hummed and followed the tutorial given to him by the system to add a single MP to his fingernails.


Which was… [Sense, imagine, confirm, and implement.]

His system couldn't be more concise and to the point…


As soon as Axle made up his mind to add the MP in the nail, wanting it to grow, one MP disappeared from his status and a soft tingle came from his fingertips.


He felt some mysterious force encompassing his fingernail and suddenly, at a speed visible to the naked eye, the fingernail began to grow longer. In just a few moments, it had already grown an inch longer and was still growing.


But contrary to Axle's expectations, he didn't feel any sense of discomfort from this abnormal growth. It was like the nail was growing naturally. Silent and unnoticed.


'Only one MP can make my nail grow longer by nearly two inches?!' Axle was shocked and surprised by the effectiveness of a singular point. One shouldn't forget that technically, the mass behind the nail was created out of nothingness.


By estimating it with Einstein's equation E=mc^2, Axle couldn't even fathom how much energy one point of his system contained.


But not being a science enthusiast, he quickly ignored the technical terms and rubbed his hands together, appearing like a sleazy merchant who was out to scam some little kids.



Axle continued his testing for another half an hour and used up 4 more MP, bringing his total to 95 MP. But, during his testing, Axle had discovered some major usage of his points.


First. Axle's usage of his MP wasn't limited to growing or addition. He can also burn some of his fat and muscles into thin air, meaning he can become as slim as he wants without working out even once.


Second. This was more of a practical and best use that Axle found out from his MP testing.

He can actually manipulate the muscles and fat in his body to his will by expending MP. For example, Axle can compact the fat on his biceps, sculpt them into a more defined shape, and get buffed in an instant. Since he had compacted actual fat and muscles, he wouldn't lose out in terms of strength either. Meaning it was much more practical to compact the fat into dense muscles rather than burning them away and gaining nothing.


But that wasn't all he learned from his second discovery! Axle also learned that he could move the fat from one part to another and then compact them!

For example, Axle can move some fat from his fat belly downwards, towards his nether region to 'develop' its growth further!

There were many more uses, imagination is the limit.


To sum it all up, Axle was quite satisfied by the unexpected gain. He had already started to form plans and jot down the exact amount he wanted to use up in transforming himself.


He had allocated 65 points to be used in the present, and the remaining 30 were to be saved if he needed to use them in an emergency or for a task.




Finally after spending half an hour more in biology research and finalizing his expenditure. Axle began to manipulate the fat in his body while his MP count began to drop gradually.


Moving the fat in his body wasn't the same as creating it out of nothingness, and as a result Axle currently felt as if millions of ants were crawling all over his body. Making him feel very uncomfortable.


Ignoring his feelings, Axle's body underwent a great transformation as we speak. His visible tummy was reducing and shaping up into faintly creased, but unnoticeable abs. His excess fat from his chest, double chin, and such was burned off while the fat in his arms was redefined and compressed into strong muscles. But, just like his abs, his creases and the muscles were unnoticeable.


Axle had intentionally made them unnoticeable to retain some of his 'chubby' appearance, since if he went to school suddenly as a drop-dead handsome flower boy of course he would be suspected and might even get split open by the crazy scientists for experiments.


As they say, 'Precaution is better than cure.' 

Why take the risk when he can avoid it by taking small precautions?


So although Axle hadn't made any 'highly visible' changes on his body. Only he knew how much strength and potential his current body hid.


He only needed to expend a little amount of MP to burn his fat and he could become a handsome boy with a well-toned body and strong muscles. Just like Rex.


'Ah I worked too hard~' Axle yawned and threw himself on the bed. Tired from the whole day, he swiftly fell asleep. He had decided to reward himself with a good night's sleep, and he felt that he totally deserved it.




*Beep* *Beep*

Next morning, 12:05 PM.


Axle was shaken awake from the buzzing of his phone and checked it, finding many messages from his friends and Karma since he hadn't come online yet. Especially when he was known to be online the whole day.


He gave a quick reply to them all explaining that he was too tired from yesterday and overslept. For those who didn't believe him saying he doesn't work, he simply said he passed out from a drug overdose.


'Good morning sunshine~' Axle yawned and stretched his body while opening the curtains of his room. He was feeling full of energy and vigor, opposite from the usual overflowing lethargy he felt daily.


'Since I am in a good mood, let's select a side.' Remembering his D-grade task, Axle quickly brought up the task panel again that had two colored buttons floating in front of him. One Blue, the other Red.


[ Good or Bad, Hero or Villain.

Difficulty: D

Host must choose a side, [good/hero] or [bad/villain].

Complete any D-grade deed of that side to get the reward.

Reward: Performance dependent.

Examples of deeds one must do:

Good- Save the infant on 23rd floor in a burning building. 

Bad- Perform a robbery or heist of at least 100,000 Styr without getting caught or leaving any obvious tracks. 

Note: This is just an example.]


'Sigh… this is tough…' Axle racked his brain for answers. He closed his eyes and took some deep breaths.


After what seemed like an eternity, Axle shot his eyes open and said…

"I choose…"

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