6 Malice in the heart, profit in the bag

After what seemed like an eternity, Axle shot his eyes open and said…

"I choose…"


He took a deep breath.


"I choose the villain side." 


It seemed quite an obvious choice since all the edgy protagonist wannabes would always choose to be a villain. But in reality, that wasn't the whole reason Axle chose the Villain side.


Let's assume the example tasks as the actual tasks to compare. For the 'hero' side, Axle would need to risk his life, and can maybe make out alive with enough preparations. But, then he would garner the attention. He would get famous.


Under ordinary circumstances, Axle would have loved to become famous and make easy bucks by eating like a pig on live-stream. But not now, he not only had a huge secret to hide, but he also learned a snippet of what his future would unfold by one simple sentence that his system once said.


[ System will help the host to get Crowned as the Crown Heir. ]


It suggested that there was a greater status that Axle could get hold of using his system. Something better than being an heir to god. And he didn't know why, but Axle had a gut feeling that crowning wouldn't be so simple as walking down the red carpet to receive it from the king. This is a god we are talking about here.


With his rich experience of rotting his brain with countless novels, animes, mangas, manhwas, po- Axle had a suspicion that maybe, just MAYBE, he wasn't the only one with the system. 


How did he come to that conclusion? He himself didn't know.


But, back to the topic, the reason Axle didn't want to expose more than the need was due to this. What if there were more god's heirs chosen and they needed to participate in a death battle to get crowned? There were endless possibilities and Axle didn't want to take any risk.


 'Although the villain task might be a little hard, as long as I can be sneaky and crafty enough, I can maybe also benefit from this task.' Axle smirked, he knew his system wouldn't take the money from him if he stole. So the money would be his to spend!


Much better than saving a burning child for mere gratitude.


'Although maybe the child I save can be some kid of a billionaire…' Axle's gambling instincts tingled but he chose to ignore them and decisively pressed the flashing RED button.


[ Good or Bad, Hero or Villain.

Difficulty: D

The host has chosen the vile, Villain/Bad side. 



Malice in the heart, profit in the bag:

Cause a significant loss or harm to your enemy and also gain a hefty, materialistic gain from it. You may commit arson, robbery, kidnap, or even murder if you want to. Gain at least 50,000 Styr worth of materialistic wealth.

Profit such as happiness and such futile things wouldn't be counted. 


Reward: Performance dependent. You may also keep the profit you make from the vile deeds you commit. ]


'That… is one heck of a task…' Axle was surprised by how well made and elaborate the task was. He couldn't help but compliment the creator of the system. 




But he had no time to get distracted. He had unluckily lucked out on a difficult task. 'Cause harm to enemy and also gain a profit?' Excuse me? A pathetic NEET like Axle wasn't capable of doing even one of those properly, forget about both at once.


If he goes and kidnaps, Axle is sure even the kidnapped person would laugh at his unthreatening demeanor. As for murder? Axle was scared as well as not so interested in it. Modern security and laws weren't to be taken lightly. Robbing would be easier for him than planning a perfect murder without leaving any tracks.


'But. The main issue is...' Axle narrowed his eyes seriously, '…Who is my enemy?'


Axle couldn't help but ask. Yes, he does consider his bullies as his enemies, but not to the point he wants to kill them. This isn't manhwa, no one is beating him to shits and pushing him to the point of suicide. All his bullies do is make him bid to their tasks and be more respectful to them.


Humiliating? Very. But unsufferable? Not really.


Axle had a strong mentality, he wasn't hindered easily by these things. If he was too troubled, he would usually cut his hand and call in sick to stay at home, avoiding his adversaries.


"I need a rich target, the level of animosity between us isn't my major concern." Axle slapped himself and sat on a plastic chair since his cushioned chair was broken now. He opened his high school group chat and began to scroll down, passing the names of his many classmates and even teachers.


"Lacie, 17 year old, dumb, above middle-class family, meh." Axle murmured to himself while scrolling, "Maddie, 16-year-old, princess mentality bitch, gold digger, hell nah!"


"Ron, 18-year-old failure, repeater, family has given up on him, poor ass."

"Luke, 17-year-old, got a sexy sister, fucking bully, filthy rich but hard to infiltrate. Sigh, pass."

"Linny, Luke's sexy sister. She is his twin so same as him."


Axle kept murmuring, eliminating most of his classmates for one reason or another. But finally, Axle reached a name and his fingers froze. 


"Rex… one and only heir of a very successful businessman. Rich. Hmm… he will do."

Axle smirked as he looked at Rex's handsome profile picture.


Rex is actually even more richer than Luke and Linny, but, due to his extravagant lifestyle, Rex holds many parties and sleepovers at his family villa when his father leaves for business trips. He invites mostly everyone he knows, but of course, only the confident ones dare to go like Luke and Linny since the bottom feeders like Axle were afraid of being scorned by the rich.


But with a stroke of luck, it just so happens that Rex was going to hold a party tomorrow, to celebrate the last night before school starts again.


Axle felt maybe he was being aided by the plot armor, but then also figured that Rex, a party maniac was only natural to throw a huge party on the last day of their freedom.

But whether it was plot armor, god's game, or just coincidence, Axle didn't give a fuck.


All he knew was, he will definitely rob that bastard tomorrow till Rex is left with no tears to cry.

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